Terra Invicta team


John Lumpkin

John started as a novice game designer with the Adventure Construction Set on his Apple IIc in the 1980s, although he could only release his creations to his little brother. Much, much later, he created a Hall-of-Fame module for Neverwinter Nights and then the Long War mod. A journalist in his younger days, his first career culminated in a stint as a national security reporter with The Associated Press in Washington, D.C., in the early 2000s. He is also a science fiction author and has a PhD in Communications from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He lives in Louisville, Colorado, is married and has two young children, both of whom can already quote Star Wars extensively.


Francois-Olivier Bellotto, Cryptid Games

Terra Invicta’s art director is Francois-Olivier Bellotto, a 19-year games industry veteran and the CEO and art director for Ottawa-based Cryptid Games. His professional credits include work on Deus Ex 3 and three Splinter Cell titles: Chaos Theory, Double Agent and Conviction.


Tim Bender

As producer, Tim helps with the behind-the-scenes business aspects of running a studio. He previously worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, advising client corporations on a variety of management and marketing issues, and as a lawyer specializing in complex commercial litigation. Tim was drawn into indie game development by way of creating the Viking Conquest Balance Mod at the urging of his wife, an avid player. He also has a passion for history and international relations, and he holds dual master’s degrees from Harvard in Regional Studies of East Asia and in East Asian Languages and Civilizations.


Thomas Pryde

After completing an advanced diploma in game development, Thomas worked on StudioMDHR’s breakout hit Cuphead. He has also developed multiple independent titles, including Smoke Lab's GardenGuru. More recently, Thomas worked at Ottawa’s Kindly Beast and Snowed In Studios, working on Asmodee Digital's Onitama and an interactive app for the National Gallery of Canada’s Anthropocene exhibit. He reports a particular fondness for developing AI because he likes giving games personality via the interactions players have.


Michael Moore

Mike is a character artist who also has an understanding of hard surface modeling, rigging, and animation. Previously, Mike served thirteen years in the U.S. Navy as a special forces operator. Mike has been an avid gamer for 20+ years and to no one's surprise, he still owns all of his consoles (NES and on). If not working, Mike can usually be found in the gym or playing games on his computer late into the night.


Dana Henderson

A veteran of both Long Wars, 2D artist Dana Henderson is an illustrator and painter based in Portland, Oregon. He's created art for book covers, children's books, advertising, venue posters, video games, product packaging and more, but focuses primarily on oil portraits and fine art these days. He previously contributed concept designs, loading and research screens, and lots and lots of UI icons to Long War 2.


Zack Dawson

Technical Artist Zack Dawson is an experienced game engine developer specializing in rendering. When he's not blowing up Francois' space ships, he's probably researching new rendering techniques or tinkering in Unity. Outside of games, he loves art, music, and spicy food, even growing his own scorpion peppers in an attempt to make his cooking as explosive as his VFX.


Christan Potvin

Jon Hillman

Chris Boertien


Allan Floyd


Chenghong Huang

Aaron Nathan

Steve Pottenger

Xavier Wynns


Xavier Wynns


Tim Evans

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Chris Mansell

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