Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:08 pm

- Apr 21 -

"Scientist in City", New India, Str 3, 5-man vs E.Light, 101% infil, 20-turn limit

Turn 1, scout flank with VIP, nothing. Shinobi check ahead, nothing. Advance cautiously.

Mec heard. Frags and "Beam" with Arc Pulser are solutions.

Turn 2, Shinobi scout ahead, nothing.

Pod 1 [Viper, Trooper] comes in. Trooper OW.

Turn 3, shinobi dash to spot a 2-man pod that would see gunner if he moved up to high cover. Suppress Snek from roof. Ranger go to high cover and OW while looking at Snek. "Beam" moves up and hunker. Grenadier hunker.

Pod ahead does not find squad (can't they hear the gunner?). Snek takes 5% shot on ranger, miss. Pod 1 Trooper moves to find a better shot (0% on everything from its starting location) and dies to ranger's OW.

Turn 4, shinobi regains sight on the 2-man pod. Sap the Snek's tree while hitting it for 5. The bike next to Snek also blows up, extra 5. Dead. Shinobi sees another pod near evac.

Pod 2 [Trooper x2] approaches squad. Trooper dies.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Suppress Trooper. Assault move to flankable high cover. Send grenadier to low cover and OW as bait. I could just sap the bike that Trooper is behind but want to save frags.

Trooper runs suppression, dies to 60% reaction shot.

Turn 7, shinobi sees pod guarding evac. Where's the Mec? Dash sideways, I'm not sending the squad down an exposed car park.

Turn 8, move squad through cover around the side.

Ok, pod 3 [Sectoid x2, Viper] is camping the objective.

Turn 9, assault flash pod 3 while in high cover that happens to be out of sight. They don't activate... Gunner moves to high cover to be seen. Sap a computer terminal a Sectoid is hiding behind - it's now low cover. Ranger lands 58% then 68% to kill sapped Sectoid. Area Suppress the rest of pod 3.

Oh... pod [Mec, Drone] was behind us, coming from the car park. VIP happens to be exposed. Orange-shot from Mec grazes "Beam" for 3.

Turn 10, RNF go red. So... a Drone, Mec, Snek and Sectoid are all active. Drone too far to stun someone this turn. Mec threatens missiles if I Run & Gun and Fleche the Snek and Sectoid. VIP too far to run to evac.

Frag the Snek for 5 and Sectoid for 4. Fleche the Snek dead. Suppress the Sectoid. Bait a missile with the 5 HP VIP and gunner. Evac "Beam". Ranger flash Sectoid.

RNF is [Engineer, Gunner]. They drop behind squad. Flank taze on gunner hits. Missile hits VIP for 3 and for 5 on gunner, now bleeding out. Dazed Sectoid OW.

Turn 11, only ranger and grenadier are in range to pick up body. If they do, they'll end up 1 tile away from the evac. Have to abandon gunner. Squad out.

Yeah... 1 Drone hitting for 1 damage was enough to ruin that plan. My fault for not listening properly to where the Mec might be. I knew it was around, I should have looked for it with shinobi.

KIA: Cpl Gunner

Wounded: "Beam" the Cpl Assault, 9d

Scientist VIP

- "Shadow" the shinobi to become an officer -> Sgt. Covert, because an officer has more things to do while in stealth and because she has shit Dodge.
- Sapper grenadier -> Cpl

PoI is alloy and elerium for 2d. It is Apr 21, should scan by Apr 26 latest so... I should contact East Europe now.

- Apr 22 -

East Europe contacted before 7AM. 5-rebel, all to intel. Str 1.

Power Relay complete.

"Doc" the Sgt Spec (Revival) graduates from AWC tube with Quick Study. "Thumper" the Cpl Ranger goes in to learn Shredder.

Buy Officer tube, put "Doc" in it. Oscar Mike, because she has no business being seen with -8 Def.

New Indonesia now Str 4. Huh. Put a Cpl Ranger as advisor there.

Excavation complete: $60, 23 alloy

Where to put my Engineers... or rather, do I want Lab up ASAP? I want to get some Mag going and Vulture, so I choose not to excavate the power coil. Could have gotten a Lab in May if I'd pushed for it, but this is Mag Rush: what's the point of rushing Mag weapons if I don't use them?

- Apr 23 -

+1 rebel in New Indonesia before 7AM. Put on Intel.

Mag Weapons complete. Begin Faceless autopsy: it's why I'm rushing the PG afterall. It also gives me some time to gather the extra $50 for Adv Mag.

- Apr 24 -

GTS graduates:
- Spec. Access to Steady Hands, Kubikiri, Combat Fitness // Resilience, Evasive, Hard Target. OW spec
- Shinobi. Access to Precision Shot, Sprinter, Light 'Em Up // Resilience, CuP, CCS. Also, 10 Def. Tank.

Put another rookie into GTS tube to be Spec. Do not recruit another, need to Mag spam.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:31 pm

- Apr 25 -

"Recover Item to stop Strategic DE", New India, Str 3, 6-man vs V.Light, 111% infil

Train map, 8-turn limit.

Turn 1, solo Drone spotted.

Drone enters shop.

Turn 2, pod 1 [Rocketeer, Gunner] spotted.

Pod moves sideways, next to car.

Turn 3, I hear no Mec. Rocket pod 1. Gunner dies in explosion, Rocketeer dies to gunner's OW. Throw evac flare somewhere forward. CP the Drone from squadsight (thank you shinobi).

Orange zombie rez.

Turn 4, triple Sectoid pod seen ahead by shinobi. Kill zombie in 2 shots. Gunner move slightly forward and OW. Drat, activated a solo Drone while doing so - despite me specifically checking the corner with Rookie the previous turn. Rookie smokes my 3 flanked guys.

Pod 2 [Officer, Trooper] show up. OW misses. Drone flanks shinobi, so Sectoids are activated. Orange-mark on gunner. Orange-mindspin Mind Controls shinobi.

Turn 5, Aid Prot tech then CP Drone. Frag the Trooper for 3 and Officer for 5. Also, the explosive carriage right next to them (and the mind controlled shinobi) is at 3 HP now. Roust the Trooper and Officer dead. Gunner shoot Sectoid in flank for 6.

Sectoid panics gunner. Mind controlled shinobi SMGs rookie in flank for 3 (now at 1). Sectoids rez zombies.

Turn 6, explosive train carriage blows up. Zombies dead. Flash Sectoid mind controlling shinobi. Fleche 2 HP Sectoid dead. Spec dash to hack range. Rookie fall back, ready for evac. Grenadier dash forward to low cover.

Other Sectoid mind controls shinobi. Well at least I know AI doesn't know to Fleche.

Turn 7, hack objective, 45% hack for large intel fail. Grenadier frags mind controlling Sectoid for 3. Tech fortify and dash next to 5 HP Sectoid. HAH, there's another pod [Officer, Trooper]? Oh right, V.Light - I forgot. Gunner and spec double shoot the explosive carriage, nuking Sectoid down to 2, killing Trooper and bringing Officer down to 1. Rookie evac.

Mind controlling Sectoid shoot tech for 2 through high cover and Fortify. Officer marks tech. Mind controlled shinobi SMGs tech in flank for 4. Grenadier dazed by 2 HP Sectoid.

Turn 8, spec crits 5 HP Sectoid in flank at 80%, dead. Re-throw evac flare so 1 HP tech doesn't have to run far. Fleche 1 HP Officer. Tech frags Sectoid.

Turn 9, lamp hack for PCS at 42% fails. Map Alert.

Turn 10, RNF go red. Squad out. Ugly. Once again, a Drone is responsible for fucking up my squad.

Mag rush... meaning I didn't get Mind Shields... though even with Sectoid research I don't have Sectoid bodies.

- Rookie, 16d
- Cpl Tech, 28d

At least these are easily replaced bodies? Unlike some...

- Magazine
- Scope
- Suppressor

- 3, 16, 5, 69, -9 -> Spec. Since I'm trying to not rely on snipers this campaign, I'm (belatedly) making a lot of specs. Access to Smoker, Covert, Combat Fitness // DGG, Chain Shot, Hunter's Instincts. OW spec - once good gear is around it'll cover for the really bad defensive stats.
- Tech -> Sgt. Yeah, right when I need Shredder coming online, this one goes to bed.
- Shinobi -> LCpl
- "Dirk" the Gunner -> Sgt. House rules are rules, I can't take Shredder on Gunners.

Lib 1, 4d 4h, East Europe, Str 1. Yes I will boost, it pays the intel for itself. 5-man with a Mag Ranger + AP rounds. An emphasis on flashbangs and off they go.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:57 pm

- Apr 25 -

S&G, New Indonesia, Str 4, 5-man vs V.Light (12), 99% infil (launched before 7AM)

6-crate, evac is close to start

Turn 1, Engineer seen ahead. Dash to low cover.

Pod 1 [Drone, Engineer, Trooper x2, Lancer] activate. Green OW.

Turn 2, shinobi move to side and hunker - likely that Lancer or Drone will flank to spot. Area Suppress Trooper and Lancer. Technical frags Drone. Ranger double shoot to kill Drone. Aid Prot gunner and smoke for her, tech and ranger.

Lancer avoids suppression fire and misses gunner. Engineer flashes gunner, tech and ranger. Trooper A shoots spec for 1. Trooper B OW.

Turn 3, stab Lancer twice down to 1. Fleche Engineer dead. Tech (with 15 Def) walks the OW (19%, miss) and shoots Lancer in flank, dead. Ranger shoots Trooper A at 26%, graze for 1 (wanted to miss for Hyper Reactive Pupils next turn) then reloads. Spec (-9 Def) move forward to low cover in smoke and hunker.

Trooper B retreat and OW. Trooper A shoots ranger at 19%, miss.

Turn 4, gunner move and shoot Trooper in flank at 90%, dead. Shinobi move forward to scout, then hunker. Tech waypoint moves to not trigger OW then hunker. Aid Prot the gunner in low cover.

Trooper shoots gunner at 8%, miss.

Turn 5, shinobi move forward (to melee range of Trooper) to scout: yep pod 2 [Rocketeer, Trooper, Gunner] activates. Moves back. OW camp, the assumption is that Rocketeer must see target to move and rocket. Let's learn.

Rocketeer dies to 1st OW shot. Oh well. Pod 1 Trooper stands still and shoots.

Turn 6, tech flanks pod 1 Trooper and hits at 69%, dead. Gunner moves forward... pod 3 [Trooper, Officer] activates. Aha, time to retreat. Shinobi smokes for gunner and tech's high cover after they dash.

Pod 4 [Sectoid, Viper] come into view. Gunner takes 4% shot on technical, miss. Officer moves out of flank and marks gunner. Pod 3 Trooper shoots gunner for 1. Snek orange shoots technical at 13%, miss.

Turn 7, this is not a good fight. I must find a way to gather them up for a rocket. Or at least, get out of this surround. I should use this smoke I'm in.

Ranger shoot Trooper at 46%, dead. Ok... take another 46% shot on another Trooper? Hit for 3, cancel OW. Uh... rocket the Snek and Gunner. High roll, Gunner dead, Snek at 3. Suppress Officer. Aid Prot shinobi then CP the 1 HP Trooper. Fleche the snek despite no cover, dead.

Sectoid shoots exposed shinobi at 35%, miss. Officer hunker.

Turn 8, Fleche Sectoid dead. Suppress Officer, dash with everyon else.

Officer runs suppression, takes 5, shoots ranger in high cover for 5. Why is it my rangers getting wounds just when I'm getting Mag?

Turn 9, ranger kills Officer from flank and height, 100%.

Turn 13, RNF go red.

RNF is 3-man, they land far away.

Turn 14, 1 HP ranger is 1 tile away from getting out.

RNF 2 is 3-man. Nothing dies from OW. RNF 1 finds squad but rolls no actions.

Turn 15, squad out.

Wounded: Cpl Ranger, 28d (1/4 HP)

- $63
- 6 elerium
- 10 alloy
- Adv Auto Loader
- Smart Macrophages PCS

- "Bulwark" the 15 Def Technical -> Sgt. Burnout, because as much as I want Shredder, this one will be the ultimate tank.
- "Wrath" the crit ranger (will get Kubikiri) -> Sgt. 28d wounds seriously dampens the plan.
- Gunner -> Sgt

I have 4 soldiers with long wounds and 5 scientists. I will staff the AWC.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:10 pm

- Apr 25 -

S&G, 7d 19h, New India, Str 3, V.Light - send 6-man with a Mag Ranger, 2 grenadiers and no spec.

Head to PoI.

Jailbreak (5 rebels), 5d 11h, East Europe, Str 1, E.Light - send 6-man with 2 spec. This will be a training mission of sorts. Shinobi has Mag SMG and sniper has AP rounds.

- Apr 26 -

Sell Datapad, Suppressor and 14 alloy (still 48 left) to get to $100 - maybe more Mag weapons, maybe Adv Mag research.

Jailbreak (1 rookie, 2 rebel), 7d 15h, New Indonesia, Str 4, V.Light - skipped. I could send a very slapdash squad out there but I won't. Beeline to Trial by Fire lets me know I can catch up on EXP. Now if only I didn't have wounds on certain key soldiers...

"Doc" finishes Oscar Mike. Begin Incoming training.

Propaganda, 7d 7h, East Europe, Str 1 - skipped. It's a PoI for capturing the dark VIP but this is a fresh region and I want the vigilance low this early in the game.

"Scientist in Jail", 3d 23h, East Europe, Str 1. Hmm... nope, all my squads are preoccupied and I don't think I'm up for underinfiltrating just yet.

- Apr 27 -

PoI gives 11 alloy, 12 elerium

Supply Raid, 4d 13h, New India, Str 3

Troop Column, 8d, New Indonesia, Str 4, E.Light

PG finished. Almost at the same time: Faceless Autopsy finished. Begin Adv. Mag research - was contemplating Sectoid autopsy but it's not that important when tanks don't even have Predator.

Begin Needle Rounds PG project. Now have $30 left.

The supply train will be let through, New India needs a Str buildup. The Troop Column... I can wait a day to get a squad back before assembling a proper team.

Switch New Indonesia to full recruit. I'll scan here for a while to catch any other missions.

- Apr 28 -

Lib 1, 1d 10h, New Indonesia, Str 4. Skipped.

Excavation complete: $59. Help out at PG, I want Needles in time for the next set of missions.

Lib 1, "Recover Item", East Europe, Str 1, 5-man vs E.Light (9), 99% infil (boosted)

Turn 1, blunder into a Drone's vision. At least it's alone. Mag Ranger oneshots it at 73%. Shinobi continues scouting: nothing.

Turn 2, throw evac flare somewhere forward.

Turn 3, pod 1 [Viper, Sentry x2] spotted near objective. Where are the others? Tech finds nothing on flank. Squad climbs up to highway.

Turn 4, no nice way to engage so dash tech into Sentry's sight then up to highway. Snek reacts better than expected: climbs straight up to the highway. If only I had expected that and placed soldiers closer. Ranger shoots Snek at 56%, oneshots it. Spec shoots at Sentry's flank from height at 80% (scampered really stupidly), dead. Drat, the other Sentry however, scampered below the highway and spotted by shinobi who blindly went for the door.

Sentry misses a 76% shot on exposed shinobi.

Turn 5, shinobi opens van door for hack. Spec moves to flank the Sentry from above and activates pod 2 [Officer, Lancer, Drone]. Ranger oneshots Drone and puts Officer down to 1 (48% shot). Spec headshots Sentry from directly above. Fleche the Lancer. Frag the Officer (and loot).

Turn 6, RNF go yellow. Hack objective at 65% for small supply, success.

Curious, a solo Drone flew by without activating.

Turn 7, move towards evac.

Drone activates, takes 2 from 2 OW shots.

Turn 8, ranger miss 73% to kill Drone then evacs. Gunner misses same shot at 68%, evacs. Fleche misses it. Just CP it, it's still EXP as it's not RNF.

Turn 9, squad out. Flawless.

- 3 Laser Sight
- Data Cache
- 2 Suppressor
- $35

- "Zap" the CP spec -> SSgt. EV - he'll become a tank later, EV lets him stay useful even without Sentinel.
- "Stalker" the Shinobi -> Cpl. This is that shinobi who got mind controlled twice not so long ago. She wants to be a rifle shinobi, I must make this happen.

Ok, there's 6d 17h left on Troop Column. It takes 6d 7h to 100% it with 6-man so I can afford to wait 8h for a Shredder Ranger to come out of AWC.

"Thumper" the Ranger learns Shredder from AWC. Put "Pinto" the Ranger to learn Shredder in 4d.

"Doc" learns Incoming, put her back in GTS to learn Trial by Fire.

Send 6-man with 3 Mag rifles to Troop Column.

New Indonesia now Str 5. Well that was fast.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:17 pm

- Apr 28 -

Jailbreak, East Europe, Str 1, 6-man vs E.Light, 91% infil (before 7AM)

5 rebels, evac is between start and jail.

Turn 1, pod 1 [Gunner, Sentry x2] seen to right of advance. Sniper steadies.

Pod comes closer.

Turn 2, sniper oneshots a Sentry at 100%. Gunner dies. Sentry at 1 HP. Assault moves and shoots Sentry in flank at 79%, miss. Shinobi Fleche it dead.

Turn 3, regroup.

Turn 4, pod 2 [Officer, Drone, Trooper] activated by shinobi blue move. Assault checks roof then hides up there. Sniper dash to roof. Aid Prot sniper then CP the Drone. Rest of squad likewise moves into building as a base. Shinobi hunkers: there is no place to get out of sight.

Pod 3 [Viper x3] shows up. Officer OW. Trooper comes in and gets the perfect line of sight to shoot Sniper at 17%, graze for 1. That's why I Aid Prot him - ceiling windows have an uncanny way of attracting fire.

Turn 5, Officer never realised it was flanked by the sniper. Shoot at 100% with instant holo, hit for 6. Lamp Hack at 47% for small alloy - success (Map Alert on fail). CP 1 HP Officer dead. Fleche Trooper dead. Mortar frag 2 Sneks for 3 each. Hunker assault: not yet time to charge in. Spec flash those 2 Sneks through weird upper window.

Snek A (full HP) moves to high cover against Shinobi and misses her. Snek B (5 HP) shoots Sqd spec at 32%, miss. Snek C shoots Cpl spec at 14%, miss.

Turn 6, RNF go yellow. Snek A had moved to exactly where the Officer died. Sniper shoots its flank at 92%, hit for 7. Cpl spec shoots Snek C flank at 68%, miss. Sqd spec Aid Prot shinobi then shoot Snek B at 40%, miss. Poisoned Fleche on Snek at 79%, miss. Shotgun to face on Snek B, dead. Frag Snek A dead (with loot) instead of the 75% shot.

Snek C gives in to intuition - hugs shinobi.

Turn 7, shotgun to face on Snek, dead. That's 9 kills. Poisoned shinobi dash to evac - gets out to avoid wound.

Turn 8, hack jail, fail 44% Enemy Protocol reward.

Turn 11, squad out. Flawless.

- Magazine
- Stock
- 10 alloy

5 rebels.

- Grenadier -> Sgt
- Sniper -> Sgt
- "Trenches" the Assault -> Sgt

Put 4 of the new rebels on intel, 1 on supply: the Faceless test.

- May 2 -

+1 rebel in New Indonesia.

Switch New Indonesia (before 7AM) back to full intel. That Jailbreak is about to expire.

Sell 16 alloy (still have 40) at V.Interested price and a core. Buy Combat Awareness PCS. Sell 3 Laser Sight and 2 Suppressor. Now at $152: debating whether it's Vulture time.

Lib 2 "Scientist from City", 6d 18h, East Europe, Str 1, E.Light - send a 5-man with a LCpl OW spec.

Supply Drop #3: $74 - $8. Hmm, East Europe only gathered $2. Does this mean there's a Faceless in New India?
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:35 am

- May 2 -

Switch East Europe to full supply.

Supply Drop is $66, mostly from 3 rebels in New India.

S&G, New India, Str 4, 6-man vs V.Light, 101% infil

5-crate, evac near crates.

Turn 1, nothing. Worrying.

Turn 2, 2 Sectoids. Ok that's reassuring. Send the Sapper grenadier into view, 1 Sectoid dies to OW. SMG people hunker.

Sectoid daze tech for 1 turn.

Turn 3, gunner shoots Sectoid in flank at 90%, hit for 7. Walk Fire from above at 92%, dead. This squad is entirely dependent on 2 people doing all the sustainable damage - 3 if you count Fleches.

Pod 2 [Gunner, Lancer, Sectoid] comes in from the side, shinobi is flanked but the detection radius is small so not revealed.

Turn 4, OW camp and hide.

Sectoid dies to OW. Orange shot on ranger at 20% - graze for 2.

Turn 5, sap the tree Gunner is hiding behind, no destruction but hit for 3. Ranger shoot at 43% on Gunner, dead. Shinobi loots.

Turn 6, shinobi spots pod 3 [Officer, Sentry, Drone] in building. Sapper activates Turret. Squad dashes so everyone is out of sight to it.

Pod 4 [Faceless, Viper x2, Sectoid] activates, it's near the Turret on roof. Turret takes squadsight shot on support grenadier for 1. Viper and Sectoid OW.

Turn 7, rocket the 2 OW away, also blows off the floor so they both fall. I think they both died from that. Sapper frags Faceless, blows away the floor as well. Faceless now down to 5. Ranger move to open door then shoot Faceless at 100% for 9, dead. Instant smoke for ranger, sapper and tech then hunker with support grenadier.

Pod 3 still hasn't found squad (loud noises not enough of a clue?) but on orange-alert. Snek shoots gunner at 8%, graze for 2. Turret shoots gunner at 23%, miss.

Turn 8, ranger oneshots Turret with AP Mag. Sap the floor under Snek, it drops into room so ranger can see it. Instant-reload and Walk Fire it at 98%, dead. Smoke for gunner in OW.

Pod 3 still hasn't shown up. Shinobi saw where it was last turn.

Turn 9, taking advantage of all the holes made, technical climbs ladder and jumps into high cover on ground inside building. Pod 3 had not moved, is now active. Mortar shot from support grenadier (only frag she brought) hits Drone and Officer for 2 over the wall. Gunner grazes Drone for 4 -1, dead. Flame the Officer, it's burning and at 2 HP. Fleche the Sentry dead. Walk Fire to give kill EXP to the ranger.

Turn 13, squad out. Flawless.

- $68
- 5 elerium
- 1 Core
- 7 alloy
- Adv Hair Trigger
- Suppressor
- Adv Auto Loader
- Magazine

Promotion: "Dakka" the Ranger -> Sgt. This guy should learn Quick Study -> Shredder next when the AWC tube is done in 15h. Just realised I'm at $220 and I could have gotten Vulture before that mission. Well, now's a good time to get it.

Strategic DE: Alien Firewalls goes off. Must have been in New Indonesia.

New Indonesia now Str 4. Why? Where would Advent want to move away from? New India is still at 4.

- May 4 -

Needle Rounds done. Have PG start on Hazmat Vest (4d).

"Pinto" the Cpl Ranger learns Shredder. Put "Dakka" in for Quick Study.

"Doc" learns Trial by Fire. Is it time to do HQ? Sniper is in Lib 2 for another 4d 17h. I think it is time for some HQ. What's my Advent General strategy... wait really? I only have 2 assaults in the barracks? Ok... we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way... but I don't have enough DPS for that. Ok so I can't do HQ right now.

Sell some stuff including the Data Cache and a Core to get up to $132. Buy a Cpl sniper for $52. Also a Combat Awareness PCS. Now down to $65.

Cpl Sniper is 4, 16, 1, 77, -4. Access to Deep Cover, Rapid Deployment, Rapid Reaction // HEAT, Shredder, Rupture. L O L

Ok, we have a Sniper. We can do HQ now. I've JUST sold all my stocks though. Well this is awkward, I wasted $15 to buy back a stock.

8-man for HQ assembled. Only 1 Mag Ranger. Support Grenadier (79 Aim) has Mag SMG. 2 Needle Rounds (sniper, gunner).

As SOON as I fly away after sending to HQ? Troop Column in New India, 10d 9h, Str 4, Light. Call back the HQ team. Downgrade the team slightly (now has 2 Sqd) then send to the Troop Column (7-man).

- May 5 -

$66 from supply drop.

Supply Raid, 7d, East Europe, Str 1. The Troop Column in New Indonesia is at 90% and needs 12h to reach 100%. I should get that done so I have a Mag Ranger for this.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:37 am

- May 5 -

Troop Column, New Indonesia, Str 4, 6-man vs V.Light, 90% infil

Highway map

- "Stalker" the Shinobi
- "Thumper" the Ranger with Shredder
- "Dirk" the Gunner with Combatitives, Resilience and Bladestorm
- "Zarfer" the Gunner
- "Beam" the Assault using a Mag rifle with Arc Pulser
- "Zap" the Spec with CP and EV

Turn 1, "Stalker" check highway, clear. Squad moves to roof of shop to stay out of sight.

Turn 2, squad stays put.

Turn 3, squad moves towards next shop.

Pod 1 [Sidewinder, Trooper, Drone] shows up. I really should be more patient... Run & Gun the Sidewinder's flank from height at 99%, dead. "Thumper" graze Drone at 71% for 3 and shreds 2. "Dirk" graze Drone at 68%, dead. "Zarfer" suppress Trooper. "Stalker" sees 2 more pods on other side of highway. "Zap" EV dash sideways.

Trooper shoots "Beam" for 1. Damn, I forgot he was in low cover. Gotta wake up: should have Aid Prot.

Turn 4, squad hopes for an ambush on 4-man pod with LoS blockers. Could backfire if the pod with Mec also walks back. Aid Prot "Thumper".

Pod 2 [Sentry, Engineer, Trooper x2] walks into ambush. Sentry dies.

Turn 5, "Thumper" EV dash out of sight. "Beam" smokes self and "Thumper".

2 OW. Trooper walks into "Thumper" OW and dies.

Turn 6, "Zarfer" shows up and shoots Engineer's flank at 78%, dead. Suppress the Trooper. "Thumper" shoots at 36%, miss, then reloads. Aid Prot "Zarfer" in low cover.

Trooper takes 9% shot on "Beam", miss.

Turn 7, "Thumper" takes 46% shot (Hyper Reactive Pupils) on Trooper, dead. "Stalker" loots, notes where the Mec is (in squadsight LoS of "Zap") then spots the last pod to the side. "Thumper" and "Zarfer" hide on the highway. "Beam" hide behind container. By 'hide' I mean 'will not peek out, completely cutting off LOS'.

Mec moves slightly closer.

Turn 8, Aid Prot "Beam" then CP the Mec from squadsight. "Beam" shows up around corner and shoots Mec at 72%, graze for 4 -2. "Zarfer" drops down to high cover and shoots Mec at 78%, dead. "Thumper" EV+CF dash to Engineer's flank.

Engineer runs away, taking 2 from the 66% EV shot.

Turn 9, "Thumper" miss 61% shot then lands 71% shot on Engineer, dead. Squad moves to consider the last pod: [Sectoid, Viper x2].

Engineer's corpse triggers last pod to orange-alert. Engineer gets rezzed, who now spots the shinobi. Damn, well played. Snek orange-shoots shinobi at 43%, miss.

Turn 10, "Zarfer" drop down and shoot Sectoid's flank for 7 (crit). Aid Prot "Zarfer". Rest of squad hides.

Sneks take two 2% shots on "Zarfer", both miss. Zombie dash to melee range.

Turn 11, Fleche Sectoid dead. Run & Gun crits Snek, dead. Suppress and flash Snek with EV+CF watch.

Dazed Snek takes 3 from 2 reaction shots then takes 20% shot on "Beam", miss.

Turn 12, "Zarfer" shoots Snek in flank at 76%, dead. Flawless.

I need an OW officer and CuP gunners... unacceptably high risk at the end with that 20% shot.

- Adv Auto Loader
- Adv Suppressor
- Magazine
- +14 Will PCS
- Core
- 7 alloy
- 7 elerim
- $30

- 2 Snek
- 1 Drone
- 6 Trooper
- 1 Mec
- 1 Sectoid

- "Zarfer" -> SSgt
- "Beam" -> Sgt

New Indonesia now Str 3.

Add "Wizard" the support grenadier to this squad. Send this 7-man squad to Troop Column in East Europe, will boost. This means I'll only be able to do 1 GOp from the next batch that shows up. The thought occurs to switch some rebels to supply but I want to see what the new missions are.

S&G, 6d 21h, East Europe, Str 1, E.Light. Time to scrape a squad together... 5-man with 2 grenadiers. Sure why not.

Avenger scan New Indonesia, I want to switch over to recruiting sooner.

"Engineer & PoI from City", 5d 20h, East Europe, Str 1. Skipped, not so urgent.

Tactical DE: Hunter's Instincts goes live.

- May 6 -

GTS graduate: Spec. Access to Close & Personal, Deadshot, Full Kit // Will to Survive, Rapid Deployment, Combat Fitness. The fabled shotgun spec, if she lives that long.

- May 7 -

Hazmat PG project complete. Alloy Plating starts. Remove Engineers from PG, start work on power coil excavation.

S&G, 7d 6h, New Indonesia, Str 3, V.Light - see, this is why I wanted to stay on intel.

- May 8 -

Switch New Indonesia to full recruit before 7AM.

"Destroy Relay to prevent full retal", 3d 13h, New India, Str 4. Let it happen, I must purge Faceless before I liberate.

"Destroy Relay for PoI", 7d 5h, New Indonesia, Str 3. Ok, interesting choice: S&G or intel? Much as I want to hoard all the resources, I think I need that intel.

"Dakka" the Sgt Ranger learns Quick Study. Put him in the officer tube for Focus Fire.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:13 pm

- May 8 -

Lib 2 "Scientist from City", East Europe, Str 1, 5-man vs E.Light, 97% infil, 16-turn limit

Turn 1, pod 1 [Gunner, Sentry, Trooper] spotted by shinobi. Immediately snipe the Gunner without bothering with cover - hit for 4. Sentry took OW shot in high cover, miss. Trooper dies. Gunner scampers backwards. "Trenches" the assault dash to full cover.

Pod 2 [Gunner x2, Trooper] approaching from the side, only shinobi can see them. Pod 1 Gunner OW. Sentry takes 25% shot on OW spec, miss.

Turn 2, LR cancel both OW. Sniper holo Sentry. Spec lands 83% on Sentry with Mag rifle, dead. Shinobi dash to high ground for better view on pod 2. Squad moves away from possible contact.

Pod 2 still sees squad (probably the assault). 2 green-OW. Pod 1 gunner wastes its turn walking back and forth.

Turn 3, LR cancel both OW. Tech move forward then frag Trooper, dead. Sniper shoot Gunner at 55%, hit for 4. Aid Prot "Trenches" then reload. Run & Gun the 1 HP Gunner dead. Fleche the other pod 2 Gunner dead.

Pod 1 Gunner walks back and OW.

Turn 4, LR cancel the OW then head to high cover against possible pod 3. Shinobi (with Shadowstep) dash to full cover. Rest of squad stays out of sight.

Pod 1 Gunner moves around lamp post, wary of shinobi.

Turn 5, sniper takes the free flank shot the Gunner gave. "Trenches" check flank and hunker. Shinobi loot and return. Rest of squad dash towards "Trenches".

Turn 6, "Trenches" move forward. Pod 3 [Muton, Viper x2] activates. Rocket the Muton - somehow none of its cover is destroyed - Snek hit for 3, Muton hit for 3 + 2 shred. "Trenches" Fortify and flash Muton and unharmed Snek. Shinobi advance and hunker (incidentally, is flanking Muton). Aid Prot Trenches and smoke for spec and tech. Sniper has no rounds but can't afford to sit back, just dash somewhat closer.

5 HP Snek spits on spec and tech. Expected, it's better than being shot at. Muton and 8 HP Snek OW.

Turn 7, RNF go yellow. LR cancel the OW then Trench Gun on 5 HP Snek and 7 HP Muton. Both are hit, neither dies. Just great. Fleche full HP Snek for... 7. Ok, one of those moments. Tech advance to high cover and flame the Muton and Snek, destroys loot. Sniper move forward then smokes shinobi and tech. Spec moves out of puddle then hunker.

Snek hug shinobi. While completely ignoring cover.

Turn 8, donate kill EXP to spec. Tech will get wounded from poison.

Turn 10, squad out.

Wounded: LCpl tech, 10d

Usually at this point in the campaign I'd make a point of equipping medkits on everyone who has space to counter poison. I wonder why I didn't this time - the lack of snipers must have made me feel flash/frag was more imperative.

- 2 Hair Trigger
- Suppressor
- +1 Mob PCS

Scientist VIP.

- Spec -> Cpl
- Tech -> Cpl

Put Sniper in AWC for Quick Study. Grab a spare technical advisor, put a Sqd Spec in, buy another Mag Rifle and send this squad to the PoI Relay. Might not be best idea, given it's V.Light...

Full retal planning: 3d 4h before it triggers.
- Supply Raid: 3d 20h left (but need to boost)
- S&G: 3d 5h to 100%
- Troop Column: 3d 3h to 100%

Should be fine. Might even venture an underinfiltrated S&G depending on how I feel.

Lib 1, 1d 6h, New Indonesia, Str 3 - skipped

- May 9 -

Unstaff the AWC, the wounded will come out in time for the next batch of missions now.

Avenger scan in New India - really wish I had a PoI or a new contact to be working on.

Switch East Europe to recruit: should have done this the previous day.

- May 11 -

Excavation complete: $44, 9 alloy

New India now Str 5. New Indonesia now Str 2.

+1 rebel in East Europe.

Supply Raid is at 100% and is Moderate-Heavy. Huh?? Perchance was Advent moving troops from New India? I'd better be prepared to evac out of that one.

"Dakka" is now an officer. Put him as advisor with Mag and Hazmat - 4h before full retal happens. Adv. Mag will be done in 8h.

Sell some things including a Core and 5 Trooper bodies. Now at $86 - should be enough for kitting out some big guns when research is complete. This took 3h of travel time. Should still get Adv Mag out before full retal is over.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:23 pm

- May 11 -

Troop Column, New India, Str 5, 7-man vs V.Light (srsly? How'd it drop so far? Oh wait, the predictor is usually off a little)

Turn 1, Turret activates first, then squad enters concealment. Well that dictates where I fight. Shinobi dash to flank: nothing. "Pinto" the shredding Ranger sees a Drone in a pod ahead. Move squad into high cover all around. "Pinto" oneshots Drone at 83%. Pod 1 remnants are [Sectoid, Lancer, Drone]. Drone takes 2 from OW. Gunner oneshots Turret. Sniper instant holo Drone and kill it at 87%. Aid Prot "Pinto" and smoke for him, tech and Sqd spec.

Pod 2 [Sectoid x3] walks in. Pod 1 Sectoid walks closer, realises it's flanked, walks back to its starting location.

Turn 2, Gunner oneshots Lancer at 80% (Needle rounds + Center Mass = min 7 dmg). Rocket 3 Sectoids, only 1 loses its cover. "Pinto" takes 2 shots with a Mag rifle to kill a 4 HP Sectoid with no cover - first shot left it at 1. Sqd spec steps out of sight and OW - not too far, want to flash next turn if need be. Sniper reloads and steadies. Shinobi spots a Turret near the Sectoids and gets ready to Fleche next turn. Aid Prot "Pinto".

Pod 1 Sectoid wastes its turn just like last time. Pod 2 Sectoid makes the same mistake. Last Sectoid rez zombie.

Turn 3, sniper misses 57% shot. Ranger shoots twice (with free reload). Sectoid with zombie is now at 1 HP. Ah well. Gunner moves up and shoots dumb Sectoid in flank, graze for 3, dead (rocket did 5 to it before). Tech flashes 1 HP Sectoid with zombie. Shinobi waits. Aid Prot the tech.

1 HP Sectoid OW. Other Sectoid Mindspin on "Pinto" - panic.

Turn 4, Revival Protocol on "Pinto". Holo the 1 HP Sectoid then steady. 58%, 68%, 34% all miss. Sqd spec hits at 34%. Gunner OW from side, out of sight. Shinobi steps forward and OW. Aid Prot "Pinto".

Sectoid shoots technical at 28%, miss.

Turn 5, instant holo the Sectoid then snipe the Turret at 97% for 6 -2. Frag Sectoid for 5. "Pinto" shoots Sectoid at 68%, dead. Gunner miss 1 HP Turret at 80%. Shinobi shoots SMG at 64%, dead.

Turn 6, lamp hack at 53% fail - RNF. OW camp.

RNF [Lancer, Gunner, Trooper] land to side. Gunner dead.

Turn 7, Trooper had scampered to a bad position - sniped at 85%, dead. Suppress Lancer and CF OW in its sight. Roust Lancer, it's on fire. Lancer has to fall back. "Pinto" lands OW shot for 8, dead. Shinobi loots.

Pod 3 [Officer, Rocketeer, Lancer, Trooper] show up in house. Orange shot at 33% on tech, miss.

Turn 8, holo the Lancer and steady. Area Suppress everything except Rocketeer. "Pinto" lands 58% shot on Lancer - dead - then OW. Tech and shinobi disappear from sight. Let's see if Rocketeer can walk and fire without seeing anything first. I'm probably going to reload once this experiment is over - I can walk and use Incoming for the better play. Aid Prot gunner.

Officer and Trooper die to Area Suppression - Trooper was especially dumb for yellow moving after avoiding being seen on the first move. Where is Rocketeer?

Turn 9, tech moves forward: Rocketeer had not moved. What was it doing? Instant holo and snipe at 56%, miss. Gunner moves forward, reloads, gets Commanded, suppress Rocketeer. Shinobi SMGs Rocketeer's flank from far, 56% - miss. Should have flashed. Tech Fortify and moves closer. "Pinto" reload and OW. Aid Prot gunner.

Rocketeer runs the suppression for 7, dead. Flawless.

- Hyper Reactive Pupils
- +7 Hack PCS
- 4 Core
- Adv Magazine
- 6 alloy
- 6 elerium
- $31

- 2 Drone
- 2 Turret
- 3 Lancer
- 4 Sectoid
- 4 Trooper
- 1 Officer

It is time to Sectoid Autopsy.

Promotions with Trial by Fire:
- Shinobi -> LCpl
- Spec -> LCpl
- Sniper -> Sgt
- Tech -> Sgt
- Gunner -> Sgt
- "Pinto" the Ranger -> Sgt

Switch East Europe to full intel.

- May 12 -

Adv. Mag Weapons complete. Begin Sectoid Autopsy.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:28 pm

- May 12 -

S&G, East Europe, Str 1, 5-man vs E.Light, 103% infil

6-crates, evac is beyond crates

Turn 1, shinobi spots 2 Sectoids. Hide the grenadiers. OW with spec and gunner.

Pod 1 [Sectoid x2] activates. Sectoid takes 7 from OW. Both roll green-OW.

Turn 2, frag cancel the OWs. 1 HP Sectoid blows up with loot. Other Sectoid's car is about to blow up. Suppress it while flanking. Spec shoots its flank at 70% for 5 - now at 1 HP. Shinobi spots a Mec and Drone.

Sectoid runs suppression at 79%, dead.

Turn 2, CP the Drone. Mec doesn't see anyone.

Mec runs away. Ok...

Turn 3, dash up.

Mec joins another pod.

Turn 4, shinobi spots a 2-man pod outside building to side. Good flank trap if squad had charged in. Squad dashes.

Turn 5, OW trap then sapper grenadier dash to trigger pod 2 [Lancer, Engineer]. Only Engineer triggers OW, miss.

Lancer takes 5 from OW and slams into sapper for 1. Engineer takes 41% shot on other grenadier and miss.

Turn 6, reload and Suppress Engineer. Sapper kills 1 HP Lancer with SMG after moving beyond some cover. Other grenadier dash to loot - the small cover prevents both being flashed if Engineer runs suppression. Aid Prot forward grenadier. Really concerned how long I'm taking out here.

Pod 3 [Mec, Sentry, Viper] activate. Engineer takes 2% shot on sapper grenadier, miss.

Turn 7, I'm going to take some shots I see... Frag Mec for 3. Instant flash Sentry and Snek then frag Mec for 2. CP the Mec. Suppress Engineer.

Engineer takes 30% shot on -9 Def grenadier, graze for 1. Dazed Sentry shoot same grenadier for 1 at 26%. Sentry and Snek are in OW.

Turn 8, Sap the Sentry down to 1 and expose it. Shinobi loots crate and Fleche Engineer. Suppress Snek to cancel OW. -9 Def grenadier moves out of Snek's sight and takes 72% shot on Sentry, dead.

Snek take 1% shot on shinobi, miss.

Turn 9, frag Snek for 3. Fleche it for... 2. Le sigh. Reload and suppress, this is really dragging on.

Snek runs suppression for 9, dead.

Turn 10, I think that's everything - 8 dead.

Turn 13, squad out. Flawless. I'm so used to V.Light S&Gs that I thought there was another pod.

- 11 alloy
- 6 elerium
- 1 Datapad
- $35
- Elite Auto Loader
- Magazine
- Adv Stock
- 2 Core
- +4 Def PCS
- Suppressor

- Spec -> Sgt. Scanning Protocol - because 16 Mob and has access to Run & Gun
- Sapper grenadier -> Sgt
- Shinobi -> SSgt

At $152 now. Buy 2 Mag Cannons, 2 Hazmats and a Mag Rifle (my 8th one). Send 8-man to full retal.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:35 pm

- May 12 -

Full Retal, 8-man vs V.Light, New India, Str 4

13 rebels, evac already spawned near start, Advent already in position

Turn 1, pod seen ahead. OW trap then EV dash with waypoints to ensure "Pinto" is seen. Pod 1 [Engineer, Rocketeer x2] activates and don't charge towards squad. Crap, I think I EV dashed too far forward. "Doc" move in, yell INCOMING for "Pinto" then move back. Aid Prot "Pinto".

Pod 2 [Sidewinder, Sectoid x2] shows up from side. Sectoids die to OW. Wow... a Sentry just shot a rebel dead then used its OW to kill a second rebel. Pod 1 shoots LCpl spec for 1. Engineer misses "Pinto". Only after everyone else does the 2nd Rocketeer fire its rocket on "Pinto" for 1 (thanks "Doc"). Cover's blown but nobody left to shoot him.

Turn 2, "Yogi" the gunner rescues a rebel. Use rebel to scout ahead then evac. Fleche Sidewinder dead. "Pinto" takes 95% flank shot on Rocketeer, dead. Fleche Rocketeer at 86% for 4, CP it dead. Walk Fire Engineer at 60%, miss. Suppress Engineer. Aid Prot "Dakka" the ranger.

Engineer runs suppression for 12, dead.

Turn 3, tag 2 rebels. Shinobi activates pod 3 [Sentry, Trooper x2]. "Pinto" EV dash to engage. Aid Prot "Pinto".

A Snek just killed a rebel near where my shotgun spec is. 16% shot, 4% shot, both miss squad.

Turn 4, "Pinto" takes 50% then 60% shots on Trooper, dead. Suppress Sentry, cancelling OW. Fleche Trooper dead. Tag a rebel with shotgun spec without activating Snek's pod. Aid Prot junior shinobi so low cover will be enough against suppresed Sentry - dash towards more rebels. Must tag them to check for Faceless.

Sentry takes 1% shot on "Dakka", miss.

Turn 5, Fleche Sentry dead. Scanning Protocol from shotgun spec - nothing? Where is that Snek?

Turn 6, still nothing.

Ah, beyond that caravan.

Turn 7, OW camp behind caravan.

A rebel happens to come over the caravan. Huh.

Turn 8, rescue the rebel. Scout with her. Activate pod [Viper, Sectoid x2]. "Dakka" Double Barrel Snek, dead. Shotgun-to-ass on Sectoid (shotgun spec was next to ladder), dead. Fleche Sectoid dead. Flawless.

Pretty sure that's every rebel tagged clean or dead. There is that 1 extra who was in hiding though...

- Hyper Reactive Pupils
- Suppressor
- Elite Auto Loader
- 4 Core
- Adv Scope

There are 10 rebels in New India now. Good enough, assuming that last rebel isn't a Faceless. Still, I'll take the risk and recruit more. Must plan out what's happening now. Supply Drop #4 is 13d away. Also, I have 11 Cores now. Something should be done with all this...

"Dakka" goes back in officer tube for Incoming.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:36 pm

- May 12 -

Situation assessment at 2:38 AM

New India is Str 4; New Indonesia is Str 2; East Europe is Str 1

New Indonesia will next spawn a GOp in 2d 20h

Alien Infiltrator DE is in progress - must be New India

Recent missions:
- S&G in East Europe, May 12
- Troop Column in New India, May 11
- Lib 2 in East Europe, May 8
- Troop Column in New Indonesia, May 5
- S&G in New India, May 2
- Jailbreak in East Europe, Apr 28

Plan of action:
- New India to full intel
- New Indonesia to switch to full intel on May 14
- Scan in East Europe until May 12 then switch to New Indonesia on May 15

Supply Raid, East Europe, 7-man vs Light-Moderate (18), 109% infil (boosted)

- "Wizard" the smoke grenadier
- "Beam" the rifle assault
- "Dirk" the gunner with Bladestorm and Combatitives
- "Zarfer" the gunner
- "Zap" the CP spec with EV
- "Stalker" the shinobi
- "Thumper" the EV ranger with Shredder

Turn 1, 5-man pod seen. Take high cover surrounding it.

Pod walks away.

Turn 2, fine-tune the positioning: "Dirk" as forward tank.

Pod walks out of sight.

Turn 6, pod 1 [Muton, Drone, Lancer, Viper x2] walks back enough for shinobi to see them again. OW camp, CP the Drone. Muton takes 3 -2, Viper takes 6 then 3 (dead) from OWs. Smoke the two gunners.

Another pod shows up behind shinobi. Lancer dies mid-charge to OW. Muton takes 6% shot on "Dirk" the tank gunner, miss. Snek tongue at 23%, miss.

Turn 7, "Zarfer" suppress Muton from flank. "Thumper" EV+CF dash to Muton flank. Aid Prot "Thumper". "Wizard" and "Beam" advance and hunker. "Stalker" hunkers after getting out of new pod's sight. "Dirk" suppress Snek.

Muton avoids 52% shot and misses 4% shot with "Thumper". Snek take 6 to flank "Thumper" then misses 72% tongue on him.

Turn 8, "Thumper" double shoots Muton dead. "Wizard" Mag SMG-to-face on Snek, dead. Belated but throw an evac way far back. Set OW camp for next pod.

Pod 2 [Officer, Gunner, Trooper] find "Zarfer". Officer take 4. Gunner OW at edge of "Zarfer" sight.

Turn 9, fall back and OW. "Stalker" finds nothing on flank.

A 4-man pod is coming close (from the front), only "Stalker" can see them. Gunner take 2 from OW then (Area) Suppress "Dirk". Officer grazed for 4 (Needle rounds) by "Zarfer", dead. Trooper takes 11% shot on "Zarfer", miss.

Turn 10, "Stalker" moves out of the way. "Zarfer" free reloads then Suppress Gunner. Blasted Area Suppression bugs out and doesn't cancel so "Dirk" has to hunker. "Beam" and "Thumper" move up and OW.

Pod 3 [Gunner, Trooper x2, Lancer] move in. Gunner dies to "Beam". Pod 2 Gunner wastes turn pacing about. Trooper moves back, avoids "Thumper" OW and enters OW. Lancer green OW.

Turn 11, "Thumper" take 61% shot on Gunner in low cover, dead. Enters OW. LR cancel the Lancer's OW then OW with "Beam". "Zarfer" suppress pod 2 Trooper. "Dirk" free reload and Area Suppress pod 3 Trooper and Lancer. Smoke for "Dirk" and "Beam". "Zap" EV dash to assist with possible Lancer dash.

Lancer hunkers. Pod 3 Trooper (not suppressed) OW while staring at "Beam". Other Trooper runs suppression for 2 then dies to "Beam" OW. Pod 2 Trooper runs suppression, avoids the 59% shot, dies to "Thumper" OW.

Turn 12, "Dirk" suppress only the Trooper to bait Lancer in. Aid Prot "Dirk". OW camp.

Lancer dies to the first OW by "Zarfer". Trooper hunkers.

Turn 13, "Zarfer" Demolishes Trooper's cover. "Beam" given the kill EXP. "Stalker" loots. 12 kills, up to 6 more left. "Wizard" still has 1 more smoke.

Turn 14, "Stalker" scouts. Squad hides in a house.

Turn 15, "Stalker" sees an Archer? Hmm... "Zap" dash out to do a CP pull. "Thumper" hides in front in a semi-open garage (yes, it's that wooden house in the woods where Rendezvous often happens).

Turn 16, "Stalker" sees a Turret. Let's hope it will never activate. Squad mostly in position, just need "Stalker" to be ready to run after the pull. "Zarfer" on roof using chimney as high cover - forward tank. "Beam" and "Thumper" hidden from view. "Dirk" at back as backup tank. Actually, "Thumper" might be too far forward or "Dirk" too far away.

Oh wait, that's a boss pod. I see a Centurion and Shieldbearer too. Do I want to do this? Foolish as it may be, I'm going ahead with it... with some adjustments to squad setup. Nothing should be in sight until it's go time. I lack AoE...

Boss pod [Archer, Mec, Shieldbearer, Muton, Centurion] comes closer.

Turn 18, CP the Archer.

Centurion scout dash, takes 7 -2. Shields go up. Was too close. Mec gets to walk into "Thumper" edge of vision and suppresses her.

Turn 19, Run & Gun to high cover and shoot Mec at 74%, crit it down to 1. "Thumper" kill Mec at 87% then shoot exposed Centurion at 66% - hit for 6 beyond ablative - now down to 3. "Dirk" lands 66% shot to kill Centurion. "Zarfer" miss 66% shot on Archer - this will be painful. "Stalker" flash Muton and Shieldbearer. "Zap" moves forward and lands 67% shot on Archer for kill. Huh, good job - there were too many Aid Prot targets to choose from anyway. "Wizard" smokes for just "Zap".

Dazed Muton takes 3% shot on shinobi, miss. Shieldbearer shoots "Beam" at 4%, miss.

Turn 20, there is no reason this fight needs to stay here. "Stalker" run back and hunker in high cover. There are 2 EV people, we can win this. Everyone else dash back, OW where possible.

Muton and Shieldbearer split up: the latter stays behind to look at "Stalker". Muton finds "Zap" and "Dirk" at edge of vision. Both enter OW.

Turn 21, LR cancel the OW. "Stalker" Shadowsteps back and hunker out of sight again.

Muton avoids 2 OW shots and stops in an awkward position. Shields wear off.

Turn 22, "Zarfer" reload and Demolish the tree where Muton is. "Thumper" hits a 71% shot to remove its armour and put it down to 4. "Beam" tazes at 89%, success. "Dirk" gets the kill EXP. Aid Prot "Stalker" as she hasn't found that Shieldbearer.

Ah, Shieldbearer hadn't moved much.

Turn 23, converge on Shieldbearer.

Shieldbearer hugs window and OW.

Turn 24, LR cancel that OW, stungun at 68% through low cover, success. Fleche it for 6 -2.

Turn 25, "Thumper" gets kill EXP. Flawless. Could have gone so wrong at that boss pod. A window happened to be in the right place for "Thumper" to shoot twice. Had it not been for that (plus thsoe shots actually hitting), it would have been bad.

- Data Cache
- 1 Core
- Magazine
- Hair Trigger
- Adv Stock
- 9 alloy
- 16 elerium
- $72

- 1 Drone
- 2 Snek
- 2 Lancer
- 3 Muton
- 1 Officer
- 5 Trooper
- 2 Mec
- 1 Shieldbearer
- 1 Turret

- "Wizard" -> Sgt
- "Thumper" -> Sgt
- "Dirk" -> SSgt

Sell 6 of 12 cores, 2 suppressors and 1 stock to raise $151. Now at $235.

Kit out the 8-man squad to tackle HQ. Now at $125. Off they go.

Sniper comes out of AWC with Quick Study. Send "Wizard" to learn Smoker.

- May 13 -

Switch New Indonesia to full intel, 8PM.

- May 14 -

Sectoid Autposy done. Combat Armour starts (6d).

There is one Psi 23 recruit available in the pool. Not worth going Psionics for.

Lib 3, 3d 2h, East Europe. Nope.

"Cpl Grenadier from Van for PoI", 5d 11h, East Europe, V.Light. Not worth the intel to boost.

Switch East Europe to recruit. Must swap back on May 16 to scan for Lib 3 respawn. But that one day of recruiting will fill the bucket by 1/3.

Next up will be "Relay for PoI" in New Indonesia, E.Light. I should buy a recruit to make a sniper in GTS.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:51 pm

- May 14 -

"Relay for PoI", New Indonesia, Str 2, 5-man vs E.Light

2 specs. Yeah this squad was cobbled together with leftovers while 7-man squads were out collecting bodies and saving New India.

Turn 1, pod 1 [Mec, Scout, Engineer] spotted.

Solo Drone flies in and flanks squad. Thankfully, it's after the pod walked away.

Turn 2, "Bulwark" the 15 Def tech oneshots Drone at 85% with Mag Rifle. OW camp, perhaps pod 1 heard that. Throw evac flare.

Pod 1 activated by Engineer dying.

Turn 3, shinobi awkwardly scouts ahead without being detected: nothing. Don't want to risk the assault though - that Mec is inconveniently close to the Scout. Everyone hunker: no point OW with Scout.

Scout and Mec come into safe territory. Scout OW, Mec suppress Sqd spec.

Turn 4, rocket them. Due to scatter, Scout's cover isn't destroyed. Mec hit for 4 and shred 2. Scout down to 4. Sqd spec kills Mec at 64% with ballistic rifle. "Trenches" Run & Gun the Scout: they deserve respect for their Def and Lone Wolf. Shinobi spots a 2-man Snek pod in house. Aid Prot "Trenches" just in case.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. OW spec sets up. "Trenches" loots and hides. "Bulwark" shoots gas tank, Viper hit for 7. Pod 2 [Sidewinder, Viper] scampers. Snek avoids 55% OW shot. Aid Prot the OW spec.

Sidewinder comes forward and spits on "Bulwark", immune. Viper OW.

Turn 6, "Bulwark" reload and flame Sidewinder for 5, does not ignite. "Trenches" LR cancel the OW then hunker in low cover. OW spec Aid Prot self then OW. Sqd spec hides and reloads. Shinobi spots last pod [Drone, Officer, Rocketeer]. That was close, without Covert she'd have been revealed.

Pod 3 walks into house with relay. Snek runs OW and dies. Sidewinder does nothing.

Turn 7, not sure if pod 3 will reach "Trenches" if he makes noise. Just to be safe, Fortify and Aid Prot him. 90% stun on Sidewinder flank, success. "Bulwark" dash to high cover, ready for pod 3. OW spec is far away and tosses smoke at "Bulwark" and "Trenches".

Pod 3 activates. Officer rolls OW.

Turn 8, RNF go red. "Bulwark" shoots Sidewinder at 85% (flank, height) and miss. Ah gee, "Trenches" frags it dead, leaving the Drone alive. Yeah it had loot. Fleche the Rocketeer - this exposes the shinobi to a flank. Aid Prot shinobi and take 65% shot with OW spec (instead of reload and OW as I wanted), miss.

RNF [Engineer, Rocketeer] land next to OW spec. Drone doesn't bother with an easy stun, just flies out and taze "Trenches" from flank, hit. Officer ignores shinobi and instead marks Sqd spec on roof in low cover.

Turn 9, even dazed, "Trenches" has 100% on shotgun-to-face. Officer dead. Now then... must I fight this RNF? "Trenches" is in low cover and visible to Rocketeer, I think I should care. OW spec (no ammo) move out of flank and flash Rocketeer. Fleche Relay for 7. Sqd spec hides.

Drone flies to flank "Trenches" and misses taze. Engineer OW. Rocketeer miss 14% shot on OW spec.

Turn 10, RNF go yellow. Double slash Relay down to 3. LR cancel the OW. "Bulwark" shoots Drone at 88% with Mag Rifle. Low roll, it's at 1. Sqd spec flash Rocketeer. "Trenches" finishes job while flanking Rocketeer from far away. OW spec reload and OW.

Engineer hits Sqd Spec (-9 Def) for 3. OW spec miss 65% shot on Rocketeer. Rocketeer miss Sqd Spec.

Turn 11, Relay dead. Run & Gun to stun at 90% on Engineer's flank - success. Gun to face on Rocketeer, dead.

Turn 12, RNF go red. Most of squad out, shinobi was 1 tile away so hides.

Engineer takes 13% shot, miss.

Turn 13, shinobi out. Flawless (thank Field Surgeon). AI can be dumb at times.

- +2 HP PCS
- Iron Skin PCS
- Depth Perception PCS
- Adv Stock
- Adv Suppressor

- Spec -> LCpl. Revival, because shotgun medic.
- "Bulwark" -> SSgt
- "Shadow" the shinobi (officer candidate) -> SSgt

PoI is supplies for 2d. It is May 14. I want to hard scan on May 16. New Indonesia can manage with 8 intel rebels. Start scanning PoI right away.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:51 pm

- May 15 -

S&G, 7d 5h, New India, Str 4, V.Light. Ah good, one last S&G before liberation.

Alloy Plating complete. Begin Incendiary PG project.

Sell Datapad and Data Cache. Buy Mag Shotgun and Mag Sniper Rifle. Recruit a 5, 14, -3, 72, -7 for GTS to make a sniper. Send elite 5-man to S&G with Adv Suppressors - the goal is to hit 50% in time for boosted HQ to hit 100%.

Oh did I forget to switch East Europe to recruit? Oh well, stay on intel then.

"Dakka" learns Incoming. Send him back to learn Trial by Fire.

Not sure when New India got +1 rebel. Anyway, no more missions here soon so switch New India to full recruit.

Jailbreak (1 rookie, 4 rebel), 6d 10h, East Europe, Str 1, E.Light - send 5-man with a fresh-out-of-bed Sgt Ranger who needs to catch up on EXP. Mec solution is a Sgt Tech with Shredder, with backup of frags.

- May 16 -

PoI gives $77.

Avenger scan in New Indonesia until Lib 3 in East Europe expires (tomorrow).

Jailbreak, 8d 9h, New Indonesia, Str 2, E.Light. Buy 9th Mag Rifle. Send 5-man with 2 gunners. Yeah I could send a 6-man, but that would tie up good gear for longer.

"Wizard" comes out of AWC with Smoker. Send "Zap" to learn Low Profile.

- May 17 -

Put a Scientist in East Europe. Avenger Scan in East Europe. I'm going all-out to find Lib 3.

+1 rebel in New India. Switch New India to full supply - HQ is 1d 6h away.

- May 18 -

"Recover Item to stop hidden Strategic DE", 2d 9h, New Indonesia, Str 2. Harsh. Seems 8-man GOp squad must deploy, after HQ.

Lib 1, 15h, New Indonesia, Str 2. Nope.

Supply Raid, 3d 10h, East Europe. Not happening.

"Engineer from City", 4d 7h, East Europe. If that had been a scientist, I'd have boosted for it. But no, it's an Engineer.

HQ, New India, Str 4, 8-man vs Swarming (36), 100% infil

- "Beam" the Assault (currently has shotgun)
- "Pinto" the Ranger with Shredder
- "Thumper" the Ranger with Shredder
- "Doc" the Revival Spec Officer
- "Teardrop" the CP Spec (both specs have shit Def)
- "Dirk" the Gunner with Combatitives and Bladestorm
- "T-44" the Shinobi (just a Cpl) with 14 Def
- "Apex" the Sniper

Huh, squad starts on a roof. Ok...

Turn 1, spread out.

Turn 4, Sidewinder spotted at edge of map. Time to regroup.

Turn 6, "Beam" sees rainbow pod, also on edge of map. Hide inside bottom floor of a watchtower.

"Beam" sees another pod while waiting. An opportunity? Hmm...

Turn 7, "T-44" sees a Naja in that pod. Ok, will snipe that. "Beam" can't hide, will be the tank for one turn. "Dirk" hides, ready to take over as tank next turn. The rangers OW somewhat far away - they'll get in position next turn. Naja oneshot by "Apex" at 100%. Aid Prot "Beam".

There's only [Viper x2] left in that pod? Ok... Snek spit on "Beam" - immune. Snek OW.

Turn 8, "Apex" reload and steady. "Beam" LR ignores OW and dash out of sight. "Dirk" suppress Snek A in low cover.

Snek B slithers out and dies to "Thumper" OW. Snek A decides not to hunker but not to move either - it just gave up because it couldn't OW?

Turn 9, "Apex" grazes Snek for 5. "Thumper" shows up and CF OW. Aid Prot "Thumper". "Pinto" EV dash to watchtower on flank. Reload and suppress Snek.

Snek gives up again.

Turn 10, holo Snek. "Thumper" shoot twice to kill Snek. "T-44" loots then resumes scouting. Camp.

Turn 11, squad moves to edge of map.

Rainbow pod walks into "T-44"'s view.

Turn 12, most annoying, "Apex" cannot see the pod. Move him forward to the watchtower. "Beam" smokes for self, "Dirk" and "Thumper". Aid Prot "Pinto" who is on OW with "Dirk" and "Thumper".

Rainbow pod activates. Rocketeer dies from OW. Drone pair fly in from the side. 1 OW from rainbow pod. "Dirk" marked.

Turn 13, Aid Prot "Dirk" then shoot explosive barrel next to T2 Drone for 2. CP it down to 1. "Beam" tazes it dead (Arc Pulser). "Thumper" shoot T1 Drone at 88%, oneshots it. "Dirk" reload and suppress 6 targets. Instant holo the Lancer and snipe at 73%, dead. "Thumper" OW. "Pinto" miss both shots. "T-44" dash away to avoid being seen.

Gunner shoots "Pinto" at 22%, graze for 2. Engineer hunkers. Officer runs and dies to "Thumper". 2 Troopers and a Sentry hunker.

Turn 14, "Pinto" takes 2 shots to kill Gunner - yes he has an elite scope. "Dirk" reloads and Demolishes Sentry's cover for "Apex" to oneshot it at 95%. Aid Prot "Thumper" who reloads and CF OW. "T-44" scouts. Move "Beam" to flank and hunker - should be safe but keep an eye out anyway. Engineer should flash us.

Engineer does flash "Thumper" and "Dirk". Trooper hits "Pinto" for 4. Again it's a ranger that's wounded.

Turn 15, "Doc" heals "Pinto". "Apex" holo and steady. "Pinto" shoot twice to kill Trooper that shot him. Aid Prot "Pinto". "Thumper" EV dash (while dazed) to slightly better cover - can't be flashed with "Dirk" this time. "Dirk" reloads and hunkers. "Beam" shows up and hunkers.

Sidewinder's pod finds squad. "Thumper" shot twice at 2% each, both miss. Engineer flash again, hitting "Beam".

Turn 16, why are "Dirk" and "Thumper" still dazed? They weren't in range of that flash and "Thumper" should have been in cover against it anyway. "Apex" snipes Engineer at 85%, oneshot. "Pinto" oneshots a Drone at 91% then retreats. Revival Protocol on "Dirk" - he's the only target the Lancer can reach. Aid Prot him. "T-44" spots a small pod. "Dirk" Area Suppress to keep Trooper down.

Lancer dashes at "Dirk", just as planned. Combatitives for 1, Bladestorm for 1. "Dirk" still suppressing Trooper who takes 17% shot on "Pinto", miss. Sidewinder gave up.

Turn 17, "Doc" Aid Prot "Dirk" then kills Lancer. "Apex" holo Sidewinder and steady. "Thumper" oneshots Sidewinder then OW. "Teardrop" takes 73% flank shot on Trooper, dead. "T-44" watches next pod [Sidewinder, Sectoid x2]. "Dirk" dash to loot (2 core) and bait wrong-sided cover if pod sees him. Dash "Beam" into hiding.

Pod sees "Dirk". Orange mindspin panics him. Orange zombie rez. Oh and the Sectoids took the bait.

Turn 18, "Apex" oneshots Sectoid with the zombie (min damage 8, 100%). "Beam" can melee Sidewinder with a blue move, but would be exposed to Sectoid. "Pinto" oneshots Sidewinder at 47%. "Thumper" EV+CF dash behind Sectoid. "Dirk" can be flanked, but don't want to use up more resources. Just Aid Prot him. "Beam" dash forward, fishing for a flank.

Sectoid runs the OW, avoids the 70% shot, realises it's in a bad position so moves again. "T-44" was 1 tile away from being flanked.

Turn 19, "Beam" Mag shotgun-to-face on Sectoid, dead. "T-44" sees Turret which "Apex" can see but he needs to reload. Hmm, everything has been on the left side of the map thus far. There must be something out there. Oh, "Teardrop" found a pod [Sectoid x3, Sentry]. Just great. Command "Teardrop" to run away - 1 Sectoid can still see him. "Dirk" (with flashbang) dash close to be ready. "Thumper" OW just outside vision.

Sectoid finds "Apex" and panics him. Sectoid dies to "Thumper". Sectoid (that can see "Teardrop") OW. Sentry moves to stupid position.

Turn 20, move "T-44" back - needs to keep scouting. LR cancel the OW. "Pinto" oneshots Sentry in the back at 95%. "Thumper" EV+CF dash with 1 round in chamber. "Dirk" OW at edge of vision. Aid Prot "Apex" and hunker with "Teardrop".

Sectoid rez zombie and takes 6 from "Thumper". Sectoid panics "Thumper".

Turn 21, "T-44" scout flank: safe. "Beam" hunker advance. "Apex" misses instant holo'd 2 HP Sectoid at 75%. Suppress full HP Sectoid. 2 OWs outside vision range. Zombie too far to do anything. Aid Prot "Apex" - more valuable to keep the rare Sniper unwounded.

"Thumper" hit for 3 by 2 HP Sectoid - 4% shot. Zombie dies to OW. Suppressed Sectoid miss 4% shot on "Thumper".

Turn 22, scout with "T-44", safe. Run & Gun full HP Sectoid, dead. Holo Sectoid and steady with "Apex". "Pinto" takes flank shot at 100% on Sectoid, dead.

Turn 23, another Drone pair spotted. "Apex" cannot see it so reload and steady. "Pinto" EV dash and Aid Prot him.

Drones do not see "Pinto".

Turn 24, CP the T1 Drone. T2 Drone scampers into "Pinto"'s view. 2 graze shots later, it's at 2 with no armour. "Thumper" gets the kill. "T-44" gets back to looking at Turret. "Apex" oneshots it.

Turn 25, "T-44" sees 2 Mecs. "Apex" cannot see, time to move him up.

Oh, the General's pod is near those Mecs too. This will need some careful pulling.

Turn 26, I don't know when this watch tower in the middle got all its cover demolished but it'll be where "Apex" camps. Ah crap, I brought a Combatitives shinobi - it'll have to be "Beam" who dances with the General.

Woah, General pod jumps down from ceiling - very close to revealing "T-44" but she's got 2-sided cover.

Turn 27, no Mecs with the General... could be a chance. But I want to start the fight by sniping Rocketeer. Holo General in case he comes in and steady. Smoke for "Dirk" and 2 more high cover positions. Aid Prot "Thumper".

Yep, General walks in, gets activated, his Drone sees "T-44" and the Mec pair walk in. Murphy's law! Also, General takes 2 OW shots and is down to 13. T2 Trooper misses 59% shot on "T-44" flank.

Turn 28, temptation is too great. Demolish the General's rock. "Thumper" lands both 76% shots, General dead. "Pinto" moves into smoked high cover and takes 85% shot on Drone - graze down to 1. "Apex" instant holo Mec on roof then 110% shoots it for 10 -2, dead (good damage roll). "T-44" dash up to roof's high cover, out of sight. Command "Pinto" to take that shot again after free reload, Drone dead. "Beam" goes into watchtower and OW around corner. Aid Prot "Pinto".

Shields go up. Lancer takes 5 from "Beam" OW (well damn) and hits him for 1. "Thumper" hit for 2 through high cover. DAMMIT I keep forgetting how large Micromissile radius is, "Dirk" hit for 3 beyond ablative, "Pinto" hit for 4.

Turn 29, "Apex" can only see Sergeant. Damn did I pick a bad nest. Get down from height and holo Mec. "Dirk" and "Pinto" shoot to kill Mec. "Pinto" move back, away from Rocketeer's sight. Heal "Pinto" and Aid Prot "Dirk". "Thumper" EV dash to fish for shot on Lancer, as "Beam" dash back towards squad.

Lancer dashes out towards "Beam", just as planned. "Thumper" lands the OW shot, dead. 3 shots on "Beam", all miss. 2 OW.

Turn 30, LR cancel the OW pinning down "Pinto" while "Beam" hides. "Apex" dash to fish for flank. Smoke and Aid Prot for "Dirk" while rest of squad is falling back - except "T-44" who is stuck on that roof. "Dirk" hunkers - too many spread out targets to Suppress.

Engineer paces back and forth. Sergeant avoids 55% OW shot and misses shot on "Teardrop".

Turn 31, no flanks for "Apex", holo Sergeant and steady. More retreating OW play. "T-44" trolls the large pod by showing up on other side - let's see if they split up. Aid Prot "Dirk" to run 3 OW in smoke - takes 2 - then Suppress Shieldbearer.

Shots being traded, nothing hitting on either side. Not good. But the OW situation is better now - pod has split, Shieldbearer hunkered and Sergeant is the only OW to worry about. Shields down.

Turn 32, "Apex" instant holo and shoot Rocketeer through high cover at 65%, dead. Time to get reckless for the sake of "Dirk", I'm in no shape to fight attrition anymore. Run & Gun the Sergeant, dead. "Beam" now flanked by Shieldbearer. "T-44" moves out, sees Engineer, Fleche it dead. She too is flanked by Shieldbearer. EV+CF dash into smoke with "Pinto", watching Shieldbearer. Aid Prot "Dirk" to dissuade any attempt at shooting him. "Thumper" pretends to be a Guardian: shoots then CF OW.

Shieldbearer runs (it was flanked by "T-44" as she was flanked by it) suppression - grazed for 4 from both "Pinto" and "Dirk". T2 Trooper decides running the OW (avoids 72% shot) to take 14% shot on "Beam" is a good idea.

Turn 33, Stungun over low cover at near-point blank: 91%, success.

Turn 34, kill EXP donated to "Dirk".

- "Dirk", 22d
- "Thumper", 12d
- "Pinto", 22d

Looks like the AWC will get staffed again. I wouldn't care for lowbies but these are important soldiers.

- 4 core
- Adv Scope
- Stock
- Auto Loader
- Hair Trigger
- Adv Laser Sight
- Adv Hair Trigger
- Magazine
- +1 Mob PCS
- +4 Def PCS
- 4 Datapad
- 24 alloy
- 29 elerium
- $142

- 5 Snek
- 11 Trooper
- 6 Drone
- 3 Lancer
- 2 Officer
- 5 Sectoid
- 1 Turret
- 2 Mec
- 1 Shieldbearer

Promotions (Trial by Fire):
- "T-44" -> Sgt
- "Teardrop" -> Sgt
- "Apex" -> SSgt
- "Beam" -> SSgt
- "Thumper" -> SSgt. Executioner - because Cyclic Fire on a dying Sectopod is a dream.
- "Doc" -> SSgt. Field Medic - without snipers, some of these fights can get real scrappy.
- "Pinto" -> SSgt. Fortify - because sometimes you do want to stay healthy (especially with Holo Targetting coming up later)
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:44 am

- May 18 -

PoI - Power for 2d from clearing HQ

S&G, New India, Str 1, 5-man vs E.Light, 122% infil (liberation)

6-crates, evac is exactly at start

Turn 1, pod 1 [Viper, Sectoid x2] is close to start. Setup awkwardly without being seen.

Pod 1 activates. Sectoid takes 3, Snek takes 3. Snek OW.

Turn 2, sniper instant holo then shoot steadied shot at 80% on Snek, graze for 5, dead. Shotgun to face on Sectoid. Shinobi spots next pod, slightly ahead. Aid Prot "Trenches" the assault. There are 2 OW looking at Sectoid.

Sectoid runs, takes 9, dead.

Turn 3, regroup

A Sectoid walks into shinobi's view.

Turn 4, "Trenches" walks into view, activating pod 2 [Sectoid, Rocketeer, Drone]. Sectoid dies to "Bulwark" OW. Drone oneshot by sniper at 85%. Run & Gun to 84% stun on Rocketeer, success.

Turn 5, holo the Rocketeer. Donate kill EXP to OW spec.

Turn 6, shinobi sees nothing. Could it be that's all there is here? 6 enemies? Ah wait, fog bug revealed another to the far side.

Turn 7, approach crates. Hear the last pod outside building but can't see them.

Turn 8, open crates. More noise.

Turn 9, more noise.

Turn 10, finally see pod 3 [Officer, Lancer]. 70% snipe on instant-holo'd Lancer hits, dead. Blademaster Fleche kills Officer.

Turn 12, squad out. True Flawless: enemy never attempted to shot.

- $106
- 9 elerium
- 9 alloy
- 3 core
- 2 Adv Magazine
- Auto Loader

Promotion: "Trenches" the Assault -> SSgt

There is now 1d 19h left for stopping that Strategic DE. I have 2 snipers, 2 specs and a shinobi. Let's do this. 8-man GOp squad deploys - everyone is at Mag tier.

Oh and Avatar project is at 1 pip.
Previous 1.5 Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad.
The current one.

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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:30 am

- May 19 -

"Dakka" the Ranger has finished Trial by Fire training.

Here it is: Lib 3 (Dark VIP for +1 Contacts), 8d 14h, East Europe, Str 3, Light. Before I forget, switch scientist advisor for a soldier. Send 6-man to Lib 3, 5 with Mag. I have built a total of 4 Mindshields now. I may still boost for this - it's extremely important I get this mission with a capture.

Begin scanning PoI.

- May 20 -

Intel mini-retal in East Europe. Just so happens the 8-man GOp squad will be deploying right now.

"Recover Item to stop Strategic DE", New Indonesia, Str 2, 8-man vs Moderate-Heavy (24)

Item is in Van. Evac flare will take 8 turns.

- "Wizard" the grenadier with 5 smokes (Smoker)
- "Shadow" the shinobi (Covert, Bladestorm)
- "Pale Rider" the phantom sniper
- "Apex" the sniper
- "Beam" the rifle assault (now with actual rifle)
- "Doc" the Revival spec officer
- "Teardrop" the CP spec
- "Yogi" the gunner

Turn 1, "Wizard" spot solo Drone. No point trying to sneak up with huge detection radii. Holo the Drone. Oh shit, "Shadow" just saw a pod directly flanking us - would have been revealed if not for Covert. "Pale Rider" is at risk of being flanked if they investigate any noise. This is not a good place to figh them. So... CP the solo Drone to remove it silently. Command "Pale Rider" to get out of there. "Wizard" adjusts position - no smoke because that's noise.

Pod 1 [Scout, Drone x2, Engineer, Trooper] walks away.

Turn 2, "Shadow" regains sight of pod after 2 moves. Dash "Pale Rider" to watch the flank - yep, there's another pod that way too. In fact, "Wizard" was 1 tile away from being seen from that direction. Shit I forgot to throw an evac flare - do that now. "Beam" moves back and smokes "Wizard" and "Yogi". Aid Prot "Yogi". Oneshot the holo'd Scout of pod 1 at 100% (Needle). Drone dies to "Wizard". CP the other Drone of pod 1 to try and keep "Shadow" from being revealed. Hide "Doc" and OW.

FACELESS! Very close to "Pale Rider" too... Pod 2 [Viper, Sentry x2, Scout, Trooper] walks in. Snek takes 4 from "Yogi". 3 OW from Pod 2. Engineer from pod 1 flash "Wizard" and "Yogi" but the latter is immune (Mindshield). Pod 1 Troooper OW 2 tiles away from "Shadow". Faceless dies on the very tile that would have flanked "Pale Rider", thanks to "Doc"'s Mag shotgun OW high rolling a 10.

Turn 3, holo Engineer for "Apex" to snipe at 78% - oneshot. "Shadow" Fleche Trooper dead - blademaster guarantees the kill. "Beam" waypoint fuckery to LR cancel all 3 OW and trick the game into thinking he just blue moved. Holo the Scout. "Yogi" Area Suppress 5 targets. Dazed "Wizard" gets out of flank and takes 70% shot on flanked Scout (yes it scampered really badly due to crowding) - graze for 2. "Beam" 100% stun on holo'd Scout. Aid Prot "Yogi".

Everything suppressed hunkers - Snek just stands still.

Turn 4, holo the Scout again. "Wizard" instant smokes "Yogi", reloads then shoots Scout at 90%, dead. Holo the Snek. Area Suppress on Snek for 4 targets. Snipe at 56%, miss. "Beam" shoots at 46%, miss. This is not productive... Oh "Shadow" is in range for a Mag SMG shot. Sure why not: 29% shot. It hits, Snek dead. Yes "Shadow", we saw that. Good job. Aid Prot for her.

Oh? Sentry didn't trigger Area Suppression while running it... oh right, it was on the edge and probably passed out of LoS - or never was in LoS. Area Suppression can be weird. Drat, and it happened to see "Teardrop" in low cover, shoots him for 5. Trooper OW. Engineer and other Sentry hunker.

Turn 5, it was already reckless to come here as an 8-man. Need to be more reckless. The first smoke has dissipated. Run & Gun on Sentry that came forward, dead. Solo Drone activated. Holo and snipe it at 100%, dead. Holo the other Sentry. Fleche it dead. Pod 3 [Rocketeer, Sentry x2, Engineer, Scout] activated. Well fuck. Smoke and Aid Prot for "Shadow". Suppress Engineer, since the Trooper would have to put itself in flank to get the flank on "Shadow". Not that it matters much as there's a Rocketeer right there...

Rocketeer moves back and OW - WAT. Pod 3 in general just OW while staring at "Shadow". She has Shadowstep. Pod 2 Trooper also OW after getting out of flank.

Turn 6, RNF go yellow. "Yogi" opens garage door and shoots pod 2 Trooper from behind at 87%, dead. "Shadow" double loots (drops from Scout and Snek). "Doc" comes out to low cover and smoke to Command her to Fleche the Rocketeer. "Apex" reload and steady. "Wizard" moves up to smoked high cover and smokes "Shadow". Aid Prot "Shadow". "Pale Rider" moves forward and steadies. There happens to be a gas tank behind "Shadow" but unlikely to get anything out of that.

Pod 4 [Sectoid x3, Rocketeer, Sidewinder, Lancer] comes in from van. Orange-shot on "Shadow"'s flank, hit for 1. Orange rez zombie hit for 3 by Bladestorm (just being raised is enough to trigger). Pod 3 Engineer flash "Shadow", immune. 4 OW while watching her. This is what a tank should be.

Turn 7, pod 3 Scout chose a really dumb place to OW camp. "Apex" 115% shoots its flank with Needle Rounds. "Shadow" Fleche Sentry dead - it was next to Scout using the same lamp post for cover. "Beam" moves in and OW to cover for any advance. "Teardrop" advance and OW in case that civilian is a Faceless. "Pale Rider" has no high priority shot. Dash to somewhere that can fish for flanks. "Yogi" kills 3 HP Zombie. "Wizard" closes garage door. Aid Prot "Shadow" and Intervene to extend timer.

Sidewinder spit on "Yogi", immune. Rocketeer shows up around side and shoots "Yogi" at 16%, miss. Lancer slams into "Yogi" for 2 through the wall? Gee, what a cheat. No debuffs because Mindshield. Sectoid mindspin on "Yogi", immune. Engineer tries to flash "Shadow" again, still immune. Zombie rez near "Yogi".

Turn 8, "Pale Rider" instant holo and shoot Sentry at 75%, dead. Fleche Engineer dead. "Wizard" instant smoke for self and "Yogi" in positions out of sight of Rocketeer. "Wizard" moves out of sight to pod 4 then shoots zombie at 91%, dead. "Apex" snipe Sectoid at 66%, graze for 4. "Yogi" move out of sight and OW. Aid Prot "Yogi".

Lancer dies to "Yogi" OW. Rocketeer and Sidewinder take cover behind gas tank. THAT gas tank which I thought was unlikely to be useful.

Turn 9, "Beam" reloads and shoots gas tank. Rocketeer and Sidewinder blow up. "Yogi" moves back to her previous position (next to garage door) to find 2 Sectoids flanked (one had its cover blown up). Area Suppress them both. "Pale Rider" snipes zombie at 95%, dead. "Shadow" dash to Van's door - there are 2 turns left on the timer. Oh, "Wizard" had a flank shot on the Sectoids. Shoot one at 91% (81 Aim + Adv Scope), hit for 9, dead. Aid Prot "Shadow" squad starting to move back towards evac.

Sectoid runs suppression, dies to 90% shot. 4 HP Sectoid Mindspin on "Yogi", immune.

Turn 10, RNF go red. "Shadow" hack crate at 24% for Watch List, succeeds. Aid Prot "Shadow". OW camp.

RNF [Muton, Drone x2, Rocketeer, Gunner] warps in. Everything exept Rocketeer dies. Sectoid takes shelter on upper floor of destroyed house.

Turn 11, Run & Gun Rocketeer. Suppress Sectoid with "Yogi". Oh, "Apex" had sight on it, holo and snipe at 70%, graze for 5, dead. A Faceless turns up on a roof somewhere near "Shadow". Not sure if she should bother looting that Sectoid's drop. Aid Prot her.

Turn 12, RNF go yellow. I probably should have thrown evac a little closer to "Shadow" last turn. Eh there's still time for that. "Shadow" loots and sees Faceless. Evac "Apex" and "Doc" then change evac location to closer. "Pale Rider" snipes Faceless for 8 - red fog ensures "Shadow" will get away.

Faceless dies to "Yogi" OW.

Turn 13, RNF go red. Squad out. Flawless (thank you double Field Surgeon). Kills: 34.

- 2 Hair Trigger
- Adv Stock
- 3 Magazine
- Adv Auto Loader
- 1 core

- "Teardrop" -> SSgt
- "Yogi" -> SSgt
- "Pale Rider" -> SSgt (he has Quick Study)

Ok, the time is ripe to get 2nd officer tube. Had hoped to get a TSgt for 2nd AWC tube but that will have to wait.

"Doc" trains for Collector. "Pale Rider" trains for Focus Fire. Oh wait, should react to that intel mini-retal first...

Combat Armour done. Instant Snek Autopsy. Begin EXO Suit research - I want these for the next Network Tower.

Incendiary PG project done. Begin Venom Rounds - I want these for reaction shooters. Even if the poison wears off next turn, if it can nerf Aim/Mob on the alien turn it's applied, it's worth it to me.

PoI gives +3 Avenger Power.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:11 pm

- May 20 -

Intel mini-retal, East Europe, Str 3, V.Light (12)

- "Wizard" the grenadier with 5 smokes (Smoker)
- "Shadow" the shinobi (Covert, Bladestorm)
- "Pale Rider" the phantom sniper
- "Apex" the sniper
- "Beam" the rifle assault (now with actual rifle)
- "Doc" the Revival spec officer
- "Teardrop" the CP spec
- "Yogi" the gunner
- LCpl spec advisor (Revival)

A total of 3 predator armours and 3 mind shields on this 8-man squad.

Turn 1, start on small building roof in corner - that's nice, now I know there won't be a nasty sandwich from both sides. Specs check immediate surroundings: nothing. "Shadow" checks flank, nothing. "Pale Rider" checks front: pod spotted. While moving rebels around, activate pod 1 on other side [Sectoid, Engineer, Drone, Sentry]. Rebels get in position, if the earlier pod spots them then they're sandwiched. LCpl spec flash everything bio in pod 1. Main squad sets up outside pod 2 [Officer, Engineer, Drone, Sentry] vision.

Oh look, pod 3 [Muton, Viper x2, Rocketeer] comes in from the one direction we didn't check. It's a sandwich still, just not from completely opposite directions. Snek dies. Pod 2 comes to squad, not relay. Officer dies. Sentry dies. Engineer orange shoots "Yogi" for 1. Pod 1 Drone stuns LCpl advisor. Pod 1 shoots relay for 3. Muton orange-shoots "Wizard" in the back for 7 - now down to 2.

Turn 2, "Teardrop" heals "Wizard" then CP pod 2 Drone. "Apex" snipe insta-holo'd Snek at 95%, dead. "Wizard" gets out of flank, instant smoke self and "Yogi"'s future position then incendiary the Rocketeer (with loot). "Beam" dash towards pod 2's Engineer (and loot). "Shadow" dash to loot - Covert kept Muton from seeing her run so close by. Rebels re-flash pod 1 and bring Drone down to 1. "Pale Rider" holo pod 2 Engineer (Independent Tracking) then re-steady. Cannot risk him being found just yet due to Muton. Command "Yogi" to Suppress Muton.

Pod 2 Engineer miss 33% shot on "Beam". Pod 1 Drone tazes SMG rebel. Relay hit for 2+3.

Turn 3, RNF go yellow. "Beam" Run & Gun to loot and oneshot Engineer at 100%. Rebels kill Drone, frag pod 1 Engineer for 3 and shoot it in flank to kill. "Pale Rider" oneshots pod 1 Sectoid at 73%. Muton Suppressed again. "Wizard" takes 36% shot on Muton. "Shadow" loots.

FUCK I SHOULD HAVE OW with "Wizard" - Muton runs suppression for 4 -2 then shoots "Pale Rider" at 82%, miss. THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. I could have moved "Doc" back and Commanded him to get out of there. I could have used Incoming to trick the Muton into fragging instead. Sentry shoots Relay down to 5.

Turn 4, LCpl spec shoots Sentry in flank with ballistic at 87%, oneshot. Demolish the Muton's cover. Donate the kill EXP to "Doc".

Wounded: "Wizard", 10d (with AWC)

- Elite Magazine
- Adv Hair Trigger
- Magazine
- Adv Stock
- 2 Core

- "Beam" -> TSgt. Hit & Run, because rifle assault.
- "Wizard" -> SSgt
- Spec -> Cpl

"Doc" and "Pale Rider" to officer tubes.

Sell 5 Snek bodies, 7 cores (6 left) and 3 Datapads. Buy 2nd AWC tube. Now at $168.

Put "Beam" in AWC for 20d to learn Lone Wolf -> EV -> Rapid Reaction.

S&G, 9d 5h, New Indonesia, Str 2, E.Light. I will send a squad once the Jailbreak in East Europe is done (to get the shinobi).

"Zap" learns Low Profile from AWC. Put "Shadow" in there to learn Quick Study -> Formidable -> Tactical Sense. It's time to get serious with the elites. There's also a lull while waiting for East Europe to do Network Tower so I can expand towards Blacksite.

What to do with New Indonesia... Lib 1 should have respawned around May 19 so... stay on intel. Lib 1 gives intel as reward, it's useful.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:26 pm

- May 22 -

Jailbreak, East Europe, Str 3, 5-man vs V.Light, 100% infil

Evac is in front of start

Turn 1, technical sees pod 1 [Mec, Scout, Rocketeer] ahead as well as a solo Drone. Not what I want to see with a weak 5-man.

Pod and Drone move away.

Turn 2, so the jail isn't all that far yet there's 22 turns on timer. Let's take this slowly. Shinobi spots another solo Drone and pod 2 [Naja, Sectoid x2]. Looking less attractive by the turn... Let's change where the fight begins, squad dash away.

Turn 3, I can't exactly open up with a frag against a pod like this. Sapper grenadier is the only one who can see pod 1 and the ranger is the only one seeing Drone 2 - don't know how I'm seeing the Drone 1 that nobody has LoS on. Move shinobi out of the way. Dash Sapper into detection range of Drone 1 - no cover but nothing else should see her. 2 Drones are now active and have come closer. Ranger and technical shoot Drone 1 dead while separating from Micro-Missile radius. Aid Prot ranger and CP Drone 2. Ranger OW. Shinobi comes back.

Turn 4, pod 1 has disappeared? Squad dash towards roof.

Ah, pod 1 is out there and on green alert.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Contemplating abandoning mission. Shinobi gets spotted because LoS fuckery prevented me from seeing how close pod 1 was. Sigh, I should have estimated where they could be regardless. Tech grazes Mec for 1 and shreds 2. Sapper blows up Rocketeer cover and hits for 3. Ranger moves in and hits Mec for 6 (1 HP left). Ah great... fine so shinobi will likely be flanked next turn. Spec moves in and CP the 2 HP Rocketeer.

No? Scout chose to shoot the spec in low cover for 4? I'm ok with this, I need the shinobi healthy, I have spare specs.

Turn 6, frag the Scout's cover... it's still standing. Hit for 5 though. Shinobi (who had to move away from frag radius) Fleche back to position, Scout dead. Scanning protocol: ok pod 2 is far away. Regroup.

Turn 7, move shinobi forward to scout. 2 pods pulled. There are now 2 Najas and 2 Sectoids active. Not good at all. Squad hunker advances towards evac. Shinobi gets Aid Prot and move to flank while in cover (Low Profile).

Zombie raised. Mindspin on shinobi - resisted. Naja 1 has to move because flanked. Naja 2 takes shot on hunkered tech, miss. Gunner area suppress shinobi (Shadowstep).

Turn 8, squad except spec get out. Spec was 1 tile too short, has to wait.

Turn 9, RNF go red. Squad out. Mission aborted. 5 kills.

Wounded: Sgt Spec, 8d (AWC on)

- Depth Perception PCS

We're past the point in the Force level race where an SMG sapper with just frags brings enough to the table.

Send 5-man to Jailbreak in New Indonesia with 4 SSgt and 1 Sqd (spec). I should reduce throughput while waiting for tube time. Very tempted to 6-man this but that would dilute EXP and keep cutting edge gear tied up longer: this 5-man has 3 predator, 2 mindshield and all Mag.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:27 pm

- May 23 -

East Europe now Str 4.

There is a Facility in New Mexico.

Jailbreak, New Indonesia, Str 2, 100% infil, 5-man vs E.Light

Evac is beyond jail. 22-turn limit.

Turn 1, pod 1 [Sentry, Gunner, Engineer] spotted.

Pod comes closer.

Turn 2, tech shoots Gunner at 81%, dead. Everything dies to OW.

Turn 3, dash up, one OW.

Pod 2 [Viper x3] shows up. OW misses at 60%.

Turn 4, dumb Snek that moved to easily flanked position needs both gunners to shoot before it's dead. Aid Prot the gunner in low cover and frag Snek on roof then Fleche it dead.

Snek runs away... away from jail and evac? Huh? Last pod is that way?

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Squad dash into jail after shinobi scouts, nothing in there.

Turn 6, 60% hack for small alloy, success (go go Sqd spec).

Turn 7, dash towards evac.

Turn 8, OW creep while VIPs get out.

Turn 9, squad out. Flawless. Yeah the previous Jailbreak just rolled really badass pods that a weak 5-man could not handle. Granted, this 5-man had 2 Mag gunners.

- 3 Core
- 10 alloy

2 rookies, 1 rebel (New Indonesia)
- 3, 15, 16, 73, -10 -> immediately put him in GTS to become a sniper
- 6, 14, -1, 64, -7 with 22 Psi. First candidate for the Psi lab

- Spec -> LCpl. Really wanted to make that 75 Aim into an OW spec but -8 Def says no. I can compensate for low HP but low Def is something else.
- Shinobi -> Sgt
- Gunner -> SSgt. Iron Curtain, because she'll reach 17 Mob with AWC training.

- May 24 -

Supply Drop #4: yes there is a Faceless in New India. It's still $116.

Power coil excavated: 25 elerium. Begin Lab construction right away.

"Pale Rider" finishes Focus Fire. Now for Get Some.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:47 pm

- May 25 -

Supply Drop picked upw. Now at $134.

New Indonesia now Str 3.

Strategic DE: Alien Infiltrator goes live.

- May 26 -

"Beam" finishes Lone Wolf. Put him back for EV.

"Doc" finishes Collector officer training. "Shadow" will be going into officer tube in 7h when Quick Study is done.

"Hack for PoI", 5d 2h, New Indonesia, E.Light - 6-man, will boost. Buy 2 predators for this squad.

S&G, 10d 6h, East Europe, Str 4, V.Light

"Shadow" learns Quick Study. Send her to officer tube for Focus Fire. Send "Doc" to AWC for Salvo.

Sniper comes out of GTS: 5, 14, -3, 79, -7. Access to Sprinter, Volatile Mix, Rupture // Flashbanger, Rapid Deployment, Tradecraft. Name her "Thunder".

Not quite enough to field another squad unless I scrape off advisors. Don't want to. Boost Lib 3 in East Europe, I want to overinfiltrate that anyway as it's REALLY IMPORTANT I get +1 contacts.

Lib 1, 2d 21h, New Indonesia, Str 3, V.Light. Fail.

- May 27 -

Venom Rounds complete. Begin Talon Rounds.

Lib 3 Dark VIP, East Europe, Str 4, 6-man vs V.Light, 151% infil

Evac is to the side of VIP. 22-turn limit.

Turn 1, 2 pods seen in different directions. "T-44" the shinobi sees a 3rd pod while sticking to the roof. Ok but I want to keep the high ground so let's wait.

The 3 pods come closer. There are no Rocketeers among them.

Turn 2, waiting.

A 2-man pod leaves, the others stay: [Officer x2, Gunner x2, Engineer]

Turn 3, Aid Prot "Dakka" the Ranger officer then OW. "Dakka" shoots Gunner at 90%, dead. Officer take 5 from OW. Other Officer dies. "Trenches" the assault moves in to flank Gunner and activates pod 3 [Officer, Lancer]. Rocket pod 3 - Officer down to 1, Lancer blown up (with loot). Mortar frag over the roof: blows up both Officers (and loot). "Trenches" stungun Gunner at 86%, success. "Dakka" 60% shot on Engineer, dead. That's 3 pods (7 enemies) incapacitated in the opening (technically the Gunner is still alive).

Orange zombie rez.

Turn 4, RNF go yellow. "T-44" spots pod 4 [Officer, Rocketeer, Sentry] next to Dark VIP's car. Feed "Dakka" the Gunner's EXP at 83%. "Bulwark" the technical kills Zombie at 86%. "Trenches" dashes to hide behind wall.

Pod 4 dashes into building in direction of all the noise (and the zombie's death).

Turn 5, time to be aggressive! Move "T-44" into pod 4's sight, such that they're sandwiched between squad and "Trenches". Oh this also activates a solo Drone. Ah, pod 4 doesn't scamper in the way I'd hoped. "Dakka" shoots drone at 70%, oneshot. "Bulwark" moves to flank Sectoid... oh another solo Drone. "Bulwark" shoots Sectoid's rear at 72% for 6. "Dakka" shoots Drone down to 1. "Staghorn" the grenadier instant smokes for "Bulwark" and future position of "Trenches" then frags Drone dead. Aid Prot "T-44" and have her Fleche Rocketeer - completely ignoring the Sentry flanking her. Oh what, it graze for 4? Change of plan: "Trenches" just flashes the Sentry and Rocketeer.

2 HP Sectoid decides mindspin is better than taking that flank shot on "T-44". Mindshield. Dazed Sentry takes flank shot on "T-44" at 15%, miss. Dazed Rocketeer is scared shitless and just OW. Yes he's in melee range to "T-44".

Turn 6, Rocketeer and Sentry die to the sword. Run & Gun the Sectoid. Faceless reveals itself - somewhat far away. Oh two of them? Both are far: I think Faceless swipe is range 3, not 4? "Bulwark" shoots one for 5. "Venom" the OW spec (Cpl) dash to roof. Command her to OW.

Full HP Faceless avoids OW shot. 8 HP (after regen) Faceless dies.

Turn 7, shotgun-to-blob for 8, Walk Fire to kill Faceless. "T-44" punches VIP.

Turn 8, RNF go red.

RNF is 3-man. Naja dies. Trooper dies. Engineer survives.

Turn 9, squad mostly out. "Trenches" hides as he can't reach evac.

Turn 10, squad out. Flawless.

- 1 Core
- Emergency Life Support PCS

Dark VIP (+1 contacts)

- "Venom" the Spec -> Sgt
- "T-44" the Shinobi -> SSgt
- "Dakka" the Ranger officer -> SSgt

Network Tower revealed.

Send 6-man to S&G in East Europe, of which 3 will auto-promote from "Dakka" Trial by Fire. It's sort of weak but having a sniper (even a Sqd one) makes it considerably easier to cope with trouble. Tempted to buy a predator or mindshield but this is meant to be a B-team. Everything will hinge on "Dakka", "Shady" (gunner) and the sniper, with support (including the technical).

Concern: Troop Column could be around the corner.

Tactical DE: Hard Target goes live.

- May 28 -

In 5h, EXO suits will be a thing and I can begin infiltrating Network Tower.

S&G has hit 100% in New Indonesia before 7AM.

"Pale Rider" learns Get Some. Put him back to learn Jammer.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:41 am

- May 28 -

S&G, New Indonesia, Str 3, 5-man vs V.Light, 100% infil

4-crates, evac is beyond crates

Turn 1, shinobi sees 2-man pod, 5 tiles from seeing squad. I lack firepower to immediately snipe, OW camp.

Pod 1 [Officer, Lancer] moves away.

Turn 2, shinobi dash to rooftop corner, sees a 3-man pod. "Apex" the Sniper oneshots Lancer. Suppress Officer and EV dash close.

Pod 2 [Officer, Lancer, Mec] sees "Teardrop", Officer takes 5. Lancer takes 29% orange-shot on "Teardrop" the CP spec, miss. That's dirty, they saw the corpse, went orange, then activated all in the same walk. Pod 1 Officer runs suppression, 56% reaction shot, dead.

Turn 3, instant holo Mec then snipe it at 100%, dead. "Yogi" the gunner flanks Lancer and Suppress it. Sqd spec on roof and OW. "Teardrop" EV dash to flank both remnants of pod 2. Shinobi loots.

Lancer runs suppression, dead. Officer moves to easily flankable position then OW.

Turn 4, Suppress cancel the OW. "Teardrop" casually kills Officer at 95%. Shinobi loots then scouts. Regroup.

A Sergeant comes into shinobi's view.

Turn 5, approach and OW.

Sergeant avoids 50% OW shot. Pod 3 [Gunner, Sergeant] activates.

Turn 6, Gunner scampered into an easy sniper shot - 100% on its flank, dead. "Yogi" is sole-visible tank and Suppress Sergeant. Aid Prot her.

Sergeant hunkers.

Turn 7, Demolish Sergeant's cover. Instant holo and snipe at 93%, dead. Regroup and OW.

Turn 8, shinobi sees pod 4 [Sidewinder, Sectoid x2] near the rear 2 crates. OW camp close to them.

Pod 4 activates. Sectoid dies. Sidewinder orange shoots "Teardrop" in low cover for 4 (low roll).

Turn 9, "Teardrop" jumps down from ceiling and gun-to-face on Sidewinder, dead. Open crate and Fleche Sectoid dead.

Turn 12, squad out. Flawless (thank you Alloy Plating and Field Surgeon).

- 24 alloy (woah)
- $38
- Adv Stock
- 1 Core
- Adv Laser Sight
- Datapad
- Laser Sight

- Spec -> LCpl. Sentinel, despite 3 HP and -9 Def since DGG can compensate and Hunter's Instincts + Combat Fitness would make him nice. Must make him take CF.
- "Apex" the Sniper -> TSgt. Vital Point Targeting, because Rapid Reaction wants more buffs but CuP not available (so Aggression is out the window)

EXO suit research done. Begin Advent Robotics - I want T2 holo. Want to do Lancer Autopsy too but I'm at 8 bodies and I think there's a Troop Column around the corner in East Europe. If not, HQ is close anyway.

Send 5-man to Network Tower (Light-Moderate), everyone is at least SSgt. 2 EXO, 1 Predator, 3 Mindshield.

Sell 7 cores (3 left), 1 datapad and 3 Adv Stock. I will get more cores for the Elerium research. I don't want to head straight for Coilgun so I'm preparing for Lab. Now at $220.

- May 29 -

"Shadow" learns Focus Fire. Begin learning Get Some.

"Doc" learns Salvo. "Yogi" to learn Fortify (eventually, Sentinel)

"Cpl Ranger from City", 6d 4h, New Indonesia, Str 3, V.Light. Skip. I only have a questionable 5-man at hand with minimal Mag weapons. Not something to take on a V.Light mission with.

"Hack to stop Tactical DE: +1 HP", 2d 19h, East Europe, Str 4, V.Light. Let them have that, I want more tube time and my Mag weapons are out there infiltrating. I could buy some more but I want to save up to push hard on Lab in 33h.

- May 30 -

Advent Robotics done. Begin Mec Autopsy.

Change of plan: I will stop that Tactical DE afterall. Forgot Robotics gets me direct access to T2 gremlins. Abort the Network Tower at 36%. Abort "Yogi" Fortify training (3d remaining). Put "Painter" the shionbi into AWC for Close & Personal training (eventually, Light 'Em Up).

Send 8-man GOp squad:
- "Apex" the Sniper
- "Zap" the CP/EV Spec with Low Profile
- "Doc" the Revival Spec officer with Salvo
- "Thumper" the Ranger with Shredder
- "Yogi" the Gunner
- "Trenches" the Assault
- "Bulwark" the Technical (14 Def)
- "T-44" the Shinobi (14 Def)

Everyone at Mag. 2 EXO ("Trenches", "T-44"). 3 Mindshield+Predator ("Yogi", "Thumper", "Bulwark").
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:47 pm

- May 30 -

"Hack Train for PoI", New Indonesia, Str 3, 6-man vs V.Light

Turn 1, see pod 1 [Engineer, Trooper]. Frag them, both down to 1. Engineer dies. Trooper avoids OW.

Solo Drone comes in. Dies. Trooper hunkers.

Turn 2, throw evac flare forward. Could flank with Spec but don't want to risk an orange-shot to her flank afterwards. Burn the Trooper dead.

Turn 3, loot with "Crypto" the technical. Dash scouting and regrouping.

Turn 4, "Diesel" the technical dash scouts to reveal Turret. Aid Prot her.

Solo Drone comes in, avoids 2 OW shots, flies over the train and spots for Turret to squadsight shoot "Crypto" at 47%, miss. I really do hate Drones. Oh and Turret OW.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. "Diesel" shoots Turret at 78%, oneshot. "Wrath" the ranger shoots at 100% (Hyper Pupils, Locked On, Adv Scope) on Drone, oneshot. Spec smokes the train roof, in preparation to hack. "Cryto" move to low cover and activates pod 2 [Guardian, Drone]. Drone dies to "Zarfer" the gunner's OW. But she's exposed if Guardian moves up. "Crypto" Fortify and smoke self and "Zarfer".

Oh right, Alien Infiltrator. Of course there's a Faceless. Guardian takes the flank shot as predicted, "Zarfer" hit for 6 -1 (2 below ablative). Faceless misses swipe on "Diesel".

Turn 6, "Crypto" flames Guardian, cancelling OW and setting it on fire. "Diesel" moves in to flank it... and activates pod 3 [Scout, Rocketeer, Trooper]. I hate train maps - Scanning Protocol would have been so useful here. "Zarfer" moves to low cover and shoots Rocketeer in flank at 81%, oneshot. Incendiary the Scout and Trooper (thank you narrow door). Trooper dies, Scout hit for 3 and is burning. "Diesel" now shoots flanked Guardian at 81%, kill and loot drop. Spec moves into train roof with smoke and Aid Prot self.

Scout burns for 2. Does not move.

Turn 7, "Wrath" walks into fire (Hazmat) and shoots Scout at 57%, dead. Hack chest at 47% for +1 rebel, success then move away. "Zarfer" moves to high cover which is just in range of the loot next turn then reloads.

Pod 4 [Rocketeer x2] finds "Zarfer". Well that's obnoxious.

Turn 8, RNF go red. "Zarfer" loots and hides. "Overlord" the sapper fires incendiary over the train to nuke Rocketeer for 8, destroyed (with loot). OW camp.

RNF is 2-man. Guardian down to 2. Gunner is unharmed.

Turn 9, "Overlord" scouts where the Rocketeer is - too far away to matter. Rocket the Gunner's cover (and 2 civilians). "Wrath" kills Gunner. Spec kills Guardian.

Turn 10, squad out. Careless of me, I should have moved everyone before deciding to OW.

Wounded: "Zarfer" the SSgt Gunner: 6d (AWC on)

- Adv Scope
- Stock
- +3 Aim PCS
- +7 Hack PCS
- +6 Dodge PCS
- 1 Facility Lead (ah nice)

- Spec -> Cpl
- "Zarfer" -> TSgt. CuP (because all-suppression gunners this campaign)

Troop Column, 3d 11h, East Europe, Str 4, E.Light. THERE IT IS. I think I'll wait up to 35h for the 8-man GOp squad to emerge and for my Covert shinobi to come out of the officer tube.

Yeah, even with just 2 regions, all these extra missions beyond GOps keeps my barracks busy.

Talon Rounds complete. Battlescanners begins.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:19 pm

- May 31 -

Rendezvous in New India! Woo hoo, time to put an Engineer advisor!

Advisor: "Venom" the Sgt OW Spec with a Mag Rifle

Turn 4, pod 1 [Officer, Trooper x2] seen.

Turn 5, position a shotgun rebel to pod 1's flank to dissuade them scamping in an inconvenient direction. Aid Prot the other shotgun rebel who frags pod 1. Nothing blows up. Everything dies to OW and drops loot. SMG rebel pre-emptively smokes.

Turn 6, SMG rebel loots and sees pod 2 [Officer, Engineer] as well as a Faceless.

Pod 2 OW from far away. Faceless dashes up to 2 shotgun rebels (why thank you).

Turn 7, give up on loot watched by pod 2. Faceless dies to 2 rifle and 1 shotgun shot.

Engineer takes 3, Officer takes 6 from "Venom" OW. Shotgun rebel marked.

Turn 8, rifle on Engineer's flank, dead. Flash the Officer. "Venom" OW. SMG rebel hunkers while flanking Officer - that will force a move. Hide the marked shotgun rebel.

Officer moves 1 tile! That's just sad. Ok it's still in some (low) cover but SMG rebel still flanks it.

Turn 9, shotgun rebel can get to melee range of 1 HP Officer. But "Venom" gets the kill EXP at 50%. Flawless.

- Scope
- +1 Mob PCS
- +Stock
- Magazine
- Auto Loader

- 2 Officer
- 3 Trooper
- 1 Faceless

- June 1 -

Lab complete. Send Engineer from that to New India: 11 clean rebels working hard.

Sell Datapad and Laser Sight. Upgrade Lab to 4 slot. Sell more surplus including 1 of 4 Mec bodies. Now at $60.

Ah Drat, 8-man GOp squad only took one of the two T2 Gremlins I built. What a waste.

- June 2 -

"Beam" learns EV. Begin training Rapid Reaction. Will pull him out if 8-man Troop Column needs him.

"Pale Rider" completes Jammer training. Put him in Lead by Example training. Again, 8-man Troop Column may need him. 8-man "Stop Tactical DE" is at 16% infil, go time.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:25 pm

- June 2 -

"Hack to stop Tactical DE", East Europe, Str 4, 8-man vs Heavy, 16% infil

- "Apex" the Sniper
- "Zap" the CP/EV Spec with Low Profile
- "Doc" the Revival Spec officer with Salvo
- "Thumper" the Ranger with Shredder
- "Yogi" the Gunner
- "Trenches" the Assault
- "Bulwark" the Technical (14 Def)
- "T-44" the Shinobi (14 Def)

Turn 1, no contact? Roof of shop is clear too. Do not send "Apex" there, a flank is more important than height even if he had DfA.

Pod 1 [Mec x2, Sidewinder] shows up on other side of shop.

Turn 2, "T-44" sees more enemies ahead. I think it's snipe time. "Bulwark" and "Trenches" move out of sight. "Zap" dash to check flank: safe. "Yogi" dash to reserve tank position: within 8 tiles of the designated tank spot. Snipe Rocketeer at 100%, dead. Pod 2 remannts are [Mec, Trooper, Engineer]. EV dash "Thumper" to tank position (now that lamp's detection doesn't matter). Aid Prot and smoke her.

Pod 1 walks away. Pod 2 Mec loses all armour and 1 HP from OW then dash to flank "T-44", damn 2-sided cover wasn't enough. Engineer and Trooper OW.

Turn 3, "Bulwark" 96% shot on Mec from roof, dead. Holo Engineer then double shoot it with "Thumper" at 56% and 66%, both miss. "Yogi" and "Zap" move to flank the Trooper. "T-44" hunker. "Apex" steady. "Trenches" stay out of sight.

3 pods walk in. There are now 14 active enemies and 7 OW. Did I mention "T-44" does not have Shadowstep?

Turn 4, snipe Sidewinder at 94%, dead. "Thumper" shoots Trooper at 56%, dead, then reloads. "T-44" EXO 4 targets: Trooper and Gunner die. Scout down to 3. Guardian down to 3. Car next to Lancer about to explode. Aid Prot and smoke "T-44". "Trenches" still hidden.

Ooh, Scout saw "Bulwark" on the roof behind low cover. 24% shot misses. Naja shot from fog misses. Lancer did NOT charge of all things - you know your tank is too good when they don't charge. Huh, "T-44" didn't have Hazmat? Is poisoned.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Car explodes with nobody nearby. "Bulwark" Fortify and rocket Sidewinder... scatters so far it completely misses. Instead it hits Gunner down to 1 and kills Trooper. It also blows away the ceiling that was hiding "Trenches" so now he has to move. Given there's 5 OW active, don't really want to run that. I know there's still pod 1 (Mec x2, Sidewinder) to the flank so can't move "Trenches" that way either. Holo the Engineer (very close to T-44) and double shoot it to miss and graze for 4. "Trenches" LR ignores one OW to get out of sight and flashes Sidewinder and Engineer to prevent flanks. "T-44" hunker. Steady "Apex". Aid Prot "Bulwark".

Scout moves to opposite side of "T-44"'s lamp cover and shoots "Thumper" for 4 -1 (exactly all the ablative). Lancer shoots "Thumper" at 19%, miss. 5 OW. Naja came out.

Turn 6, LR cancel 3 OW. Aid Prot "T-44" who Fleche through poison into Lancer for 5. "Yogi" Demolish the car that "T-44" had been hiding behind, together with Engineer and Scout. The two Advent both die. "Bulwark" drops down to corner that's mostly out of sight then shoots exposed 1 HP Gunner at 74%, dead. Yes, that was the Gunner who survived the rocket blast. 104% snipe on Naja, dead. Heal "T-44" poison and OW with "Zap". Intervention. "Thumper" shoot Sidewinder at 43%, graze for 4. Then hunkers, as does "Trenches".

Faceless reveals. Lancer moves out into open, next to "T-44" and OW. What a cowardly Lancer! Trooper takes flank shot on "T-44" at 24%, miss. Sidewinder goes into shop and OW. Faceless was out of range so dashes past "T-44".

Turn 7, RNF go red. "Bulwark" walks 1 tile to spot 2 HP Sidewinder then kills it with fire. "Zap" Aid Prot "T-44" and shoot Faceless for 9. "T-44" slash Lancer dead then Fleche the Trooper that shot her, dead. "Thumper" kill Faceless then OW. "Trenches" get to high cover and OW. In all this I forgot to throw an evac. Sigh... let's see how this plays out. "Apex" throws flare, reloads and steadies.

6-man RNF warps in. Naja dies. Secotid down to 3.

Turn 8, "T-44" Fleche Guardian dead. "Apex" snipe at 85% on non-RNF Trooper, dead. Run & Gun into EXO punch: Sergeant and Sectoid die. "Zap" gun to face on Trooper, dead. "Thumper" shoot Sectoid flank at 100%, dead. "Yogi" shoot Trooper in back, dead. "Doc" dash towards objective.

Pod [Officer, Gunner x2] activates.

Turn 9, RNF go yellow. Yeah no, this ain't gonna work out. Restart mission.


Replay Turn 1 much like before.

Rocketeer shows up.

Turn 2, 96% snipe on Rocketeer, dead. Throw the damn evac flare now. In the name of variety, move "Thumper" sideways to shoot at Mec. That activates the [Mec x2, Sidewinder] pod. "Bulwark" and "Trenches" both Fortify and land their 90% and 86% shots on Mec on roof, dead. Mec nearer squad shot by "Thumper" for 7 and shred 2. "T-44" abandons stealth to take high cover. Aid Prot "Thumper".

2 more pods activate. "Trenches" spat on through a roof, immune. "T-44" shot in flank at 34% for 1. "Trenches" and "Yogi" suppressed by Mecs. Orange shot misses "Trenches". "T-44" orange-suppressed by Gunner.

Turn 3, rocket 5 targets, only 1 dies (Trooper). Faceless hit, reveals. "Zap" moves and shoots 1 HP Mec at 82%, dead. "Thumper" climb to roof to shoot Mec at 100%, down to 2. "Trenches" move out of sight then shoot Mec at 83%, dead. "Apex" shoot Trooper at 71%, dead. "T-44" runs 2 OW with some low cover: neither OW is taken (must have been 0%). EXO punch through the wall into 2 Sidewinders, both dead. Car on fire. "Doc" smokes for "Yogi" in tank position.

Another pod comes in. They take cover behind burning car. 3 shots on "T-44", 2 hit for 1 each. Faceless dashes for "T-44" and gets oneshot by "Yogi" OW. Naja's 56% shot on "T-44" misses. Sidewinder spits on her. Trooper's 43% shot hits her for 3.

Turn 4, car explodes, killing 2 and putting Scout down to 1. "T-44" now 4 below full HP. Oh, somewhere in those 5 shots her cover was destroyed. "Trenches" move to edge of roof to scout: no OW. "T-44" moves out of puddle, gets healed back to full, Fleche Trooper dead while getting into cover with Low Profile. Roust-snipe 2 HP Sidewinder with loot. Run & Gun to EXO punch 4 targets: Scout dead, Naja dead, Trooper dead, Scout dead. Loot lost. "Yogi" move to low cover and Suppress Engineer. "Zap" EV dash into view. "Apex" dash to roof. "Thumper" EV+CF dash to Guardian's flank.

Engineer triggers "Thumper" OW (which misses) and takes 6% shot on "Trenches", miss. Guardian moves to cover and takes 19% shot on "Thumper", miss.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Instant holo and snipe Engineer at 81%, dead. The Guardian is the only thing active now. Command "Yogi" to Demolish Guardian's cover. "Bulwark" moves forward and shoots at 74%, miss. "Thumper" takes 100% shot and oneshots. 20 kills, 0 active. Regroup.

Turn 6, "T-44" dash scout ahead. Activates 2 pods. That didn't go as planned... Active: [Muton, Lancer, Sectoid x2, Gunner x2, Officer]. Holo Lancer, "Thumper" shoots at 66%, oneshot. Holo Gunner near "T-44" and "Zap" EV dash to flank it. Suppress Muton. "Bulwark" hunker advance. Aid Prot "T-44".

Faceless #2 reveals. Muton ran suppression without being shot. Bad LoS. Flanked Gunner runs OW and dies. "Bulwark" marked. Sectoid wastes turn trying to mindspin "T-44". Zombie rez. Faceless hits "Trenches" for 6, 1 below ablative. Gunner OW.

Turn 7, "Thumper" shoots zombie for 5. "Bulwark" gives up on advancing - falls back and shoots zombie at 83%, dead. "Thumper" shoot Faceless for 9. "Doc" shoots Faceless at 79% for kill. "Yogi" instant reload, move and Area Suppress Muton, Officer and Sectoid. "T-44" run the Gunner's OW, grazed for 2 at 21%, and Fleche far off Sectoid dead. "Apex" holo Gunner then steady. "Zap" EV dash to where only the Gunner can see. "Trenches" dash to hide while advancing.

Gunner grazed for 4 while getting to cover and OW. Muton runs towards "T-44". Officer comes out (to where the previous Gunner died) and shoots "Trenches" at 1%, miss. Sectoid wastes turn on mindspin on "T-44".

Turn 8, RNF go red. Snipe Sectoid at 100% for 6 (graze). "Zap" is 1 tile away from hacking objective while staying in cover. Aid Prot "T-44" and Intervene. Fleche Officer for 4. Reload and CP the 1 HP Gunner. Suppress Officer.

RNF [Muton, Rocketeer, Lancer, Gunner, Trooper, Engineer] warps in behind squad, 2 OW shots both miss. Officer shoots "Trenches", miss. Sectoid OW.

Turn 9, RNF at yellow. "Trenches" LR cancel the OW and shotgun-to-face on Muton, high roll crit, oneshot. Officer and Sectoid die to "T-44"'s sword. Instant holo Rocketeer and snipe at 91%, dead. If the rest of the RNF pod remembers where that Rocketeer saw him, he'll be flanked badly. "Thumper" shoots Lancer at 66%, graze for 4, then hunkers. "Doc" moves to low cover and hunker. Area Suppress the Trooper, Gunner and Engineer who could flank "Apex". Aid Prot "Yogi". "Bulwark" dash out of sight towards "Zap".

Lancer lunges at "Yogi" at 23%, miss. Muton Suppresses to cancel "Yogi" Area Suppression. Gunner and Trooper don't realise the Area Suppression is over, they hunker.

Turn 10, 68% hack on objective for small alloy fails. "Trenches" flash the Muton, cancelling Suppression. "Yogi" stab Lancer dead then Demolish the Muton's cover. "Thumper" shoots at 91% on Muton, shreds all armour and brings it down to 2. "T-44" miss 61% SMG shot on Muton. "Apex" (no ammo) moves to evac, holo Engineer then out. "Doc" shoot Trooper in flank at 69%, dead, then out. New evac flare thrown on other side of map (near objective) so the rest of squad don't have to run back to start. "Bulwark" shoots Muton at 64%, dead. "Thumper" shoot Engineer at 81%, dead.

Gunner completely lost - tries to find where squad is.

Turn 11, dash to new evac.

RNF warps in, 6-man.

Turn 12, squad out. 34 Kills.

Wounded: "T-44" the SSgt Shinobi, 11d (AWC on).

- Auto Loader
- Data Cache
- 1 Core

- "Bulwark" -> TSgt
- "Yogi" -> TSgt
- "Doc" -> TSgt. Failsafe, as she's not meant to be seen and I don't need that much healing (she's not getting Restoration)
- "Zap" -> TSgt

Time to wait 6h for "Shadow" to come out of officer tube before the Troop Column is tackled.

PoI is Mec. Not at all urgent, maybe if there's nothing to do. Just to note, it's June 2.

"Shadow" comes out of officer tube. Huh, seems "T-44" didn't have a Mindshield. Remove "Trenches" and add "Wizard" (fresh out of bed) with 4 smokes (1 from Smoker) and incendiaries. Swap out Mindshield for Needle rounds on "Thumper". "Yogi" and "Bulwark" are the designated main tanks. Send this 8-man to the Troop Column, should reach 21% infil.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:19 am

- June 2 -

Mec Autopsy done. Begin Muton Autopsy: the A-team really likes having elite gear.

Avenger Scan in New Indonesia. There's a hidden Strategic DE out there somewhere which I didn't see before. It might have spawned here.

- June 3 -

GTS graduate: 3, 15, 16, 80, -10 sniper. Access to Executioner, Grazing Fire, Rupture // Flashbanger, Hard Target, Formidable

Huh, that S&G in East Europe (Str 5) is at Heavy after 91% infil? I think this is that bug.

Lib 1, 5d 10h, New Indonesia, Str 3, V.Light - send 6-man A- team, will boost.

Troop Column, East Europe, Str 5, 8-man vs Swarming, 20% infil (was Swarming+ a couple hours ago)

- "Apex" the Sniper
- "Zap" the CP/EV Spec with Low Profile
- "Doc" the Revival Spec officer with Salvo
- "Thumper" the Ranger with Shredder
- "Yogi" the Gunner
- "Wizard" the smoke Grenadier
- "Bulwark" the Technical (14 Def)
- "Shadow" the Shinobi. Has Bladestorm and Covert

Turn 1, Turret activates. Ah, don't you just love a turn 0 activation at spawn? No squad concealment so it's guns blazing immediately! But first, "Shadow" confirms where the first pod is: right next to that Turret. Yes, that pod is 1 tile away from seeing the squad.

"Apex" 109% snipes Sidewinder, dead. Pod 1 remnants are [Sectoid x2, Sergeant]. "Doc" hides and Commands "Apex" to do the same. "Bulwark" advance to high cover and shoot Turret at 86%, oneshot. "Thumper" get in cover and shoot Sectoid in flank at 91%, dead. Suppress Sergeant. Smoke "Thumper" and "Bulwark". Aid Prot "Yogi".

Sectoid mindspin "Bulwark", mindshield. Sergeant hunkers.

Turn 2, Demolish Sergeant's cover. "Thumper" oneshots it at 72%. "Bulwark" moves sideways and shoots Sectoid in flank at 86%, oneshot crit. Pod 1 dead. "Shadow" sees next enemies, close to loot. Have to give up on that one. "Apex" moves to a serviceable position (read: in cover and unobstructed LoS) and steadies. Aid Prot "Bulwark" just in case: she's in low cover.

Pod 2 is 8-man and finds squad. 5 orange-shots on "Yogi" each < 20%, none hit. I could have smoked "Bulwark" and Aid Prot "Yogi" who doesn't have smoke. Too much luck reliance. Oh and pod 3 (another big one) is 1 turn away from seeing squad.

Turn 3, 85% snipe on Sidewinder, graze for 6, dead. "Yogi" move into smoke, free reload and Area Suppress 4 targets. "Shadow" is going to get spotted by a Stun Lancer anyway so... EXO punch pod 3. T2 Trooper dies, 5 other targets badly wounded. Between these two actions, all OW have been removed. "Bulwark" gets back to high cover + smoke and hunkers. "Zap" Aid Prot + smoke on "Shadow". "Thumper" reload and OW. "Wizard", "Doc" OW.

Lancer avoids 2 OW shots and dies to 3rd one. Sectoid wastes turn on mindspin. Zombie rez. The 4 suppressed all hunker - including 2 Rocketeers. Muton suppress "Shadow". A lot of retreating and OW.

Turn 4, smoke has expired. Re-apply it. Rocket the 4 clustered Advent: Sentry dies. Rocketeer dies. More importantly, their cover is blown. Snipe the other Rocketeer at 95%, dead. "Yogi" shoot Engineer at 82%, dead. "Shadow" ignores Suppression and 3 OW to loot then comes back. Aid Prot her. "Zap" moves into front line thanks to smoke and Low Profile. 79% shot on 2 HP zombie (rocket did 4), dead.

Sectoids muck about again: another zombie. Everyone OW. The zombie is burning.

Turn 5, "Yogi" shoot zombie at 82%, dead. Holo 3 HP Sergeant and steady. "Bulwark" reloads and shoots Sergeant at 50%, dead. "Shadow" moves to flank Muton at melee range... activates another Muton and Sectoid. Goes right back to the smoked position. Aid Prot her again. Not liking this stalemate.

Another zombie. Muton takes 5 (down to 1) from OW while moving to "Shadow"'s high cover.

Turn 6, instant holo 1 HP Muton. "Thumper" kills it at 56%. "Yogi" moves forward to shoot Trooper in flank, 82% (they get jittery and move to bad positions after a while). "Shadow" dash to flanking high cover on roof. Only Muton can see her now. "Apex" move back and steady. Aid Prot "Shadow" and smoke "Yogi"'s new position as well as "Bulwark".

Zombie dash towards "Shadow", what a waste of movement. She's away from the rest of the squad. Muton takes 3% shot on "Shadow", miss. Sectoid from pod 4 dashes up to roof where "Shadow" is.

Turn 7, Fleche that Sectoid, it had the zombie so it collapses. "Apex" reload and steady. OW camp more. "Yogi" fall back.

Another zombie. This fight has gone on so long, that's 2 zombies this Sectoid has made.

Turn 8, "Yogi" returns and shoots Sectoid in flank at 82%, dead. Aid Prot and Fortify on "Bulwark" then walk to low cover. Sentry gave up trying to use its OW because 0%. Shoot its flank at 86%, dead. Huh, "Shadow" can't find the Muton.

Oh yeah, there was still a 1 HP Sectoid skulking around. It's got a zombie. Ooh there's the Muton. Yellow moving into "Zap" OW for 1. More importantly, it flanked itself to "Apex".

Turn 9, snipe Muton in back at 100%, oneshot crit. Brute force 1 HP Sectoid through high cover: "Bulwark" miss at 41%, "Thumper" hits at 56%, dead. Aid Prot "Thumper" just in case, low cover.

I hear a garage door opening. No idea where that door is.

Turn 10, "Shadow" finds next 8-man pod: it's a rainbow. They hide near a gas tank. "Shadow" detonates it. Engineer dead, I think the Rocketeer died too. Officer at 1 HP. Aid Prot and Dense Smoke "Shadow". Dash "Apex" - bad visibility on new fight location. I don't hear a Mec so CP the 1 HP Officer: don't want to blow up his corpse.

Lancer charges at "Shadow", takes 3 OW, avoids 1 and dies. Trooper jumps down from ceiling to take cover behind the other gas tank.

Turn 11, Fleche the Sentry dead. Blow up the gas tank. 32 kills, 0 active. Hack lamp at 86% for Deception (mind control). There's the final pod of 8: another rainbow. "Shadow" can be seen by one, slightly awkward. Aid Prot her. EV dash with "Thumper". Oscar Mike to get "Apex" up on roof with dash.

Mind controlled Gunner oneshot by Lancer's crit lunge. Trooper shoots "Shadow" in flank at 3%, miss.

Turn 12, Officer unknowingly flanked itself to "Apex". Snipe at 100%, oneshot. "Wizard" dash: briefly seen but final position can't be seen. "Shadow" dash out of sight. "Thumper" shoots Trooper at 66%, dead, then OW. Aid Prot her. "Bulwark", "Yogi" and "Zap" join the OW camp.

Lancer scout moves, finds squad. Engineer dies.

Turn 13, "Wizard" shows up. Can EXO 3 targets, but I want to keep the Lancer corpse. EXO punch a Sentry and Rocketeer. Instant holo Lancer and snipe at 78%, dead. Fleche Trooper dead. Flawless. 41 kills (including lots of zombies)

- Scope
- Magazine
- 6 alloy
- 6 elerium
- $39

Yeah you don't get to loot much on 8-man GOp. Too risky.

- 2 Snek
- 1 Turret
- 5 Sectoid (woo hoo)
- 10 Trooper (alloy plating for everyone)
- 3 Lancer (instant Autopsy time)
- 2 Muton (just what I wanted: tactical vests)
- 2 Officer (some point I should begin Skulljack/Skullmine - but there's a lot I want to do before that)

- "Thumper" -> TSgt. Implacable, because Cyclic Fire will come
- "Shadow" -> TSgt. Reaper, because Sword build.
- "Apex" -> GSgt. Hunter's Instincts, because Rapid Reaction will come

"Doc" to officer tube for Fire Discipline (4d, Quick Study)
Previous 1.5 Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad.
The current one.

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