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Asking for Advice & Discussion: Strategy

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after winning handily a Commander Ironman campaign in XCOM2-Vanilla, I was confident:
"I know tactical kung-fu now.
I know the strategy of Long War 2 from 2 Veteran campaigns that failed (late, in November/December) long ago.
Commander Ironman of Long War 2! Once I was but the learner, now I am the master."

Answer of Commander Ironman:
"Oh, I don't think so".
I was on a slow way to failure in September, struggling with Predator Armor and Mag+Laser against Muton Centurions and Advanced Officers. A pain.

I kept Vigilance high, the Avatar meter was up only at 1/2, I could have fought this on - and maybe I should have - but the tactical layer had become crap, so I took some deaths, became frustrated and quit early. Is it supposed to get more crappy as the months go on?


Important note: my problem was NOT the research speed. Yes, 3 scientists with 2 in a Laboratory are not many, but I was seriously bottlenecked by not having enough resources (supplies, alloys, elerium), even after having Liberated a region in June.

I got 4 or 5 Smash'n Grabs, and exactly 0 Supply Raids with a decent infiltration time.


My buildings were: GTS > Laboratory > Proving Ground > Resistance Comms

My roster got to 30 in July, and only then I could handily take on missions (not any more than 2 at a time though, due to having little equipment).

Should I ignore the Lab, Intel-boost the missions that get Scientists, recruit more from the Havens (whenever I am not Intel-looking for missions) and get an AWC instead?

Is Psi a useful help, or a complete waste of time and (meager) resources?

What were your strategies on Veteran and above? How do you manage your Havens?

(I know I could just take the difficulty down a notch to Veteran, but the tactical layer for the first few months is just not interesting anymore.)

p.s. I know of Xwynn's videos, they are nice, but they take too much time to watch through, so I ask for the tl;dr version here instead.
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