Help! I'm so confused!

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Help! I'm so confused!

Postby Elric132? » Thu May 03, 2018 11:10 pm

I only recently started playing LW for Enemy Within. Today I got a Steam notice for a sale on XCOM 2 and considered buying it. While studying it I discovered you guys made a LW for it as well, so, here I am.

I've spent some time trying to figure out exactly what I need and I remain completely confused. For EW I had to buy the whole original game. That wasn't a big deal because it was down to 12$ when I did so.

With the sale on XC2 I can get the entire package (including all DLCs) for ~50$.

Now my question(s).
What exactly do I NEED to buy on Steam for your expansion to work. I would assume the base game, but what about the 6 DLCs? Are any or all of them necessary? Will they all work? What happens as Firaxis debugs and possibly makes changes to the game or it's DLCs?

Also a suggestion, if there isn't one clearly labeled place where all this can be found it would be very helpful to new players to make one. Obviously if it already exists ignore this and please let me know where to find it, because I haven't had an luck finding it.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who assists me!

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Re: Help! I'm so confused!

Postby johnnylump » Fri May 04, 2018 1:51 am

You only need the vanilla XCOM 2 with no DLC for Long War 2 to work. LW2 does work with the little DLCs for XCOM 2, but it does NOT work with War of the Chosen. If you have WotC, you can still play LW2; just select the non-WotC version of the game in the launcher.

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