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Or Horo
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Czech Translation

Post by Or Horo »

Dear friends,

I know here is ingame support for Czech Language. So i work on translation of Terra Invicta. I would like to ask you, if there is a chance, that it can be an official language in game?

Or if here is somebody, who does it now, I will be happy to join translation team.

Plus I have one technical problem: I have installed my language to game. It works well in new game. But with existing save it will not translate names of space objects or armies. Is here any solution?
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Re: Czech Translation

Post by johnnylump »

We know of another volunteer Czech translation effort from someone on our Discord, goes by "Ralph Shephard" on there, in case you'd like to connect.

We can't speculate on official support; if we have something to announce, we'll announce it.

All you can do for existing saves is rename space objects and armies by hand (if allowed) or change them in the .json file of the save. The game allows you to customize names for a number of objects in while playing, so it can't auto-translate those things.
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