Game crases on mission start.

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Game crases on mission start.

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I'm playing X-Com Long War for a long time without problems, and now suddenly game start to crash every time on mission start just after team is deployed. When I skip this mission and next three missions (which crashes on start too), I can take fifth and next missions without trouble.
So game crashes only on start of this four particular next missions. I can skip them, but they are important for me - I'm loosing area and funding if I skip them. I try to load previous save game, but when I reach this situation and this mission, problem ocurs too. First problematic mission is terror mission, second - abduction mission. Rest I don't remember, but I can check if someone thinks, that this may be important.I did troubleshhoting guide suggestions, but nothing change. Anyone have a idea how to solve this? I can send log files if someone can analyze them. 'Please help' (Fifth element) :(
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Re: Game crases on mission start.

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If you post a log file here I'll see if I can remember anything about what might have gone wrong. You might have better luck if you find the Long War Rebalance mod's Discord; they've been working on the game a lot more recently than we have (it's been 6-7 years now).
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