Brainstorm: Alien Motivation

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Re: Brainstorm: Alien Motivation

Postby kondenado » Mon May 08, 2017 11:39 am

Option B)

"The aliens home planet is billions of years away, they just send few colonist to make an "outpost" nearby planets with "likely intelligent life". Their plan is easy, infiltrate into the planet, learn how they are and develop a virus who changes DNA and convert humans into people of this alien race.

They are just an outpost, with limited resources, so they can just start a massive war. In fact, they can not support themselves at a long time, simply because they are too few, and they can only live conquering another intelligent race.

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Re: Brainstorm: Alien Motivation

Postby KevinHann » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:36 pm

saroscycler wrote:If it's going to 4X/GS, then why can't we have randomized Alien Motivation? Heck, why can't they have multiple motivations? Religious fervor at an all time high while resources are getting scarcer, let's invade a planet. That for one game. Another game, they're searching for a new home while looking for a slave race at the same time.

I'd like to see this, for a variety of reasons.

Depending on how the game narrative and its links to the strategic layer are structured, it can bring multiple benefits to the game. Turning the Aliens' agenda into a meaningful question that affects strategic decisions and has long-term payoff (or setbacks) offers replayability value and turns the player's curiosity into a focal point of the game.

One of the first and foremost things when fighting against an unknown foe is understanding them and what drives them. Making the aliens motivations variable provides ample space to play with this as a mechanic that fits in the genre and plot while could turn out to be surprisingly refreshing if done well. It could affect strategic decisions (informed or uninformed), diplomacy (with the aliens and within the council of nations equivalent) and many other aspects of the game.

I'd personally love to see a branching First Contact scenario as the first beat in that story, something that tells you off the bat your playthrough will be unique. It could be a peaceful first contact, or aggressive one, or a misunderstanding, a meeting with an Empire, or a scouting mission, or religious pilgrimage, or a ridiculous Douglas Adams "you have 1 month to remove yourselves from our path" - setting the entry point of your campaign in unique fashion with many variables starting off at different values, thus giving you incentive to approach the early game differently each time.

Without multiple alien motivations the plot would be merely a device to justify the setting and gameplay - mildly interesting to experience at first and "Less Beginner VO, please" each next time. It can make sense or it can be nonsensical, but it won't be something to look forward to on Campaign number 10.

Of course a solid plot set in stone is not bad thing on itself and going for more depends on the scope Pavonis can afford and would like to go for. But just imagine having a generic enemy 1 autopsy deliver a different result each campaign, wouldn't that bring a factor of enjoyment and satisfaction that gets lost immediately after you've been there before?

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