Some AI big downfalls

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Some AI big downfalls

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I m not going yo tell anything new, but give some feedback in what AI need to do in some points.

First, factions AIs when adminestering countries,

AIs rarely give any priority to economy focus, in my current game where to be fair I have used over 30 nuclear missiles, my Greater India is the last country on earth with a real economy, AI is unable to recover from the launch of a few nukes, like 6 for example, but 30, no son, that s one way from killing any AI participation from the game, and a bit unbelievable to be honest.
I think you should tune down a bit on they doing spoils, and make economy priority more used by AI (yeah I know, it was to fix the AI becoming bankrupt, but still, the solution still kills the AI, not the player)

Now second,

I liked the last change where Aliens are finally bringing a shitload of ships to the front, but their perfomance is so questionable that is unbelievable, and all comes from this crazy dance AI does that really don t help it as they always make their ships mid section vulnerable, the one that they have least armor on. A group of 40 Cruisers with Phaser PDs and level 3 Railguns took on a group of 140 aliens, yeah, I lost, but my expectancy was, well I m fucked, the actual result, I killed 80 alien ships for my 40 cruisers, I was pretty satisfied at first, but then a bit too disapointed, and that leads to the third point.

I don t like to autoresult, but that means I have to endure things like that 110 aliens ships against a station that had 8 battlestations, where the aliens do that stupid eternal dance getting murdered piece by piece while slowly, very slowly their frigates shot some laser shots against my station, it s going for 25 minutes, and I m expecting one hour+ to go on for that specific fight, where I will kill way more alines than I should because of that stupid dance.

Suggestion, aliens should do as us, and focus their front on their targets, and be more direct, also use tighter formations more often, if aliens had just run into my station they would quickly lose a lot of ships, yes, but that also means they would get a lot of reinforcements faster, and a new big wave of missiles would certaily hit the station, making they actually lose a lot less ships overall, since as of now they lost 40 ships already to destroy only 3 battlestations...
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