XCom Like but not quite...

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XCom Like but not quite...

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Hello there! I was unsure where to post this so i'll request if you think this is wrong here, re-post it where you will.
i am a long time fan of xcom, ever since 1990s enemy unknown and terror from the deep until the long war and long war 2 (yes, long war, not xcom, because this is how it's meant to be played).
Having played all of these, i've had an ideia. it's just that, an ideia. Unpolished in concept but it finally crept out as one.

the base, long war. tactical missions and strategic management. But no aliens. Just plain humans. the demon within us. So, concept is you can either be solo mission man, on stealth VIP assassination missions, solving problems for governments or shady organizations alike. Or you can hire some more men, be a small team, again, working on stealth or heavier missions, for instance, working for a terrorist organization, furthering their agenda. Or, even, grow your team to any number of man, just like long war, to a veritable small army and instill an uprising and remove a government and support another, on a jagged alliance gameplay style, where your sucess or failure will decide if the uprising will suceed. No main story, just lots of random small stories, that can range from a single mission to a dozen or more tactical battles, depending on how it goes, influenced by your gameplay style. leave morals out of it. let the player choose what to do and whom to do it for. random characters will appear, maybe on the darkweb, maybe on the tactical mission, on the fly, to be recruited. random stats, random abilities and quirks to work with. You're a Merc, solo or team. take a plane and take a CEO out on an industrial espionage hit in South america. or travel to africa and help a well paying corrupt government quell a rebellion. your choice. maybe your team will have moral issues doing this or that mission. deal with it. payments will allow you to get the equipment you need, given your team characteristics and abilities. RPG elements, just like long war, once again. love or hate between members? maybe they'll just leave or retire from that stressful life... and then you can try to get them back from retirement for that one last mission where everything goes wrong? let the player build the story... maybe he'll never hire nobody and turn in to the "Carlos the Chacal"?

Thats basically it, give or take. as i said, merely an unpolished ideia. but an ideia. and if someone could turn this a reality, it would be you.
Sorry for the long post! Thkz!
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