Deacon's Top Ten Guide to Troubleshooting Long War 2

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Deacon's Top Ten Guide to Troubleshooting Long War 2

Post by deaconivory »

If you are having trouble with your game. Here are my top ten suggestions.

1. Close everything and Reboot your computer.

2. Backup and delete your my documents\my games\xcom2\xcomgame\config folder.

3. Move all of your existing save files out of the my documents\my games\xcom2\xcomgame\savedata folder to a new folder. You can move some/all back after troubleshooting is complete.

4. Disable (uncheck) all mods except for LW2 (you do not need to unsubscribe to those mods, unchecking is enough for testing purposes). You can start by just disabling your Voice Packs if you want, they can often be a cause of excess load on your RAM.

5. Restart via the Steam launcher with everything unchecked (you can immediately exit and restart with the Alternate Mod Launcher if you use that)

6. Re-read the Steam discussion threads for your installed mods to make sure that there isn't a documented conflict with LW2. I suggest subscribing to the discussions for your favorite mods so you can stay up to day on any conflicts/updates.

7. If all else fails and you are still having issues go to Steam and XCOM2 > properties > local files, and click "verify integrity of game files" to reset XCOM2 back to the defaults. Be sure to back up any ini changes that you've made

8. Reload XCOM2 and then subscribe to Long War 2 and the "Remove Missing Mods" Mod.

9. Run the game again with just these two mods installed. Open your save and click the "Remove Missing Mods" button. If you cannot recreate the bug then it is a mod conflict and you'll need to determine which mod is causing a problem.

10. In general the vast majority of bugs are caused by mod conflicts (this is true without Long War 2 installed as well, and has been going on since the launch of XCOM2, and frankly is an issue for any modded game) and it may take some sleuthing on your part to get to the bottom of your problem.

Bonus Tips for people having issues with computer performance. I'm told by people far smarter than I that most negative impact on FPS is from fire, smoke, and those embers/snowflakes that you see on the screen. Disabling Bloom helps resolve that by turning the snowflakes/embers off. When I turned off V-sync I gained about 15FPS immediately, so I always recommend it. Ambient Occlusion is one of those terms I don't understand at all but I do know that when it is set to Tile-AO my game feels snappier (I think that I learned that from playing FO4 how's that for scientific study?).

1. Disable V-Sync

2. Disable "Bloom"

3. Set AO to "Tile-AO"

4. Make sure that Steam's cloud backup (or whatever it is called) is not slowing you down

5. Watch for Chrome or Firefox to be hammering your memory, browsers are huge RAM hogs.

6. Double-check that Microsoft is not trying to download/install some crazy update.

More Troubleshooting tips here:

For Performance issues: ... mance-fix/

For Mod issues:

2K's Troubleshooting Page: ... leshooting

2K's Troubleshooting Tips Page: ... leshooting

/u/gbudiman's Reddit Comment about the "Pure Virtual ..." crash: ... n/d5o48p5/

Steam Mod Help: ... =625230005

How To Geek on forcing games to use your installed GPU: ... -graphics/

A few more Reddit tips on performance: ... ve_xcom_2/
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Re: Deacon's Top Ten Guide to Troubleshooting Long War 2

Post by wei270 »

sorry for the noob question but where can i find
1. Disable V-Sync

2. Disable "Bloom"

3. Set AO to "Tile-AO"
these 3
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Re: Deacon's Top Ten Guide to Troubleshooting Long War 2

Post by wreckcelsior »

Here's another very specific one for your list...

Retaliation Mission Crash.

I had one mission that continually crashed and tried everything. I then realized that I had a soldier missing from my roster, but advising in that particular haven.
I removed the soldier from the Haven and it then worked.

I remember previously looking for that soldier and didn't see him in my roster, but being new to the LW2 mod, thought nothing of it, until I put another soldier in another haven and noticed it showed up in my roster saying 'Haven Advisor'... problem could just be a fluke, or a b.u.g....

Anyway, problem solved
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Re: Deacon's Top Ten Guide to Troubleshooting Long War 2

Post by Bosies »


I have tried these troubleshoot methods and many of which seem to not do much in light of 2K's recent launcher update for Steam. For many of these troubleshoot options, the game simply does not even launch from the 2K launcher, whether mods are unsubscribed or only LW is selected. The only troubleshoot suggestion that at least runs the game is verifying the integrity of the game files, but even then, LW is not available on the main menu screen.

I was wondering if I could get some additional assistance, and maybe even some help on getting LW to work properly with the new 2K launcher.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Deacon's Top Ten Guide to Troubleshooting Long War 2

Post by mbrapher »

For clarity, while this may make the game playable, it does not resolve the underlying code issue that is causing this error to continually crop up in games developed with in Unreal Engine. The error message is perfectly explicit regarding what causes this problem to occur:
Pure virtual function [is literally] being called [even though the code object that contained that function reference has already been destroyed] while application was running (Glsrunning == 1)
The pathway to an actual solution relies upon sound coding practices rather than on the player's systems to be fast enough with eliminating cached constructed objects that might still be referenced by function calls after the referenced object has already been destroyed ("object" as in a code object constructed by the code behind the games).

This Stack Overflow thread explains the issue perfectly well. ... -come-from

Yet another of the growing list of examples where shoddy coding practices by companies developing games on monster systems leads unnecessarily to unplayable results for players who have older systems, and to needlessly sluggish or degraded performance of games even on highly advanced systems.

This same entirely preventable error affects many games, including Borderlands, Gears of War, XCOM 2, and on, and on, and on. Most gamers only ever search for the issue on the game they are wanting to play, so they don't catch on to the pattern, or discover that there is an easy actual solution the game developers have refused to implement.

1) Don't test your games on resource monster machines.
2) Don't assume CTD results are a fault of the hardware.
3) Write competent code, don't just focus on the pretty pictures.
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