Where selected Perks (Abilities) are stored in LongWar?

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Where selected Perks (Abilities) are stored in LongWar?

Postby Volchik » Wed May 09, 2018 10:38 pm

I need to change perk choice for any soldier (in save data or just undo all selections to make them in game again). To add this function as a mod, that will be useful for IronMan games.

There is "m_arrRandomPerks" in "m_kSoldier" struct.
But I can't find perk choice data in plain format. May be it is stored in m_arrRandomPerks elements order, but I can't find correct algorithm. (Elements 0 1 2 are not first positions in perk tree row or column, and 1 2 3 are not too.)

Other possible locations are "aUpgrades" and "aAbilities". In this case I can't even make any guess.

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