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Help and Advice

Postby Del80yuk » Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:07 pm


Been playing LW for Enemy Within and finally, I am no longer enjoying the game, so some would like some help or advice.

1st playthrough of LW(Version 1.0 18:50, 28 December 2015) and game settings NORMAL with Red Fog, Not Created Equally and Hidden Potential selected. Currently at 1st year September.

This is how I am playing at present,
1) Aliens:- ignore the meld and just try and complete with as many units alive as I can.

2) Air War:- Only take hits, until half aircraft health.

3) Exhault:- Hunker convert OP and just take pods out 1 by 1, then complete.

This is where I am losing the enjoyment of LW game most.

1) Is RED FOG as powerful/working correctly on Aliens; as it is on the soldiers of X-Com? (1 HP Floaters and Thin Men, 1 shotting 7/8HP soldiers)

2) Is there a way, to lower or turn off the following?
a) Regeneration / Auto-Healing
b) Lightining Reflexes

3) Shooting/Firing, especially Rockets, says 2.0-3.0 and rocket/shoot ends up in a different area? (Aim is 80-103, depending on unit)

4) I am confused about Mexico, I have satellites up on the 3 North America places and have defended every time but, Mexico is nearly full RED, any ideas to counter this?

I am still learning the new tech trees. So will probably be back to ask for help/advice, if I can resolve above.

Look forward to replies.


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Re: Help and Advice

Postby szmind » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:29 pm

Heh, long time. You are probably further in, however.

Red Fog works correctly. You should play with Perfect Information to be assured. But believe me - there is no cheating. I saw my soldiers hitting 6% reaction shots; aliens did the same. I saw aliens missing 90+% shots; so did my soldiers. It all evens out.

Regeneration is part of fun and challenge - you can heal yourself, you can gene-mod Adaptive Bone Marrow. Why aliens should not?

As for tips - air improvements/research should have priority over gear. You must shoot down those small (later medium) UFOs to get resources. Ignore sats for first 3-4 months - money comes from selling loot and corpses. Instead concentrate on building an engineering block of 2x2 (2 workshops, Repair Bay, Foundry) - you should expand it later with 2 more Workshops. You really need those refunds of resources in mid and late game.

Air fights - I always set AGR if pilot has <5 or 6 kills. With 5 kills I start BALANCED and >=10 killls I go only DEF. It is a good approach to retreat when Interceptor have taken >50% of damage. You normally need 2-3 Interceptors to shoot down 1 small UFO. Do not even try Abductors or larger without penetration weapons (Phoenix Coilgun, Plasma, EMP Cannon).

I will give you no advice on tactical missions. It all depends on the style you like.

EDIT: If you still dislike Long War I would recommend LW Rebalance mod by Ucross. Normal and Classic are easier and air game is less frustrating while still challenging.

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