4th Legendary AAR (restarted 3rd)

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4th Legendary AAR (restarted 3rd)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Thu May 17, 2018 1:53 pm

I made beginner mistake on 3rd. I was tall and did 100% infiltration. Extremely Light should be goal not 100%
I got UFO hunt vs 23 strong barracks. There was nothing to play on that map for me. I was not interested in playing in one or two regions and doing same stuff as before. Aborted because this was leading to nowhere. Not contacting region by March 11 is crime - my opinion

Rapid expansion + kill all strength + UFO hunt makes my heart ticking. Big Squads and big battles. Risking A-team for small intel cashe - this is the game. I dried out Strength on my 2nd attempt because Vigilance 16 will block supply raid and I could not allow UFOs to land. It costed me 300+ supply every 10 days and cooling of regions will cost me few hundreds hours of my life. That's it - I did not like Vigilance 30 regions and aborted. I can hunt in Vigilance 15 regions for every Strength on map.

Important Mods:
Peek from concealment (default +1 or +2 detection range - it is fine and makes game worth playing. Always detected is unbalanced frustrating approach - goodbye tactics, concealment is not needed and concealment perks are avoided. Shooting fiesta is the best and only way to play the mission. And that videos about solo Stealth Shinobi just don't work - Drone will 100% spot Shinobi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vdRTlc_ZM8 No solo drone - never had that)
Perfect information for LW2,
Gotcha Again (turned on Advent spotted VIP indicator for famous "luring") - I don't like counting tiles
LW2 Information Display - to track Vigilance on map ( calculating this is just not working. For hard core ones put just 5 rebels on job to reduce vigilance in 5-7 day random period or use mod, result is almost the same. Random will screw you in both cases )
Make Psi Ops Great Again - PSI is OP so why not. Let's my PSI pick up loot
Metal Over Flesh - SPARK Overhaul . Just to play with them and every buff is halved or non researched. Otherwise they are just rusting metal, not worth even leveling up. Shredder Dark Event and they are gone ( I was dragging one trough few mission and it ended rusting in barracks and you can't sold them even to Advent)
ABBA guest enemies ( A better Advent Long war 2) with More ABA Guest Enemies (add-on).
Bio Troops
Ashlynnes LW2 Alien Pack famous Warlock and Flaming Vipers
Celatid Alien LW2 -
EXALT back in action - this one is game changer , nothing have that much of any Stats. Unbalanced and OP mod
LW2 Compatible ADVENT - all of them including Sniper and SPARK prototype (MEC is a baby)
Additional Mission Types LW2 Edition
Expanded Enemy Reinforcements LW2 - this one hurts

Salvaged Missions: will not play again 99 turns of Gatecrasher
Day 0 --- Op. Gatecrasher --- [100% | Very Light] Enemy (10/10) Turns 99
Detected March 2 2:21 PM -- Op. Rogue Banana -- Jailbreak 3x Rebels (8d 0h / Ext. Light) - still don't know who is faceless
Squad: Spec, Assa, 4x rookies
Detected March 3 2:11 PM -- Op. Slagheap Lagoon -- S&G (Ext. Light/ 8d 8h) - Not nice mission. Hoping for another map
Squad: Shin, Gunn, 4x rookies
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Re: 4th Legendary AAR (restarted 3rd)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Thu May 17, 2018 3:02 pm

Time Lapse
March 1 - Research Resistance Comms
March 6 - Contacted Black Market and spend 120 on Scientist and 110 on Engineer. Sold even Alloys. 0 Engineer = no Scientist mission
March 7 - Research Modular weapons
March - 10 Alien Biotech
March 12 - Contacted South Africa
March 15 - Researching Advent Datapad
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Re: 4th Legendary AAR (restarted 3rd)

Post by SpinDoctor » Thu May 17, 2018 5:16 pm

So what happened that you restarted? You couldn't recover?

If you're gonna post AAR's and you mess up, I think you either suck it up and outplay the game or lose. But that's just my opinion, lol.

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Re: 4th Legendary AAR (restarted 3rd)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Thu May 17, 2018 7:37 pm

Recover ? I was not even hurt.
I was doing full expansion by sitting in one region. Got DE UFO and I will sit in one region until June. This UFO will intercept. Why and what to wait? I will lose 20 missions and play Golden Path in high Strength regions. Been there before.
There is nothing to do on that map and struggle is for first play. I know how to clear the map and have easy mission in all of my regions.

Planning ahead of time. Read this:

Vigilance higher than Strength will always call for Strength (by land - Supply Raids or space -UFO)
Strength will not be send by land if region have Vigilance above 15 (UFO is only tool in such region )
Liberation 1 will call for strength - you should try to intercept UFO at that time if you have some vigilance. When Lib 1 is done region will not call for strength above vigilance. This region is transit region if it is left alone (it will release Strength).
Liberation 2 will call for strength - permanent (make sure that region is at 1-3 max strength)
Tower will call for strength - permanent (lower strength here means easy retaliations)
UFO -cooldown 10 days.
Super UFO cooldown 21 days

How do you catch the Strength is written here

Get rid of Strength and have easy map. Liberate region with one or two connections . Kill Space force. Jailbreak is key to detection you will get rebels. Then Snowball the Legendary (it can be like playing - Easy). Strength 4 region do not exist in any of my play.

BTW you can't set up game. It is RND driven. Jailbreak, Vip, Vip in cell, Intel , S&G this is all that you can roll and you can't have two S&G in same time or one after other (14 days must past). I don't even like this missions.
2nd Legendary AAR is almost max that you can have .
I stopped that because my one region had vigilance 30 and I wanted Vigilance 15 (this is max vigilance for supply raid or reinforcing by land)
I could not wait and loose time on that. New Game - better game.
I m playing catch the Strength - Golden Path is not important. You really can't lose on that kind of play.
Only thing that I like to play is Super UFO and Swarming++ Supply raid . Without Laser
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Re: 4th Legendary AAR (restarted 3rd)

Post by SonnyWiFiHr » Thu May 17, 2018 10:23 pm

East Africa Strength 2 Rebels 5>6>11>12
March 9 11:22 PM -- Op. Rogue Banana -- Jailbreak 3x Rebels (97% / Ext. Light) - At 1:00AM new mission will generate. 11 or 12 PM is good time for finishing the missions. If you miss before 1:00 AM window don't worry it will generate next day at 1:00 AM so you can over-infiltrate. This is local timer (every region has + or - time zone) . How to get correct timer. When rookie or rebel is recruited this is 7:00 AM Global time - remove 6 h and you will get Mission Spawn time (1.00 AM Global time). Simple way - reduce 6h when your game pause on recruit. One mission must be finished (expired) to even spawn mission. It is best to synchronize missions to get more from haven but it is not important. Synchronizing regions is done by delaying Avenger contact until you can scan in multiple regions in sequence.
Squad: Spec, Assa, 4x rookies
Saw drone in first turn. Could not catch it. When I hacked it - it was over. My Assault was chasing Officer and activated well - everything . Not a single shot at me and Drone could not be killed even by me . I lost lots of time on that but I have time to hack Large supply cashe (31% chance) , Resistance Broadcast One rebel vs Resistance Broadcast Two rebels (55% ). Should go for one rebel but I had two doors and time. Assault is still chasing everything so getting good number is not that hard. I will see that kind of hack after 11 missions.
Loot: Auto - loader, Exp. magazine, +3 Aim, +8 dodge .

March 10 11:41 PM -- Op. Slagheap Lagoon -- S&G (Ext. Light/ 96%) -
Squad: Shin, Gunn, 4x rookies
1st pod bad OW ambush. 30% to hit actually can hit (forgot graze band - using LW2 perfect information). Shooting advance was RND gift. Dashing (and reloading) towards building. Two pods below me. Bomb and easy flanks. Loot is bad. Spec can hack more. Bad mission - too risky for low rewards
Mission Loot: 79 supply, 11 Alloys, Advent Datapad . Loot: Adv. Hair Trigger, Laser Sight x2

Detected March 10 7:10 PM -- Op. Shock and Gully -- Rescue VIP from vehicle - Scientist (9d 3h / Ext. Light) - it is Protect Data mission with low timer. Protect Data can be Intel (POI), Soldier (POI), Engineer (POI), Scientist (POI) and they spawn even in high vigilance regions. Most common is Intel + POI. Find a lead here means POI and yes you can get Scientist if you buy Engineer (33% Sci 33% Eng 33% Soldier). Once I had 4x Engineer and no place to dig with them - will never make same mistake again.
Squad: Assa, Tech, Spec (double hack), Snip, 2x Rookie

Detected March 11 x:yy PM -- Op. Prism Estuary -- Extract VIP - Scientist (11d 8h / Ext. Light) - High value prisoner (33% Sci 33% Eng 33% Soldier). Max Vigilance 5. Somehow Scientist is rolled most often in beginning. Keeping region at 5 Vigilance can be tricky and costly. Skipping few missions in two regions is normal , skipping few missions in one region is dead end.
Squad: Shin, Tech, Rang, Snip, Rookie
South Africa March 12 Strength 2 , Rebels 6>5

Detected March 14 1:13 AM -- Op. Assault Inhibition -- Jailbreak 2x Rebel, Rookie (9d 16h / Ext. Light)
Squad: Assa, Gunn, Spec, Gren, Rook

March 14 8.06 AM -- Op. Second Conclave -- Rendezvous , 1x Faceless (6/6) 12 turns - unusual detection and quick mission.
Squad: Gunn, 4x Rifle, Shotgun
Loot: 2x Advent Datapad, +4 aim

Detected March 14 7:44 PM -- Op. Buzzard Consumption -- Extract ViP - Engineer (10d 17h / Ext. Light) - Nice detection but Rendezvous added vigilance. I must wait for 5-7 days and hit over 100% with both missions. I may even recruit something in that time and hit March 22 with full haven on Intel + Avenger.
Squad: Shin, Rang, Gunn, Gren, Rook
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