Avenger Won't Move

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Avenger Won't Move

Post by jaw761 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:59 am

Never had this problem before, but I haven't played in 2 years. It seems that the Avenger in the Geoscape doesn't want to move after completing the first mission. In fact after I tell it to investigate the Black Market, the screen focuses on the Avenger and an odd noise is emitted. No movement. So I tried one of my OLDDDDD saves and it worked just fine, so I knew that it wasn't any of my mods. I considered that it could be a corrupt game start, but after Googling the problem, I found a related problem dated just 5 months ago. They didn't seem to have a solution to the problem, so I'm wondering if there's been any headway on the issue. Sadly, I suppose I have to start a new campaign; I just hope it doesn't happen again. I'll edit it this post if it does. Oh! And if you're going to suggest I remove my Config files, I did that before I even began playing again. So anyone know anything?

Edit: Okay, REALLY frustrating. Starting a new campaign didn't resolve the problem; the Avenger STILL does not want to move anywhere in the Geoscape. Even thought the old save worked fine, I guess I'll have to troubleshoot mods (GROANS). Can anyone help? Or is no one listening to this forum anymore?

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Re: Avenger Won't Move

Post by johnnylump » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:19 pm

Yes, I respond to the posts I know the answer to. No, I don't know anything about the issue you are running into, so all I can recommend is the usual troubleshooting steps.

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