Several Potential Bugs with LW2

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Several Potential Bugs with LW2

Post by balahkie » Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:58 am

Note I am running the "An Easier War: Dark Events" mod as well, but deactivating it doesn't solve anything. I have also tried deleting all my .inis and refreshing them, but that doesn't solve it either.

The biggest bug I have is that all of the sudden, following the black site mission, besides one retaliation mission I have seen zero alien attacks or other mission prompts. This has been ongoing for two months of scanning time. However, in that time I will get notices that the Avatar project is progressing, but I get no missions. The dark events tab has no pending dark events listed. I've tried completing various research or construction items that are objective-related, but it doesn't trigger missions either.

That's the biggest bug, but I also have a number of other ones.

- I have not seen any missions with infiltration required.
- Cannot assign advisors to any Havens. It says they "cannot be moved due to active missions in the region" but there are no missions going on in the region.
- Monthly supply drops don't increase my supplies at all. They stay the same.
- Intel does not increase while scanning. And sometimes when I do research that is supposed to increase my intel, it actually reduces my intel.

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