Solution to Useless Furies

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Solution to Useless Furies

Postby Stark » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:31 am

So I got a bit disappointed that most of the Furies had stats that made them quite undesirable. In fact I had no intention of ever using the one's that came with 70 aim and 11 mobility (not enough aim to become a sniper - not enough mobility to become a scout or even a medic) and generally anyone with 11 mobility isn't favorable for any role, much less the one's I needed them for.

Supposedly there's a mod that could work for this which involves editing UPK files, but with no mention if LW 1.0 even supports it. Here's a method that doesn't require editing anything but the DGC.ini:

Scroll down or search for "Long War subclass perk trees"

Below this section are the bonus stats applied through perks for each class respectively.

Say you want to make Mathew an Assault- go to these lines:

SoldierPerkTrees=(SoldierType=18, Squaddie=000, Corporal1=000, Sergeant1=000, Lieutenant1=000, Captain1=22, Major=000, Colonel1=000 )
SoldierPerkTrees=(SoldierType=18, Squaddie=000, Corporal1=000, Sergeant1=000, Lieutenant1=000, Captain1=000, Major=000, Colonel1=000 )
SoldierPerkTrees=(SoldierType=18, Squaddie=000, Corporal1=5, Sergeant1=3, Lieutenant1=3, Captain1=000, Major=000, Colonel1=144 )


Now in this line: Squaddie=000, the three values are Mobility, Aim, Will (in that order) the Assault gets no bonus stats as they are all at zero. Notice there are three lines of this code ? Each line represents the three perks in that particular rank. Since a Squaddie (SPEC) has only one pre-determined Perk, we will change all three lines. (alternatively you could probably change just the middle line- untested)

To make Mathew viable for an Assault he will need more mobility. However, he has 70 aim so if we give him Mobility he will be considered OP, we can fix that in section two, for this reason *Do not apply any changes in game until editing both sections*

Change Squaddie=000, to Squaddie=100, But do this to all three lines for Squaddie rank. This will give him +1 mobility at Spec rank. He now has 12 mobility, better but not great for an assault. They can only gain +1 max mobility per rank this way. A value of 2 will have a negative effect.

Now to get him the desired 13 mobility go to the next rank: Corporal1=000, Depending on what Perks you chose will determine which value to change. To simplify things change it to Corporal1=100, Corporal1=100, Corporal1=105, Where 1 is mobility and 5 is Will from Steadfast. This should give +1 mobility regardless of which perk you pick in that rank-up.

Section two:

To prevent Mathew from becoming too powerful scroll or search for: "Assault subclass "Assault" This section defines class specific fixed stat values.

Change these lines: iAim=10503 iAim=10302 to iAim=10500 iAim=10300 This will deprive Mathew of 5 Aim. Likewise, you could edit subsequent lines to make his aim progression even worse.

So essentially Mathew has gained +2 mobility and lost 5 or more Aim. Since he started with only 4HP, I believe he now falls in-line with the power level of other unique characters such as Shaojie, making him a viable albeit unique soldier.

*Don't forget to revert all changes in the DGC.ini once you have done perk selection for Mathew in-game* Otherwise you will create unbalanced soldiers. It's probably also a good idea to make a backup of your DGC.ini file before editing.

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Re: Solution to Useless Furies

Postby Stark » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:06 pm

Part two of fixing the Furies:

If you, like me are tired of the typically sub-optimal and sometimes downright useless automatic Psi perks of your furies, fear not, as you can fix that in a jiffy!

Download and install Dev console for LW beta 15 or later.

Once the opportunity arises that you can take them on a mission, while in battlescape (tactical mode) select the soldier and hit "\" to activate the console, then type the command "GivePerk XXX" where XXX is the number of the Perk you wish to add/remove. Subtracting a perk is signified by placing a "-" (no that's not some weird smiley face) before the number of the Perk.

For instance, in my game Annette came with two of the most hideous Psi perks one can have *Neural feedback* and *Distortion field* To remove both these perks type these commands:

GivePerk -29 (removes neural feedback)
GivePerk -146 (removes distortion field)

Then simply add whichever perks are relevant. So for Mindfray it would be: GivePerk 68 and Inspiration is 70 and so on. For reference there is a nice list here: ... ong_War%29

I have read that using the console in this fashion when the soldier is still in the evac zone may cause some issues, which is something I didn't care to test. It could be an old wives tale for all I know, but to be safe move your soldier out of the evac zone beforehand. Worked perfectly in my game.

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Re: Solution to Useless Furies

Postby sinisalo » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:30 am

OR You can use;
Long War Customize Unique Soldier Stats by The Iron Rose aka Vazeron1

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