Game crashing when attempting to use Stun Rifle

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Game crashing when attempting to use Stun Rifle

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Good morning guys and Merry Christmas from here in the UK!

So, first of all I've tried all the steps and even gone for the full nuclear option, completely uninstalling everything about the game but I am still having the same problem.

What's happening is whenever I attempt to take an action other than moving, with a trooper armed with a Stun Rifle, the game is crashing back to Steam and relaunching. This is especially annoying as I'm approaching the part where you can begin to give the aliens a taste of their own mind-messing medicine, as well as punching them into the middle of next week thanks to the Mec suits.

It also happened once with the covert agent during Exalt missions - obviously no Stun Rifle was involved then.

Edit: Before posting this, I had a thought: what if there was something going on with the Laser Heater? That was the only common factor during the crashes in the UFO crash site and Exalt missions. So, just now I went on another mission with troops equipped with the Laser Heater and was able to reproduce the crash. Even though this has gone from career breaking to a minor annoyance, I thought I would post it anyway in case others are having a similar annoyance with their game. Any further issues, I'll post back but for now all seems OK...

Happy SectoidSquishing!
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