Rupture not having squadsight in 1.4

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Rupture not having squadsight in 1.4

Postby Matlocko » Wed May 31, 2017 7:56 am
(in the screenshot you can see it's greyed out and when you try and click it, it says "no targets available")

In 1.3 patch notes I believe it was intended to work with squadsight but seems to be bugged again in 1.4.

Mods I'm running:
    Yet Another F1
    Blackmarket Usage
    Robojumper's Squad Select: LW2 + Various Speed-ups
    Quick Reload
    Instant Loot
    New Target Icons
    Show Defense in Armory
    Quick Soldier info
    Show Infil % in squad select
    Gotcha Again
    LW2: Showmetheskills revived
    Stop Wasting my Time
    Evac All
    Perfect Information
    Instant Avenger menus
    No Drop-down lists

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