Cybernetic Warfare

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Cybernetic Warfare

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Post by NephilimNexus » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:52 pm
Now it's a given that in XCOM2 you'll never reach the same tech potential as in XCOM1, so I'm not talking about mech suits or Johnny Silverhand stuff. Instead I'm talking about very basic neural-interface tech, as suggested in the one background art where a soldier is seen wearing some kind of VR helmet.

The way it would work is that once the basic tech is researched (Neural Interface, prerequisite being Advent Officer, of course) then it would unlock the Neurojack in the Proving Grounds. Research there unlocks a free prototype and from there it moves over to Engineering like anything else. The Neurojack would be a type of PCS card, and would naturally exclude all other PCS from being used.

The Neurojack, then, is the base upon which other, more flexible cybertech is used. These techs, which go straight to the Proving Grounds, would be Utility slot items that give certain bonuses depending on the type and tech level of the item. Such bonuses could include:

1) Offensive Software Module -> Bonus to aim and critical with all weapons.
2) Defensive Software Module -> Bonus to defense and dodge.
3) Cyberwarfare Module -> Bonus to Will and hacking.
4) Wired Reflexes -> Gives "Lightning Reflexes" perk along with a dodge bonus.
5) Mental Stabilizers -> Immunity to knockout, stun and disorient.
6) Augmented Memory -> +25% experience gain.
7) Infrared Vision -> Detect any Faceless within 16 squares.
8) Smartgun Rig -> The opposite of Grazing Fire, this gives grazing hits a second chance to become a full damage hit.
9) Enhanced Tracking -> Eliminates all Overwatch targeting penalties, and allows critical hits.
10) C3 Integration -> Gives unit Squadsight ability but only with other units that are also using a C3I module.

While powerful, keep in mind that simply having the interface takes up the solider's PCS slot and every module is another Utility slot that can't be used for anything else. So less grenades, less armor, less medkits, less special ammo, etc.

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