2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

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2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:06 pm

I will try to reach 5 regions by May.

Usually 3 regions early can net you ton of stuff but I want to recruit A-teams. In this case 3 regions will fill your squads but to get A material you must have more recruits (havens). If it is done early it is possible.
I will delay HQ to move some Strength to get more supply early and to pick game breaking amount of Scientist.
Early is the keyword. Liberation chain in two regions will make this regions hot but other 3 should be more doable . Rookie training ground until I never stop to expand (edge of the world could stop me -we all know that Earth is flat) .

I m using Realistic Panic Behavior . It is Long war 2 on Punishment difficulty
https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/fil ... =867355101

No rushing in tech I will get all of them by focusing on Scientist. If Vigilance is up to 6 there is chance to get them.
Rushing all techs is my thing and only RND can stop me (sometimes).
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. (With Mods that are actually balanced for Legendary + downloads)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:07 pm

Replace default file from mod. With content in ZIP file . Never put this files in Long war 2 - put them in required mods
All credits to autors. I just balanced them
This are ini. edits so replace same ini. . XComExample.ini must replace XComExample.ini .
Mod can be found by number. AP grenade is 801012887 same number as in link below. Look for last numbers in link - id=801012887 and search for mod with that number in mod folder.

AP grenade - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/fil ... =801012887
Edit radius to 3 and you have new bomb . In mod folder find XComAPGrenades.ini .
Cheat factor = 0 and they do not destroy cover
(375 Bytes) Downloaded 32 times
Electrothermal-Chemical Weapons - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/fil ... =731859374
Squad upgrade is to much. Domination for 100 supply. Squad upgrade is still here but not infinite.
Recommendation -buy them don't use squad upgrade (I need to download 60 GB of SDK to change script)
Electrothermal-ChemicalWeapons 1.01.zip
(686 Bytes) Downloaded 36 times
Unofficial Battle Rifle Expansion - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/fil ... =928300658
Squad upgrade is to much. Domination for 100 supply. Squad upgrade is still here but not infinite.
Download only if you use Electrothermal-Chemical Weapons and Unofficial Battle Rifle Expansion.
Not needed for Unofficial Battle Rifle Expansion alone and will not change a thing if you put the file (just don't)
This mod have requirements. Download them all
BattleRifleExpansion 1.01.zip
(835 Bytes) Downloaded 35 times
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:08 pm

LW2 Tactical Repeaters - It changes loot table so it must stay in my campaign. Must be loaded after Long War 2
https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/fil ... 1113236427
(1.07 KiB) Downloaded 49 times
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:19 pm

Gatecrasher was fine. Rooftops helps a lot but one gunner in high cover can turn place upside down.
Loot - will sell everything and keep the silencer (basic).
Barracks - pure shock after my previous play.
Avenger - ideal for min maxing meaning I will have to chase UFO for power when I will need it (or engs). I can't build GTS or AWC for some time (I always skip them in favor of Scientist - priority No 1) . I will try to put GTS online .

I border with 4 regions (some minor scouting)

Final thought on Gatecrahser. Just one smoke is needed to make this tolerable. It is 30+ turns of hiding waiting for OW ambush to happen.
After more than few dozens of this :
- One HP pod leader will kill your rookie no matter what you did. Heavy wounds are jackpot. It is best just to overwatch and wait . Even rebels can carry smoke but your starting squad must be lucky one (1:6 ratio). Even my rooftop start brought me heavy situations.
- My gosh they all have rifles, bombs and flashbangs . They can't move or throw and ducking will net you critical hit or activation of everything (good luck on your first squad wipe).

This mission consume to much time if you try to safe play or good bye Scientist and few rookies
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:04 pm

Impossible detection.png
Can't comment this. 1st time on commander/legendary. Even had to check difficulty - it is Veteran detection on Legendary
Faceless are helping - for now. For whole one second of game they can - help you ?
Detected this in 6 hours. What is next 12 days mission?
1st 8 man GOP is official. I have to rethink my use of Scientist as advisers .
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by Dwarfling » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:43 pm

In +1000h on Legendary I've never seen Lib1 with so much infiltration time.

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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:12 pm

It is first mission.
Normal hack station -detected with 5 rebels +1 faceless and Avenger.
Almost restarted game - I was thinking that I got destroy relay
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by Dwarfling » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:20 pm

Oh I guess I got confused with the modded UI objectives. Yeah I've gotten a few 10d on the first round of missions. I just started a campaign, got 2x9d. Sent 2 squads of 7.

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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:05 pm

Mission 2 - Mar 2 8:03 AM :D :D :D
Jailbreak 2x rookie / rebel 11days 13h (expected this - missions usually fall in 24-72 h period from each other). Almost hit the max detection.
Let's put all my remaining rookies on that .
When vigilance drop (march 8) I can even under-infiltrate for light mission. I have to visit Slave Market to buy Scientist and put rebels on recruit.
I have Sci and Eng - cost 210 - (very cheap for both). I need eng x2 and she will pay off in 3 weeks.
Researching Resistance communication.

March 7 1.12 Am - got 75 aim rookie and I decided to switch my rebels to Intel. I m doing full 8 man (rookie) GOPs at March 8 even if I hit Light - Moderate. No choice here Avenger time is so important that I can't go in second region without missions in first. I got rookie - this is not good reward if it screws your detection of supply raids / lib chain.

Mission 2 Jailbreak (will do mission 1 later)

Jumped in to the 60% Light. Dashed from the open to low cover. Dashed to much. I can see Officer + Eng and pod of 7 (sectoid leader ). Only I can do is pray.
Nobody can see me and I can't move. Overwatch. Killed Oficer and eng and hit sectoid. Two drones joined the fry. I m still facing 9 .
After lots of bombing, flashbanging and hacking the drone I was able to reduce them by half. Nobody hits me in mostly low cover.
Could drop bomb on Sectoid but I choose to graze him 4x. Thanks to drone goons are not threat
Few turns later another Sectoid and goons. I was in big complex map and they were flanked because that map have lots of closed doors.
My SMG runner was left open vs flashbanged goon. It was miss - but big mistake for me.
Reinforcements could not touch almost full rifle squad.
Somewhere I lost Sectoid . Zombie behind back is nice reminder that nothing is over until you evac. Nice ambush almost became fight without cover.

23/28 Flawless - what a irony - it was bad play. I even heard damn Sectoid and choose to ignore it
My haven is 8 (got one rookie by easy 72% hacking )

Mission 1 Hack the workshop 70% infitration same date because I m maxing up my detection

2nd turn - four Advent. Two of them are drones and Sectoid. My bad choice of items - bomb/flashbang on SMG will never happen again.
AP grenade is nice mod but to work properly in Long War 2 radius must be 3. This bombs don't shred or destroy cover. Can't kill drones with that so bomb fiesta from start.
Never faced more than 3 Advent in turn so somehow I managed to even hack in last . Not a single use of flashbang or smoke - there was no time to even throw one. Squad is divided. Train maps just do that . To much dashing for cover. Got one nice full flank on Officer pod because of that.
Shinobi killed more than half of map. Rest of squad was throwing bombs or missing flanking shots - all 12 of them was spend (bombs).
Shinobi earned cigar for sure (she have nice aim) . This is medal of honor in my barracks.

Have just two alien datapads (both missions). Always got datapad in Gatecrasher but now is missing. Boosting is still no option - will have to use Scientist instead.
Hacking reward = nice joke for ultra hard mission. 8% easy 4% hard for 75 supply. Hate this hacking bar - you know that you will fail but it goes all the way up. And stops - slowly .

32/38 Flawless (real number is 15 on both missions). I decided to kill more because of hacking bar.

Lesson learned - no hacking vs horde of advent. One big pod will squad wipe you. Thank you Force Level 1 for this success.

Now I have 21 soldiers (+3 rookies) and can do two regions. 3rd region will cost me 14 and more days of research - who cares it is March 8 and I m rolling second set of missions (probably VIP/ Smash and Grab after that Jailbreak + leftovers). When I hit 6 missions I can put Home region on cold .
Loot - why to count. Nothing Superior and I need cash. Next missions will be - dash to oblivion type (bombs do not need equipment).
I have one core and two silencers (last to sell) if somebody cares among less valuable stuff. Almost killed few rookies for 5 supply items.
Using bold for easier read
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge.

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:52 pm

Detected March 10 7:32 PM -- Mission Useless Baby --
Rescue Scientist 8d 10h
- Sending squad of 5 + 1 (rookie). High aim all + Shinobi ghost . Full rifle (reinforcements).

I still think that best possible start is rescue Eng + POI / Jailbreak 3 rebels. This combo usually spawn Scientist in second set of missions and 3 rebels can put you in maximum detection range when it matters (+ Sci + Avenger). Cutting down detection to minimum saving you few days of easy missions and early second region or in worst case scenario hitting 6 day mission instead of 3 days. It was hard to hit scan button with 33% chance for scientist (game over in any other case).
Researched - Modular weapons (like I have equipment)
Researching - Alien Datapad 10 days.
Going to buy random stats Specialist for freaking 48 $- I don't know why they don't stay default - default is fine.
I have bunch of high mobility soldiers (including two snipers).

March 11 7:39 AM -- Operation Cackling Harbor --
Smash and Grab 8d 18 h
- another firefight not worth doing . Sending squad of 5 +1 rookie . Shinobi - basic. Aim second best. Full rifle

Nice kill your soldiers from yellow alert missions. I m planning to hit them before Force Level 2. No chance to wait. After March 15 I m on full detection for real reward / squad wipe. I m risking my high aim-ers for one lampost worth of loot . I may even pull them out but I need more random datapads .

March 12 4:31 PM Contacted South Africa.
Str 2 Vig 1 (good region)
Haven 5
--- job intel + sci + Avenger. (I must "fill" the bucket)

Best possible location for HQ is two regions away. North Australo-Oceania have just one connection but this move will cost 400 intel and 2x liberation 3. Rest is so well connected that it is best to liberate near starting region. And only after I contact India and west Africa to block spawning of Blacksite too close in Asia / America. Oceania and South America are already closed because South Africa is connected to them. Right now I don't have intel for speculation - doom clock will decide my probably bad move.

Detected March 14 1:18 AM -- Operation Blast Mare --
Extract VIP (Scientist) 8d 7h

Not bad for haven of 4 + faceless. Second region is holly grail of regions - it spawned Sci in first set of missions with nice timer.
I need more criminals (jailbreaks) but this is mega - boost .
Sending powerful squad -Assault + Technical + Grenadier + 75 aim rookie and nothing important

Detected March 14 1:23 PM -- Operation Bittersweet Scorpion --
Jailbreak (rebel,rebel,rookie) 8d6h

This mission will give better detection in future. Mass Assault mission because I forgot about them (no Lighting reflexes). They will bomb or tank. I could bring my future DFA but she is slow and she can deal with faceless.
I forgot this - yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!
Sending powerful squad - Technical + Grenadier + 2x Assault and nothing important

Most important thing is done I dressed up my squads (thank you random mods for not playing) .
I have time to scan my POI - DLC hunt thing (never had time for that on commander).
Got new rebel - probably faceless

March 15 11:29 switching rebels to intel in N. Africa

March 16 11:10 PM -- Operation Cackling Harbor --
Smash and Grab 67% Light

Evac on high ground near me - good for sniper. OW pod of two in first turn . OW again pod of two Troopers but I can't kill them. Sniper finished job. Then I was dealing with Officer and goon on high ground. Killed Officer and trooper was out of sight. Aid protocol on gunner in bad position . Injured Trooper flank shoot and miss. He passed OW and was grazed for two. This is first time that my soldier survived that . Got two Zombie as gift and I m thinking screw that - go out of here .
But I have to move Shinobi and I spotted Sectoid.
Hit for 4 with Sniper and Sectoid survived rest of OW. Low chance hit in the end killed Sectoid and Goon.
No I can't stop on that and I moved in.
Next turn I was against 9 - again !!.
OW has damaged lots of them. Sectoid on OW (3 HP) was enough to block me. You don't move against Scetoid with 3 HP, not in this part of game . Lucky flashbang flasbanged him and unseen trooper. Killed two goons with Shinobi (Slash and Fleche). Flanked what I can and put Ranger on Hunker down. 7 Goons in one turn is just luck. When you can flank with rifle from ground, goons on building. It's means that you screwed a lot. Even had one (Advent) on open.

Could/should retreat but I decided to push. I was one move from full squad wipe. Just 4 squares more and Advent could shoot from high ground. I pushed my luck to the limit - it is time to step down.

Flawless 17/20
Loot : 84 Supply ,alloys 9, elirium 5
Hair trigger
Advent datapad
Alien Data cache

Learned - nothing I m still doing stupid things. Why to under infiltrate ? There is no point .
My sniper hit every shot - Cigar

March 16 11:16 PM -- Mission Useless Baby --
Rescue Scientist 74% Light ?

First pod is always trouble. Bad position / barely in range. If you can clear that and move on top of building mission is won.
Force Level 1-1 can produce easy missions. My rush to have this kind of missions does not work. I had hardest missions because of under-infiltration. This one was easy. On S&G almost lost squad

Flawless -- 13 starting Goons + 2 Zombie + Faceless 27/27
Loot: Laser Sight, Core, Repeater ( not using it) & Liquid explosives (don't even have clue - probably overpowered )
Hack - 25 Intel

I should start thinking about 3rd region but there is a lot of missions in first region to do.
Should scan for leftovers. One jailbreak should put my region in good detection range. This will free scientist / Avenger.
My squads are getting stronger and I can start forming Supply Raid squads

Switching rebels to intel in N. Africa March 15 11:29 is mistake
Mission do not spawn one after another they have pause - cooldown.
March 18 ? to hit March 19 and get max spawn Lib 1. March 11 + 7 days ? I don't care I have extra sci and Lib 1 + random mission (jailbreak) will be in 10 days range. Limit is 6 GOPs per month
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:59 pm

Force Level 2

Detected March 19 7:48 PM -- Operation Bovine Jewel --
- 3x rookie 9d 22h

It seems that my region has switched time zone (mission generation time)
Sending shooters - Shinobi, Sniper, Gunner, Specialist, Ranger - my Supply raid team . I just wan't them out - I don't need rookies I need rebels. My Scientist will be locked in this region and intel raid is a bitch. Goodbye detection. I will pull out scientist after Lib 1.

Detected March 21 7:37 AM -- Op. Notch Drought--
Find a Lead (POI) Scientist 9d 11h

Should be Intel but no complains here. Can't send squads - need to finish other missions. Must keep best for Lib 1 .
Should I build lab ? No I must dig first.

March 21 7:37 AM -- Operation Bittersweet Scorpion --
Jailbreak Very light 88%

3 pod on top of me 2nd turn. Rocket , bomb, flame , shotgun for sure make difference . Cleared 5 and badly hurt 2 Advent.
Blowing buildings is fun but I managed to put my Shinobi on FIRE. Bad commander.
Stop roll and drop saved Shinobi - Cigar and cigarette - let's smoke . Finally I can stop bitching and play normally. Teasing Advent is fun.

Flawless - starting 12 14/17
Loot: Adv.Psi ,Adv.Def (something to sell , something to keep - maybe )
Hack: rebel ( do I really need to relay on hacking to get rebels)
Total 3 rebels ( one is faceless for sure - it always is)
Got extra high mobility very good aim rookie.

March 21 7:39 AM -- Operation Blast Mare --
Rescue Scientist 97% Very Light.

Scouting with Scientist produced pod activation. Sectoid and two goons are flanked in first turn. Climbed very tall building and my Scouto-Scientist lurked officer pod. Auto flank and minor flashbang. Hacked drone for another auto flank on Sectoid pod.
Does this hacking numbers even mean something ?

Flawless - Starting 11 20/20
Loot: Advent Datapad x2, Adv. Stock, Laser Sight, Adv. Expanded mag. and Adv. Super Capatitor ( you can kill drone with this - overpowered)
Hack: 25% Large Supply Cache . Finally something !

Current Status: 99 Intel, 153 Supply, 18 h to supply drop. No AWC or GTS or any building.
Not a single peace of equipment were equipped in all missions and I will probably sell what I have.
3x Sci and one Eng is not enough and I don't have time for AWC/GTS. I need real guns and some armor and I will get them in a week (guns)
I have full operational Barracks. Thank you Advent for missing in my two squad wipe.
Learned : 85%-100% infiltration is good on Strength 2 I rarely drop a bomb and I m running full rifle squads.
Detection if boosted is not big problem. I admit 4 missions are gift but pumping up Havens is the key (+ Scientist + Avenger).
Haven of 6 is crap anyway you roll and haven of 9 is still bad timers but sometimes you can detect even with Avenger alone .

March 22 1:48 AM Monthly chat with high command.
Pending Dark Event - Shredder ( ? )
Should rush with Avenger to South Africa.
Scientist 139 §§
Grenadier 59 §§ - 71 (68 as rookie) aim one (it is match for my high aim grenadiers - you don't need to throw bomb with them)

Detected March 22 1:52 PM -- Op. Generous Rite --
Rescue Engineer + POI . Additional Mission Type. 10d 14h - generous indeed for 5 man squad

Must send freaking Specialist on that. I need them for two Lib 1. Also have to prepare bigger squad for S&G because I need it.
How do you cover 6 missions with 27 soldiers ?. Changed my mind 3x rookies are best reward if they are NOT Psi- wizards .
After crossword - puzzle solving my best option is Double Assault, Spec, Tech, rookie, Gren. I m sending double Assault on 10 turns of overwatch. Nice . Bad commander

Detected March 23 7:50 PM -- Op. Jock Defense --
S&G 9d 16h

Sending: Shi, Rng, Gunn, Snip, Tech, Gren.
What now ? Where Avenger should be ? Judging by early detection I should stay here but I can hit bigger timer in East Africa. Best guess -Stay - 5 soldiers are left and South Africa is more important - I have tower in East Africa. I m high on inel. job --- must cut down that ASAP

March 24 2:15 AM -- Op. Cloister Temper --
Supply raid 7d 10h

This is the point where players just quit the game. I have to do very risky Very Light mission just to stop this or to send my remaining + S&G troops. Is my squad good enough to pull very light 5 vs 15 fight ? Both lib 1 are still in 7 day range. It is better to skip it but it will screw South Africa

March 24 2:15 AM -- Operation Bovine Jewel --
Jailbreak - 67 % Light

Story so far. Hacked turret in second turn. Fighting vs crawlers (abba guest enemy ) is pain. Blow up turret with both barrels and eliminated 11 enemy + 3 reinforcements by not moving on high ground. Advent was totally on turret but even with this 8 turns of fighting is a lot. If I don't deal with two pod in few turns mission will be aborted. Can't get close and my Snapshot Sniper is to far away. Hacked big alloy cashe did'n even look at odds. I hacked it to get more attention on high ground so - I failed successfully :?: .
Last known Advent location got bomb from my Shinobi on roof. OW ambush. Ow Ambush. Hack Large Supply.
Advent is dropping the sky horde - dashed to victory ( tactical retreat from fight - I m so brave)

Flawless (not a single shot against me) 20 /28 real enemy
Loot: Datapad , Stock, Expanded Mag., Lightweight Blade (can't remember)
Hack: 20 Alloys , 75 supply with no time to try cheese (if you miss - then you hack)
Rookies: Sharpshooter, gunner, psi warrior if I build GTS or get lucky
I have Barracks of 30.

I m so stupid. I have two squads ready - they are on 9+days missions.
I will pull out 6 and then I have 4 missions 19 soldiers. 2x 4 big will go Lib 1. 6 big squad and 5 big squad will do Supply raid / S&G.
Who goes where ? Another puzzle but Shinobi / Specialist for sure will be on Lib 1

Detected March 24 7:46 AM --- Op. Callous Shotgun ---
Lib1 -25 inel. 6d 18h

Sending - Shi. Spec, Rock, Gren , Assa .
Op. Generous Rite (VIP + POI) - resend Spec, Rock, Gunn, 2 Rookies
Op. Jock Defense (S&G)- resend Shi ,Snip, Gren, 2 Rookie
Op. Cloister Temper - Phantom Sniper , Rang, Rang, Formidable Gunner (Spark), Assault (bomber)
Will not write in advance any more. Planning - nothing , I m in danger zone - everything is low level / no equipment

Detected March 24 1:28 PM --- Op. Punching Mummy ---
Lib1 -25 inel. 6d 14h
- about time it should be 8 days mission

Sending - Shi. Spec, Rock, Gren , Assa .
Reminder for me Switch on intel - March 27 (to detect or waste - can't remember ). It is easier to track mission if you write log.
Sell datapad for Engineer (112 §§ or more). Let's dig. I have 1 §§ left

Now let's contact West Africa.

March 26 1:14 PM -- Op. Notch Drought--
Find a Lead (POI) Scientist 87% Very light.

Hacked 29% Large inel cache in first turn vs map alert. Climbed roof and hacked drone . Not a single shot against squad.
I can sometimes even hit with sniper - exposed targets only.

Flawless -- Starting 10 (Gunners are showing up) 19/19
Loot: Adv. exp. Magazine, Hair trigger, Psi, Expanded Magazine, Blinding protocol (reduces aim by half - hmm)
Researched: ETC weapons
Researching : Advanced ETC weapons.
Putting Soldiers as advisers ( not a chance that they will detect faceless) and I have new rebel in South Africa
POI is resistance contact. This is good . First ever to not have crap reward in first month. Why to disable DLC for that ? I can do two towers (quite soon).

March 28 12:14 PM - ---Contacted West Africa --- Str 3 Vig 3 ( one mission per week - region or two good missions and recruit)

March 28 12:16 PM -- Op. Cloister Temper --
Supply raid - 71% Very light -----> Light-Moderate.

Crashed the game. Restart. Did not look at mission rating. My Phantom Sniper spotted Mutton + 4 goons (Eng,Gunn included).
This is not Very Light mission. Mutton alone is hard mission - that why you should bring Assault. Thanks to phantom I can move to cover and OW. OW was bad. Sniper killed Adv. Engineer and my rangers was able to hit (did not dare to spend second shoot). Stunned the Mutton and dashed inwards (only safe place because second pod is always on top of you).
Second pod in sight but it is divided and I could flank trooper and Mutton (Stun) + 4 goons. Sniper did good job , rangers did good job - my squad survived.
Sectoid and 7 goons - standard attrition shoot-off. Zombie, mind-control, smoke - pain. Using bombs to break the pressure. I know that turret is there so I can't move forward or backward . So many hits trough smoke with flashbang against me in high cover. Bad Commander

Flawless: 19 /21 (Formidable Gunner + ranger - shoot once and throw something )

Loot: Core x5, Alloys 10, Crystals 10, Supply 44, Elite Repeater (to early to use it - even tweaked to +1 dmg )
Corpses: Trooper 14, Mutton 2, Drone 1, Sectoid 1, Turret 2.
Learned : Don't jump in very light missions - blindly . They can increase "rating".
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:22 pm

Force Level 2+1

West Africa : Strength 3 Vigilance 4 - too much vigilance. If I roll jailbreak - GO, rest - Cancel mission if I can spare troops
East Africa : Strength 2 Vigilance 6 - I hit the max limit for good rewards. Will scan for leftovers than Lib chain missions - only. Strength trap for some time
South Africa : Strength 2 Vigilance 4 - I have 3 missions here. Only thing that will spawn here is Lib chain and troop columns . Must detect everything here .

Avenger Status : 2 Eng, 5 Sci, 42 Alloys, 18 Elerium, Intel 28, 45 Supply.
Research status : I need intel. ,Vests, Autopsy . I will research Basic Research because I WILL lost Scientists in raids.
Facility status : None. Guns and Vests are priority No 1.
Barracks : 30 and some of them are dangerous. For now they all are respec class
Builds :
Ranger - All crit. . I screw up my possible OW-er rest are low defense. I can shoot only with one.
Gunner - one build - Formidable/Shred. Respec later
Shinobi- Ghost - Flawless build
Sniper - One DFA is huge mistake. Rest Phantom/Snapshooters (one turn is enough to avoid trap)
Specialist - they have aim so OW and will pick hacking perks for Flawless
Technical - Rocket/Flames who cares. Rocket is better for now. Respec after AWC. This is Flawless class by default.
Assault - Alive. They are first to die. No planning here - they carry bombs to survive
Grenadier - Sapper. One good build is actually no use build (Rapid deployment). They are called Grenadiers not Flashbangers. I have Rangers for that and they excel in this role. This is Flawless class by default.

This is summary on my 1st month builds. I can only hit from flanks - occasionally . Bombs and flashbangs keeps Advent aim low. SMG bomb runner - abandoned (killed to much of them in my last try - they graze at point blank).
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:46 pm

Detected March 28 5:26 PM ---Op. Spitfire Pop --- N. Africa
S&G 9d 22h

Sending : Snip,Snip,Rang,Gunn,Assa

March 28 1:25 PM Switching rebels to intel in South Africa - I have 3 dark events pending and infiltration is high (will try to hit 100%)

Detected March 5:58 AM ---Op. Business Distincion--- N. Africa
VIP extraction - Scientist 9d 6h

Sending: Shi, Rang, Spec, Gunn. I have to save my best Ranger for additional type mission in South Africa - otherwise my rookies will die there.
I will leave North Africa on intel because Lib 1 is almost infiltrated. I really need to detect Supply raid - just to know what to do.

Detected March 29 5:49 PM --- Op. Sin Curiosity --- W. Africa
Extract VIP , Find a Lead , I think it is Engineer 9d 22h

Strength is now 4 and Vigilance is 4 (?) in West Africa and I don't have squad. I m detecting wrong stuff and region became cursed. I could bet that lots of stuff is here. Hidden dark event for 5 intel should solve it but I m low on intel . Somebody forgot car key in commander head and I have to research it. This will delay my armor when I need it.

March 29 5:49 PM -- Op. Generous Rite --
Rescue Engineer + POI . Additional Mission Type.

First Viper is on the wall. Non-timed mission turn out to be full fight in low cover. Suppression helped and my rookies survived.
I hate shoot out with rookies - bad experience in the past (all got one shot killed). Hacked something for crit. 78%.
Had big trouble to dash my reinforcements to my team. 5 Advent reinforcements in total in 8 turns. 18 sky horde and nothing on top of me. OW on roof is not sure thing. Forgot to fire rocket and forgot that I have Technical (I will start to color my troops - Bright colors / high contrast) .

Flawless 10 starting 25/28 (reinforcements are thing in this mission - this kills counts)

Loot: Auto-loader, Advent Datapad , Adv. Suppressor, Core.
Hack: 58 % Watch List - I need it my regions are going wild .
POI : Intel - where is my Spark ?
Should sell cores for 40 but I think this will be bad move. Have some S&G - will see. Sold 10 troopers for ETC

March 29 7:35 PM Sold 3x core. Building - Workshop I have 130§+ left for more weapons (67§ from dig)

March 29 7:35 PM -- Op. Jock Defense --

Turret and wasting turns to put it down. Suicidal Officer moved to close. Many flanks. Bomb on last known Advent position and OW.
Forced moving into building (no time - damn turret) for last Sectoid and two goons. Flanked one goon bomb other - Sectoid-burger by Shinobi. If you can activate they are helpless.

Flawless: Starting 10 + turret 10/17 (missed every single reinforcements )
Loot: Hacking PCS, Advent lockbox, Repeater. (Nice loot. Can't sell it - can't use it)
Chest : 107 Supply , 4 Crystals

Global Advent threat : Guarded - yes my cursed region (West Africa) is producing vigilance on it's own. Faster than me
One region approach can't beat two region approach. I sold cores - bad, but if I start to build GTS (no rookies) and AWC ( Force Level 3) than it is good investment.

Current Vigilance in South Africa is 6. I can do Lib 1 here (92 %). I will wait for missions to spawn (1:00 AM) and then I will Liberate.

--- Op. Sin Curiosity --- W. Africa

Sending: Shi, Spec, Gunn, Gren, Rookie with experience ( I will promote her later to Shinobi - she is worth of saving )

Detected March 29 11:07 PM --- Op. Pepper Ocean ---- East Africa
Supply Raid 3d 3h

New weapons can pull this out (with boosting) only if I get good map. Will pull them out if game increase rating. You never know with this kind of mission. I had Very light turning in to Moderate
Sending: Rang, Gunn, Snip, Gren

Detected March 30 5:39 PM --- Op. Ranting Chasm --- West Africa
Counter Hidden dark event - Hack the workstation 22 intel 10d 8h

I think that it will be small team vs Faceless horde. It is time to finish both Liberation 1

March 30 5:39 PM --- Op. Callous Shotgun ---
Lib1 -25 inel. 107% Ext. Light

Shinobi with 17 movement needs 3 dash just to reach chest. Every pod was activated with bomb (last with rocket but I did not blow out wall). My Specialist dashed almost every turn. Hack in last turn with reinforcements popping. Reinforcements landed to far and this is huge problem. OW solved Officer and Shinobi solved Gunner. I even waited for 2nd reinforcements but they were able to shoot at me (from distance). Kill count greed ? No OW on me and it is time to go . Bad , bad Commander .

Flawless: Starting 8 ---- 11/13
Loot:Exp. Mag, Triage Protocol , Adv. exp. Mag, Emergency life support, Core, Combat awareness, Super Psi, Auto - Load, Scope, Blade Flourish (10 % critical dodge - ???)
Hacked : Superior PCS (It cost me a turn and put out Specialist from fight - nice ), Rebel 72%
I must sell something to equip my squads.

March 30 6:51 PM --- Op. Punching Mummy ---
Lib1 -25 inel. (104%) Extr. Light

Lamp post did not tempt me - learned that in last Lib 1. Dash after dash (Stealth-ing). Managed to park my squad on rooftop one move away from chest. All the time 3 pods are on parade and I can't fight them all. Officer pod lost LoS. Rocket on Engineer pod (bad rocket) and hack on Sectoid pod (drone). Cleared Sectoid pod with Assault (aid) and Shinobi. For no reason moved Grenadier from no LoS to LoS vs 3 Advent. Grenade left Advent Gunner on 1 HP. Everything shoot at Grenadier because my Aid Protocol Assault was waste of move. They grazed for 2 with almost no chance to hit. Cleared that and my next move is super turbo stupid. I moved my Specialist on open for hack.
Got two rebels but my Specialist is on OPEN ground. Moved drone to "shield" Specialist . My technical from OW hit Advent Officer for 5 - this was enough to save my Specialist. Bad greedy Commander - there is no flawless without Specialist.

Flawless: Starting 9 --- 15/18 ( I even have to wait a lot to kill more in this mission)
Loot: Core, Auto-load., Vibroblade (+1 AP for blade) , Emergency life supp, Repeater, HEAT munitions (AP +1 for grenade), 2x Stock, Sidearm Holster ( you can move 3x for -6 movement ). I m collecting junk - can't sell them , can't use them.
Hack: 2x Rebel vs reduce contact cost - I m crying
- (I have 27 rebels. 5 or 6 are hacked)

Sold another core (40§), will sell PCS in future

Detected March 31 5:28 AM --- Op. Basin Weaver --- West Africa
VIP Scientist 6d 17 h

Sending : Tech, Tech, Assa, Snip - my Jailbreak team and this is not Jailbreak. Wasted Sci and Avenger time . This is 4 Strength region
Send on --- Op. Ranting Chasm --- : Shi, Spec, Tech, Gren, Assa,

Detected March 31 5:26 PM --- Op. Palatinate Bride --- West Africa
Counter Dark event - Shredder 25 intel, Scientist

Sending : Shi, Spec, Gren - I don't know how to pull this out.
Switching to recruit West Africa. Liberation 1 is on very low timers or expired. Detected with 5 rebels 4 missions and my both 11 rebels + Sci - Nothing.
Must focus on one region.
No civilian is harmed in any of my missions.

Detected April 1 1:08 AM --- Op. Predator Switch --- South Africa
Jailbreak 2 rebels 2 rookies 7d 4h

Avenger in region and auto - detection

April 2 3:01 AM --- Op. Pepper Ocean ---- East Africa
Supply Raid 60 % Light - Moderate (No Boosting)

High ground / low cover - no LoS . OW , Crit, Flank, Suppress . No Bombs. Best soldiers . RND - Cigar (saved me intel)

Flawless: 20/20 (killed Turret and Zombie)
Loot: Core, Adv. auto-load, Adv. Supress, Agility (Dodge +5), Advent lockbox.
Corpses :Sectoid 2x, Trooper 14x, Turret, Drone, Officer.
Reward : Alloys 10, Crystals 7, Supplies 51.
Everything got + 1 Vigilance and I have to move to 4th region. Avenger is locked on Lib 2 so this will wait.
Sending same team on --- Op. Predator Switch --- South Africa ---- Snip,Rang,Gunn,Gren
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:38 pm

Detected April 2 1:39 PM ---Op. Unvirtuous Fruit -- N. Africa
Liberation 2 - Scientist Very Light 7d 10 h
- Avenger is here and then will be in South Africa ( I me detecting double timers with it and nothing without it)

April 2 1:39 PM ---Op. Business Distincion--- N. Africa
VIP extraction - Scientist 85% Very Light

High Building and Scientist as lure. Lured 3 pods. 4th started shooting at me and hit my High Cover Gunner for 1 graze. 2x Drone , Officer , Suicidal Engineer. Hack the drone closest to me , pick up the flank (Advent Eng), expose your Shinobi (Officer), pick up flank again (troublesome Adv. Eng). Let unhacked drone shoot Scientist or drone . No it shoot my Shinobi for 1.
4 man GOPs is done.

Flawless: Stating 12 15/18 Loot: Standard mix of Advanced / Regular. Repeaters are stealing silencers loot slot. It hurts .

April 2 3:01 PM Switching East Africa to recruit . This was very long intel. ride must cut off retail.
We found owner of car key ( Bio-Autopsy Tech) . Mutton planted it. Researching Hybrid materials.

Detected April 2 7:29 PM --- Op. Tenacious Jewel --- S. Africa
Avenger is here so 6d 22h. Rescue Engineer (haven of 11 and Sci can't detect. I can bet that Supply Raid will be detected with Avenger alone)
I have Squad on S&G but it is on 81% Light. Can my two Snipers clear it fast enough ?

Same day April 2 7:29 PM ---Op. Spitfire Pop --- N. Africa
S&G 81% Very Light

Phantom Sniper can prevent disaster (concealed to the last pod). Turret was blocking entry. Managed to deal With 12 Advent in 9 turns. 3 Turns were not enough to get out. I push my slow sniper to get 5th chest - mistake. Sky Advent dropped between squad and evac - fight. Counting tiles is not fun. Could not kill civilians (bombs) and they are safe - for now.

Flawless : 12 (starting) 16/19 . Loot : Alloy 12, Core 2, Supplies 35, Conditioning, Stock.
Hack : You can't hack with sniper - they don't get smartphone.

I have to sell a ton of stuff (Grimmy - loot excluded - will try to tweak them to chance - random bonuses. For example +1 piercing with 5 % chance to trigger - code is already in mod). It is April (Force Level 3) and I need AWC for wound time. Cost of equipment is massive 450 §§ and more . Price of Core is 40 - very tempted. Must provoke raid (recruit raid) and contact 4th region (Scan the POI).

Force Level is 3
or will be when I will start new missions.
VIP - lure (need Phantom soldier) . Activation for flank - rifle squads ( Advent should not see my/your squad - ever). Blue move ranged flanks
Grenadier - pod opener (with Phantom soldier) , 2x Sappers, 2x Rapid deployment . Next bunch of them will be One best build (Flashbang / bomber)
Technical - no fancy flaming . Rocket for red fog / destroy cover.
Shinobi - scouts - using VIP / Sniper / Formidable soldier for activation. Trap and trap more.
Sniper - Phantom Snapshooters same as Shinobi. They can flank for extreme critical . Will have one DfA
Gunner - early formidable - shredder
Assault - mid formidable and they carry bombs ( they will not survive or level up otherwise ). Now few can Stun.
Ranger - For now all critical with flashbang / bomb. Really need OW
Specialist - Hack the drone for lure. Hacked drone = not a single shoot at me missions. OW (because they now have Aim)

April 2 7:29 PM --- Op. Tenacious Jewel --- S. Africa
Sending : Snip, Snip, Rang, Gunn, Assa

April 5 12:37 PM -- Scanned both POI-s : 44 Intel, Resistance contact
Avenger Event : -- Op. Wing Cougar --- Haven Defense 6d 22h W. Africa (I had to install every mod on Steam - this is result)
New rebel East Africa
Contacting New India
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:02 pm

Force Level 3

April, 5 5:55 AM --- Op. Sin Curiosity --- W. Africa
Extract VIP , Find a Lead , It is Engineer 100% Very Light

After writing a lot about luring. I shot 3 drones from start and Celatid . This was easy part, 3 hard to hit Chryssalid Crawlers (5 HP) + auto activation of Officer pod with auto-flanked 2x troopers. Managed that (unharmed). Then dashing to the cell for few turns. Hacked the cell and there was Sectoid in there and "purple" Trooper. Purple Trooper auto - flanked himself but Specialist is in danger - at this distance they shoot . Shinobi on roof (Fleche) could not kill it - now I have 3 exposed targets (Shinobi, Specialist and VIP). My Gunner managed to throw the smoke. Sectoid graze for 1 my Shinobi . Luck. Should killed damn Engineer but this was fine. Timers are to hard on 4 Strength region - only one turn per shooting or bust. Don't dash in to mist - yeah .

Flawless: 12 (Starting) 14/17
Loot: 2x Scope
Hack: 40 % Large intel, 40% (or less) Large supply , Sectoid 100%.
Learned : Lower numbers - better the hack chance
POI : I have to jump on geoscape first. It is Assorted Loot - POI forever
I hacked Sectoid from cell . First Liberated Sectoid was hostile - something new ?.

Contacting region has cost me 100 intel and I had 127. I had hack reward 33% but I was contacting wrong region. I realized that in mission.
Bad Commander - you send 3 man on super hard mission and you spend all of your intel. Next research - Datapad few times

April 5 7:33 AM --- Op. Palatinate Bride --- West Africa
Counter Dark event - Shredder 25 intel, Scientist Boosted - Extr. Light

Spawned next to tall building. One dash away from Van . On rooftop hacked lampost for extra aim and crit. Two pods are guarding the van. Sectoid , Officer , everything else with 5 HP. Could hack and run but ---surprise--- DRONE. Hacked it. Grenadier dropped the bomb and hit everything (blind bomb -could not see all of them). Shinobi killed Sectoid and everything was focused on drone, except Officer who marked my Specialist. Cleared map.
3 man GOP is done (not a single shot against me)

Flawless: 13/17 (including Faceless )
Loot: Core, Agility, Conditioning, Life support, Depth percepcion
Hack : 25 intel
Stacking nice bunch of SGT - have problem with Shinobi she has important stealth perks but she can kill. Covert on her ? She is Wraith (with Cigar)
ETC weapons delayed Laser a lot. I love sound of them because it reminds me about XCOM (1) & Long War (1). Nostalgia.
ABBA guest enemy - they all have 5 HP . Normal Trooper is jackpot. Chryssalid Crawlers - Assault at point blank have trouble with them.
This is real Punishment Long War 2 and I will hit 10+ vigilance in every region.

April 5 7:36 AM --- Op. Basin Weaver --- West Africa
VIP Scientist 100% Very Light

Forgot that I put 4 man squad here. 1st turn OW in high cover, can't move to low cover. Snake pod . 3rd turn Snake is hugging Scientist (Thank you xwynnis - misspelled probably). Every pod was flanked except last Big Officer pod. Rocket. Destroyed my exit point access. 2nd reinforcements landed far away . Victory.
1st hug is done . Love on first sight

Excellent 14/17 ( Assault, 2x rifle Technical and Squaddie Sniper. One flame and one rocket was used)
Loot: Stock, Speed, Depth Perception, Core, Advent Lockbox.

It is time to build GTS and put East Africa on Intel - I have squads. Maybe South Africa also .

April 5 7:41 AM Avenger Event : -- Op. Wing Cougar --- Haven Defense W. Africa (I had to install every mod on Steam - this is result)

Find 4 rebels. Kill 53/57 (Flawless) until you miss 10 time in row . Can't find any reward except more vigilance.
Building GTS. Selling 2x core and minor stuff . Will Switch to Intel East Africa and South Africa in day or two (depending on infiltration)

April 6 1:30 AM --- Op. Ranting Chasm --- West Africa
Counter Hidden dark event - Hack the workstation 22 intel - 100% Very Light (Not - it was hard as hell)

Flaming Viper, could not check AI behavior - it died (first). Hack the drone, alert 4 pod with it. One dash objective ( I could stealth it in 2nd turn). Fight to the last minute . My squad was all over the place - dispersed. ETC can kill trooper but all my bombs, rockets, damn Stun Assault do minimal damage. Why to build something that can't kill (Stun Assault is crap). Damn min/maxing had to fight 21 Advent with 1/4 of Assault. Not a chance to build - Bladenobi . Pick best perk respec later - or hunker down next 1000 fights and die in process.

Flawless: 21/24 (reinforcements every turn / fight / they hit me so many times)
Loot: Auto-load, Triage protocol, Depth P., Agility, Advent lockbox ( I need silencers for hard to infiltrate missions not garbage)
Hack: 10 alloys, rebel ( current haven in West Africa is 4 - so it is Faceless)

April 7 -- Researching Basic research (7 days)

April 7 7:17 AM --- Op. Predator Switch --- South Africa
Jailbreak 2 rebels 2 rookies 100 % Very Light (every turn - reinforcements)

4 man squad - Snip, Gunn, Rang, Gren
Drone map. Killing from rooftop. Just shooting
Flawless : 15/16
Loot: Adv. Laser Sight, Lockbox, Agility

April 7 2:46 PM ---Op. Unvirtuous Fruit -- E. Africa
Liberation 2 - Escort/Lure Scientist Very Light 100%

If you can see what is coming you should probably win. I could and should over-infiltrate this mission. It was plan. 4 man squad vs Alen horde - Bad Commander. I had lure (Scientist) , watcher - Shinobi, Critical Ranger, OW Specialist, Formidable Shred Gunner. Every pod was 2 Advent. In the end my gunner become flanker ( 7 of activated Advent ) because you don't have choice even when pods are coming one by one. This is Strength 2 region

Flawless: 15/16 Loot : Hair trigger, Super capacitor (gremlin +1 Dmg), Advent lockbox. My loot is making this game even harder . I have around 100 because core have price of 40. I can't sell Super capacitor it is bonus loot (cheat)
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:22 pm

Double Detection April 7 10:21 PM ---Op. Misery Fossil--- North Africa [Supply Raid (6d 14h) Extr. Heavy]
Squad: Rang, Rang, Gunn, Gunn, Sharp, Sharp, Gren, Tech.

Double Detection April 7 10:29 PM ---Op. Inadequate Heath--- North Africa [Find a Lead - 25 intel (10d 21h) Very Light]
Squad: Shi, Spec, Assa, Gren, Rookie (mistake)

Detected April 8 4:07 PM --- Op. Cairns Groove--- South Africa [Find a Lead -20 intel (9d 4h) Very Light]
Squad: Shi, Spec, Assa, Gren, Tech
Sending Avenger in North Africa - aborting contact with India (1 day). Must detect Lib 3 in time (both regions - almost full haven + Scientist)

April 8 7:00 PM - Workshop is build and upgraded and staffed. I m digging like crazy. No time to scan POI (equipment)

April 2 7:29 PM --- Op. Tenacious Jewel --- S. Africa 100% Very Light - Liberation 2 (I hope)
Squad: Phantom Snip, Snip, Rang, Gunn, Assa. Haven Adviser - Specialist OW.(3 rebels and Advisor will spawn when you finish the map)

This is additional mission type so no timers. Standard kill / holo everything . Like always rebels and Advisor spawned far away. Managed to hold out reinforcements with squad not suited for it. Phantom sniper is best usable sniper so far but DfA with few perks is absolute killer.
Flawless: 34/36 (31 turns 6-8 reinforcements -lost count somewhere)
Loot: nothing spawned so - no loot. Hack: Specialist hacked - Large alloy cashe. My Assault failed to hack +10 Hacking (surprise)

April 9 8:18 AM ---Op. Concealed Bomb --- Counter DE Greater faceless [Intel 25 S. Africa 6d 19h Extr. Light]
Sending: Shi, Spec, Assa, Gunn, DfA Snip

April 9 7:38 PM --- Op. Unforgiving Standstill --- Lib 3 [Intel 26 East Africa 6d 13 h Very Light]
Sending: Shi, Spec, Rang, Gren, Tech.
Additional mission type - hard one. You "disable" VIP and Avenger will not come for few turns. Reinforcements will drop every turn.

April 9 8:58 East Africa switching rebels to 2 intel 10 recruit

April 10 10:23 AM --- Op. Splendid Psalm --- S&G [South Africa 10d 10h Very Light]
Sending: None
Switching rebels to 2 intel 11 recruit .

April 10 10:30 PM ---Op. Misery Fossil--- North Africa [Supply Raid - Extr. Heavy ( I don't know)]
Squad: Rang, Rang, Gunn, Gunn, Sharp, Sharp, Gren, Tech.

Clicked on wrong button - started mission. Had time to move my squad on high ground (Phantom Snipers) . Evac timer is forever and longer. Corner was bad and some troops were left on low ground high cover. 1st pod Officer (8 goons) OW -kills 2 flanked 6. 2nd pod Sectoid leader (8 goons) OW- 2, Bomb - 4, snip 1. Can't see last and you do not move to find it . OW. Last is dead and I m greedy . Moved my Technical in the open (one tile from the end of map). 3rd pod Muton (8 goons) pod spotted me running on empty. Rocket /destroy cover. Flashbang and bomb (rapid deployment ). Clear followers but Muton is still alive and suppressed . It missed my Technical by inch on open ground. Had to flank damn thing. It is not yet over there is 4th pod somewhere. Yeah - evac is lighting up, to late. Found better position and 4th pod is coming. Officer pod (5 goons) . Ow 2 - kills, rest I can't see. It took me 6 turns to clear it including grenades, flashbangs, smokes, flames. 98% is still a miss if game decide it. To be fair Advent missed a lot more. Stupid and Bad Commander.

Flawless: 29/29 ( 26 turns. Nobody panicked - Realistic panic behavior can end this kind of missions in second)
Formidable gunners were heroic. Nobody hit me more than 4 dmg. And this is how you usually wipe your squad. ETC is not enough. I need Lasers, better grenade Launchers and Armor to even try it.
Loot: Adv. Repeater, Body Shield , Em. Life. Supp, Adv. Scope, Adv. Lightweight Blade (+2 mobility), Alien Data cashe, 10 Alloys, 9 Crystals, 48 Supply .
Corpses: 2x Officer, Sectoid, Muton, Turret, 19x trooper
Tip: Detect enemy and run to nearest corner of map. 1st pod is always on top of you, followed by 2nd pod. If you start in corner your squad is dead.

April 10 10:30 AM --- Op. Splendid Psalm --- S&G [South Africa 10d 10h Very Light]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Gunn, Gren, Rookie

April 10 5:16 PM Contacted New India Strength 3 Vigilance 2

April 11 10:12 PM --Op Shy Relic-- Rendezvous 1 Faceless East Africa big timer will wait until (2days+) - Monthly report. Avenger is on detection in New India.
April 12 4:16 - new rebel in East Africa.
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:03 pm

Monthly Report March/April. April 12
Retaliation Stopped 1 (Avenger event mission)
G.Ops 15. Supply raid 3. Contacts 2. Rumors 2.

West Africa: Strength 4, Vigilance 12, Rebels 6
East Africa: Strength 2, Vigilance 12, Rebels 13
South Africa Strength 3, Vigilance 11, Rebels 14
New India: Strength 3, Vigilance 2, Rebels 5

Contacts 4/4, Engineer 5, Scientist 9, Alloys 67, Elerium 35, Intel 150, Supply 198.
Global Threat : High, Advent Legions Strength: 42, Barracks: 32
Buildings: Workshop - upgraded (4x gremlins)

OW Specialist with aim is most wanted soldier. Two perks and they can carry difficult mission. Picked wrong perks on two Assaults (Stun -path) and they are bad and they will die. Rangers all critical path for long range flanks or high ground shots. Gunners 3x Tank and building one OW. Technical - rocket. Grenadier mix of Sapper and still not very useful Rapid Deployment (few uses so far). Snipers 3x Phantom Snapshooter one DfA. Shinobi - Ghost path (you can't lure without spotter). I m low on OW - must correct that.
Tactics - lure / grenade activation and hack. Clearing map if Very Light with rifle squads (Light missions are out of reach) .
Overall. Pick best perks respec later. Dead Soldier can't fight.
Mistakes : half of missions were very difficult to pull. Under-infiltration 85-100% is acceptable (Very Light 90%-150%), below 85% is pushing your luck to the limit with big pods
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:41 pm

April 12 4:26 PM --Op Shy Relic-- Rendezvous 1 Faceless East Africa
Squad : Gunner and five rebels
Don't look trough window mission type. Just don't until you are ready

Flawless: 6/6 7 turns.
Loot: Combat aver., Laser sight, Scope, Adv.exp.magazine and "other" loot
Corpses: Officer, Faceless, Trooper x4.
I will buy Scientist because 3 regions net me just 7 (+/-1 average). It is mid of April and I m lower than 12 Scientist (Safe point) in four regions. I need 4 scientist just to fire up mission search . Selling of the Cores will hurt the future so - no selling of the Cores.

April 12 2:18 AM Scientist and Specialist on board . 74 freaking aim but I was ready to buy even 7 HP one. It is Specialist and now I have 5

Deteced April 13 4:12 PM --Op. Pit Ocelot-- Counter DE (Veteran Units) New India 26 intel , Gunner . 4d 13 h
Squad: Snip (Phantom), Tech (flame set up),Ranger (best), Spec (new) -- can hit 101% very light (Silencers)

Deteced April 13 10:09 PM --Op. Banner Chaos-- Jailbreak 3x Rebel, Rookie .New India 7d 21 h - this is why I use Scientist
Squad: In process . Must left something on Avenger - raid is in days range.

April 13 10:09 PM ---Op. Inadequate Heath--- North Africa [Find a Lead - 25 intel 97% Ext. Light - was Very Light]
Squad: Shi, Spec, Assa, Gren, Rookie (mistake)

Failed hack but my Stun Assault crit. the drone. My Stun Assault can crit - I m happy. This move auto flanked officer and Gunner in next turn. Could not hit so I stunned Officer and wasted rest of squad to kill Gunner. Shinobi spotted Sectoid , Gunner and something (they die so fast to remember). Ambush by Assault activation (they have run & gun). Pod is gone. Hacked the chest. Get bored. Killed reinforcements . Start searching for last pod. Officer , Stunlancer and drone. No hacking here. Reinforcements are dropping like rain . Cleared that and walked out - slowly and proudly. (No items were used in this one )

Flawless: 14/14 14 turns Hack: 2x rebels vs small intel = rebels.
Loot: Adv. Serrated edge (20% crit. chance +1 crit. dmg for blade - 2% will be enough - unusable). Adv. Hair trigger, Core, Defense, Datapad and Lockbox (I have pretty big collection of Lockboxes).
Grimmy have interesting loot , it only needs some big tweaking like -100% per item. If I can find time I will tweak them .

April 13 10:10 PM Basic research and trooper autopsy is done. Researching Laser. Clicked wrong button and lost almost a day of research (because of new rookie - had to see stats ). New POI is -Supplies (they will be there forever)
--Op. Banner Chaos-- Jailbreak 3x Rebel, Rookie . 7d 21 h
Squad: Spec, Shi, Assa, Gren, Rookie (not leveled up one)

Detected April 14 4:10 AM --Op. Vexatious Barrage--New India Get Advent attention 10d+ (Will skip that )

Detected April 14 10:18 AM --Op. Voyager Candy--New India Rescue VIP - Scientist 8d 23h V. Light

Detected April 14 4:22 PM --Op. Protector Night--New India Lib 1 25 intel 6d 2h V. Light

April 14 4:22 PM --- Op. Cairns Groove--- South Africa [Find a Lead -20 intel 97% Very Light]
Squad: Shi, Spec, Assa, Gren, Tech

It is not very light if you started encircled by pods. Moved Specialist to high cover just to find Drone , Advent Oficcer (trooper , trooper) and bunch of civilians. Activation by bomb and hack. Spotted Turret, Viper pod and drone. Drone spotted me and activated whole map.
Drone vs drone fight and moving to the turret. Hacked the turret but I can't use it because of LoS. Viper hugged Technical and ended on open . Viper is down , turret is on OW. Sectoid is badly hurt from turret. Cleared that mess and reinforcements are coming. 5th turn and they are dropping. I have to dash my Specialist to the objective rest on OW including Turret. Hacked in last turn Superior PCS -26% (this numbers really make no sense). Reinforcements are coming again after that - new bunch of Sky Horde. Should put evac in first turn.

Flawless: 18/ 20 ( Very light ?) POI : Alloys, Crystals (POI forever)
Loot: Speed, Sup. Defense, laser Sight, Blast Vest (Armor +1 50% reduction from blast - this is half of SPARK), Exp. Magaz, Depth Perception, Suppressor, HEAT munitions, Adv repeater. 7 peaces of usable loot ? Don't blame me - all "balanced" mods need more balancing. I had no loot maps so I will keep them ALL. [Correction] I hacked one PCS.

April 14 4:22 PM --Op. Protector Night-- New India Lib 1 25 intel 6d 2h V. Light
Squad: Shi, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren

Detected April 15 4:32 PM --Op. Goby Swing--West Africa Retaliation 1d 1h V. Light
Have time to finish some missions. Switching East and South Africa to intel

Detected April 15 10:40 AM --Op. Nimrod Ruins--New India Supply raid 4d 1h Must finish some missions

April 15 10:40 AM ---Op. Concealed Bomb --- Counter DE Greater faceless South Africa [Intel 25 S. Africa 97% Very Light]
Sending: Shi, Spec, Assa, Gunn, DfA Snip.

Stared encircled by Chryssalid Crawlers. You can't hit them from point blank. Found Turret , hacked it and then defend it. Miss after miss but whole map is focused on turret. My Assault ended on open to protect it from the drones . Hacked the objective from distance and mopped up "normal" Advent. Got new rebel vs PCS. My DfA missed half of shots and rest was graze. High ground shooters or dead weight.

Flawless: 16/18 13turns (Chryssalid Crawlers can't damage turret a lot). Loot: Adv Datapad x 2, Lockbox, rebel. POI: Rookies
I have to send squad on Supply raid and Retaliation. Can't move from India because of timers.

April 15 7:38 PM --- Op. Unforgiving Standstill --- Lib 3 [Intel 26 East Africa 100% h Very Light]
Sending: Shi, Spec, Rang, Gren, Tech.
Additional mission type - hard one. You "disable" VIP and Avenger will not come for few turns. Reinforcements will drop every 3rd turn.

Moving to cactus revealed 3 pods. All on top of me. I m ambushed. Moved rest of the squad (mostly one movement) to low cover. OW ambush killed Pod of 3 and activated 2nd and 3rd pod. 2nd pod was flanked and hacked and 3rd pod tried to shoot from distance. My stealth Shinobi-s are best early soldiers. Sure defeat was turned in to 9 Advents dead or hacked in 3 turns. Every reduce detection radius perk is worth of picking. 4th pod was lured. Vip smashed and Faceless activated. Reinforcement are coming. OW produced nothing - you can't shoot Chryssalid Crawlers . Faceless stumbled next to my Shinobi (my heart stopped). Moved Shinobi and launched grenade to gas container.Die Faceless. Of course it did not kill Faceless it was just a scratch. Lots of grazes and Fleche ended this. Flaming Chryssalid Crawlers is better option than shooting them - barbecue . Need for Laser is obvious. ETC era has ended. Killing reinforcements for fun until another Faceless is spawned. Goodbye Faceless

Flawless: 22/26 19 turns
Loot: Exp. Magazine, Hard points (reduce chance to get crit 5%), Scope, Blade Flourish, Lockbox, Adv auto-loader.
Still not using or selling "extra loot". No civilian was harmed in my actions

April 15 7:45 PM --Op. Goby Swing--West Africa Retaliation Rating ????
Squad: Shi, Shi, Assa, Tech, Spec, Ran, Gunn, Gren. --- Haven Advisor Sniper

Started around car. You can't move by default and reinforcements are coming in first turn. Sectoid and something hard to kill survived 6 man point blank ambush. I can see 3 clustered pods and I bomb them . Climbed the roof to find turret. Hacked the turret and activated everything. Few shots to clear threats to my Specialist and I had to attack with Shinobis. Gunner suppressed Advent Engineer, Snapshooter hurt Sectoid. Turret hit something twice. 14 Advent dead in second turn. Turret is target so I had time to clear the rest.
Dashed few turns to Evac. Forgot to Evac rebels but I m on high roof and do not care. Corrected mistake after 32 Advent deaths.
Another sqad wipe avoided by - not moving. Phantoms can't help much vs activated horde but turret can.
Turret - Cigar

Flawless: 38/44 (not a single hit on me - cant remember any shots ) 25 turns
Hack: Small intel cashe ( have 256 intel - can I get some supply)
Loot: Core, Conditioning, Exp. Magaz, Adv. E. Mag.
POI has disappeared . Assorted something (basic crap x3). I detected more than 5 missions in that period. Who cares.
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:34 pm

April 15 10:45 PM -Training Sharpshooter (74 Aim 16 mobility)

April 16 5:29 AM --Op. Ogre Mine-- Rendezvous South Africa Faceless 3.

Squad: Ranger and company

Should I skip this ? No. I have both barrels. Officer pod was more trouble than usual. I miss a lot with 69 -75 aim rebels. My 65 aim rebel had SMG and finished last trooper with point blank. Roof of the shack and chimney was reserved for Ranger. Put all non mobile rebels right of him to high cover for OW ambush. Lured with SMG rebel activation and - run away. 4th Faceless is on the map. Nice moment - when you run with ballistics vs four Faceless. OW produced 8 dmg on one faceless, 4 on other. Trooper was out of sight so I killed low HP faceless and full HP faceless. SMG runner had bad equipment so I used flashbang from high cover rebel. This movement put him on low cover but it was flanked by trooper. Miss on exposed rebel (this is second time that somebody survived that). One faceless on the roof, other is chasing SMG runner . Killed with lucky shot trooper and faceless with ranger. Last turn both barrels on stupid faceless - you can't catch SMG runner.
65 aim SMG Runner Rebel earned Cigar

Flawless 8/8 17 turns (4 faceless with ballistics )
Loot: Elite Repeater, Lockbox, Laser sight, Auto-load, Blade flourish , Scope.
Corpses: Officer, Trooper x2, Drone (now I have 3 of them), Faceless x4.

Where is my Liberation 3 in South Africa ? I missed Liberation 3 in South Africa. This is bad mistake.

April 16 10:20 AM --- Op. Splendid Psalm --- S&G [South Africa 100% Very Light]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Gunn, Gren, Rookie

Never dash in to the mist ! I just did that and almost auto-flanked Officer and Drone. Officer on overwatch stopped me. There is no chance that he can survive my Ranger. Blue-move Turret down with two shots. Parked Snapshooter on high ground to cover my flank and of course Snapshooter get flanked by two Stunlancers, drone, celatid, trooper. Bomb fiesta. Next Officer auto-flanked himself vs high aim Ranger , Gunslinger get bomb drone get Gunner. I have 4 turns to get out. Evac is in land far far away. Shooting retreat without ammo.
Fine. Just count every square because if you miss (square) you lose.

Flawless: 18/21 16 turns ( I got ammo and Chryssalid Crawlers spawned - I need 200 Aim to fight them)
Loot/reward: Supplies 65, Adv. Laser Sight, Alloys 12, Core 2

April 16 11:23 AM building AWC - digging Power Relay slot is over

Detected April 16 4:30 PM --Op. Magneta Acid-- Supply raid [3d 4h East Africa]
Squad: Snip,Rang, Gunn, Tech, Gren.

Detected April 17 5:04 AM --Op. Liquid Valut-- VIP Find a Lead , Engineer [8d 9h West Africa]
Squad: Shi, Rang, Gunn, baby Assault, Rookie

April 17 scanned POI - Two rookies - Gunner and Assault if they step to GTS. High dodge and defense both

Detected April 18 1:56 AM --Op. Caldera Despair-- S&G [7d 23h East Africa]

April 18 2:56 AM --Op. Pit Ocelot-- Counter DE (Veteran Units) New India 26 intel , Gunner . 101% Very Light

Squad: Snip (Phantom), Tech (flame set up),Ranger (best), Spec (new).

Shoot with Phantom Sniper and break concealment. Officer is dead drone hacked , Trooper and drone killed. Stealth-ing is over in first turn. Forgot to boost this one and I m glad - no intel wasted on easy mission. Not a single shot at me. Even had time to hack Turret. Small pod can't touch my high aim soldiers. Hitting everything even with SMG except Chryssalid Crawlers - they need two grazes to die. It is always graze with them.

Flawless: 16/20 15 Turns . Hack: Watchlist and Large Intel . Loot : Stock, Hacking

Sending April 18 2:56 AM --Op. Caldera Despair-- S&G [7d 23h East Africa]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Tech, Gunn, Rookie

Researched Laser - Researching Adv. Laser

April 19 12:51 AM --Op. Magneta Acid-- Supply raid [3d 4h East Africa] 36% boosted Light-Moderate
Squad: Snip,Rang, Gunn, Tech, Gren.

I m pushing Supply raids for one reason - Force Level 4 is coming on 19th or 20th April.Every Force Level rise up will increase infiltration time and difficulty. Famous increase in baseline infiltration is combination of Strength and Force Level. They re-roll pods and boosting low level infiltration will net you even harder missions than before rise up. This mission is doable (boosted) only if nothing changes Strength / Force Level ratio.
About mission - corner sitting. 6x Chryssalid Crawlers is fun from high ground. Everybody will graze. Waited a lot and found Officer pod - OW ambush some clearing up. My Phantom sniper is still concealed. Viper pod was bugged. They sat down in corner with path-finding problem. Nice groupping. Rapid deployment (Flashbang ) did not activated them. Bomb for sure did. Few turns of - clearing. Both barrels on Viper for fun. Quite easy for mission that made me very nervous about my squad.

Flawless: 18/18 29 turns.
Loot: Officer, Core, Hyper Reactive Pupils, Chryssalid x6 (should I sell them ? ), Trooper x7, Drone x2, Stun Lancer, Viper, Alloys 9, Crystals 10, Supplies 49.

April 19 12:54 AM --Op. Op. Nimrod Ruins-- Supply raid [59% boosted Light - New India]

Squad: Snip,Rang, Gunn, Tech, Gren.

Spending 60 intel on both missions puts New India at Strength 2 and East Africa Strength 3 (+1 increase). I don't like Strength 5 regions before Lasers . Mission was fine. First turn OW pod of 3 - full wipe out. Running to high cover and corner always help. Rest was Ow ambush and few flanks. Killed 4x Chryssalid Crawlers in one turn - World Record. Having overwarcher to actually overwatch is big bonus. My Gunners can hit from flanks - usually they don't. I use Suppression for aim debuff but sometimes they can hit.

Flawless: 15/15 36 turns.
Loot: Officer, Speed, Adv. Auto-Load, Adv Grenade Launcher (10% for free action), Elite Laser Sight, Superior Trojan Protocol (hacking +15), Trooper x7, Celatid x2, Drone, Chryssalid Crawlers x4 , Alloys 9, Crystals 9, Supply 51.

April 20 1:22 AM --Op. Banner Chaos-- Jailbreak 3x Rebel, Rookie [New India 100% Extr. Light]
Squad: Spec, Shi, Assa, Gren, Rookie (not leveled up one)

Standard start - Drone is blocking the way. Dashed to rooftop because there is MEC pod. Killed drone and moved really close for OW. Hit MEC for 2 and hacked it. Rest of mission - not a single shot at me. Hacked Small Supply Cashe and Superior PCS . MEC is best lure so far. Dark event is pending - more hack defense and my luring is in danger. Will fire up all havens for this one after retail or even before.

Flawless: 15/18 16 turns. Loot: Hair trigger, Core x2, Lockbox, Combat Rush (PCS), Advent Datapad, Supplies 35

Detected April 20 3:25 PM --Op. Viking Bodyguard-- Troop Column [7d 19h South Africa Extr. Light]
Squad: Snip DfA, Snip Phantom, Rang, Tech, Gunn, Gunn, Gren - no chance for 100% . BTW - nice timer

April 14 4:22 PM --Op. Protector Night-- New India Lib 1 25 intel 100% Extr. Light
Squad: Shi, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren

Rooftop for perfect ambush. Dashing to next one. My Specialist and Shinobi on the ground - not time and hack the lampost (I should stop doing that). 3x Viper pod, bomb and auto flank on all three. Officer pod did not yellow alert shoot my Specialist. Dashing Specialist to objective. Run & Gun Crit on Officer , Shinobi on Trooper, Flame on another Trooper. Trooper grazed my Grenadier because it was not burning. How to know that ? It is one second notice . Almost perfect match.

Flawless: 20/22 20 turns Hack: Large Supply, Minor intel
Loot: Laser Sight, Core, Elite exp. Magaz., Auto-Loader, Repeater, Hardpoints (decrease chance to get crit - 5%), Supplies 75, Intel 10.

Building- Proving Ground and Power Relay . Should sell a lot of thing. I have plenty of everything
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:44 pm

Force Level 4 - Started April 19 1:00 AM (reminder)

Detected April 21 3:19 AM --Op. Recalcitrant Anchorage-- Intel Retaliation Protect Datapad - [1d 0h | Light | South Africa]
Squad: Shin, Shin, Spec, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren ,Snip

Executed same day. Spotted Drone in first turn , hacked it and stunned another, Advent Gunner is hit by Phantom Sniper and Sniper is exposed (no cover). Adv. Gunner and Adv. Engineer are left to "chat" with MY Drone. Moved Assault and Shinobi to left in some cover, rest of squad on roof of the house. 2nd turn started with OW on 2x Sectoid , Stun Lancer, Celatid Bulb. Nice warm reunion. Stun Lancer exposed my Shinobi but it was hit with slash for -death. Fleche on Sectoid with Hunter Axe. Run & Gun on other Sectoid and Celatid had last chat with Laser Grenadier. I m shooting better with Grenadiers than with Rangers. 1st Pod Gunner auto flanked himself vs Technical for 100% hit in the back. Moved everything forward. 3rd turn hacked the Lampost for PCS . Officer, Gunner, Warlock (1 Armor) and Drone showed for last turn. They were hitting Datapod-pad/. Everything is Flanked. Masterpiece in four turns. Sadly - Data-something got hit and this counts as soldier wounds. Rebels were hidden or moved to the 1st advent pod because I don't care about Datapad. For the record 1st Advent pod was stunned , badly wounded and mostly dead.

Excelent: 12/12 4 turns Hack: Lampost for PCS
Loot: Hair Trigger, Repeater (will use them after Laser - maybe), Adv. Stock, Adv. conditioning, Adv. Hair trigger, Advanced Blinding Protocol (target will get -50% aim). Not a single use of Loot mod - they will be tweaked for role-playing. Repeaters attract to much attention.
Weapons: this missions has cost me a lot - 4 Laser

Detected April 21 3:37 PM --Op. Olivine Judgement -- Liberation 3, 21 intel - [8d 20h | Light | South Africa]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren ,Gunn

Detected April 21 8:04 PM --Op. Mercury Metropolis -- Counter hidden DE , 26 intel - [13d 7h | Very Light | South Africa]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren

April 22 4:42 AM --Op. Voyager Candy--New India Rescue VIP - Scientist 100% Extr. Light

Squad: Shin, Assa, Spec, Tech, Rookie.

Rooftop. Grenade. Forgot that I have rocket. Sectoid, Officer, and four others had no chance. Trooper grazed my Assault. Drone was left alive - somewhere far away.
Flawless: 12/13 18-turns. Hack: Watchlist 70% & Large Alloy 49%
Loot: Scope, Sidearm Holster, Advent Datapad, Auto Loader, Alloys 20

April 22 -POI: 84 Supplies . Contacting East Europe. Researching Advent Officer. Advanced Lasers are in arsenal (could be wrong date, by day or two - forgot about research logging .)

Detected April 22 8:16 AM --Op. Illusionist's Cardinal -- Supply Raid - [4d 21h | Hard ? | South Africa]
Squad: Snip, Spec, baby Spec, baby Rang, Gren, Rookie

Detected April 22 2:56 PM --Op. Camouflage Impact -- S&G - [7d 20h | Extr. Light | New India]

Detected April 23 10:19 AM --Op. Active Copy-- FaL Scientist - [11d 23h | Extr. Light | New India]
Squad: None. Moved Avenger here for detection of Liberation 2 . Europe must wait.

April 23 2:01 PM --Op. Liquid Valut-- VIP Find a Lead , Engineer [100% V. Light West Africa]

Squad: Shi, Rang, Gunn, baby Assault, Rookie

Strength 4 regions are hard. Started one dash from clean rooftop with cover. Spotted : 3x Sectoid, Viper, Officer, Stun Lancer, 3x Trooper.
How do you start battle like this ? Choose to hide my squad on rooftop and activated with VIP Engineer - Viper and Sectoids. They of course auto flanked them-self - no LoS. Killed everything except Viper. VIP founded it hiding behind ladders. Attack with Shinobi across whole map only reduced health of Viper to 2 HP. Offered VIP to Viper but it refuses it. My Shinobi is hugging the Snake and Officer, Stun Lancer and Trooper are OW and shooting at my troops. No one get hit. Cleared this mess and activated 3x Chryssalid Crawlers with VIP on my turn.

Flawless: 14/17 14 turns. I need Lasers for Str 4 regions
Loot: Hair Trigger, Lockbox, Elite Stock, Sup. Flexweave, Core.
POI: Avenger power . I m building power relay. POI forever ?

Detected April 23 10:44 PM --Op. Art Mire-- Lib 3 Engineer - [6d 7h | Extr. Light | New India]

Detected April 24 10:57 AM --Op. Illusionist's Playground-- Supply Raid - [6d 10h | Extr. Light | New India]

April 24 10:57 AM --Op. Caldera Despair-- S&G [100% Very Light East Africa]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Tech, Gunn, Rookie

Chryssalid Drone showed up on perfect rooftop start. It has 9 or more HP and point of Armor. Good, let's barbecue. Thanks to water two of them are alive and I m fighting another pod of troopers (red something and I think black something). Flanked from rooftop Troopers and killed Chryssalid Drones with my super aim Ranger. Chances for hit were not great but it is over. Officer, Gunner and Trooper (maybe) died fast after bad OW and good Sniper hit. Now thanks to unnamed mod I have to put AP on every single soldier. Nice balance.

Flawless: 13/16 15 turns ( Swarm of Chryssalid Drones can only be controlled by fire )
Loot: Perception, Adv Laser sight, Adv. Serrated edge (+20% crit chance +1 crit dmg), Lockbox, Agility, Repeater, Corrosive Shrapnel (grenade shred +1)
Reward: Alloys 12, Supply 98.
New India is at Strength 1. Only one thing can happen here UFO or super UFO because my Supply Raiding produced Severe - Global Threat Level. Will scan here and in East Africa (Str 3). Let's UFO hunt begin

April 24 10:59 AM --Op. Viking Bodyguard-- Troop Column [ 47% Heavy South Africa ]
Squad: Snip DfA, Snip Phantom, Rang, Tech, Gunn, Gunn, Gren - no chance for 100% . BTW - nice timer

Should rating decrease if you infiltrate ? NO. Started with Heavy than game increase difficulty to Swarming. From hour to hour mission is changing difficulty. It was auto launch when it dropped to Heavy again. I thought that I have four Lasers and more. I was wrong. This missions on Heavy unlike Supply Raid give you pods of 6 members.
1st thing to do is to find cover. Found cover in corner and placed most of my squad in wrong direction. Then I realized this is quite small map - multiple pods could spot me from two directions. Officer pod was OW - full miss from both sides . My snipers do not have line of sight. Crap. Double Area Suppression, Smoke and few lucky grazes. Double Suppresion cleared this pod on alien turn. I m facing now four Zombies. Four Sectoids are coming and everything is on OW. My Snipers are still in bad place but they have LoS. My OW was bad one Trooper killed other in full cover , one Sectoid grazed others to far or in high cover. Cleared Trooper with Holo/Sniper/Ranger double shot. This was all. Forgot to drop the bomb. Putting my Gunners on double Suppression. Sectoids could not hit me but my Ranger is Disoriented. Graze , Graze, Graze repeat all again. Finally I realized that I have Tech and Grenadier . Destroy cover - Double Suppression. Missing a lot and can't move inwards. Cleared that by moving inwards. House and rooftop is nice cover - dashing to it. My gunner spotted Muton pod. Cleared most of them one Trooper Suppressed. Double Viper (Gunner, Sectoid, Drone, Celatid bulb) pod spotted me . One Viper and Drone climbed roof other Viper is flank-able but there is problem - last Trooper from previous pod. Burn, flank, shot and suppress Trooper who is now in position to flank quite a lot of squad. Got acid on my Gunner and - that's it. Last pod (Sectoid) was bombed , burned, flashbanged and cleared in one turn. LoS ambush on the roof is gifted pod (if you use smoke). Every turn I was in smoke and double suppression is gamble.

Flawless: 33/33 21 Turns ( Formidable Gunners)
Loot: Core x2, Agility, Lockbox
Reward: Officer, Drone x2, Trooper x14, Advent Warlock ( Psi Officer with Armor) , Sectoid x5, Muton, Celatid Bulb, Viper x2
Alloys 4, Crystals 6, Supply 16
Learned: I m missing a lot for this kind of mission and OW ambush can shoot back.

Sending April 24 11:00+ AM --Op. Camouflage Impact -- S&G - [7d 20h | Extr. Light | New India]
Squad: Rang, Snip, Gunn, Assa, Rookie
Sending April 24 11:00+ AM --Op. Illusionist's Playground-- Supply Raid - [6d 10h | Extr. Light | New India]
Squad: Shin,Snip, Snip, Tech, Rang, Gunn, Gunn, Gren

Detected April 25 1:49 AM --Op. Trumpet Shacks-- Hack the Workstation 23 intel - [4d 20h or less | V. Light | East Africa]
Squad: Shi, Assa, Tech, Spec, Rookie. Silencers for 100% and boost. Full haven + Sci + Avenger - crap timer.
Boosting Supply raid in South Africa for Light-Moderate - in advance

Detected April 25 4:38 PM --Op. Mace Despiar -- Hack the Workstation 24 intel - [6d 22h or less | V. Light | New India]
Squad: None 40 soldiers on field.
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:13 pm

Super Hard Mission

April 26 1:07 PM --Op. Illusionist's Cardinal -- Supply Raid - [boosted 77% | Light-Moderate| South Africa]
Squad: Snip, Spec, baby Spec, baby Rang, Gren, Rookie.

Started in Flood area (map mod). Found island. My squad is on High cover but not yet on high ground. Normal Muton pod spotted me on 2nd turn. Ow is bad but I m close to wipe them out. Double Viper pod OW bad ambush -cleared. Officer pod bad OW - cleared. My Phantom Sniper is still concealed. Moved to better position to find guard pod. Frustrating Hard to Oblivion Pod is spotted. Muton Centurion 20+ HP(3 Armor), Super Muton 12+HP (2 Armor), Super MEC (2 Armor), Archer MEC, Shieldbearer (2 Armor). What in hell ? Lucky Hack ?. It was Lucky Hack and Super pod eliminated Super Hacked MEC (2 Armor) with Aid protocol pretty fast (two hits). Placed damn evac and pulling out squad. They are not in visual range. I m ready for MARATHON across map in circle to evac. Lucky Hack with baby Specialist on Archer MEC (20%). Grenade on Mutton threat, Flashbang on Muton threat, bullet from sniper to Shieldbearer. Smoke and OW with OW Specialist to prevent shots. My Archer MEC is down in one turn but I m in position to kill from flank Shield bearer - he survived. Bombed both Mutons again. Lucky shot on one for death. Shield bearer and Muton Centurion are in high cover overwatching me. Bomb and death to both with rifle (one tile short for both barrels).

Flawless: 17/17 50 turns (Hard real victory - not a scratch)
Loot: Core x2, Hyper-Reactive Pupils, Percepcion, Auto-Loader, Super Capacitor.
Corpses: Officer, Trooper x6, Muton x3, Celatid, Viper x2, Drone, Shieldbearer.
Reward: Alloys 10, Crystals 9, Supplies 49
This Mutons one shot killed Archer MEC. What chances I had in this mission? None .Learned - luck is everything
Is this a bug ?

SendingApril 26 4:10 PM --Op. Mace Despiar -- Hack the Workstation 24 intel - [6d 07h or less | V. Light | New India]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Rang, Spec, Gren

April 27 -Advent Officer Autopsy is done. Researching Robotics
POI- +3 Avenger Power

April 27 10:55 PM --Op. Mercury Metropolis -- Counter hidden DE , 26 intel - [100% | Very Light | South Africa]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren .

I don't have enough firepower for 5 man mission. Using Drone as bait failed. Drone self-destructed to early. Hacked trough window and waited on the roof. Reinforcements are dropping and every pod on map is activated. Bomb after bomb for survival. You can't stealth missions because you can't get out. Putting bomb on every soldier give better results. Overwatch and shooting is bad even in late April with Laser. I miss half of the time at best . Air drop Specialist and Grenadier are best combo.

Flawless: 14/18 10 turns. ( 99% hit is 50% miss, it must be flank or 100%)
Hack: Large Alloys and Enemy Protocol +10 hack
Loot: Alloys 20, Auto-loader, Adv. laser Sight, Scope, Serrated edge (10% critical chance +1 crit dmg). At this point when every advent have more than 6 HP - this is balanced. I can't kill even 4 HP Trooper on flank with Laser and Scope. How can you miss point blank ? Still not using Loot mod items.

Sending April 27 10:59 PM --Op. Active Copy-- FaL Scientist - [7d 9h | Extr. Light | New India]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren

April 29 8:17 AM --Op. Olivine Judgement -- Liberation 3, 21 intel - [100% | Very Light | South Africa]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren ,Gunn

Dashed in to the Mist ( It is safe with Shinobi ). Hacked Drone and activated Sectoid and Naja. They just stood on the open (out of action points ?). Easy Kills. Every pod is activated because I missed every OW shot. Rocket (5 kills) and Grenade (everything is wounded) saved the day. Activated Faceless with exposed Shinobi - moved drone to save Her. Assault made Faceless-burger. It seems that I cleared everything in 3-4 turns. Missed every OW and hit every shot.

Flawless: 16/20 13 turns
Loot: Core, Auto-loader

Detected April 29 8:19 AM --Op. Panicked Charm-- Network Tower , 30 intel - [ South Africa]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Tech, Gren ,Gunn

April 29 10:16 PM --Op. Art Mire-- Lib 2 (Correction) Engineer - [100% | Extr. Light | New India]
Squad: Shi, baby Snip, baby Assa, Rang, Gunn.

It is Strength 1 mission and I activated everything in first turn. Damn windows. After 3-4 turns everything is dead. I lost my luring touch. Move Vip first not Gunner to high cover. Color your Shinobi in bright colours and put at least one heavy hitter in squad (Tech or Gren)

Flawless : 14/14 19 Turns. Loot: Adv. Stock, Speed, Core.

April 30 1:56 AM --Op. Trumpet Shacks-- Hack the Workstation 23 intel - [130% boosted | Ext. Light | East Africa]
Squad: Shi, Assa, Tech, Spec, Rookie.

Hacked the Drone. Killed Viper pod. Officer pod showed behind me - SMG runners cleared that. OW last and lost Officer pod after reinforcements.
Flawless: 12/16 12 turns. Hack: Watchlist. Loot: Laser Sight, Sidearm Holster, Adv. Laser Sight x2

DetectedApril 30 1:56 AM --Op. Provocative Gambler-- UFO - [6d 13h| Moderate| East Africa]
Squad: Shi, Tech, Spec, Rang, Gunn.

April 30 6:00+ AM --Op. Camouflage Impact -- S&G - [99% | Extr. Light | New India]
Squad: Rang, Snip, Gunn, Assa, Rookie

7 Advent and all activated on second turn. Nice . Suppression shootout. They can't hit and I can flank. Rooftop included.
Flawless: Starting 7... 11/13.... 15 turns ........ Loot: Advent Datapad x2, Alloys 5, Core, Supply 66, Agility, Lockbox

April 30 6:39 PM --Op. Illusionist's Playground-- Supply Raid - [56% | Heavy | New India]
Squad: baby Shin, DFA Snip, Phantom Snip, Tech, Rang, Gunn, Gunn, Gren

Everything is under control . Activation with - Shinobi spot, Sniper shot / wipe out everything. Not a single shot against me until last pod. Activation with sniper - Shielbearer dead. Muton Berserker, Double Muton Centurions, Heavy MEC, MEC, Archer MEC, Sectoid if I missed someone it is possible Muton Centurion. They are charging at me. Raged Berserker and double Suppresion can't stop that but rocket and flashbang can. My Formidable gunner got hit for 3 - that's all. Flashbang and double suppression is my only defense in low cover. Chain Shot, Cyclic Fire, Sniper fire - fight to the death. Hits from flank with Gunner is sight to see. Is this normal pod ? This is second one.

Flawless: 27/27......73 turns. Lucky heroic victory. Formidable Gunner can pull a lot or to be honest - they do not die quickly.
Loot: Hyper reactive pupils, Perception, Adv. Conditioning. Alloys 12, Crystals 13, Core 2, Supplies 74
Corpses: Sectoid x2, Trooper x7, Stun Lancer, Advent Warlock, Chryssalid x6 ( high aim sniper cant kill them), Drone, Officer, Shieldbearer, MEC Wreck x2 , Muton x2, Berserker
I have enough Sectoids for auto research.

DetectedMay 1 1:21 AM --Op. Estatic Haze-- S&G - [4d 6h| V. Light| West Africa]
Squad: No chance for this

May 1 4:45 PM --Contacted East Europe-- Strength 5 Vigilance 9 - Where is my Supply raid Vigilance ? Here and in ALL my regions.

DetectedMay 2 7:08 AM --Op. Principal Embrace-- Rescue VIP Engineer/Find a Lead - [12d 8h| V. Light| East Europe]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Gunn, Gunn, Rookie, Rookie. -----Additional Mission type -mission. ----Every soldier here is low level

May 2 9:32 AM --Op. Mace Despiar -- Hack the Workstation 24 intel - [ 98% | V. Light | New India]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Rang, Spec, Gren.

I must be mad. This mission should be boosted. Grenadier like always had good day. OW Specialist managed to get graze . Not a single OW ambush. Advent is smarter ? I rushed like crazy to van with chest. Blow up van and Sectoids x2, Officer, Troopers after I moved my Specialist. Hacked from distance, now from low cover. Why did I move?

Flawless: Starting 11....32/35.....25 turns ( Party with Advent is so much fun). Hack: Rebel and Small Intel
Loot: Scope, Adv Focus, 10 Intel
Learned: How to blow up Van for hack

DetectedMay 2 9:34 AM --Op. Mace Salvage Administration -- UFO - [ 8d 16h | | New India]
Squad: Phantom Snip, Tech, Rang, Spec for MEC, Gren, Gunn
Perfect trap for two UFO-s. All regions were on intel and I scanned low Strength regions searching for - Supply raid.

DetectedMay 2 7:35 PM --Op. Glyph Challenge-- -Prevent Data Leak - 26 Intel- [3d 21h| V. Light| West Africa]
Squad: Skipping that because I m moron and did not read description.
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:35 pm

May 3 2:35 AM Monthly Chat with high command.
Guerrilla Ops - 20
Supply raid - 4
Regions contacted - 1 ( now is 5)
Resistance Rumors Investigated - 4
Advent Raids defeated - 2
New Specialist is in barracks for 59 §§. 75 aim 14 dodge SGT.

Power 13/20, Contacts 5/6, Eng 7, Sci 11, Alloys 167, Elerium 53, Intel 181, Supplies 5
Buildings: GTS, Proving Ground, AWC, Workshop, Power Relay. It seems that you don't need AWC or GTS until MAY (no time for that). Workshop and Proving Ground should be first buildings to build
Barracks: 46 Soldiers
Global Advent Strength: 38 Legions (Started with 37). Killed a lot of Strength in this "month"
Researched - Resistance Comms and Sectoid Autopsy.
Researching - PSI

East Europe. Strength 5, Vigilance 9, Rebels 5
West Africa. Strength 4, Vigilance 13, Rebels 9
East Africa. Strength 3, Vigilance 19, Rebels 14
South Africa. Strength 3, Vigilance 20, Rebels 14
New India . Strength 1, Vigilance 12, Rebels 9

Classes : OW Specialist , Stealth Shinobi, Phantom Sniper, Crit Ranger (saved my ass so many times), any Grenadier, any Technical (Rocket perks first) , any Gunner, Lighting reflexes Assault.

Lure with Phantom as escort , Flanks in the "mist" and wipe out every pod you can see. Otherwise you will face 9 to 15 enemy in last turn. Did that before and killed Half of barracks. There is no Stealth Mission. Kill or get killed. Phantom must be concealed to the last pod and open up the fight with Grenadier (Sapper is ideal but Rapid Deployment is better). Red Fog and Suppression to get Grazes not crits
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:27 pm

May 9 - building Resistance Comms. Researched Officer and Armor, researching next Armor and some auto - research
I don't have enough supply for Lab or PSI Lab or Scientist. Wasted to much on Laser. Delayed to much research with ETC weapons for sure. I need more comms to counter dark events. They are ALWAYS in non contacted region.
May 11 - contacted New Australia. I hit wrong button and have haven of 8 (Avenger events mod should not do that). I m sorry but I can't play again whole May. Will remove them by console but I can't find remove rebel.
May 15. Auto Research : Viper, Muton, Chryssalid, Celatid. Researched Armor I guess (no supply for them) ?. Researching Alien Datapad.
May 16 - Enough for 156 supply worth Scientist. Thank you S&G now selling Advent Datapads for reserve. Should I put something on Supply?. No, tried for day and get 3 or 6 §§. Not worth of Avenger time.
May 19 - Discovered time travel or my clock is buggy researched Shadow Chamber 19/20th. Not a clue what date is. I m building Lab and Psi Lab. I have Psi rookie.

West Africa Strength 4 > 3
Sending May 3 --Op. Glyph Challenge-- -Prevent Data Leak - 26 Intel- [3d 14h| V. Light|]
Squad: Assa, Rang, Snip, Spec
Detected May 3 --Op. Trueworm Example-- -Recover Item - 27 Intel- [7d 11h| V. Light|]
Squad: Shi, Assa, Spec, Gren, Rock
Detected May 5 --Op. Prayer Notion-- - Troop Column - - [8d 3h| Extr. Light|] -
Squad: Snip, Rang, Gunn, Tech, Spec, SPARK

May 6 --Op. Glyph Challenge-- -Prevent Data Leak - 26 Intel- [117%| Extr. Light actually Light |]
Squad: Assa, Rang, Snip, Spec
2nd turn I m facing 7 Advent and 4 EXALT. 4th turn Hacked lampost for - Trooper and can see Valentine Viper and Adv. Gunner . I m counting 14. Started fight against 9 with bomb and rooftop in smoke. For few turns this was constant number of enemy versus me. Run & Gun for suicide and Assault was only one who did not get hit. MEC as reinforcements (dropping every 3rd turn) then Viper + high HP Troops. Mec (Advent SPARK prototype) with 3 Armor 4 Ablative , Heavy MEC and tons of escorts was last reinforcements. I m playing Insane Punishment Long War 2. This was squad wipe mission and I forget to place Evac early. I need Mag weapons and 8 man squad for Extr. Light mission ?
Flawless: 18/22....15 Turns. (On enemy turns my eyes was closed - Advent is shooting at me like crazy )
Learned: Both Barrels are weak against MEC and Assault can survive encirclement of 9 Advent - Stun Lancer included.
Cigar to Assault. Survivor of encirclement. He is killing from point blank every turn. For few turns he did not even move, just shoot and reload.
May 11 --Op. Trueworm Example-- -Recover Item - 27 Intel- [124 %| V. Light|]
Squad: Shi, Assa, Spec, Gren, Rock
Where is reduction in enemy ? I over-infiltrate for full 12 of them. Normal mission 16/19...13 turns. Reduction and boost give me a lot of trouble. It is nice to jump in to mission with description Very Light and fight 20+ enemies. Had that before.

May 12 --Op. Prayer Notion-- - Troop Column - - [87 %| Very Light|] -
Squad: Snip, Rang, Gunn, Tech, Spec, SPARK
Hacked the Officer. Codex spawned. I have brain and Codex. Archon spawned - non LW2 one. Flawless 14/14...40 Turns
Detected May 15 -- Op. Sacrament Driver -- Lib 2 - Shinobi [ 4d 13h |Light ]
Squad: None. I don't have soldiers for this reward. Skipping because I calculated how much intel I need for contacting two regions.
Detected May 21 --Op. Codex Lord-- - Lib 2, Engineer- - [7d 3h| V. Light|] -
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Rang, Gren

East Africa Strength 3
May 5 --Op. Provocative Gambler-- UFO - [Boosted - 129%| Very Light actually Moderate| ]
Squad: Shi, Tech, Spec, Rang, Gunn.
Lost concealment to Officer and Goon. Spotted MEC and MEC pod (are you kidding me ?). Hacked one killed other. Faceless pod spotted MEC and I m OW this pod. Killed something and spotted EXALT BACK IN ACTION 4 or them. Micro Missile on them ignoring anything other. Lucky shots from far eliminated them and activated Viper (some kind of grey Viper) and two Sectoids. Flanked Viper and Bomb on Sectoids. They tried to flank me and they lost action points. They are dead. Should I hack Watch List (I contacted every region. What?) or Small Supply ? No. Wrong hack. Lets kill more. Viper, MEC , Stun Lancer and 4-5 Troopers showed. I have more corpses .
Flawless: 22/22.....18 Turns. Loot: Repeaters Suppressors, Alloys 25, Crystals, 22, Core, Supply 80
New kind of loot: Exalt Personal Combat Chip, Advent Long Rifle, Weapon fragment, Advent Scattermags, Advent Mag Rifle - they have worse stats than Laser but they give better infiltration bonus (I think)

May 8 -- Op. Toe Offense -- Faceless - [ Hunting it for two months ]
Squad: Gunn who can kill Faceless in one hit (he grazed it for more fun). Easy mission
Detected May 8 --Op. Arctic Lockbox-- S&G -- [8d 14h| V. Light|] Scientist + 13 rebels (bad detection)
Squad: Shin, Snip, Gren, Gunn, Rang, Rookie

May 16 --Op. Arctic Lockbox-- S&G -- [8d 14h| V. Light|] Scientist + 13 rebels (bad detection)
Squad: Shin, Snip, Gren, Gunn, Rang, Rookie. Flawless: 15/18..15turns. Loot:151 Supply, Alloys 8, Crystals 7.
Ow on open ground is now possible. Two Phantoms in squad remove need to "lure". My OW ranger is bad - this build right now can't do a thing. Wasted to many ammo with Him. My Grenadiers are in need of respec but I can "prove" plasma grenade. I m starting to hate Rapid Deployment. I had MEC behind cover and this build is failing in destroying the cover. Extra move is good for running away. Any early build need more damage and something useful like Sapper, Formidable, Phantom, Shred, Increased Aim or Dodge. Actually Phantom is the most useful. Remove threat of yellow alert and can kill in critical moment (rare occasion) allowing you to have controlled fights (on rooftop in smoke) and distant "lure" hacking.

South Africa Strength 3 ,Spy Ring activated
May 6 --Op. Panicked Charm-- Network Tower , 30 intel - [100% Light - with 20 enemy - forgot to boost]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Tech, Gren ,Gunn
Spotted two Officers pods. OW ambush one by one. 1st was good close one , 2nd was good long range OW. Climbed the roof for 3rd OW ambush Mutton and 2x Sectoids Soldier. Reinforcements are coming. Viper and two high HP goons were hard to kill. Hacked the Turret and activated EXALT pod of 4 ,Ranger, Assault, Shinobi, Gunner. They have Armor points and lots of HP and Aim. MEC is the baby compared to them. Suppression and grinding them down with Grenades. No Effect. Rocket killed EXALT Shinobi and I shoot at others. Only Exalt Assault is alive and hunkered down. Bomb and Shinobi to kill it. Turret saved my ass. Activation of 3x Viper and two troopers. 2 wave of reinforcements are here including MEC. Hacked the workstation for free kills. Barely killed them all - had to dash with my Gunner and Technical to end this Super Hard Mission. Shinobi and Stealth for ambush is worth 5 Bladenobies.
Flawles: 27/27......17 Turns (Light?). Loot: Conditioning, Core x2, Exp. Mag, Exalt PC chip x4. Intel 25

Detected May 6 --Op. Grizzlee Priestess-- HQ - [| |]
Detected May 6 --Op.Sonic Crossroad-- Black Site - [|New Mexico |]
My moving forced the Advent to spawn Black Site in region with two connections and two moves away. I m in the process of contacting New Australia (connected with North America) and if time allows Liberate New Indonesia (one connection region).

May 12 - POI --- Alien Nest --- not before Magnetic

Detected May 16 -- Op.Art Birthing -- Hack the workstation, 24 Intel- [ 4d 9h | V. Light |]
Squad: Assa, Gunn, Rang, Gren. This is UFO or some leftover but this is full haven -will scan here
Detected May 16 -- Op. Path Notion-- Recover Item, 32 Intel- [ 5d 20h | Light ?|]
Squad: Shin, Assa, Rang, Gren,Gunn. Must be Super UFO (increased difficulty). This was Supply raid (Tower & Lib 2) Trap. Full haven.

May 19 -- Op.Art Birthing -- Hack the workstation, 24 Intel- [ 139% |Extr. Light |]
Squad: Assa, Gunn, Rang, Gren. Snare Flawless: 17/21. This was hard as hell. 15 HP vs Laser and 4 man squad and I got new 15 HP every other turn + MEC. My gunner failed to hack the reward. Why? He have fingers he can press the button. Future is dangerous place. Your soldiers don't know how to press the button. How they shoot or write text messages ? How they watch Advent Tube ? Caveman.
Detected May 19/20 -- Op.Tenacious Funeral -- UFO, Power +1 - [ 6d 15h | Light |]
Squad: Snip, Tech, Spec, Rang, Gunn. They can kill 15 Advent and reinforcements sending more than five will cost me some missions

May 21 -- Op. Path Notion-- Recover Item, 32 Intel- [ 150% | Extr. Light |]
Squad: Shin, Assa, Rang, Gren,Gunn. (12/14). My Shinobi hacked small intel. cashe. Shinobi knows how to press button.

Detected May 21-- Op.Slinky Worm -- UFO, Power +1 - [ 6d 7h | Moderate - Super UFO|]
Squad: not a clue

New India Strength 1
Finished May 3 --Op. Active Copy-- FaL Scientist - [88% | Extr. Light | ]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Assa, Tech, Gren. Easy Mission
Detected May 3-5 --Op. Mound Sea-- Destroy Relay [|3d 12h | Very Light]

May 11 -- Op. Mace Salvage Administration -- UFO - [ 111%| Light-Moderate in Strength 1 region | New India]
Squad: Phantom Snip, Tech, Rang, Spec for MEC, Gren, Gunn.
Killed the MEC in turn two from high ground near UFO. OW ambush and Sniper fire cleared map (high ground almost on top of UFO). Got hit on Gunner but he is Formidable and Technical (graze). Flawless: 28/28...18 turns. Hack: NO - Adv PCS is not worth 8 corpses.
Reward: Big one including intel and mind shield. I will auto research a lot of things. Still can't buy anything - irony.
Is this Super UFO ? Almost ended in Moderate with 111% infiltration (Str 1 region)? Or it is bug ?

Detected May 11 -- Op. Cloister Goblet -- Lib 3, contacts +1, 32 Intel [|8d 19h | Very Light]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Rang, Gunn, Gren, Rookie. Timer is good (auto-spawn) so training one rookie
Detected May 14 -- Op. Puce Gladiator -- S&G [|8d 13h | Ext. Light]
Squad: Shin, Snip, rookie, rookie, rookie. Why I m on intel in this region ? My Phantoms alone will clear this map. Rookies will just carry the loot.

May 19 -- Op. Cloister Goblet -- Lib 3, contacts +1, 32 Intel [100 % | Very Light]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Rang, Gunn, Gren, Rookie. Small pods good map. They had no chance. OW ambush on everything - Drone as lure.

Detected May 19 -- Op. Brawl bridge -- Network Tower, 33 Intel [|| Light]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Rang, Gunn, Gren. Let Spice up region I wan't UFO traps here

May 19 -- Op. Flaming Drift -- Rendezvous, Faceless x1 - [ 1d 6h| Extr. Light]
Squad: Ranger. I m killing them like flies. I have better rebels than soldiers. I m back in to the future. I wonder. Can I get to the March?

May 14 -- Op. Puce Gladiator -- S&G [|100% | Ext. Light]
Squad: Shin, Snip, rookie, rookie, rookie. (9/11). I got 149 supply and I should stop sending rookies on Vipers with other non Phantom classes. I moped up any resistance with OW and have time to even throw a party.

East Europe Strength 5 > 4
Detected May 3 --Shen Last Gift POI-- Scan 1d [| |]
Detected May 3 --Op. Alternative Ogre-- Troop Column [8d 0h| V. Light|]
Squad: Assa, Snip, Rookie, Gren, Rang, Snip DfA. I m training rookies in Str 5 region- must be mad for that. Another 70 aim Grenadier -I m MAD
Detected May 4 -- Op. Dyspeptic Project -- Hack the Workstation -Intel 24 - [6 d +| Light| East Europe]
Squad: Assa, baby Assa, Tech, Rang, Snip. - don't have save this is my best guess
Detected May 5 --Op. Thrilled Crater-- Destroy relay, DE [6d 14h| Light|]
Squad: Shi, Tech, Spec, Rang, Gunn.

May 6 -- Op. Last Gift -- SPARK - [Everything have AP rounds] buggy mission. Flying MEC bug
Squad: Shen, Spec, Tech, Rang ,Gunn, Snip......Flawless 63/67 (36 turns). Regular LW2 enemy = Easy (This MEC-s do not shoot)

May 7 -- Op. Acceptable Celebration -- Recruit Raid - [Light - Reinforcements every 3 turns]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Spec, Tech, Rang ,Gunn, Assa, SPARK. Haven adviser - Gunner......Flawless 32/32 (18 turns).
Fighting whole map after 2nd turn. Shielding Soldiers with Rebels - working. Vipers do not hug Rebels in this one.

May 8 --Op. Alternative Ogre-- Troop Column [100%| V. Light|] - Training mission for every soldier here
Squad: Assa, Snip, Rookie, Gren, Rang, Snip DfA. ------ Easy Mission - no super pod. Training is done

May 10 -- Op. Principal Embrace -- Rescue VIP Engineer/Find a Lead - [101%| V. Light| East Europe]
Squad: Shin, Spec, Gunn, Gunn, Rookie, Rookie. Haven advisor: Spec and 4x rebel ---Additional Mission type --Every soldier - low level
Started near the roof picking every pod with OW. Easy - super easy. Than big change. I can see the reason why people are uninstalling this mod. If reinforcements start to drop out of your range they are Extremely Difficult. My big and divided squad spawned reinforcements everywhere - nothing on top of me. In The End I was against 10 Advent and Rapid Deployment cleared OW . I could get out.
Flawless: 26/36 .........Turns 22. (freaking 10 Advent in the end and reinforcements are dropping six new every turn). Hack : 2x rebel

May 11 -- Op. Dyspeptic Project -- Hack the Workstation -Intel 24 - [101%| V. Light| East Europe]
Squad: Assa, baby Assa, Tech, Rang, Snip. -- Hard Mission. Two Assaults and almost lost the Mission (MEC as every reinforcement) . Pods of two and still hack in last turn. Flawless 24/26..16 turns.

May 12 --Op. Thrilled Crater-- Destroy relay, DE [114%| Very Light|]
Squad: Shi, Tech, Spec, Rang, Gunn.
Normal Mission. I m on high ground shooting. Then Spark Prototype showed up. 3 Armor 4 Ablative.
AP and Shred and AP/Shred Grenadier is needed. I m building Easy difficulty builds and I m in trouble. You can't control battlefield if you can't do any damage. Flawless : 17 / 21 ........14 turns. ( I run away - unlike super heroes my squads can't fight in underwear )
I got POI - Alien Rulers.
Detected May 14 -- Op. Ape Orrery -- Lib 2, Scientist - [ 4d 22h| Light]
Squad: Shin, Tech, Spec, Gren. This is bad. Moving the Avenger between two regions is bad. Will focus on New Australia and pray for detection of Liberation 2 in West Africa. Light ? What is going on?
May 19 -- Op. Ape Orrery -- Lib 2, Scientist - [ 155%| Extr. Light]
Squad: Shin, Tech, Spec, Gren. Hack the MEC for Flawless :17/18 T..16. What is the purpose of Flame Technical ? Is this respec class? They can't get in and they can flame only one guy and random guys often do not burn.

Detected May 22 -- Op. Reef Prime -- Data Leak, 31 Intel [5d 3h| Very Light|]
Squad: Not a clue
Detected May 22 -- Op. Pine Tracker -- S&G [4d 7h| Very Light|]
Squad: None

New Australia Strength 4>3
Detected May 12 -- Op. Destruction Completion -- Troop Column - [ 11d 0h| Extr. Light ]
Squad: Snip, Gunn, Rang, Tech, Spec, SPARK.
Detected May 13 -- Op. Vindictive Rebellion -- Jailbreak 3x rebel, 3x rookie - [ 7d 16h| V. Light ]
Squad: Snip, Tech, Spec, Assa, Snip . I m trying to detect liberation 2 in East Europe. This fly over detection are not good
Detected May 13 -- Op. Convoy Sonnet -- Supply Raid - [ 5d 18h| Swarming++ ]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Spec, Gunn, Gren. Again fly over detection they are stealing East European intel. bucket
Detected May 13 -- Op. Black Horde -- Lib 1 intel 30+ - [ 6d 11h| V. Light]
Squad: Shin, Assa, Tech, Spec, Rookie. Again fly over detection . Should I abort detection in 4 Strength region (East Europe). NO
Detected May 15 -- Op. Crawler Potentate -- Dark Event [ 11d 12h | Very Light ]
Squad: Sharp, Tech, Rang, Spec, Gunn .Waiting payed off. I m counting 10+ Vigilance here. I have to Scan Intel POI
Detected May 17 -- Op. Voided Skin -- Hidden DE [ 8d 19h | Very Light ]
Squad: Shi, Tech, Assa, Spec, Gunn, Rookie . Waiting for Specialist in GTS (waiting over)
I lost Save with detection of two Dark Events. Last detected Dark Event is + or - one day.

May 18 -- Op. Destruction Completion -- Troop Column - [ 86%| Very Light ]
Squad: Snip, Gunn, Rang, Tech, Spec, SPARK. Flawless 12/12... 18 turns. Hack: 75 Supplies . Reducing Strength for Supply raid

May 18 -- Op. Convoy Sonnet -- Supply Raid - [ 78%| Light-Moderate ]
Squad: Snip, Rang, Spec, Gunn, Gren.
No activation in 1st turn so Flawless: 16/16... Turns 28. Supply 80, Alloys 10, Crystals 13.
Moving to the edge of map make this kid of missions easy until Master Pod. It was Light-Moderate Mission so master pod is Berserker, Muton Centurion, Shieldbearer , MEC, MEC Archer and something . Hacked the MEC and killed Archer MEC + Shieldbearer. In any other case, I would lost. Light is better choice - Muton + Mec + 4 others. I have enough to build something, 320+ supply (clearing room helped a lot). Buy Engineer in first month or two or three - they pays off . AWC and GTS do not (they are empty until May)

May 19 -- Op. Black Horde -- Lib 1 intel 30+ - [ 101%| Extr. Light]
Squad: Shin, Assa, Tech, Spec, Rookie. (14/14) I m rolling back time. I broke relativity laws. I can travel to Past with Avenger
Got 75 Supply . It is Extr. Light so I push the Assault to point blank and flank from behind with rest. 3x Sectoid and Officer party was crashed. Something died to fast - this was party of 6. I can't Skulljack the Officer. Bad, I was one tile away from everything and I wan't to kill something with this super expensive car key.

May 19 -- Op. Vindictive Rebellion -- Jailbreak 3x rebel, 3x rookie - [ 7d 16h| V. Light ]
Squad: Snip, Tech, Spec, Assa, Baby Snip . (21/24) Hacked the MEC after I cleared map with Snipers. Hacked: +10 hack

Detected May 20 -- Op. Smoky Heretic -- Destroy the relay, POI [ 8d 12h | Extr. Light ]
Squad: Tech, Assa and baby Spec, Rang, Sharp, rookie. Baby sitting mission
Detected May 21 -- Op. Monastral Incubator -- Rescue VIP (Lib 2), Scientist [ 7d 2h | V. Light ]
Squad: need to check

May 22 -- Op. Crawler Potentate -- Hidden DE , [ 100% | Extr. Light ]
Squad: Sharp, Tech, Rang, Spec, Gunn . (18/20) Hacked: +10 hack like I need it

May 23 -- Op. Voided Skin -- Hidden DE [ 100% | Very Light ]
Squad: Shi, Tech, Assa, Spec, Gunn, Rookie . (22/25) In critical moment blasted the wall with rocket. After that every turn was critical moment. Controlling Advent with one Gunner is risky even in high cover or rooftop, I rather shoot with them. Assault and Shinobi had nice day killing everything important.
Learned: One Gunner is just for debuff and Advent will ignore him. Can't get even graze with grazing fire.
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:40 pm

May 23 Monthly Report
GOPs - 21, Supply raids 1,2 ( I cant remember 1,2 mission ), Regions +1, Towers +1, Rumors - 2, Lost Towers -1, Advent raid - 1, Dark events countered - 2.
30+ Missions.
2 Active Dark Events.
Advent Legions- 37. Managed to keep it low. Super UFO tends to reinforce Lib 2 and HQ regions and I m ready in those regions with full havens. Advent stopped moving the strength because I killed to many Super UFO-s and UFO-s (or in process of doing that) . Price was high in terms of research but I can't afford any new toy. What is the point of rushing the research ? 2x Mag Rifle and I m broke
Global Alert Level - Severe, 3rd month in row. I can liberate in September .

Scientist 14, 8 Engineers, Contacts 6/10, Alloys 138, Elerium 134, Intel 343, Supplies 159

Barracks - (59 + 3) ,I have new 9th Specialist and 10th Specialist is in tube. Other classes - only 6 or 7 per class because I m forcing Specialist training first. GTS is always full of Specialist .
Officers: Only one Shinobi. Will train more. Can't skip the missions but will have in week more troops that I need
Research: Urgent need for Magnetic, somehow I m falling behind Advent (but who can buy 30 supply weapons ?)
Proving Ground: Rushed Skulljack and it pays off.
Classes : My Grenadiers are falling behind and my Specialists are best Soldiers. MEC is always hacked because they all have Gremlin Mk II and in few days improved Skulljack. Drone is waste of hack and lampost is 100%

[ 1 hour after Monthly report]
Contacted New Chile and I m contacting New Indonesia (200 intel for that jump). New Indonesia have only one connection and haven in New Australia is strong. Can I liberate Indonesia in time ? Don't know but I can jump to Black Site if I choose.

East Europe. Strength 4, Rebels 8
West Africa. Strength 3, Rebels 10
East Africa. Strength 3, Rebels 14
South Africa. Strength 3, Rebels 14
New India . Strength 1, Rebels 10
New Australia. Strength 3, Rebels 12
New Chile. Strength 1, Rebels 6

When I hit four full havens I will set two of them on supply

I can't write every mission any more
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Re: 2nd Legendary 5 region challenge. + Mods (Balanced for Legendary / Download)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:54 pm

May 26 - Battle Armor, Advent MEC Breakdown
May 28 - Upgraded Lab to latest standard ( 4x PlayStation or XBOX for my Scientists - now they can play games while other fights with bare hands)
June 1 - I have PSI Lab and two Scientist in there (Sold all Datapads in process and I m still broke)
June 3 - Magnetic , Faceless and Stun Lancer research is done. Everything cost 30 supplies. I can buy - none. Tip for Mag rushers - your barracks should be super small. My barracks cost for Mag is 2100 supplies same goes for Armor 2100 Supplies . Cant get 1000 in all my Tower regions (+20% supply bonus)
June 9-10 - Advanced Magnetic
Strategy :
May 28 - After so many skull-mining I can contact regions without towers. Second Tower in New India and South Africa is enough to catch Super UFO after 10 days is passed. Advent is not moving the Strength and therefore I should focus on UFO-s. Will keep most regions on low strength diet. For now horde of Specialist will bring me intel in quantity. With car key to victory ? I meant skulljack.
June 4 - Strategy UFO hunt and Intel Raid Hunt. Can't have one without other but my regions will produce Very Light retaliations.
June 6 - Strategy - Will not scan any POI. 2 days is too much. I will pick up Soldier POI probably next month. Who have time for that? I have four of them on map. Can contact Alpha Centauri A,B and C in that time.
June 7 - It is time for real Commander Choice. Dismiss button. Stockpiled a bunch of ready to level up 72+ aimers. They will outperform old ones in just few missions. B team do not exist in my barracks. Dismiss class in my barracks wears - shorts, strange hats and they have funny hair stiles. They are just eating A-team experience and they are placeholders until I have 7-8 of each class (Specialists excluded - GTS is build for them)
East Africa - Strength 3. Rebels 14
June 3 - Op. Russet Cross - Intel Retaliation . Very Light. (12/12) . Checking Dark Events every days helps. I rolled DE on my territory (Strategic DE are usually in your territory). Put All havens on detection and fetched retail. I will trigger every retail possible because it is UFO-hunt time.
Detected June 4 - Counter Dark Event , intel 32 Very Light . Sending low level Squaddies on that + few Corporals.
Detected June 6 - Rescue Scientist FaL Light - 6d 9h . Did not put everything on intel to get that. But it is Light in Str 3 region. This must be done.

June 11 -- Op. Watermelon Pig -- Counter Hidden Dark Event , intel 32 [ 92% | V. Light ] (31/36) . Boost. Did not boost again. I just send my low level squad on suicide. They also have crap weapons. Forgot to put evac for extra fight and no reward. Map was good. Two dash for hack on open wagon. But it did not go well. Every hit was nothing. Blowing up cistern wagon and killing 6 Advent is nothing. Everything needs two or ten shots to die. Hacked 30 alloys and 35 intel because I was assaulting with skulljack with my two Specialist (best chance to hit on whole mission). Double Aid Protocol can't help , Advent will spawn behind my back. Boost - You Stupid Commander (me) Sniper was putting enough dmg for mediocre Red Fog and my soldiers were ducking in high cover in 8 turns mission. Had to fight 17 Strong Advent on map. Squad survived but Advent Warlock could one hit kill any of them. It has two points of armor and can Psi attack- nice balance. Why not 24 armor 200 health ?. Why people recommend ABBA guest enemies ? It is suicide.

West Africa - Strength 3. Rebels 10
May 28 - Op. Codex Lord - Rescue VIP Engineer . 102%,Very Light. (17/19). Small Supply and Skullmine for 25 intel. VIP is doing "luring" . Shinobi and two OW (Spec, Rang) are hurting Snakes. . This was Viper map and Assault can make Viper-shake every turn and I actually even used grenade with my Grenadiers - for graze ( he can shoot for more ) . Had to wait for RNF

Detected May 29 -S&G Very Light - This region must cool off but I m so tempted to do it. Skipping
Detected May 31 - Liberation 3. Very Light. - Tower one. Can't find any reason to do it.
June 2 - -- Op. Driver Hierarch , Faceless x1. (6/6). - I know almost every Faceless map and can get two dash ambushes on them.
Detected June 9 -S&G Very Light. My bad judgement on previous one made be broke. No options here. Sending "fresh" troops.
Detected June 10 - Liberation 3. Very Light. Contacts +1 28 intel . Right one
South Africa - Strength 3. Rebels 14>16
May 26 - UFO. 100%,Light. (16/16). Hacked two rebels. Can't remember why would I need 16 rebels
May 28 - UFO. 151%,Light. (29/29). Flawless despite two turrets on high ground near UFO (hacked one but it died in next turn). Prolonged fight with Faceless, 8 Sectoids and Viper. Other pods were easy pick. Tactics - I was on high ground vs low cover. Never used flame or rocket. One Smoke was useful and I forgot that my soldiers have abilities. Of 26 turns 10 was pure shooting. 29 corpses on Light mission because Exalt was there (and die there despite 1-2 Armor, 2-4 ablative and 6-12 HP). Exalt have superior soldiers and they are No 1 threat on every encounter. Skullmined - Advent Sergeant for fun after Exalt for PCS.

East Europe - Strength 4>3. Rebels 8
Detected May 25 - Troop Column. Light
Detected May 26 - Destroy relay - Lib 3. Light - very low timer, must skip
May 27 - Data Leak . Extr. Light - (14/18). Easy mission
Detected May 28 - Rescue Scientist from cell, FaL. Very Light - You can have good missions in high vigilance region. I just can't get them. I usually get hack the 8 turns chest.

May 31 - Troop Column. (16/16) Very Light with EXALT. Exalt was here with ABBA guest enemies. Phantom Sniper spotted all of them for execution. I m kidding - I was in corner ducking half of the mission. When normal Advent come it was one turn 3 Advent down vs throw everything and burn (ABBA + EXALT). My SPARK hacked lampost. I wanted some attention and hacked Hard hack. Still not sure how that was even possible. Got Superior Aim+ . Thank you SPARK - I will upgrade you or buy you puppy.

Detected May 31 - Liberation 3. Very Light. - Hmm, Light is more likely.

June 4 - -- Op. Lair Toe -- Rescue Scientist [ 90% | V. Light ] (35/37).
New MEC for my haven. Mission was easy to the last pod then because this was Additional Type Mission, I was in hell. Advent chose to drop RNF out of LOS and then you have to fight 37 angry Advent. All kind of Advent even flying ones were dropped. Encountered Bio-Troops for first time and they are "way off" from normal Advent. Killing Sectoid is trouble - but this is just too much. Armor, Dodge and Poison on Viper? With 80 Aim. Why not 60 Armor ? When they move Normal Advent is poisoned and activated. I have POI - Soldier (One?)
June 6 - -- Op. Art Sound-- Faceless x1 [ ] (6/6).
Spend 32 turns on that. My SMG runner lost LOS on Faceless pod - I like to activate like that. Let they come to me. Wrong. It took 20 turns just to find them again. Advent was lost in the woods. Little Red Riding Hood

June 6 - -- Op. Grimoire Leech -- Lib3 Neutralize Target, Contact +1 [ 100% | V. Light ] (22/26).
ABBA Cryssalid x4 one dash away. Nothing to do than burn them. Spotted Turret - hacked it (it become sure thing). My Snapshooter started to clear the Officer and Stun Lancers on map. Few Drones and 2x Faceless joined them. Activated Officer, MEC, Drone - hacked MEC (50% chance is minimum). Most dangerous time ABBA Cryssalid next to me. I don't have anything to hit them or kill them. My Ranger was on high ground, using rapid fire as second shot - bad odds and single hit is nothing. Turret as always saved the day because I had to fight 22 Advent. Nice RNF - had few turns to deal with 22 turn map.

Detected June 6 - Tower , Intel 31. Light - Few Supply Raids and no Jailbreak can destroy your detection. Now this is over

New India - Strength 1 Rebels 10>14
May 28 -- Op. Brawl bridge -- Network Tower, 33 Intel [125% Very Light] (41/41). I m starting to get greedy. Many flawless mission can lead to bad judgement. It was easy - Officer has patrolled to point blank range. Other pods were one turn engagements. Than I wanted to skullmine. Killed RNF and waited. Few RNF later I m still killing RNF-s. Than ABBA guest enemy cryssalid spawned with Red Alert RNF. Killed that pod with no actions left. RNF of 8 and I m hacking terminal but another RNF of 8 will spawn. It was out of control ant this was my fault. I get out of trouble with Reaper , Rapid Deployment flashbang and grenade and lots of point blank hits. I put car key in to Advent head for PCS and in the end it was dangerous ride. In last turn I realized you can't get 2x Large intel. So what is the point killing 5-10 RNF? Learned: I just like to kill RNF-s (reinforcements)

June 4 - -- Op. Brush Outcast -- Full Retail [ | Ext. Light ] (9/9). Avenger events (mod) brought me another retail. Why they do that ? Did not read description and put shootout squad on that. It was over in 4 turns. Two pods vs Spark, MEC and 9 good soldiers in first turn. Even killed trooper with Mag and just hurt Officer. What a wonderful day 30 supply to kill trooper , ballistic can do that. Berserker and two Vipers got huge explosion (gas tank) , rocket, bomb, micro missile and flanks (must be sure). Phantom sniper spotted 3rd pod. Had time to Skullmine and pick up some flowers.

East Asia - contact June 9 - Strength 4 Rebels 4
High Strength region. Cooldown Region. I want Advent out (4 rebels will decrease Vigilance fast).

Detected June 10 - Destroy Alien Relay & get Advent attention, intel 33 Extr. Light. My hope is that other missions will follow
Detected June 11 - Jailbreak 4x rebels, 2x rookie Lucky one. I have 40 detection here and filling is slow
Detected June 11 - Rescue VIP - Scientist It just pop out . One second scan. No troops for mission - must finish some
New Australia - Strength 3, Rebels 12>13
Detected May 25 - Hack the Chest. Light
May 28 - Destroy relay , FaL, Intel 24 . 101% Extr. Light - (14/18). Shoot with sniper for OW kill. If this tactics fail just use Assault and Technical. 9 Advent vs 6 Humans - just shoot , burn and be in high cover. POI - reduced contact cost. I just spend 200 and have over 200 intel. because I can afford to over - infiltrate.

May 28 -- Op. Monastral Incubator -- Rescue VIP (Lib 2), Scientist [ 105% | V. Light ] (21/30) . Big Map means trouble. Dashed 5 turns to objective. Had no means to dispose 12 Advent party. Used bomb and shootout begins. RNF are on top of me after 5 bloody turns. 2nd RNF 3 turns after. Who should die here ? I still need to hack in maze building. You can't sacrifice politician (Scientist) - they are ruling class. Army is build for them. Every soldier here cost more than Scientist so we have - rebellion. They lost the Earth and want to rule ? No more. So my Scientist picked every "one turn" RNF by ducking. He can join the crew now. What the hell, he was not even scratched but my Shinobi ( working class - always in fight) was. It was Very Light , Strength 3 region mission with 30 Advent on my back. Skullmined 25 intel and hacked 75 gold (ruling class pocket money). Mission not worth doing

May 28 - Hack the Chest in Cell [ 131% | Extr. Light ] (15/18) . I detected this mission by chance and was trouble from start. I had to remove equipment from Lance Corporal Shinobi, Squaddie extra high aim Ranger (one person must die) and Corporal Specialist. Equip them with suicide weapons - SMG and pray that I will hit Extr. Light. This mission should be aborted but I tried to stealth (in game where stealth is just for scouting for pod wipe). Impossible to stealth - objective is in maze (chest is in cell ????) and thanks to additional mission types (mod) I can't call Skyranger. Hacked the MEC in 3rd turn and charged with him to activate every pod on map. Shootout with SMG is crap only Xwynnis can flank something , my Advent is always out of reach and in high cover. Flame Viper is spitting flames - that's new. OW SMG Specialist could get some hits (nice joke - crit for 3) my Ranger can't do anything but my Shinobi is clearing map. In the end Flawless Suicide Stealth Mission by killing every enemy on map is done. I like Stealth mission in Long War 2 - they are concealed full shootout or bust. Miss one pod and that pod will wipe out your squad. Hacked: Small and Big Alloy. Skullmined : 25 Intel. Learned: (Long time ago) never hack same reward you will get just one

Detected May 29 - UFO. Light - It's a trap. Exalt will spawn. Glad that I stop +2 Strength in working regions but I do not like extra vigilance that this missions give. Most of my regions will be UFO landing site and this is heavy on intel job and retails.
Detected May 31 Liberation 3. . Light - this was fast first without skipping or second

June 4 -- Op. Candid Woodland -- UFO, Enemy Materiel [ 88% | Light ] (24/24). Shootout from first turn. Not bringing Phantom is just not good. Phantom prevents LOS activation and that will give you OW ambush. I was again on high ground and had no injuries. Simple cleaning - turn out to be high risk shooting.
Learned: No Phantom - No mission. LOS activation is debuff forever - Death

June 6 -- Op. Brigade Divide -- VIP on PR tour, Contacts +1, 29 intel [ 100% | Light ] (51/51). Lampost had nice 24% chance to hack reward. Take all robots for 2 turns. I got 2x Heavy turret , MEC, 3x Drone and nice OW ambush. Cleared everything in those two turns. Had fun with RNF-s because I hacked Turrets again. Fun mission

Detected June 6 - Tower , 33 Intel. Light - Finally I can sail to America. Black Site (Area 51) will be just 300 intel. Maybe I can find some older UFO models? Will bring lots of coal, old UFOs run on Steam Power. If it is paddle model can use my Barracks to paddle it. Freaking POI-s will not stop me. Full sails to America (after we contact China - it takes ages with Avenger bouncing from here to there).
New Indonesia - Strength 2, Rebels 5>11>14
Detected May 30 - Jailbreak 6x Rebels (I will hunt Faceless for ages) . . Extr. Light
Detected May 30 - VIP on PR - Get Advent attention . - Skipping that or actually not - read below
Detected May 30 -Save the VIP, Engineer . - Double detection and they spawned on same spot. Sending team on wrong mission is nice. Why they did not make bigger map ? Everything is overlapping. Click here and you will be there, sometime even in wrong region.
Detected June 2 - Lib 1 , Intel 32 . . Very Light

June 4 -- Op. Adder Rowsdower -- Engineer, POI [ 100% | Ext. Light ] (24/28). Climbed tall building . Rushed Shinobi. Spotted MEC. Hacked MEC activated whole map. Cleared whole map with new tactics. Three sided attack - managed to encircle Advent. Not a single shot at me and every hit was from flank. Close Encounters rocks.
June 7 -- Op. Lewd Sinkhole -- Jailbreak 6x Rebels [ 100% | Ext. Light ] (20/22). 7 man squad on that (training mission). I had another Sectoids in cell situation including Viper. I think that my detection in this region is over. Hacked rebel.

June 7 -- Op. Male Butcher -- Lib 1, 32 Intel [ 100% | Ext. Light ] (19/20) . I could to hit V. Light for faster progression. Like always forgot about that. Got 2x rebels making this haven Full Haven (Faceless included). Not sure about detection but I can't spend Avenger time here but I will move here after June 10 - if I don't forget that.

Detected June 8 - Destroy Alien Relay, Intel 26 . . Extr. Light - This does not count like detection. One rebel have chance to get that. It is normal relay.
Detected June 9 - Lib 2 , Scientist . . Very Light.

June 10 -- Op. Magic Liqueur -- Faceless x1 [ 100% | Ext. Light ] (6/6) . 53 turns of pain. Pods were too close to each other
New Chile - Strength 1. Rebels 6>7>12>11
Detected May 24 - Destroy Alien relay. 31 intel . Extr. Light
Detected May 25 - Jailbreak, 4x rebels, 2x rookie. Extr. Light
Detected May 26 - Destroy Advent Monument. Extr. Light- I,m not barbarian, this is out of question
Detected May 27 - Liberation 1. Extr. Light, 3d 1h - skipping

June 1 -- Op. Codex Bear -- Destroy Alien relay. 31 intel . [88% | Extr. Light] (14/18). Skullmined Stun Lancer with baby Specialist. POI - Alloys and Elerium - Super nice I have 200 of each. Should I spend Half Of Region Contact Time on this?
June 1 - -- Op. Salted Tar Pit -- Jailbreak, 5x freaking faceless, Rookie. [82% | Extr. Light] (14/18). Rookie training mission was success. Then I realized. I m rescuing Faceless. Horde of Faceless to screw my haven for next two months. Should abort this mission because there is 50% chance to be faceless.
June 1 - -- Op. Gold Challenge -- Faceless detection. (6/6). MSGT Gunner vs 6 Advent. Boredom and more Vigilance

Detected June 3 - Rescue VIP Sharpshooter. - Skipping that . Low Vigilance is always better choice - for Jailbreak and full detection of every possible mission without Avenger.
Detected June 4 - Recover Item , 33 intel. - Must do and boost. Bad timer . No Avenger here
Detected June 4 - Recover Item from Valut , 25 intel. - Must do and boost. Bad timer - must be good. Avenger here

June 9 -- Op. Matchless Union -- Recover Item 33 intel . [81% | v. Light] (21/21). Did not boost because saw Laser on Specialist . Mistake. Good squad was on other mission. Another hack the chest in cell. Running trough OW without Lighting Reflexes with my Assault get me one graze. Strange they usually die. ETC squad is not match for Advent and getting Flawless here was miracle. Best weapon was Skulljack - it killed Advanced Officer. Could not hack MEC but it died fast (AP sharpshooter + some grazes) leaving my OW Specialist on point blank OW against Sergeant - it worked. Most of my squad was without ablative but nobody dies. Nice Dice for rebel on doors and rebel on chest and Large Supply on lampost. I m rich. I have 75 supplies (20% of all my supply income in one mission)

June 9 -- Op. Saturn Hole -- Recover Item from Valut 25 intel . [121% boost | Extr. Light] (22/27). Learned to boost. Hacked rebel x2 and MEC. OW ambush on every pod. Event sneaked for point blank-ish OW. Could blast whole map with Tech and Gren but roasting ABBA Cryssalids was enough. Hate those - crabs

Detected June 9 - UFO , Enemy Materiel.. What kid of UFO is this ? This is str 1 region so I will send full squad and Spark. Lack of corpses (addiction) forced me to aim for heavy. 9 days 9 hour mission.

Detected June 10 - Rescue VIP - Engineer . 10 days mission and nothing to send
The Preacher

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