Long War 2 Patch 1.5 Notes (Live 8/27; Hotfixed 9/2)

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Long War 2 Patch 1.5 Notes (Live 8/27; Hotfixed 9/2)

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9/2 Hotfix:

- Fixed issue with Smash and Grab missions not spawning.


- Add an extra check to TempItem to look if the Unit has the ability attempting to be added. This fixes the case where a Grenadier had no grenades on loadout and therefore wasn't getting the LaunchGrenade ability when being AirDropped.
- Fix effects not ticking after a unit is mind controlled.
- Panicked units will no longer proc ever vigilant. Impaired and burning is also disabled via a pair of config flags, defaulting to off (vanilla behavior). LW2 sets both of these flags, preventing impaired or burning units from triggering EV.
- Migrate effect team swapping code from X2Effect_MindControl to XComGameState_Unit to make it more widely applicable on any team change, not just mind control.
- Fix pistol bug causing invisible pistols on mission start mostly exposed by mods that insert a new unit state before tactical setup is complete.
- Fix bug causing unintended camera pan during jailbreak mission start sequence.
- Fix bug causing evac zone to not respawn on destruction in Smash N Grab.
- Add missing attenuation nodes to various lasers and the arc thrower SFX. Reduced laser cannon and shotgun volume slightly.
- Fixed a bug with post liberation missions not applying an intel boost properly. The bonus from liberation was not being applied to the infiltration time causing it simply take the greater of the two, but not stacking both together.
- Fix bug with iron skin and incoming effects occasionally healing units.
- Attempted fix for old Solace still appearing on some psi trees.
- Added some conditions for Ready For Anything to fire
- Fixed code preventing facility construction throttling from firing
- Fixed bad || that was causing certain regions to ask for one more advent legion than it needed
- Fix a bug with Trojan not removing event handlers or the EffectState.
- Fix bug causing overwatch to trigger on the last tile of movement on a move-melee attack such as sword slice, when distinct move + slice actions would not.
- Soldiers in PsiTraining should not appear available in squad icons.
- Fix objectives so that "Find a lead" is available from the campaign start. Avoids a bug where blacksite and avatar may not be revealed if the liberation 1 mission is completed before adjusting rebels in the first outpost.
- Moved the HL_CounterAttack animation out of the combat knife animset and into a separate one. Adjusted combatives to load the new counterattack-only animset instead of the full combat knife set.
- Fixes bugs with the "Knockout" ability to subdue a civilian with soldiers with combatives - since it previously added the entire combat knife animset, they would use this for HL_Melee and stab the civilian instead of smacking them with their gun. Now since only the HL_CounterAttack is added they will still melee with the appropriate weapon for the ability (primary for knockout, secondary for sword/knife abilities) and only always use the knife anim for countering.
- Fix to Hit and Run to allow it to function properly against green alert enemies. Also ignore any cover the enemy unit may be standing next to when on green alert.
- Fix to Hunter's Instincts to allow it to work against green alert enemies.
- Fix a bug causing soldiers with whirlwind to swing their sword at the start of each mission
- Fix bug causing whirlwind to proc in combination with reaper
- Fix bug in mission schedules causing tactical tags to be ignored.
- Fix bad rnf schedules and offsets.
- Fix an issue with soldiers rewarded on missions coming back wounded because they had more HP from NCE than the proxy unit that was created for the tactical mission.
- Fix visualization bug with pawns appearing to teleport back to the tile they grappled to in some circumstances.
- Fix bug causing forced reinforcement missions (haven defense, supply convoy) to use the wrong reinforcement rules leading to much more difficult reinforcements.
- Fix a bug in the config for the Depth Perception dodge var name (causing it not to have desired anti-dodge capability). Added code to ensure Depth Perception only nullifies dodge stat, instead of applying all purpose negative modifier (which translates into a huge crit bonus with LW2's system).
- Fix a bug causing the Full Override charge to be consumed on a failed hack attempt. It is now refunded if the hack fails.
- Fix a bug allowing the cooldown/charge cost of hack abilities to be refunded when the player cancels out of the hack animation with the esc key before it completes.
- Award dragon round on completing project (fixes template name).
- Disable alternate requirement path for the disabled AdvancedHeavyWeapons project added in Alien Hunters.
- Add corpses for units under mind control that are still alive at the end of a corpse-granting mission.
- Rupture now works from SS on units with this perk and applicable weapons.
- Increased skulljack damage to ensure a kill, failing to kill the unit glitches animations.
- Set Queueoffset for Extract reinfs to zero instead of -1 which might sometimes lead to empty reinfs
- Fix bad config for psiamp ability damage
- Fix off-by-one error in randomization of number of mission objectives chosen. Impacted S&G preventing 6 chests from appearing.
- Fix the fix for deep cover triggering after steadying weapon.
- Fix bug with tier 3 arc thrower fire animation not working.
- Fix bug causing stun animations to work incorrectly when stunning some units that activate on XCOM's turn on the turn they activate.
- Fix bad AI node in advent sentry.
- Fix bug causing "Max 1 unknown weapon category" to appear on coil and beam pistols when another pistol is already equipped.
- Fix burnout smoke effect not always working on turn it was created
- Fix bug causing soldiers to occasionally spawn on destroyed tiles and be unable to move.
- Fix bug causing concussion rocket stun effects to be removed if the Technical evacs or is killed while the stuns are active.
- Fix bug causing multiple full override charges to be refunded if ESC is pressed multiple times during a hack animation to cancel.
- Fix Kubikiri min damage config to float and increase value to 99.5% to ensure it works correctly for max HP Sectopods on Legend
- Fixed bug that was granting too much XP in missions with exactly 7 aliens (it was triggering the mission bonuses for missions that rely primarily on reinforcements)
- Fixed too-low crit damage values on Coil LMG and Hunter Rifles
- Fix bug with blacksite, forge, or terror missions occasionally spawning the evac zone in an invalid location.
- Fix for confused UFO ini, attempt to correct rare case in which a UFO doesn't have intended number of defenders
- Fix to issue when hack defense goes below zero not allowing hacks to succeed

- Add psi offense stat to recruitment list if the sectoid autopsy has been completed.
- Removed excess environment damage from Hunter Pistol and Axe
- Regions near GP sites will be a little more okay with letting reinfs go
- Modified the xp system to track the number of kills in a mission and apply a cap to the xp from kills to that of the original number of enemy units in the mission schedule. This should prevent reinf farming.
- Troop Maneuvers after midgame will often have a pod that includes certain FL-appropriate aliens that show up rarely to ensure those corpses are available more often (Gatekeeper, Andromedon, Archon and Codex)
- Supply Command pods from FL 4-7 downgrade a Mec 2 to a Mec 1
- Region vigilance gets a little sticker. Reduced the the number of workers at an outpost for the baseline vigilance decay time of 1 week from 9 to 7; reduced the impact of having more or less than that from a max of 3 days to 2.
- Removed Fire Control perk from Advent sergeants
- Removed Advanced Lasers tech requirement for resistance troopers to get mag weapons (when other tech gates are met)
- Faceless on the rendezvous mission are removed from the haven even if the mission expires. This allows them to be skipped quickly if desired, but no XP, loot, or corpses are granted.
- Additional faceless from the haven up to the local force limit of the region can now be present on a single rendezvous, allowing them to be more quickly rooted out in a single (more dangerous) mission. Add number of faceless to pre-mission briefing for rendezvous (so player can assess difficulty).
- NuSolace restores action points to the target, like revivial protocol.
- Restored half-point of damage to LMGs
- Gas grenades gain 1 AOE and half-point of damage
- Venom Rounds removed core cost, cost 1 crystal instead, trading post value reduced to 5
- Specialist bonus from kills gets small increase
- Legend Gatekeeper detection radius corrected to 21 tiles
- Increased Codex spawn weights
- Removed Gatekeeper and Sectopod from Aggressor job
- Reduced MecM1 and MecM2 follower spawn weights slightly for midgame
- Biggest Booms does +3 damage 50% of the time instead of +2 damage 50% of the time
- Fire Grenades have a 75% instead of a 100% chance to apply fire to a flammable unit. Fire bombs have a 85% chance to apply fire.
- Grenadier gains +2 aim progression
- Tactical Vest, Stasis Vest and Hellweave grant +1 HP (so increased to 3, 5 and 6)
- Made Troop Maneuvers easier to detect
- Don't apply collector or scavanger once the kill xp for a mission is capped. This prevents RNFs being farmed for these skills.
- Disabled the "hunt xcom" alerts after hacking the objective on hack workstation missions. No other mission type has this, and it can lead to cheating AI if you can recover concealment through some means (perks, lampposts) as the alert location does not consider concealed xcom to be invisible.
- Lowered dodge roll from Combatives from 100 to 90, so it will fail a little more often for soldiers with low dodge.
- Reduced AWC training times from 4/8/12 to 4/6/10
- Moved Formidable, Bulwark, and Body Shield around on Spark Tree
- Reduced autopsy research times by ~25% for most projects
- Reduced some PG project/item costs
- Increased AOE and damage from EMP grenades
- Increased Shred of Acid Grenade to 4, Acid Bomb to 5
- Shredstorm Cannon requires War Suit instead of Exo Suit technology
- Bluescreen PG project no longer requires items
- Advanced Grenades PG project no longer requires many resources
- Alien Facility leads now only cost 5 intel to research, and the research cost to research additional leads ramps up more slowly
- Stiletto Rounds now unlocked by Shieldbearer Autopsy and require Shieldbearer corpses
- Needle Rounds now unlocked by Faceless Autopsy and require Faceless corpses
- Flechette Rounds now requires Chryssalids instead of Archons to research/build via PG
- Reduced alloy cost of Chitin, Carapace, Tac Vest, Hellweave by 1, other costs for Chitin, Carapace
- Halved extra infiltration time for Facilities (so baseline is +36 hours instead of +72)
- Bunker Buster rocket now does damage equivalent to Mag tier standard rocket (so +2 damage, +1 shred over current)
- MSGTS and their equivalents will now donate a third (ini-configurable) of their mission XP to the rest of the squad
- Sparks get Sentinel instead of Guardian on their tree
- Spark Repair skill no longer permanently heals damage; instead it works like a medikit
- Sparks will repair much faster now in Engineering
- Reduce spawn weights of Gatekeepers and Sectopods around FL18-19/16-19 respectively, Muton Elites as followers FL17-20. Increased ME as leader at FL20 slightly.
- Reduce ammo costs of HoB, Demolition, SatFire to 4.
- Death from Above reduces long-range sniper rifle penalty by half instead of eliminating it entirely. With current settings this will cap at a -10 aim penalty when firing at squadsight with DFA.

- Allow Liaison soldiers to be added to squads.
- Add class icon to soldier liaison in the outpost management UI.
- Added the defense stat to the soldier armory header. Removed hack stat for PsiOps to handle overflow of more than 8 stats limitation in the UI.
- When applying navigator upgrade abilities to units (e.g. tactical dark event perks) also add any additional abilities attached to the ability. Improves compatibility with additional info mods such as "Yet Another F1".
- Allow soldiers in a squad to be assigned to Liaison duty in a Haven and dim their icon to make sure they appear unavailable like others in training/wounded.

- Moddability improvement: Migrate ClassCannotGetAWCTraining to UIAWCUtilities and use this to exclude units from the AWC staffing slot & personnel list instead of checking for hardcoded values.
- Modding improvement: X2StrategyGameRuleset::BuildLocalStateObjectCache now invokes super to init observers.
- Added ini float variable to reduce effectiveness of DFA on long-range sniper shots. Left it at 1 (so no change).
- Can set % chance for Troop Maneuvers to destroy a strength point after a mission
- Can allow shooting while on fire / melee attacks while on fire with separate ini variables
- Add NoStripOnTraining option to XComUI.ini, next to NoStripWoundedInventory. If true (defaults to false) soldiers will not have their equipment stripped when they are placed in staff slots. Affects GTS rookie training, Psi initial training, and LW2 officer and AWC training. Psi level-up and AWC respec training do not strip items in vanilla and are not sensitive to this flag.
- Added config vars LIMIT_SHOTGUN_OW_RANGE and SHOTGUN_OW_RANGE to XComLW_SoldierSkills.ini if you want a hard cap on the number of tiles a shotgun-type weapon will be allowed to take an OW shot at. Default will be FALSE and 9 (meaning it's off and set to 9 tiles)