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Postby Sk0rpi0n » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:38 pm

Just sorry for my English. Would like to offer a story for a X COM
Galaxy. The point is, the story that humanity won the war against the alien invasion and extraterrestrial advanced race has sent its delegates to the Earth headed for space forces in the galaxy keeping peace and order.You have to make calls about the attack on a different world with its unique architecture and landscapes, races. Receive calls for help during the attack on various space stations and ships of various races and life forms. To develop the technology from the result of entering the Union of different races, with their technologies,the study tree may be huge. To accept not only people, but also a friendly race,to fight the warlike races. To create both in space and on planets its base. To use the advanced fighting in space using various space ships fighters, interceptors, attack planes and other types of ships. To engage in the carriage of goods from planet to planet to repel the attack of these goods to develop the industry of the planet, technology, defense bases and in the cosmos and on the earth, destroy the alien base in space and on the captured planets. My imagination painted the game that I am dreaming. In the project you can add with each patch new races and star systems with planets, respectively can be changed and the system of research and production of various things. Thank you for reading my wish for the production team, which in my opinion is the best.Battles are conducted in turn-based mode, as in X-com, if you are on the job. But the entire game, to do in the global space.

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Postby Ozkooga » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:39 pm

I'm not sure why no-one has responded to this post, because it's exactly what I've been thinking of, that needs to happen for the next big game. It's not about saving Earth now, it's about saving the Galaxy. I'm not a developer, but I think we have two pretty good games that when joined together and thrown in a mix of galactic races and politics, we will have a great game, with endless possibilities. This is somehow combining XCOM 2 and CIV.

Think of this for a narrative... The commander steps through the portal to another world, to find it is also controlled by the Elders (possibly a race of sectoids). You have the opportunity to assist the sectiods in freeing their planet from the control of the Elders. Rinse and repeat for any of the baddies in all XCOM series across the universe. Along the way you make decisions about helping out planets/races/species for financial/political/resource gain, with an end goal of tracking down the Edlers and eliminating them forever.

That's just a quick brief, what do you guys think?

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Postby Jacke » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:15 pm

Ozkooga wrote:It's not about saving Earth now, it's about saving the Galaxy.

I think this idea leads to more bad that good. It's a standard fault in a lot of film science fiction and can hurt games as well. It further removes things from the personal scope we all live in. It's an artificial raising of the stakes when they don't need to be raised. The stakes are plenty high enough in games like XCOM as it is.

It can be done, but it has to be done really well and that's hard, likely harder than getting a more modest threat scope right.

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Postby Ozkooga » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:38 am


Thanks for replying. It can often be hard to throw an idea out there and not get a response.

I agree that it would be hard, even harder, because I have no idea how to program. But wouldn't it be a fun game?

I think for a gaming company, the expansions/slash add-ons could be endless. Like the good old fashioned D&D or Warhammer days. New races = more missions = more dollars for the developers.

And if opened up to modders, it would grow to something massive. A boys gotta dream!

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Postby dethraker » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:21 pm

Personally, the "stepping through a portal" and "fighting to save the universe" would make it feel more like Stargate than anything else and from what I've read that doesn't seem like the goal of PI with Terra Invicta. Also, the addition of more alien races and factions doesn't sound like what they've described either. Whether fun or not [I personally would enjoy the suggested story/game] it doesn't seem to line up with what PI has described up to this point.

The impression I got is that PI wants to focus on the internal struggle of one race to come to terms with how [or why] it will unify against a growing threat from another planet [or several]. The different factions described in the Dev Diary don't seem to represent countries, nations, or anything regional but rather ideals that can be adapted by the different nations of the planet. Those ideals will then determine how gameplay progresses through a series of unlocks and options along the way(I assume) providing unique experiences depending on which ideals you decide to pursue. Considering they have stated that only one is currently planned [but more could be added] to be the playable faction/ideal the campaign will likely play out in a fairly linear fashion, but that is yet to be determined.

I imagine PI won't want to respond to all story ideas provided so as to not discourage people from sharing ideas, but also not to give away too much about their desired plans for the story. Even small comments can sometimes reveal a good deal about the direction a team has decided to pursue.

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