Haven advisor disappeared/bugged if "defend supply" mission not taken

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Haven advisor disappeared/bugged if "defend supply" mission not taken

Postby Rk Alex » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:17 pm

1) The version of Long War you are playing.
2) The platform you are playing on.
PC, Win 10, Steam
3) What other XCOM2 mods you are playing with.
I think no other mods and I've disabled DLCs because some of them (particularly that alien hunters one) imho SUCK.
5) Whether you are able to offer a savegame for us to look at.
I will try to post the files I think are needed (see below) and hope that I didn't screw it up :]
4) The circumstances of the bug or precise steps to produce it.

There was a "defend supply convoy" mission in a haven where I had a haven advisor assigned. I tried to play that mission but after some trying... well let's just say I decided it's just not doable (I am trying to play on Legend which might be a bit masochistic but w/e). Anyway I decided to try letting it go and ignoring the rescue mission, thinking I am just not prepared to deal with that deathtrap and must give up a few resistance personnel.

I did overlook one thing though... there was an advisor assigned to the region, a non disposable soldier that didn't have something to do at the moment. At first I didn't notice anything wrong, sadly going through a few missions more, but then I've finally noticed that I got this:

1) equipment (rifle, armor) that was on the soldier vanished without a trace; it seems to have vanished even from the "built" counters in the Engineering->Build Items menus, although that one (as far as I understand) is supposed to count all the instances of the item ever built even if it's somehow lost/sold/whatever later (right?). I checked this using older saves.
2) the soldier DISAPPEARED (!) from the "normal" list and the total count of soldiers (when you look at the armory room and see available: x + wounded y ...).
3) the soldier did NOT appear in the memorial as dead
4) HOWEVER I've was somehow able to get her as part of the squad preparing for another mission (* I think I've figured it out - despite not being selectable from the soldier list by normal means, she got "auto-added" due to being in the main squad). But the soldier seemed to be (originally) in some kind of buggy state with her model empty handed until I selected a new gun to equip - I don't think I've seen that in normal situations :o.
5) To the new mission I went.. and.. oops... the soldier is totally bugged out - can't move/control her like the others.
6) Tested some more, I seem to be able to be able to get her moving and controllable in new mission deployments (but still missing from the soldier lists) sometimes, with some saves but not with the others - seems inconsistent, I don't know when/why it happens. Similarly, I think in one of the saves I was able to recover(strip) the ("lost") equipment from her. Again, not sure why sometimes that equipment is available and sometimes in "limbo".

So... clearly something abnormal and buggy has happened. I am not sure what was supposed to happen. Was I supposed to lose that advisor for good, due to ignoring the mission, and have only kept the "ghost" of her as a bug ? Or is it implicitly assumed that, in case the mission isn't taken, the advisor "hides" and lives to fight another day? Well, when happened was neither of the above :-/.

I also want to note that IMHO if it is supposed to happen that the haven advisor - who might be valuable - dies while being left to an ADVENT strike, then mentioning it in the mission info would be intuitive- like "Rescue SOLDIER NAME" in the Rewards (I've checked that save and the mission Rewards simply says "unhindered operations" - which leaves it kinda unclear what will happen to the advisor).

Before (1st save) &after (2) save files : https://www.dropbox.com/s/b2o3knpalr1qb ... e.zip?dl=1
Haven West Africa, the affected soldier is the haven advisor, name 2Lt Silvia 'Sugar' Torres.
She appears to have become bugged the worst in the latest save. The in-between one is the one where she might get controllable if sent on a mission (I think).

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