Bug with UFO frequency, or am I just extremely unlucky?

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Bug with UFO frequency, or am I just extremely unlucky?

Postby idiotekque » Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:49 pm

Pretty simple, I've getting a ludicrous amount of UFOs. I'm fairly early game, only have two satellites (one over UK, one over South Africa), and I'll have some periods of ease (maybe 2-3 days here and there), but in addition to your standard LW flood of missions, I've getting so many UFOs it's literally not doable.

I'm not talking 1 or 2 UFOs every day or two, I'm talking one every few hours... Within the span of a week and a half or so I've gotten 4 UFOs in a row in South Africa, 2 UFOs in a row in South Africa, 2 in a row in South Africa and then immediately another 2 in a row in the UK (one of which being a large). It's literally not doable, and maybe it would be at some point if I spent all my funds on a constant stream of interceptors and gear for them, but I'm just nowhere near being able to fund and support that, and at least a third of these UFOs are going for my satellites literally nonstop.

I straight up have to save scum countless times in a row to take out scouts without taking a single hit, since my ships are always under repair for weeks or more at a time from a single encounter, so when I have 3+ encounters strung together time and time again, there's just no way to keep up. So I save scum until I take out scouts without getting hit because I know there's gonna be another one to follow, and when it's one of the other stronger mediums (not the raider), I can't kill it, so I have to again save scum until I can get 4 hits on it before aborting with massive damage so that it won't complete its mission when it's destroying my satellite.

If things continue like this, I'll literally have to dedicate 100% research to air combat and all my funds to ships and replacement satellites. And it also takes so much out of the experience for me because I don't save scum, I'll reload here and there if some glitches out or I miss five 75% shots in a row and half my team dies from RNG. I know the air combat is a common complaint on LW, but I feel like something is seriously wrong with my game, because the frequency is absolutely ridiculous.

I also looked into dialing the frequency and difficulty of the encounters down, and I did find one LW mod that is just an easy editor to change CPU air combat scaling, weapon damage on both sides, HP values, etc, but there doesn't seem to be anything about frequency... So I used the dev console to enable Dynamic War because apparently that dials down the frequency of missions and whatnot, but I've experienced no change. On the other hand, it doubled my wounded days, which I think I fixed in the ini, but I'm still getting a torrential downpour of unending UFOs.

I'd really appreciate some help here. All I want is a way to DIAL THE ENCOUNTERS DOWN. So far I love the difficulty that LW brings, but the air combat and air combat alone is honestly making me tire of the mod as a whole really fast... I really hope there's a way I can tweak it, and do so without starting from scratch.

EDIT: Just turned the game back on and got 2 Abductors in a row. This is insane.

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