Command ability not working as expected

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Command ability not working as expected

Postby rift » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:39 pm

"Note that this WILL allow you to fire move-limited weapons (sniper rifles and LMGs) if you have not fired them yet that turn (e.g. if you double-moved and then were commanded). "

That part is not true in v1.0. A soldier cannot be commanded to fire an LMG or sniper rifle after dashing. Could anyone confirm this? I read on reddit that this worked as described in an older version, but then it seems to have broken again.

"Using double-tap does not count as having fired them that turn, so you can triple-tap with a move-limited weapon if you use command!"

That part works.

Btw, have the devs completely abandoned LW 1 ? Is there any chance that at least some of the bugs or CTDs will ever be fixed?

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