Common Search Words?

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Common Search Words?


How does the search engine determine what search words are "too common"? Because it's rather annoying trying to search the LW2 subforum and have just about everything I try and search for be "too common"

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Re: Common Search Words?

Post by LeaderEnemyBoss »

Yeah cant look up "invasion" or "technical" either. The forum search function is nearly useless atm.
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Re: Common Search Words?

Post by 3tamatulg »

I find this annoying as well. Crude replacement in the meantime is to use and then your search terms in google

e.g. ... on&oq=site

Otherwise, this forum software is great - notifications and whatnot.
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Re: Common Search Words?

Post by johnnylump »

Okay, I removed the "too common words" check and rebuilt the search index, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
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Re: Common Search Words?

Post by Napalm292 »

Thank You!
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