What are You guys planning for the combat system?

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Re: What are You guys planning for the combat system?

Post by johnnylump » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:09 pm


You've got some good guesses in there.

We've written down several ideas on how'd we do a turn-based based tactics game, both in the story and mechanics, and it's something I'd like to do down the road. I do think the market for this type of game is going to get pretty busy soon, with XCOM 2 out there, XCOM 3 presumably happening someday, and Xenonauts 2, Phoenix Point, Battletech, and probably additional titles I'm not remembering all in the offing. Whether that means the market is going to be saturated or we should strike while the iron is hot is something of a judgement call at this point. We're aware the Long War audience and the Terra Invicta audience aren't identical, given TI is more in the grand strategy/4X realm, but we think they're pretty close. Gripping hand is we're in early stages of production of Terra Invicta and exited about where it's going, so in our mind the question isn't "Should we do our turn-based tactics game instead?" but "Should we do one next?"

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