Best region to liberate?

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Best region to liberate?

Post by Undershaft » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:56 pm

Starting to pay more attention to the strategic layer.
Is the relative position of liberated regions an important consideration?
For example, would you rather liberate one with 2 neighbouring regions or one with 4?
Also, is it a bad idea to liberate a region on the border of a region which already has Strength 8 (because of invasion risk)?
When you liberate a second region, should it be close to the first one or better in another part of the world (to force Advent to spread its troops more widely)?
Or am I starting to overthink this stuff now? :)

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Re: Best region to liberate?

Post by gimrah » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:12 pm

Honestly I just go for the first 2 or 3 where the opportunity presents itself. Nowadays I stop doing them after about July because HQs with M3s and T2 generals get pretty dicey.

You might consider that one of the rewards is a free network tower and your home region already has one. But even that is not a huge deal since a tower where it's not useful is a negative as it pushes up the cost of ones you build.

I wouldn't attempt the chain in a region with high neighbouring strength as they will all pile in as you progress the chain, making the network tower very tough.

You don't want to get invaded immediately but late game invasions are my primary source of rare corpses. They are therefore quite rewarding but they are pretty tough.

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Re: Best region to liberate?

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:00 pm

3 well placed HQ can screw whole map for some time.
Liberation chain adds +2 strength (desired) and don't care about vigilance.
Some things just do not care about vigilance.

To control strength (sort off) you must expand.
So many events just add strength. Your non contacted rebels can produce vigilance and add strength.
Stop liberating and start expanding. Number of Scientist and how to get them quickly is biggest factor in this game. Lberation 2 is biggest source of them.
HQ is irrelevant compared to Scientist.
You can rebuild lost region but lost research is just lost research.
If you wan't to dominate - research.
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Re: Best region to liberate?

Post by Psieye » Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:11 pm

Undershaft wrote: Or am I starting to overthink this stuff now? :)
From my view, you're asking the wrong questions and you're thinking with too little detail. Start by reading this. Then try to guess the heatmap of the regions in the world (or rather, of your neighbouring regions). Factor in you don't know where the GP sites will be (besides Blacksite) but they're seeded to be far away from your starting region. Also factor in how vigilance in uncontacted regions still has an effect and you can't see it (even with the mod that shows Vig in contacted regions) but it CAN change without contact. You can't ever know perfectly what Advent's heatmap is but this thought exercise will help you figure out the guidelines of what NOT to do.

Trust me, I've lost a campaign (every contacted region bar one became Str 6+) because I liberated the wrong region (while thorougly breaking the tactical layer). LW2 is explicitly designed so you can win without knowing all the details - it's part of the dev team's design philosophy. If you 'play normally' (read: stop thinking hard), then you'll be on your way to winning. But if you fall under the psychograph of players who can't have fun unless they're thinking for themselves (some people won't understand this mentality), then get the details right before you think - a LITTLE (i.e. incomplete) knowledge gets punished very hard in LW2.
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