Burnout Smoke Buff is not protecting the Technical

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Burnout Smoke Buff is not protecting the Technical

Post by Manifest » Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:41 pm

1. LW2 1.5 (Latest)
2. PC/Steam

3. Perfect Information
Overwatch All
Evac All
Titanfall Sparks (A cosmetic mod, proven to be pointless since I disabled the SLG mission for its length and refuse to pay for Sparks)

4. Supply Raid, any attempt to try to protect my technical using burnout fails to apply the burnout smoke to the technical itself, only to other units. Using PI, the technical gets shot at by a base Muton and gets hit by a ~50% with smoke I'd expect it to be ~30%.

https://imgur.com/a/8nZu2gd Image Album here, first 3 pics are from original session.
Turn B is turn after flaming/smoking, Turn A is turn during flaming.

The last 4 pics are from after I validated, re-ini'd, and removed all 5 other mods, you can notice them by the lack of the OW all command (2nd pic also doesn't have OW all, but that's because the unit just finished their move).

5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ITRkpx ... sp=sharing

Save file of Turn A above. In the enemy phase the command pod will approach and reveal, if you don't move the shinobi they'll reveal and kill her by the by.

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