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Long War 2 1.5: Trying to increase squad sizes?

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:30 pm
by poseidon595
I followed the guide listed here: ... 763930586/

But for some reason the changes are not showing up in the game. Also this thread for reference on that: ... ize#p39278

I've triple checked all the values listed in the guide above, and all are correct at 12. Yet for some reason the changes are not showing up in game (and for some reason my most recent save file is now crashing when trying to render the geoscape, not happening to a slightly older save though). I know you're supposed to wait until a new mission pops up, but I may need that clarified. I have waited for new missions, gone into the squad screen, and the slots for them are still at 8. By "new missions" are they supposed to be missions that are just revealed to the player, or missions that have just been spawned on the geoscape, revealed or not?

Do I need to start a new game to get the changes to show? Or is there something else I still need to modify?