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skin system

Post by mactuan12 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:18 am

there are many mods out there which add new weapon/armor variations, and are designed to be used alongside the vanilla weapon/armors with the same stats.

Because these items have to duplicate the original items behavior, they often have armor/damage numbers which are wrong, and may not have the correct abilities applied, etc.

This has always been a bit of a mess in the game, to be honest. There are many weapon/armor mods on the workshop, and most of them are incompatible (many of them replace the default armor/weapons), often have bad stats, and are generally not compatible with gameplay mods which modify the original weapons. Secondly, these weapons usually clutter up the weapon selection screen, and do not have the addons of the other vanilla weapons, which generally forces you to use one weapon even with such huge variety

I think the Long War team should implement a system whereby mod authors can define weapon and armor "skins" which will allow mod authors to simply define a model and attach it to an item extremely easily, with no stats redefined. Then, a seperate menu in the loadout screen could be used to select from these skins, freeing up the loadout menu. Resistance Warrior kevlar should also be converted to this system.

So, you might be thinking: "This is outside the scope of the mod, why not just use XSkin system?"

The mod team have gone out of their way in the past to make the mod as compatible as possible, so it makes sense. As for XSkin System, other skin systems have their own incompatibilities, and that mod hasn't seemed to take off (it only supports a small number of weapon/armor mods). I think having this feature built directly into the one mod that almost everyone will be using, will encourage developers to actually use a system like this. I would also like to see this ported across to the Community Highlander, but that is not relevant to the LW2 discussion.

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