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Spawn bug

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 3:09 pm
by maikk
I spawned off the map in a hack-workstation op, the spawn point was very close to the objective and i think that's what triggered the bug.

not using any map mod, only vanilla/lw2 ones
During the loadscreen i accidentaly hit H which opens the menu for the "Unit Selection Order" mod (don't think it has something to do with the bug, just mentioning just in case)

Ended up restarting from a previous save so it rolled another map and went on flawlessly.

here's the save file ... TloNlU5c2c

here's my modlist (open with wordpad/notepad++) ... S0tUGJwcTg

Re: Spawn bug

Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 4:30 am
by tracktwo
Thanks for the save and the modlist, those are both very helpful. I can see the bad spawn by loading into your game, but so far I can't repro the problem with a new mission, even with exactly the same map. We're still looking into this, though.

Re: Spawn bug

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:51 am
by SilentJ
I just hit this same bug. I also accidentally hit H which launched unit selection order during the map load (I used H I guess to get past the finished load screen). It showed me a list with only 1 unit and after dismissing the list the entire map was mostly black and all my units were on the same tile but I couldn't see them or interact with them.

I used the restart mission button and now all the map was properly rendered but all units occupy the same tile out of bounds and entire map is in fog of war so can't see my units still.

I have never had this happen before and this is the only time I accidentally pressed H during the map start.

1) 1.4
2) Win10 PC
3) Long War 2, Quick Soldier Info + Tactical Headshots, LW2 Information Display, Yet Another F1, New Passive Icons, Mod Config Menu, Quick End Turn, Show More Buff Details, Progressive Armor Less Anarchy, Autofill Squads, Instant Loot, Show Health Values, SWR Full Crew Avenger, More Environmental Lighting Maps, ISky's Big LW2 Name Mod, Immersive Names, Drone Reveal Animation, New Target Icons, Show Defense in Armory, Quicker Abilities, Unit Selection Order, Cinematic Rapid Fire, robojumper's various speed-ups, Quick Reload, Clean Cinematic, Skyranger Lift Sound Fix, Actual Chain Lightning, LW2: View Infiltrating Squad, Autoreload, robojumper's Squad Select LW2 (+ base), Show Infiltration percentage in Squad Select, LOS Preview Ability, Faceoff Ammo Effects Fix, TacticalUI KillCounter, Reliable Ever Vigilant, Overwatch All/Others, Gotcha Again, Peek From Concealment, No Drop-down Lists, Free Reload Anytime, Blackmarket Usage, Capnbubs Accessories Pack, Perfect Information, Evac All, Smooth Scrolling, Loot Mind Controlled Units, Psionic Tree Flow Reminders, Skulljack Feedback fix, LW2 PsiOp BugFix

5) Save: ... zdjMDBMVzQ

Re: Spawn bug

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:56 pm
by tracktwo
Well, that's two people who have hit this bug and both accidentally used the unit selection order button while loading the mission while it happened. Can either of you see if intentionally hitting the button during load causes the bug to occur? If so you may need to report this to the mod author for that mod.