Save Games taking forever to load.

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Save Games taking forever to load.

Postby themainliner » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:14 pm

I've seen previous threads on this subject but no clear resolution.

I've culled extraneous save games until I now have three. I've tried to avoid saving games where aliens have died "off the map". However, save's from the second phase of the Base Defence, when the action moves out of the first section (with the mission control globe) into the second 'repair bay' loading save games become extremely long: by long I mean in tens of minutes. I had one save game that I abandoned that took 39 minutes to load...the next time I went to save it took over an hour loading before I gave up and went back and started fresh...

Is there any solution / mitigation for this issue?

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Re: Save Games taking forever to load.

Postby johnnylump » Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:45 pm

The best theory I've heard on this is it's the visibility manager breaking down because a unit was killed and fell off the gameboard, and it is testing a zillion sightlines to the corpse. That's why it happens on base missions, Exalt HQ, bridges and a few others. You could try restarting a mission in which this happens and save the game again.

Alternately, you could hex edit the mod code that prevents corpses from vanishing, and return it to the vanilla state where they disappear very quickly.

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