No enemies spawn on HQ assualt.

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No enemies spawn on HQ assualt.

Post by Tobys » Sun May 12, 2019 7:16 pm

So I spend ages infiltrating a HQ to liberate a region, start the mission and there are no enemies to be found at all. So I can't neutralise all enemies.

Console command to kill all enemies doesn't work because there are no enemies to kill!

Reloading a save from before it was 100/200(boosted)% doesn't work. still no enemies. It must have been bugged the moment it was made.

I can't ignore it and console spawn the same kind of mission cuz they never expire and go away.

1) The version of Long War you are playing.

I guess I'm playing the latest long war version.

2) The platform you are playing on.

A shitty laptop

3) What other XCOM2 mods you are playing with.

No other mods, sometimes it shows long war 2 and long war overhaul as separate things, sometimes it doesn't.

4) The circumstances of the bug or precise steps to produce it.

Like I said it just happened that way, nothing special preceeded it.

5) Whether you are able to offer a savegame for us to look at.

Sure but you'd have to tell me how, are they too big to e-mail?

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