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UI suggestions

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Hi folks!

Been playing the game intensively recently and I love it! I have a few suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable from a UI persepective.
I'm probably not the first one to mention these, but since searching forums is a ui issue on it's own, I'm just going to blurb out my ideas.

- Select Research Screen (council and global) Give a small indicator of all the types of projects (space, material etc.) and an indicator how many are being researched. (I find myself trying to optimize but I keep having to switch screens to get this information
- Org Marketplace: Add a small list of filterable icons on the left of the org market which works as a search filter. (Currently having huuuuge mining deficits and checking the market for that icon every week, it would be great if that can be made easier) (also add a filter for orgs you can't ever use)
- Counciler overview, stats: At hover over, show how much is added by orgs and augments. (Using a lot of admin orgs that I can get rid of, but I keep needing to calculate manually how much my admin overflow is) (the hover over of the research bonus is a great example on how this is done well!)
- News messages: Click on a news message to focus on the location / event (whenever I click a counciler's 'hey, go get this org', I need to find the opponent's council member and check out what they have)
- Base manager: Allow some module filters like power, mining, research, only current size colony building, only buildings in colony (to specialize)
- Base manager: Allow the fission reactor to be made obsolete, the fusion seems to be better in every way and now the fission is cluttering the ui
- Base manager: Allow for sorting on space/ground colony in the colony list on the left. (I keep going to space when I want to update my mining planets, I know you can see it based on the inverted icon, but still)
- Base manager: Allow for a planning phase, which will place the blueprints of the building and show the number of resources it will cost to build and maintain. Once you are happy with it, press built and it gets updated.
- When going from space to a hab, if there are planetry filters on the hab list, change the filter to be on that planet. (I go to one of my mercury bases, but then still see the mars list)
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