How do dice rolls work?

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How do dice rolls work?

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Something very frustrating happening in my latest game. I went to war against a country controlled by Protectorate. Next thing I know somehow they managed to secure two control points in Russia (which I had way over 50% public opinion and surrounded by other countries where I had high opinion)

When I tried to recapture the control point (without defense) my councilors with 12 Espionage had 3% chance (which I increased using Ops). So how on earth did AI capture 2 points with what should have been lower odds.

To make matters much worse, I come to finally discover it was an Alien councilor. But this really irks me, I have had at least 8 rolls to identify him and 7 of them rolled a 95 or higher. WTF!!! Does the game cheat and roll insanely high numbers for Aliens. There is no way a random dice roll would do that - and also give him extremely favorable rolls in taking over my control points.

And forget about trying to capture or kill the alien - can't do that until I can spy him 3 times
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Re: How do dice rolls work?

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You want to check for the modifiers for crackdown and purge.
If it indeed was an Alien Operative who took over those control points,it was by using the "Enthrall Elites", which has a decent chance to succeed unless you have completed alien interogation/pherocyte related defense research.
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