suggestions: minor factions

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suggestions: minor factions

Postby warbrand2 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:38 pm

just minor faction ideas: bellow is a direct quote from a post I made on the workshop forum. I would really like the faction recruits to be expanded like you will need more of these unique allies later as infiltration means your reaper, skermisher, and templar isn't always going to be open ... pid=268500

STRANGERS A faction mod
not every faction fighting against advent is a good guy, and some are more alien then you think.

factions added: 4

faction one: keepers of the nest
info: this faction is more a viper worshiping cult. they are mentaly disturbed in more ways then one but they do have their strengths for one they have been able to break several of the things from advants control and are willing to send us one in exchange for viper corpeses as I said they are distrubed.

unit: freed viper
info: its a viper that has been freed from the aliens control, they don't talk much and seem to take orders well. though I still don't trust them.
primary: anti material sniper
secondary: tongue lash (3 range "melee" with a 2 turn cool down, 5-7 damage)
abilities: acid spit, acid cloud, death bind (only acid spit is avalible at start)
passive: squad sight

ability info

acid spit: spids a glob of acid at a target, dealing 2-3 damage + DoT can be upgraded the shredd 2 armor.

acid cloud: basic viper ability.

bind: wraps around any human target, can be used on allies to act as a shield. (target bound can not be damaged, viper auto damages hostile targets for 2 damage for 3 turns. after which unwraps, on none hostile targets can unwrap at any time.)

upgrades involve movement and detection.

weapon info

anti material sniper
weapon type: sniper
stats: sniper with +1 shredd, +2 damage, and only 1 ammo.
info: an old single shot anti material rifle, while not meant for sniping the vipers seem to be able to hit targets that even our best can'teven hope to hit. lets just hope that advant doesn't start giving their vipers weapons like this.

Faction two: hellbringers
info: mercinaries through and through, these guys are the type of people that we would have been fighting before advant took over hell their leader is an ex exalt member and we know first hand how dangerous they are.

unit: destroyer
info: I don't know where these guys got this much armor let alone the ammo pack. but damn who said walking fire with a minigun was a bad idea.
primary: heavy canon
secondary: ammo pack (gives a 3 free reloads)
abilities: walking fire (when activated will stop upto 3 times during their move and shoot at a random hostile target, has a 6 turn cooldown.)

unit play: these guys are meant to be on the front having high health and starting with 2 armor points. their walking fire ability. allows them to fire upon any enemies as they advance or retreat effectively giving them a few free attacks. their ammo pack allows them to reload with out taking an action making htem great against the lost.

weapon info
heavy cannon
info: its a cannon with +3 ammo nothing really different there, well otehr then the fact it feeds into that pack on their back.

faction three: the mob
info: worst of the worst, even teh haven's tend to try to boot these guys out but as it is their connections are needed hell tehy run the black market and have everything from guns to drugs. though their most popular item to smuggle is advent burgers to centrals distaste.

unit: mole
info: a civilian with a pistol atleast that is what they look like. any mission that you start with this guy will have resistance operatives on stand by the mole just has to give the signel.
weapon: pistol
secondary: flare gun
ability: signal the troops.

abilities (other hten signal the troops, all must be unlocked)

signal the troops: spawns 1-3 pods of resistance operatives onto the field to act as fodder or reinforcements. these pods will be geared based on this units upgrades in the tree.

fire wall shell: for 2 turns have every turret on the map hacked. (will either shut down or take over with a 70% chance to just shut down).

dead drop: passive, upon activation every mission will have a dead drop(crate that can be oppened) that will refill any items for the soldier that opens it and give a random loot item. (single item)

mercinary contract: upgrades signal the troops, giving them +2-3 HP, mag weapons and a chance to have grenade launchers and shotguns. (ones with grenade launchers will use them on any grouped enemies)

note: the mob isn't a direct combat group and their unit only has 3 HP. with a crappy primary and a meh secondary (yeah their flare gun can light a single target on fire, but it has only one shot... per mission)

faction four: Wild riders. (Random name)
info: a biker gange from the old world, they where the worse of the worse then and are still the worst for the worst now. these guys will go into any situation in biker leather kevlar armor and holding a double barrelled shotgun and not care about what happens.

unit: anarchist
weapon: double barrel shotgun (only has 2 ammo)
secondary: machete
gear: molotoves x2

abilities: both barrels (fires both barrels dealing 2x damage and +10% crit chance at the cost of -10% accuracy, and 2 ammo)


explosive shot
info: reload the shotgun with 2 rounds of explosive shot, next two attacks shredd armor.

dragons breath
info: reload shotgun with 2 rounds of dragons breath, next two attacks can light target on fire. crit lights the ground on fire.

molotov belt
info: +2 molotovs

primal rage: passive, 100% crit chance against any target that has damaged teh anarchist.

IED: turn a selected car into an explosive, detontate on ability activation.

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Re: suggestions: minor factions

Postby albamuth » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:12 am

You have a lot of interesting ideas, but they should definitely be part of a standalone mod and not LWotC.

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Re: suggestions: minor factions

Postby warbrand2 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:47 pm

albamuth wrote:You have a lot of interesting ideas, but they should definitely be part of a standalone mod and not LWotC.

I know,,,, but I have posted this idea several times and places and I doubt anyone will pick up on any of it. I personally like the ability and skills to do something like this (and the ability to learn).

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