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by dfcrcesar
Tue Jan 31, 2023 12:21 am
Forum: Terra Invicta Early Access
Topic: Some AI big downfalls
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Some AI big downfalls

I m not going yo tell anything new, but give some feedback in what AI need to do in some points. First, factions AIs when adminestering countries, AIs rarely give any priority to economy focus, in my current game where to be fair I have used over 30 nuclear missiles, my Greater India is the last cou...
by dfcrcesar
Fri Dec 02, 2022 1:13 am
Forum: Terra Invicta Development
Topic: Terra Invicta Dev Diary #16: Tough choices, and not-so-tough ones
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Re: Terra Invicta Dev Diary #16: Tough choices, and not-so-tough ones

You mean central american? The only tiny thing in south america that is independent is Suriname, all other countries have generally much bigger borders than most european countries. Economically you may say they are not as relevant, but you can t call most of south america tiny. I think the design f...
by dfcrcesar
Thu Nov 24, 2022 5:38 pm
Forum: Terra Invicta Development
Topic: Bugs and Suggestions
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Re: Bugs and Suggestions

Suggestions You have nerfed the aliens early game, but you really need to buff their late game. To me it looks there s a point the Aliens can do nothing but to lose, even if you have almost 0 presence in space. Some possibilities, aliens do not assault mining bases. Why not, if it s much cheaper to ...