Hunted by Double UFO

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Hunted by Double UFO

Post by chaosxxxxx » Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:40 pm

Hi, i am playing on legend(First time), and in early January(Only 2 pips remaining, no facility lead)
Just after finishing gatekeeper mission, i found a red ufo on map.
Only 2 days later, i got the UFO Hunt dark event; so another ufo roams the map.
So, i have to defend avenger twice? Really?

Is there going to be any cooldown between two missions? Or can it happen like back to back?

Also, lets say the first one happens on 15Jan. How long do i have to wait for the other one to disappear, provided it does not find me? Or should i just send A team to forge(which has 47 enemies btw), and risk everything with B team during defense?

P.S. I am at end game. Just need to do the forge mission. But i can not send out my top team with ufos lurking about. I have zero intention to do any normal missions since enemies have become bullet sponges, and one shot results like 20 days in the infirmary.
Should probably add, At this point i simply want to end the campaign and move on. Not finding late game missions fun at all.

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