EXALT aim is too high?

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EXALT aim is too high?

Postby Diskoprinsen » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:36 pm

I'm playing on impossible, and ran across some EXALT elites. Now, it might be that the wiki is wrong, but according the age on EXALT units, elite snipers have 80 aim on impossible, plus perks. So after some basic math I decided to simply hunker down my soldier in high cover who had triggered the pod while the rest set up behind him. This SHOULD then have given the exalt elite sniper (of the leader variety - does this make a difference?) a hit chance of 80 (base) + 10 (Lone Wolf) + 10 (Sharpshooter) - 2*45 (hunkered in full cover) = 10%. Instead, the chance to hit according to Perfect Information was 32%. What gives? Do EXALT also benefit from alien research, giving them better stats over time? Does Sharpshooter apply doubly to hunkering, i.e. once for the "regular" cover defense, and another time on the "bonus" from hunkering? Do the laser weapons they wield give aim bonuses? :S

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Re: EXALT aim is too high?

Postby Stark » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:09 am

Does it mention anywhere if Exalt also benefit from item specific bonuses ?

It might be possible that it's also factoring in +6 aim (laser weapon) plus additional bonuses from hidden items. Still, 32% in hunkered full cover seems ridiculous. Maybe "Perfect" information ain't all that perfect after all.

I have noticed that the game struggles to calculate or display accurate information in other areas, such as aim bonus from Band of warriors- it doesn't register in character information in battlescape, nor do I think it's even reflected with chance-to-hit percentages (needs further testing)

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Re: EXALT aim is too high?

Postby Diskoprinsen » Fri May 26, 2017 12:06 am

Sorry for the late reply, I am new to the forums and assumed I'd get an email if anyone replied :)
I did actually find a page where it indeed mentions that EXALT units gain stat bonuses over time, in addition to perks (http://ufopaedia.org/index.php/EXALT_Units_(Long_War) , first paragraph).

However, this doesn't really settle the issue for me. I have continued playing against these ridiculous EXALT units for several months now, and have just been able to isolate the EXALT base. Thing is, I am still ways off from being able to tackle that mission with my current tech. And seeing as they will just keep getting harder, I am questioning the balancing here. I do not know if EXALT progression stems from the same source as that for regular aliens, i.e. alien research. Assuming it does, it's frankly stupid how every single unit hits harder than a muton and has aim at least on par with outsiders. I've managed the data extraction missions until now by extremely carefully planning my triggering of pods and aligning it with hacking relays. I bring two motion sensors (one on the assault/scout with concealment undercover operative) to be able to pull it off, and even then I usually have to orchestrate situations in which EXALT will try to storm the capture area instead of shooting at me since there's a good chance they'll one-shot anyone they hit (I only have carapace armor. I'm just about to hit 2017 - I've completed two EXALT missions per month and never failed any). On the extraction missions I just bring an officer with command, a scout to break possible overwatch, dense smoke and a sh*tload of flashbangs, and then I just rush the operative through the relays and back to the skyranger. Reading others' experience with these guys makes it sound like these missions can be "farmed". I know that my tech is lagging behind after a rough start of the campaign, but I've managed to keep afloat. To have it all come crashing down because of monstrosities in vests and sunglasses begs the question: do I just suck?

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Re: EXALT aim is too high?

Postby szmind » Fri May 26, 2017 12:04 pm

If close to 2017 you are still with only Carapace, then you are waaay behind. I cannot imagine how you got so far with so poor armor :) You must play very well tactics, but without solid strategy level you are going to lose this campaign.

Edit: I advice turning on the Perfect Information with DevConsole and playing with it a few month. It will gave you great insight in hit-chances of enemies. But after restarting the campaing - cause carapace in 2017, ... ugh... brutal force against you.

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Re: EXALT aim is too high?

Postby rift » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:59 am

Exalt missions are vacation time for me, much more fun and easier than other missions.

The Data Recovery missions are all about positioning. There are 10 different maps for that mission type, and after playing each one a couple of times, you pretty much figure out where to hunker your squad and defend the objective. I go heavy on OW, CCS assault, HnR scouts, and once you get an ITZ sniper with cover destruction on the side, it's a breeze. I don't remember my infantry tanks ever dying on those missions. (The restaurant map with the encoder on the second floor is the most fun - just protect the climbing poles with CCS and OW, and watch the bodies pile up)

Data Extraction missions are barely worth mentioning. Once I got an assault with Sprinter and Muscle Fiber Density, I was able to finish most missions without giving the exalt any shots at my soldiers. I just take a motion tracker on my operative. The squad stays at the extraction zone and hides. I pick the lowest level soldiers to get the XP but I keep them away from any fighting. One of them is a scout, in case I need to run some OW on the final stretch of my operative.

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