Dark Events

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Dark Events

Post by Solymr » Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:54 am

There seems to be problems with a few Dark Events.

First: the vanilla tactical Dark Events (like Show of Force) still have bTactical = true despite not being permanent upgrades, this puts them as options for the COIN Research activities, but I don't know if this is intended.

Second: the Formidable upgrade Dark Event should be disabled, but a friend has told me the Formidable event appears in game. I don't know what could be happening yet.

Third: the Infighter upgrade config has:


instead of +InfighterApplicationTargetArray, which doesn't let them have the perk. There's errors like this in several other events' configs.

Fourth: the Will to Survive upgrade has eAR_CustomList as it's application rule, but the ApplyWillToSurvive function is written as:

ApplyNavigatorPerk (NewGameState, 'WilltoSurvive', default.WilltoSurviveApplicationChance, default.WilltoSurviveApplicationRules, false);

Which doesn't point at the application target array, so this would make it impossible for any alien to get the perk.

Fifth: the config points to a Deadshot upgrade but there's no template for it. Could be related to Hunter's Instincts upgrade existing but having no config for it.

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