Archon King appeared again after he had been slain

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Archon King appeared again after he had been slain

Postby Padishar » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:04 am

I had killed each of the three Alien Rulers, and a bit after I had killed the Archon King, he appeared again in an Advent HQ liberation mission. Here are the details:

-I'm running LW 1.5 with no other mods. I have never even downloaded any other mods.
-The Archon King did not have full health. He seemed to have the same amount of hit points as in the start of the previous encounter, in which I managed to kill him.
-I have the Viper suit, but I have not finished autopsies even on regular Berserkers or regular Archons. Maybe the game somehow thinks that if I don't have even Berserker Queen autopsied, the AK is still supposed to be alive and show up? It sort of forgot that I had killed him, because the game remembered the amount of health he had left from the first encounter.
-After killing it for the second time, I now have two AK corpses in my inventory. I wonder if that leaves me with two AK suits (not that I'm going to use more than one at a time). I'll see when I can prioritize research for it.

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