Crash on use of waypoints

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Crash on use of waypoints

Post by OmegaDeath » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:37 am

1.5 on Windows 10 1803 (17134.648)
I play through Steam

Consistent crash to desktop using Waypoiints. As soon as I release the Ctrl key system locks and game then crashes to desktop. Cannot close via task manager (have waited about 3 minutes but while you can popup task it's visible but cannot be interacted with). Have to sign-out/restart and things are right back to normal as long as waypoints not used.

More recent mods added before this play through (been awhile since I looked and found a few new vanilla ones).

Doctor Mandarbs Map-Pack (TLE)
McGee's Maps

Other Mods (excluding voice packs) that I believe were in place long enough that I 'd have noticed this crashing).

Advent Flashlights
Capnpubs Accessories Pack
[LW] Tier III Grenades
True Concealment for LW2
More Maps Pack [Non WOTC]
More Cities
LW2: Showmetheskills Revived
Skyranger Lift Sound Fix
Smooth Scrolling
More Environmental Lighting
Isky's Big LW2 Name Mod
No Drop-Down Lists
Upcoming Events in Hours
Instant Avenger Menus
Gotcha (Flank Preview Evolved)
Evac All
Blackmarket Usage
Remove Missing Mods
Parcel Maps EC (Vanilla Version)
Maps by Vozati [Vanilla Edition)
Show Health Values
[WOTC+Classic] TacticalUI KillCC
LOS Preview Ability
Quick Reload
Show Infiltration Percentage in Squad Select
Extract Corpses
Dragon's Wilderness PCPS
Ink and Paint

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