XCOM Enemy Within Bug - Black Screen

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XCOM Enemy Within Bug - Black Screen

Post by LouisdeFuines » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:09 pm

I am writing this for a friend, that can`t speak English.

3 Weeks ago the game just worked fine.
Now: Everytime a mission is finished and the Skyranger takes off, there comes a black screen. No sound anymore. Game seems crashed. Only ctrl, ALT + del allows to leave game.

That happens now on ALL missions.

What have we tested so far?
1. my friend sent me the savegame, and I had absolutely no issues with it. It worked perfectly.
I could leave the mission without the black screen.

2. Next step was deleting the game and download it again. Problem remained for my friend. Black screen occured, as soon as the Skyranger took off.

3. Updating every driver. My friends`drivers were outdated, so wie tried that too. Problem remained.

4. My friend started a new campaign. Problem occured at the end of the first mission.

5. We tried ALT + Enter: no result.

So I suspect, that it must be an issue with the PC of my friend.

Any ideas, what might help?

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