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Finding a codex late game

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:02 pm
by mudhut79
Hi all,

Wondering if there are any better players around who could give me some advice?

In brief: In late game (November) where is the best mission type to find a codex suitable to skulljack (and so advance towards final missions). It has been a long time since I saw one - and I am worried I am screwed because basically the tier 3 enemies are already getting too strong for me.

Longer details/background if it matters:
Veteran difficulty, date in game is 21 November.
I don't know force level, but there are 74 legions and 0% slowing of avatar project.
I just started researching plasma weapons.
I have completed blacksite + forge. Psi gate is 79% infiltrated by my A-team
UFO is hunting me (just completed forge)
I just lost my only liberated region to an invasion, which also killed 7 MSgt/GSgt (my B-team) + 3 others wounded for a month + a lost a heap of equipment obviously.

Big strategic question is finding a codex - have I screwed up by being too slow/cautious and not skulljacking one months ago? Missions are populated by lots of tier 3 enemies now, andromedons, great archons, sectopod, elite advent of course, etc. The last time I saw a codex was last month's haven assault, I had nine active enemies at the time and thought skulljacking then was a surefire way to squadwipe. What region strength (I have regions from strength 1 to strength 8) should I be looking in to maximise codex chances? Any particular mission types more/less likely to find them?

Bonus strategic question: C-team is mostly up to GSgt. I am worried obviously about surviving UFO defence with them - but worried also about bringing back the A-Team given time invested in psi-gate infiltration already. I see this as tactical risk (can I complete mission with C team instead of A-team) vs strategic risk - but would value advice on how big the strategic cost is (pushing back Psi-gate mission another 20 days). It feels like the enemies (plus dark events etc) have just got so strong that even ex. light guerilla ops are risky. Every week the final missions get harder, right?


Re: Finding a codex late game

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:15 am
by Dwarfling
I usually try to get my Codex hack during a Supply Retaliation. Basically I get one on very low health, kill the extras and try to leave it for last. It's annoying, but since it'll Rift every two rounds, and its aim incredible compared to the T3 stuff you'll be facing, the danger is less extreme. Oh and remember to bring an Assault to stun the Avatar.

Re: Finding a codex late game

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:44 am
by mudhut79
OK. Thanks for the advice.

Supply retals - is the supply retaliation the one where there are no enemies on the map to start, then you get reinforcements dropping every turn? Am I guaranteed to get codexes dropping or is it just RNG?

Can I also check my understanding to make those happen - I flip at least 6 rebels to supply in strength 4+ regions (is that right for version 1.5?). There is a global cooldown per retaliation type, right? So I can only get one each month.

Sorry for so many follow up questions! Really appreciate your advice Dwarfling