[Scenario] Against All Odds II

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[Scenario] Against All Odds II

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Against All Odds II is a fastpaced scenario that is on a brutal+ difficutly.

Spoiler warning


Today I can proudly announce that the vision of my father to unite the South American continent is close to being achieved.
All South American governments have agreed in principle to work together and form a united state in the future. -Hanse Castillo
hours before learning that astronomers had spotted eight huge alien bases building an invasion fleet.

„Against all Odds" is a scenario that features redesigned aliens that commit to invading earth and a faster research progression,
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In this scenario the Aliens build significant invasion forces so that they actualy get to land there troops, and also build a huge spacefleet of custom ships that presents a huge challange to beat.

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You begin the game in command of all South American nations, with the project to unite them already 95% completed.
Your main objective is to protect South America from the aliens and eventually unite it.
But beware, the other factions have not stood by idle, and have also secured some regions of the world. So, diplomacy might work better than pure force.

To play the scenario, you need to download it and put it in \Documents\My Games\TerraInvicta\Saves
Version 0.3.109 or higher is required

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