problem with activation, squad size, weapon mods

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problem with activation, squad size, weapon mods

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I just installed LWotC for the first time - with the highlander mod exactly as instructed.
However, the game failed to load (stuck on white screen) - I looked it up and found that manually adding the Highlander mod via Steam's workshop helps solve this issue - which I did.

1. The game works mostly well, but I noticed that I only have 6 solider slots on the mission-squad-select screen, though if I fill it up via an existing Squad (that has 8 soldiers) - all 8 are sent to the mission: it seems like there are 2 more invisible soldier slots which I have no access to.

2. Again, on the squad select screen- I don't see the weapons mod slots (quick access) - and I have to 'edit' each individual solider to change them. Also - the 'x' to remove a mod from a weapon is missing and I can only replace them.

I assume this all ties to the problem with the Highlander mod... any suggestions are appreciated.

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