Drones can stun with yellow alert actions

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Drones can stun with yellow alert actions

Postby adonis696 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:23 am

I was playing my legendary campaign a little earlier. On a Jailbreak in March, a drone came around the corner on the aliens' turn and scampered, stopping right next to one of my rookies. Of course I was aware that drones can take their regular shots that disorient you as yellow alert actions, but this drone actually proceeded to stun my rookie, which I've never seen as a yellow alert action before. I thought this was very odd, since most "special" offensive abilities aren't able to be used for yellow alert actions; e.g. rocketeers can't shoot rockets, grenadiers can't launch grenades, etc. Do you think this is intended behavior, or was this perhaps overlooked?

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