using mods made for lw2 and seems to work

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using mods made for lw2 and seems to work

Post by nikossaiz » Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:55 pm

Hi, first thank all the community involved into this enormous project!
i have the gog version of xcom 2 + all the DLCs and ofcourse the wotc. I played exclucively lw 1, lw 2 and now lwotc . Heavy moded its time.
Now for LW 2 and for lwotc i prefer the mods of reality machina moder ( in an ongoing campaign i use almost all wotc mods he made ) and one made for LW 1.5 " An Easier War: Mission Rewards " ... =853743138

that specifically make the game overall more joyfull for me. I am using it with LWOTC beta 3.1 and more than half into my campaign and still to see any bugs. Can please confirm from a tecknical perspective that this is the case? for istance many other lw mods prevent the game from even start.

thank you in advance! keep it up!

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