Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:35 pm

- Jul 18 -

S&G, New Indonesia, Str 8, 8-man vs Moderate-Heavy (24), 77% infil

4-crate, evac is near start.

- LCpl Sniper
- Cpl smoke grenadier
- "Staghorn" the grenadier
- "Stalker" the shinobi
- "Zarfer" the gunner
- "Shady" the gunner
- "Dakka" the ranger officer
- "Wrath" the crit ranger

Turn 1, 1st pod spotted. Sniper can't see, squad moves around.

Turn 2, shinobi sees 2nd pod. I choose to activate the first pod - LCpl sniper oneshots T2 Snek. Pod 1 remnants [Viper, Muton x2] activate. Muton take 9 -2 from "Shady" OW. Demolish Snek cover. "Dakka" graze Snek for 4 - dammit. "Staghorn" instant smoke self (damn tree bug preventing smoke reaching "Shady" too) and shoot Snek at 65%, dead. I am willing to let "Staghorn" get orange-shot if pod 2 walks in. "Wrath" shoot exposed, 3 HP Muton at 78%, dead. Cpl grenadier smoke "Wrath" and "Dakka".

Muton wants to run but doesn't. Pod 2 (6-man with T2 Sidewinder) finds squad. "Stalker" flanked by scamper, orange-shot by Sentry at 38% (smoke), miss. Shields go up. Sergeant orange-shoots "Stalker" 2 below full HP.

Turn 3, holo Sentry. "Wrath" shoot at 58%, graze for 6, dead. "Stalker" oneshot flanked Engineer at 78%. "Dakka" move to high cover and Walk Fire the Sergeant at 58%, miss. Gas Grenade the Sergeant for 2. Suppress Sergeant. Smoke "Stalker". Implac move "Wrath" and steady (yes I gave her a stock). Steady sniper.

Sergeant loses 1 and recovers from poison. Muton runs away. T2 Sidewinder stay away and OW. Sergeant poisons self again to run (damn LoS blocking Suppression shot) and hunker. Shieldbearer shoot "Stalker" at 8%, miss.

Turn 4, you can tell how bad this stalemate is that I'm using Focus Fire (on Shieldbearer) for its intended purpose. "Staghorn" miss, "Shady" hits at 59%, oneshots Shieldbearer. "Well how about that?" indeed. "Stalker" shoots flanked T2 Sidewinder at 56%, highrolls 7. 47% snipe misses Sidewinder. "Wrath" move in, steady, get Commanded to shoot T2 Sidewinder at 45%, miss. Well, good to know that combo works but damn is this stalemate getting to my head.

Sergeant loses 1 and still poisoned. T2 Sidewinder move behind tree and OW. Sergeant take 22% shot on "Stalker", miss.

Turn 5, "Stalker" scout flank then Fleche Sergeant dead. Holo 1 HP Sidewinder. "Wrath" kills on first shot (60%). "Zarfer" dash scout: pod 3 activated. Implac dash "Wrath" slightly out of sight. Smoke them both. Command "Zarfer" to oneshot Turret at 78%. Steady sniper.

Lancer stabs "Zarfer" for 4 -1. Muton shoot "Zarfer" at 7%, miss. Guardian shoot "Zarfer" at 2%, miss.

Turn 6, instant holo and oneshot snipe Guardian that flanked itself. "Wrath" shows up, oneshots Grenadier that flanked itself at 83% (would have been flanked back if that had missed), Implac moves back. Fleche T2 Gunner dead. 2 Turrets activate... sigh I'm being impatient today. "Zarfer" move and oneshot Turret (which was flanking "Stalker") at 78%. Command her to now Suppress Muton (it's flanked). Smoke "Stalker" and OW with "Staghorn".

Muton runs Suppression, oneshot at 65% for 12 -2 (Mayhem). Turret does nothing.

Turn 7, 73% snipe on Turret, miss. "Shady" oneshot it at 79%. "Stalker" blue scout and hunker.

Pod 4 comes in from flank (though nobody at risk of a flank shot). Orange zombie.

Turn 8, Cpl grenadier EXO punch: Sectoid dies, Sectoid down to 3, T2 Snek down to 7 and exposed. "Dakka" Walk Fire Rocketeer at 68% for 6, dead. "Staghorn" shoot exposed 3 HP Sectoid at 78%, graze for 4, dead. Reload and holo T2 Snek. Move "Zarfer" and "Stalker" into building then Implac close door with "Dakka".

Last pod finds squad. "Dakka" orange-shot for 2 and his cover is half destroyed. "Zarfer" orange-shot at 33% (low cover), miss. Guardian shoots "Staghorn", miss.

Turn 9, "Dakka" oneshot self-flanked Engineer at 85%. Demolish Grenadier's wall. 75% snipe kills Grenadier. 87% Fleche Guardian, dead. Move "Staghorn", FUCK DID NOT SEE THAT OTHER GUARDIAN IN OW. "Staghorn" crit for 9, now 3/7 HP. "Dakka" Implac move to high cover and Walk Fire T1 Trooper at 74%, miss. Gas Grenade Guardian for 3 and T1 Trooper for 1. Dash "Wrath" to fish for flanks. Smoke "Staghorn". Suppress Trooper that's not poisoned.

Guardian loses 1 from poison, recovers. Trooper loses 1 still poisoned. 2 HP Trooper crits "Zarfer" for 5 -1. Ah well, that's what I get for smoking "Staghorn" instead of "Zarfer". Other Trooper also hits her for 1. Guardian poisons self to move and shoot "Dakka" at 15%, miss.

Turn 10, "Dakka" shoots Guardian at 68% (close range), dead. Implac move and Walk Fire Trooper, graze for 3. "Wrath" shows up, opens crate, gun-to-face 1 HP Trooper, Implac moves to high cover. Start moving the wounded back to evac. Suppress Trooper.

Trooper down to 1, recovers from poison.

Turn 11, "Wrath" shoot at 1% to get Locked On on Trooper, graze for 6, dead. "Ok so I got one".

Turn 13, OW camp 1 tile away from evac while waiting for "Dakka" to get back.

RNF warps in, T2 Trooper dies.

Turn 14, squad out.

Wounded (AWC on):
- "Zarfer", 9d
- "Stalker", 6d
- "Staghorn", 17d

- $129
- 12 elerium
- 1 Core
- 1 Magazine
- +19 Will PCS
- Hair Trigger

Promotions (Trial by Fire):
- Sniper -> Cpl
- Grenadier -> Sgt
- "Zarfer" -> GSgt. Kill Zone, experimental.

West Europe now Str 7.

Jailbreak (3 rebel, 2 rookie), 7d 18h, West Europe, Str 7, Light-Moderate. No, I must prioritise - there's a Strategic DE to stop. Send elite 8-man (this squad with replacements) to that instead. I've scraped from advisors to field this.

In 5h I'll have a Psi coming out of tube. I should put her as advisor to East Europe while waiting for the next mission.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:01 pm

- Jul 20 -

Lib 1, West Asia, Str 1, 5-man vs E.Light, 100% infil

"Dirk" (gunner) and "Diesel" (tech) in full tank loadout (Hazmat, Mindshield)

Turn 1, pod 1 [T2 Viper, Sergeant, Gunner] spotted.

Pod 2 [Naja, Viper x2] comes in from side. Pod 1 walks away.

Turn 2, "Pale Rider" the sniper offier instant holo and snipe Naja dead. "Dirk" oneshots Snek on OW. "Diesel" flames Snek for 7 and burn. "Mecheye" the spec Scan Prot the flank: nothing in that shop. "Overlord" the sapper hides.

Turn 3, throw evac flare. "Diesel" loot twice (minor risk of being exposed). "Dirk" OW in low cover with Aid Prot. "Pale Rider" move to side and steady. "Overlord" hunker advance.

Pod 1 comes back. Sergeant takes 7 -1 from OW.

Turn 4, "Pale Rider" gets free flank shot on Sergeant: it scampered to take cover against "Overlord". Incendiary the Gunner and T2 Snek (yeah they really scampered bad): Gunner dead (with loot), Snek hit for 9 (2/11 HP) and burning. "Mecheye" advance and Scan Prot: Scout and Grenadier scanned up ahead. Move "Diesel" to flank them if they activate. Dash "Dirk" forward.

Pod 3 [Scout, Grenadier] activates.

Turn 5, Aid Prot "Diesel" and EXO punch pod 3: Grenadier dies, Scout down to 2. "Diesel" shoot Scout at 84% from highway, dead.

T2 Snek burns dead.

Turn 6, RNF go yellow. 74% hack for small intel succeeds.

Turn 7, 86% lamp hack for small alloy succeeds. Squad out. True Flawless: enemy took no action.

- Scope
- Auto Loader
- Elite Laser Sight
- Adv Hair Trigger
- 2 Core
- Adv Stoock
- Hyper Reactive Pupils
- Depth Perception
- 10 intel
- 10 alloy

- "Overlord" -> TSgt
- "Mecheye" -> SSgt. Airdrop, because someone has to support the Sapper.

East Africa now Str 6. I have picked some really shitty regions to expand to.

Acolyte comes out of tube with Fortress. Recruit another candidate for Psi Lab.

"Red" the Sgt Tech learns Resilience. Put her back for Hard Target then Rapid Reaction.

Supply Raid, 1d 23h, New Indonesia, Str 8. No.

Propaganda (Dark VIP), 10d 6h, East Africa, Str 6. Nope.

- Jul 21 -

"Shadow" learns Return Fire. Send her back to learn Gunslinger (3d). I want to get as far as Faceoff (4th in her pistol tree).
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:18 pm

- Jul 21 -

S&G, West Asia, Str 1, 5-man vs E.Light, 100% infil

"Beam" has full tank gear. "T-44" has extra armour (Tac Vest). "Pepper" the Sgt gunner has Walk Fire and venom rounds.

4-crate, evac near start.

Turn 1, no contact.

A grenadier showed up and moved out of vision.

Turn 2, pod 1 [Archer, Grenadier, Engineer] spotted. I'm not initiating on that without a snipe. Had to move "Thunder" the sniper officer to get sight.

Pod 1 walks away.

Turn 3, "T-44" gain sight on pod 1. "Thunder" oneshot Archer. Grenadier down to 2 from "Beam" OW graze. "Pepper" Walk Fire at 61%, miss. CP it dead.

Engineer retreats.

Turn 4, "T-44" catches up to Engineer, it's flanked itself to "Thunder". 84% snipe kills it.

Turn 5, no contact. Dash up to building.

Turn 6, no contact... spoke too soon. Fuck I didn't need to move "Thunder" with the squad, I knew they had to be on the roof. But that was a really dumb direction to get spotted from. Sigh...

Sidewinder spit on "Teardrop" (medkit) and "Pepper" then OW. Gunner dies to "Teardrop" EV OW. "Beam" double shoots (one from OW, one from CCS) T2 Snek, one hit for 8. Said Snek then flanks "T-44", tongues her and hugs. Sidewinder shoots "Beam" from flank for 5 (all ablative).

Turn 7, LR cancel OW. "Pepper" flank Sidewinder that spat on her, gets cured of poison, 90% shoots it dead. "Beam" shoot 3 HP T2 Snek at 90%, dead. "T-44" freed, Fleche Sidewinder dead. No active enemies, regroup.

Turn 12, squad out. Flawless, though it shouldn't have been.

- 2 Core
- Datapad
- $84
- Adv Stock
- Adv Laser Sight

Promotion: "Teardrop" -> GSgt. TA.

"Hack for PoI", 9d 21h, West Asia, Str 1, E.Light - send "Pale Rider"'s 5-man

- Jul 22 -

+1 recruit from New Indonesia: 5, 56, -, 56, 7. 29 Psi. A new Psi candidate.

New Psi Initiate from Psi Lab. Recruit the above candidate and put them in the tube.

East US has Facility.

Tactical DE: Aggression goes live.

"Scientist from City", 5d 7h, East Africa, Str 6, Light. Want, but it'll have to be 8-man. Not sure about this. Lib 3 (the +1 contacts) has priority in New Indonesia.

- Jul 23 -

"Sgt Assault from City for PoI", 5d 6h, West Europe, Str 7, Light-Moderate. Nope. If it wasn't high Str then sure.

West Asia now Str 2.

Assault graduates from GTS. Access to Lone Wolf, Rapid Deployment, Sentinel // Volatile Mix, Grazing Fire, Combat Fitness.

Shinobi graduates from GTS. Access to Deep Cover, Infighter, Sentinel // Deadshot, Kubikiri, Run & Gun. Ok this is interesting. But to be honest, I've got a long queue of ranked soldiers waiting for AWC time.

Psi Initiate gradutes from Psi Lab. Hmm... I wasn't expecting this many. Recruit another for Psi Lab and oh, sure recruit for the GTS to make another spec. They're useful even as Sqd joining late.

"Shadow" learns Gunslinger. Begin Clutch Shot (2d).

- Jul 24 -

"Aftermath" learns Jammer. Needs to be promoted to SSgt.

S&G, 5d 18h, East Africa, Str 6, Light. I want a proper 8-man with 2 Specs. There's a couple who will come out of the medbay in 1d.

- Jul 25 -

INVASION IN NEW INDIA! Oh, Lib 3 is at 68%, that's go-time alright.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:12 pm

- Jul 25 -

Huh, Rendezvous in East Europe first. 1 Faceless. Sure.

Advisor is Psi Initiate.

Turn 1, spot pod 1 [Drone, Faceless, Gunner].

Turn 2, move up.

Turn 3, 1 OW and frag pod 1: super high roll, Drone dies, Gunner dies, both with loot. Oh well, at least the Faceless corpse will be intact. Two 57% shots on 8 HP Faceless, one hits for 4. That guarantees T1 Soulfire kill.

Turn 4, huh, seems only spotting the traitor rebel and not the rest of the pod means they don't activate. Regroup.

Turn 5, 48% shot on traitor hit for 9, dead. SMG the Officer for 5 (crit). Soulfire it dead. Frag the Drone... dead? Ah gee, good thing this is midgame where I don't need Drone corpses anymore. Flawless.

- Datapad
- +1 Mob PCS

- 2 Faceless
- 1 Officer

Initiate promoted.

Move an Excavation Engineer as new advisor to East Europe.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:23 am

- Jul 25 -

Lib 3 (Dark VIP), New Indonesia, Str 9, 8-man vs Heavy, 104% infil (boosted)

- "Apex" the MSgt sniper
- "Painter" the MSgt shinobi with tank gear
- "Doc" the MSgt heal spec with Salvo
- "Trenches" the MSgt assault with tank gear
- "Wizard" the GSgt smoke greandier with Smoker
- "Pinto" the GSgt ranger with Shredder
- "Mega" the Sgt CP spec with Suppression and Low Profile. Mag SMG
- Psi Acolyte with Stasis

Evac is beyond VIP. Start on 1st floor roof.

Turn 1, "Mega" Scan Prot. 2 Faceless revealed. So there's a pod of 4 ahead and various scatterings of other pods nearby too. Solo Drones too of course. "Apex" abandons high ground for better LoS. Half the squad is on top roof.

Oh Faceless wander about do they? Pod 1 [Mec, T2 Officer, T2 Trooper, T2 Gunner] comes close.

Turn 2, "Mega" Aid Prots "Trenches" then EXO punch on pod 1: nothing dies, everything but T2 Gunner hit. Mec barely misses flanking "Painter". "Trenches" shows up, shoots T2 Gunner in the back dead, CE moves next to 3 HP T2 Trooper. "Wizard" instant smoke for "Trenches" (he's exposed to an orange-shot) then moves and shoots 8 HP T2 Officer in flank from above with holo, dead. "Pinto" oneshot Drone at 86%, Implac move up and OW. "Apex" move to better sight (still on ground).

T2 Trooper dies to CCS.

Turn 3, RNF go yellow. Yeah it's Str 9+3, it's going to come fast. That's why I 100% infiltrated: so the RNF is small. No time to waste, "Pinto" walks forward, activates 5-man pod with T2 Snek leader. "Painter" go Reaper: Fleche Sidewinder dead and activates a 5-man Muton pod, 2 Faceless and 2 solo Drones. Instant holo and 99% snipe Faceless, graze for 11 (AMF), dead. "Pinto" oneshots Drone at 88%, Implac move to flank T2 Lancer then gets TA. "Painter" Body Shield against T2 Snek, shoot Sidewinder in flank at 90% for 5 (graze), Fleche Sectoid dead, Fleche 1 HP Sidewinder dead, climb gutter pipe to hide on top roof. "Mega" loots then hides. "Trenches" hunker in somewhat hidden corner.

Faceless #3 reveals - where "Painter" used to be. OW spam: Muton dies, Centurion hit for 4 and shred 2, Faceless dies, Drone dies. T2 Snek moves up and hugs "Painter". T2 Lancer stabs him for 6. Wait did I only give him ceramic plating?

Turn 4, AMF the T2 Snek dead. 76% Insanity on T2 Lancer dazes. Heal "Painter" who shoots at 45% on exposed Sergeant (Coil SMG from far), dead (ok, did not expect that). Hit & Run into EXO punch: Faceless down to 2, Centurion down to 4. "Pinto" walks up, 98% shoots Faceless dead, Implac moves back (out of greande AoE). Aid Prot "Painter". Soulfire the Centurion dead.

Faceless #4 reveals. Muton shoot "Trenches" at 30%, miss. 17% shot on "Pinto" miss. Dazed Lancer gets up to melee range and shoots "Painter" at 12%, miss. Yeah that's sad.

Turn 5, RNF go red. Ok this really is hot. "Trenches" casually kill T2 Lancer at CE range then move close to Muton. 81% Insanity on Muton, panic. "Pinto" shoot that Muton (low cover) at 58%, miss. "Painter" Fleche it (no parry because panic) down to 4. TA "Trenches" and Command "Painter" to 96% shoot Muton dead then Hit & Run reload. Don't try too hard to OW camp, squad needs to move forward (most notably, "Apex").

RNF is 3-man and lands in smoke. 2 die to "Pinto", T2 Trooper doesn't. Muton melees "Trenches" at 51%, doesn't trigger CCS. Huh, I wonder why, it had to move close for that.

Turn 6, "Painter" shoot Muton in flank at 81%, miss. "Trenches" shows how it's done, oneshot crit, CE free reload and moves on. "Painter" move to risky position: yep activates last pod. "Pinto" moves in, Double Barrel T2 Trooper from RNF, Implac moves forward. AMF Faceless dead. Command "Painter" to Body Shield against Scout and Fleche T2 Officer dead. Oh, that wasn't the last pod, another pod (and a Turret) are now active. Instant smoke "Painter" and Aid Prot him. "Wizard" oneshot Drone at 88%. Move "Trenches" into smoke.

Scout shoots "Trenches" at 1%, graze for 2. Muton misses that same shot. FUCK, Guardian found the Acolyte in low cover, hit for 7 -1. T2 Turret misses 52% shot on Acolyte.

Turn 7, RNF go yellow. "Painter" go Reaper: Fleche Sergeant dead. "Apex" instant holo Guardian then AMF T2 Turret dead. "Painter" shoot Guardian at 91% from behind, dead. "Trenches" Run & Gun to... oh drat, EXO punch is 1 short of reaching the Engineer and Lancer. Do it anyway on Scout (hit for 6) and some civilians: one was a Faceless. "Painter" Fleche 3 HP Faceless dead then Fleche 1 HP Scout dead. TA "Painter" and Command "Wizard" to dash and Incendiary the Engineer and Lancer: both burn, Engineer outright dies. CP a Drone dead. Stasis the Muton.

Turn 8, RNF go red. "Trenches" shotgun-to-face Muton dead. Last Faceless reveals. "Trenches" oneshots it at 85%. Punch VIP.

RNF is 4-man. FAIL OW camp, nothing hits.

Turn 9, RNF go yellow. "Pinto" kills at 100% then 63% then Implac moves away. "Trenches" shotgun-to-face then CE moves away. 71% Insanity miss T2 Trooper, Soulfire for 6, CP it dead.

Turn 10, RNF go red. "Painter" put VIP down at Evac, might need to Reaper.

RNF is 4-man. No OW.

Turn 11, RNF go yellow. "Painter" go Reaper: Fleche Grenadier dead, shoot flanked T2 Trooper dead (crit). Run & Gun Shieldbearer dead. Soulfire T1 Gunner dead.

Turn 12, RNF go red. Squad out. 44 kills.

Wounded (AWC on):
- "Painter", 12d (damn that Snek and Lancer)
- Acolyte, 4d

- 2 Core
- +3 Psi PCS
- Stock

Dark VIP (+1 contacts)

- "Mega" -> SSgt. Air Drop.
- "Wizard" -> MSgt. Ghost Grenade.
- "Pinto" -> MSgt. Combat Fitness, because was at 16 Mob.

Powered Armour complete. Begin Alien Encryption (3d).

Sell 2 Datapads and 7 Cores among other things. Buy 19 alloy at $116. Buy 2 Warden armour. Now at $15.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:22 pm

- Jul 25 -

Propaganda (Dark VIP), 6d 20h, West Europe, Str 7 - sorta want to just to lock out low GOps from this high Str region.

Invasion, New India

- "Apex" the MSgt sniper
- "T-44" the TSgt shinobi with Combatitives and Shaped Charges
- "Doc" the MSgt heal spec with Salvo
- "Trenches" the MSgt assault with tank gear
- "Wizard" the MSgt smoke greandier with Smoker
- "Pinto" the MSgt ranger with Shredder
- "Venom" the TSgt OW spec
- Psi Acolyte with Fortress, Low Profile, mindshield and 3 armour
- "Aftermath" the Sgt sniper
- "Beam" the MSgt rifle assault with tank gear

4 EXO (2 on snipers)

Rebel names:
- Priya Sen
- Hao Huang
- Priya Sharma
- Narayan Rangarajan
- Sying Xiao
- Priyamvada Nayar
- Shaiming Ye
- Krishna Mehra
- Ishan Bhatnagar
- Yue Ying Yang
- Lian Lin

Relay is on roof, easy to snipe.

Turn 1, Command "Aftermath" to dash and throw battle scanner up ahead: nothing.

Huh, pod 1 came from the flank. I see, it's retal style fucked up spawn locations. Muton dies. Snek dies. Snek down to 1. Advent just killed a rebel.

Turn 2, RNF go yellow. 1 rebel tagged. Soulfire Snek dead.

1 rebel killed.

Turn 3, RNF go red. "Aftermath" oneshot Mec at 97%. "Trenches" tag a rebel, shotgun T2 Lancer dead, CE move back to starting position tagging another rebel. "Beam" move to flank Scout, triggers 2 pods, oneshot Scout at 83%, 100% stun the Berserker. AMF a Chryssalid dead. 72% Insanity on Chryssalid dazes. "Pinto" tag a rebel then EV dash to roof. TA "Beam" and smoke him. "Venom" take 75% shot on dazed Chryssalid, oneshot crit (not as expected). "Wizard" happens to see Berserker. 80% Chain Shot for 8 and 7.

Problem: T2 Rocketeer can see "Beam". Should have used Incoming...

RNF is 3-man. Guardian hit for 4. Shieldbearer dies. Lancer hit for 5 and shred 1. A rebel is killed. Another pod activates. T2 Rocketeer ignores "Beam" and just shoots "Trenches" at 20%, miss. T2 Officer takes 5 from OW and marks "Pinto". "Beam" Area Suppresed.

Turn 4, RNF go red. "Beam" LR ignore suppression, jumps down, shoots Snek dead, gets instant smoked, shoots T2 Rocketeer at 91%, dead. "Wizard" incendiary T2 Snek for 9 and burning. AMF a Chryssalid dead, its pod activates - the berserker scampers AWAY. "Trenches" Fortify, move to low cover, EXO punch: 4 HP Guardian and 3 HP T2 Lancer die. "Pinto" shoot Berserker for 11, dead. "T-44" loots then Fleche 7 HP T2 Officer dead. Soulfire T1 Gunner dead. Command "Pinto" to Implac move and OW. Aid Prot "Trenches" and OW with "Venom" (in case RNF lands on roof).

RNF is 4-man. "Pinto" misses his OW. Another pod comes in. Chryssalid avoids the CCS shot and swings at "Trenches" at 25%, miss.

Turn 5, RNF go red. AMF the Naja that scampered bad from RNF. "Beam" moves out of flank, LR cancels OW then reloads in better cover. "Pinto" Fortify, oneshots Mec, Implac moves back to smoke, free reloads. Mind Merge on "Trenches" who ignores the Chryssalid, moves up to Berserker, crits it for 13, gets CE action. "Aftermath" instant holo Chryssalid and crit oneshot it. "T-44" Fleche Gunner, activates another pod. Not as planned. TA her then Command "Apex" to move to a better position. "Trenches" shoots Berserker dead.

T2 Snek burns dead. RNF is 4-man. Grenadier dies. Rocketeer dies. Drone tanks the TA OW and uses stun on "T-44", miss. "Beam" marked and shot for 3 (8% shot).

Turn 6, RNF go red. Soulfire Guardian dead. AMF the Berserker for 16. Holo T2 Gunner and steady with "Aftermath". "Pinto" oneshots Gunner at 84%. "Trenches" shoots Berserker, low rolls for 8 (1 HP left), free reloads and CE moves next to T2 Trooper. "T-44" slash Berserker dead then Coil SMG Drone dead. "Wizard" smoke the roof. Dash "Beam" closer and Aid Prot him. "Pinto" Implac move sideways then OW with whoever else is on roof.

RNF is 6-man. Sectoid dies. Sectoid dies. Engineer dies. Snek hit for 7. Archer OW. T2 Officer CF shot for 4 while shooting "Doc" at 22% for 3. T2 Trooper shoots "T-44" at 2%, miss. T2 Trooper dies to CCS while trying to shoot "Trenches".

Turn 7, "Venom" reloads and shoots Archer at 81%, miss. "Trenches" shotgun-to-face through hole in wall (thanks "Pinto" CF). 87% Insanity panics 1 HP Snek. "Aftermath" oneshots T2 Sidewinder that flanked itself. "Apex" holo Archer and steady. "Doc" TA "Beam" and shoot Archer down to 2. Acolyte shoot at 73%, kills Archer. Dash "Beam" and "T-44" towards relay. CE move "Trenches" towards the RNF point (they always use the same location for some reason).

RNF warps in. Sergeant takes 3. Rocketeer takes 4. T1 Drone dies. Mec takes 3 and shred 2.

Turn 8, 71% Insanity on Scout dazes. Soulfire the Sergeant dead. "Trenches" LR cancel OW, shotgun-to-face on 1 HP Rocketeer then shoot Scout at 74%, dead. "T-44" climbs up to relay and throws Shaped Charges at it, destroyed. AMF T2 Drone dead. "Beam" shoot T2 Trooper dead then Hit & Run stungun Grenadier in low cover at 91%, success. 60% snipe on 1 HP panicked Snek, dead.

RNF arrives. Fucking T2 Trooper avoids 2 reaction shots and tanks 2 more before dying. T2 Rocketeer dies.

Turn 9, no more RNF. 11 active enemies. "T-44" shoot stunned Grenadier dead. "Aftermath" (no ammo) moves close and EXO punch a single Guardian: hit for 4 and removes all cover. It also removes the cover "Trenches" was going to use... "Venom" oneshot Grenadier at 91%. Acolyte SMG exposed Guardian dead at 74%. Instant smoke for Acolyte, "Wizard" and "Trenches". "Trenches" Fortify, finishes Mec then reloads. AMF exposed T2 Gunner. "Beam" shoot T2 Trooper in flank at 74% then Hit & Run OW (2 ammo). "Pinto" (no ammo) Point Blank Gunner dead. "Doc" moves way back then TA "Trenches".

T2 Lancer avoids TA OW but dies to "Beam" OW. Sentry shoots civilian dead then OW shoots another civilian dead. T2 Trooper shoot "Venom" at 40%, miss. Trooper shoot "T-44" at 1%, miss.

Turn 10, Soulfire the Sentry dead. Fleche T2 Trooper for 6 (graze). "Beam" gun to face to finish the job. "Wizard" shoot T1 Trooper in back, dead. Flawless.

Promotion: Acolyte

- Emergency Life Support PCS
- +5 Hack PCS
- +5 Dodge PCS
- Scope
- Adv Hair Trigger
- +6 Def PCS

- 1 Muton
- 7 Snek
- 6 Mec
- 2 Lancer
- 26 Trooper
- 4 Chryssalid
- 1 Shieldbearer
- 3 Berserker
- 2 Officer
- 3 Drone
- 2 Sectoid

I need to send an 8-man to that S&G in East Africa now. It's got 4d left on it.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:45 am

- Jul 25 -

Following invasion, New Indonesia now Str 7.

Send "Doc"'s 8-man to S&G in East Africa, expect 49% infil.

- Jul 26 -

Supply Drop #7: $675 - $23. Hmm, where could the Faceless be...?

Switch New India to full recruit - time to replace the losses.

Graduate from Psi Lab: 6, 14, 9, 58, 7. 74 Psi. Access to Ghostwalker, Suppression, Untouchable // Walk Fire, Hail of Bullets, Traverse Fire. Uh... ok.

Acolyte (with Fortress) to learn Stasis (7d).

Go pick up the supply drop.

Strategic DE: Alien Adaptation (+1 HP) goes live.

"Shadow" learns Clutch Shot. I want her for the Network tower. I could put "Mega" the spec to learn Implacable over 10d but I want to keep the Psi soldiers in tubes or on the field. An Acolyte is going to come out of bed in 2d, which is when a graduate will come out of the Psi tube. There's an Initiate that wants a promotion too but I'll put her in AWC tube while she waits (to learn Fortress). So off she goes to learn Guardian -> Formidable -> CCS. Name her "Shock".

Lib 1, 2d 8h, East Africa, Str 6, Light. Nope.

S&G, 8d 11h, New Indonesia, Str 7, Light-Moderate. Oh that's nice. There's a hack mission due in 16h, I'll send that team out with a 6th member to this.

- Jul 27 -

"Red" learns Hard Target. Put her back to learn Rapid Reaction in 10d.

Lib 2 (Engineer from City), 1d 10h, West Asia, Str 2, V.Light. Might be able to scrape something together, don't want to.

Supply Drop picked up.

Redscreen Rounds complete. Begin Skullmining and put 2 Engineers on it.

Sell 20 (of 30) Trooper bodies among other things. Buy 16 elerium for $96. Now at $617.

Buy Coil pistol, Mag sniper rifle and T2 Gauntlet. Send 3 EXOs and 1 Warden to Network tower (Moderate).

"Hack for PoI", West Asia, Str 2, 5-man vs E.Light, 100% infil

- "DirK" the gunner with Bladestorm and tank gear
- "Overlord" the sapper
- "Pale Rider" the sniper officer
- "Mecheye" the spec
- "Diesel" the tech with tank gear

Train. Did I mention how much I hate trains for the huge LoS block?

Turn 1, no contact.

Solo Drone flies by. Mec stomps around.

Turn 2, "Mecheye" Scan Prot: that's 6 enemy positions I've found. Move to confront a 3-man pod and solo Drone.

Solo Drone flies away.

Turn 3, Incendiary opener: Grenadier dies. T2 Gunner down to 2, burns, then dies to OW. Mec jumps up. "Diesel" gives chase, activates solo Drone. Shoot Mec at 90% (Lead by Example: +13%), hit for 7 and shred 2. Don't risk an 82% shot, just CP it with "Mecheye". Dash "Pale Rider" forward (Phantom).

Drone stuns "Overlord". Pod 2 [Centurion, Muton] activates.

Turn 4, throw evac flare - should have done this last turn. Rocket Centurion, hit for 3 and shred 2. "Dirk" take cover behind gas tank and shoot holo'd Centurion at 86%, crit for kill. "Mecheye" hide from Muton and CP at melee range to kill Drone: no risks. Command "Dirk" to Suppress Muton.

Muton shoot "Dirk" at 2%, miss. Great luck in the gas tank not exploding.

Turn 5, "Dirk" move away from gas tank, free reload, Demolish Muton's tree. Instant holo and oneshot Muton. Scan Prot.

The scanned pod [Scout, T2 Trooper x2] immediately comes in. Should have just OW. Orange shot "Mecheye" for 4.

Turn 6, oneshot snipe Scout that scampered into a flank. Gas Grenade the two Troopers, both crit for 4 (Biggest Booms). Free reload and Area Suppress them. Roust them. They don't run? Too low Mobility? They're down to 1 and 2 while poisoned. "Mecheye" loot then yellow move into high cover while flanking 2 HP Trooper (it'll run through poison again).

2 HP Trooper poisoned to death. 1 HP Trooper poisoned to death.

Turn 7, RNF go yellow. Dash to hack position.

Turn 8, 96% hack for small alloy succeeds. Command to lamp hack at 33% for T3 PCS, fail: RNF. OW camp.

RNF comes in at the lamp: uselessly far away.

Turn 9, squad out. Flawless. No promotions.

- Adv Stock
- +4 Def PCS
- 10 alloy

PoI is 2d for Engineer. I should start scanning there on Jul 31.

Send 6-man with 3 EXO to S&G in New Indonesia. I'm worried for them, but they should manage.

Avenger scan in West Asia.

Graduate from Psi Lab: 4, 16, 9, 70, -2. 65 Psi. Access to Center Mass, Locked On, Traverse Fire // Deep Cover, Guardian, CuP. Rifle Psi!

+1 Recruit from New India: 4, 13, 11, 72, -2. 20 Psi. It's not easy to train another rookie at this stage, what with so many Psi operatives.

- Jul 28 -

Acolyte recovers from wounds. Psi Lab choices: Soul Steal, Fortress, Null Lance. I'm going with Soul Steal, I need the tube time kept low and this Acolyte is -7 Def so the extra HP will help.

Lib 1, 5h, West Europe, Str 7. Nope.

- Jul 29 -

Initiate learns Guardian. Put her back to learn Shredder (anything really, tube time).

Alien Encryption research complete. Can't build Shadow Chamber because Elerium shortage. Time to bust open 2 Cores (10h each).

+1 rebel in New Indonesia.

- Jul 30 -

2 Cores opened. Begin Shadow Chamber with Engineer (23d). Start Berserker Autopsy.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:05 pm

- Jul 30 -

+1 rebel in New India

S&G, East Africa, Str 6, 8-man vs Moderate-Heavy (24), 50% infil

- "T-44" the TSgt shinobi with Combatitives and tank gear
- "Doc" the MSgt heal spec with Salvo
- "Wizard" the MSgt smoke greandier with Smoker
- "Pinto" the MSgt ranger with Shredder
- "Venom" the TSgt OW spec
- Psi Initiate
- "Aftermath" the Sgt sniper
- "Beam" the MSgt rifle assault with tank gear

6-crates, evac is sideways to crates

Turn 1, 2 pods in different directions. "Aftermath" throw battle scanner at one pod, I think there's another very close by. In fact, squad is 1 tile away from activating first pod. OW camp while staying out of sight. There's a civilian exactly where I'd have wanted to move "T-44"...

Everything activates. Guardian dies, other OW miss. That's 7 active in a cramped spot. Ok. Initiate hit for 3 from orange-shot.

Turn 2, "Beam" LR cancel an OW and shoot Sergeant at 59%, dead, then Hit & Run into 90% stun on instant holo'd T2 Rocketeer, success. 88% Insanity on Scout, fail. Soulfire it down to 1. Instant smoke for 5 people and Incendiary the Sergeant for 3 -1 and burn. Fortify "Pinto" and shoot Mec down to 1 (fucking +1 HP DE). Sigh, shoot again to kill. TA "Beam" and Command "Pinto" to shoot at holo'd Grenadier at 84%, dead. "Aftermath" steadies. "Venom" has nothing better to do than reload and shoot stunned T2 Rocketeer at 61% (holo), dead. Waste of a stun...

Unactivated T2 Gunner dies. T2 Trooper takes 5. 1 HP Scout shoots Initiate at 7%, miss. Fucking burning Sergeant flanks "T-44" before dying to "Beam"'s 3rd OW. "T-44" OW hits Guardian down to 1. 2 OW.

Turn 3, holo 4 HP T2 Trooper for "Pinto" to shoot at 79%, dead. "Beam" LR cancel OW then hunker (with no ammo). "Pinto" free reload and Implac move up then OW. A lot of hunker advancing: I know there's more out there that wants to orange-move in. 100% Insanity on 1 HP Scout (red fog) dazes.

Archer walks in and dies. 2 OW.

Turn 4, LR cancel the OWs. Loot then Fleche Guardian dead. "Pinto" move into a flank for 99% shot on Engineer, dead. Battle scanner reveals 1 HP dazed Scout (4 Mob) had moved out of its nice cover. "Venom" kill at 74%. Ok, that's half the map killed, just another 12 to go. Reload and TA "Beam". Implac move "Pinto" up to his low cover.

Sidewinder and Sectoid show up. Orange-shot at 2% misses Initiate. Sectoid wastes turn attempting Mindspin.

Turn 5, Oscar Mike so "Pinto" can loot then... oh right, EV doesn't work if you loot. Super dash squad forward. Soulfire Sidewinder dead. Sectoid is basically ignored because squad is flanking it - it's going to trigger an OW.

Sectoid triggers 2 OW but still lives at 2. Raises a zombie.

Turn 6, "Pinto" shoot Sectoid around high cover (range 2) at 86%, dead. "Aftermath" (still concealed) scouts. Risky "Beam" dash to scout roof - 6-man pod including an Archer. Yeah, shouldn't have rushed. TA and Mind Merge him then hack Mec (flanking him) at 69% for stun, success.

4-man pod seen on ground floor, includes 2 Naja. Shieldbearer takes 7 -2 from TA OW. Shields go up. Archer avoids TA OW, missiles "Beam" for 3 then moves away (to the ground). Ooh, did not expect Guardian to jump down and shoot "Pinto" at 32%, miss. Muton suppress "Pinto".

Turn 7, move then holo Archer and Mec. Fleche Archer dead while getting into cover (Low Profile). "Wizard", Initiate and "Venom" all need to shoot Mec to kill it. "Beam" shoot Shieldbearer at 80%, miss, Hit & Run out of sight. "Pinto" move out of sight from Suppression then hunker (damn suppression still thinks it's active).

Muton dash scout into the open, flanks "Aftermath". T2 Trooper shoots Initiate through high cover for 6 -1.

Turn 8, 83% Insanity on Muton, mind control. "Pinto" oneshot Naja at 100% through shields. Soulfire T2 Trooper for 6. Heal Initiate and Aid Prot "T-44" who Fleche that Trooper while avoiding 3 OW shots. Naja now flanked, it won't shoot. TA "Pinto" who Implac moves behind 2 enemies. Instant smoke for "T-44" and Ghost Grenade the Initiate for lulz. Command Initiate to move. "Aftermath" dash towards roof crate.

"Pinto" TA OW T2 Trooper for 3 beyond ablative, gets shot at 3% (miss). Guardian dies through shields. Naja moves and spits. Shieldbearer doesn't trigger OW and misses at 3%. Engineer OW.

Turn 9, Muton grenades Shieldbearer and T2 Trooper - both now exposed, Trooper dies. "Pinto" kill 4 HP Shieldbearer. "Beam" shoot Engineer from behind at 78%. Fleche Naja dead. Implac move to loot and shoot Muton dead.

Turn 10, lamp hack at 52% for large intel fails: Map Alert.

Turn 13, squad out.

Wounded: Initiate, 14d

- $129
- 3 Core
- 22 elerium
- +7 Aim PCS (!)
- Suppressor
- +15 Will PCS
- Elite Magazine
- Magazine

- "Beam" -> MSgt. Lethal.
- "Venom" -> GSgt. TA.
- "Aftermath" -> SSgt

Put "Aftermath" in officer tube for Lead by Example.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:25 pm

- Jul 30 -

"Hack to prevent Strategic DE: hidden", West Europe, Str 7, 8-man vs Light-Moderate (18), 101% infil

- "Zap" the MSgt CP/EV spec
- "Thumper" the MSgt ranger with Shredder
- "Yogi" the GSgt gunner in tank gear
- "Shady" the TSgt gunner with Bluescreen
- "Wrath" the TSgt crit ranger with Kubikiri
- "Fireball" the Sgt support grenadier
- "Gangster" the Cpl sniper
- "Dakka" the TSgt ranger officer

Turn 1, fucking civilians, almost revealed me. Ok this constrains my direction of approach. 2 pods seen, one is a Mec ball (3-man).

2 solo Drones show up. A pod moves back. Mec pod still barely visible.

Turn 2, TA "Thumper" and Capacitor Discharge on Mec ball. Archer dies. Mec dies to "Thumper". Drone tanks Thumper 2nd shot. "Wrath" shoot Drone dead, Implac move, shoot Drone dead. "Shady" shoot Turret dead. "Gangster" check flank: safe. "Dakka" shoot 1 HP Mec dead, Implac move back. "Yogi" and "Thumper" step up to low cover on roof then OW. "Thumper" even gets to reload while doing that (Implac free move from TA kill). Pre-emptively smoke them.

T2 Officer comes in, takes 10 from "Thumper". Pod 2 [T2 Officer, T2 Trooper] activates, both OW.

Turn 3, oh yeah, evac flare. Scout flank and holo T2 Officer for "Dakka" to Walk Fire at 80%, dead. "Wrath" shoot T2 Trooper at 33% for Locked On... and oneshots it. Ok, happens.

Pod 3 [Faceless, Muton x2] comes in. Faceless take 7. "Zap" grazed for 4 by Muton at 29%.

Turn 4, "Thumper" tries a flank: no contact. Don't risk another big move, move "Yogi" back to squad to Demolish a Muton's cover. Holo both Mutons. "Dakka" shoot Faceless dead, Implac move along. "Thumper" oneshot crits exposed Muton, not as expected. Fine, squad splits up, use Incoming just in case, Command "Yogi" to free reload and suppress Muton. Instant smoke for the targets visible to Muton and loot with "Fireball". TA "Thumper".

Pod 4 is 4-man, T2 Snek takes 11 from OW (fucking +1 HP DE). Sidewinder orange shoots "Yogi" at 1%, miss.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow - not sure if that happened earlier. I will not fear a 1 HP T2 Snek's 45 Aim. Fortify "Wrath" and run the OW - 21%, miss. Coilgun-to-face on Sidewinder, dead, Implac get out. "Thumper" does the same to other Sidewinder, Implac move back to original position. Holo Muton and steady. "Shady" suppress T2 Trooper. "Dakka" shoot Muton and OW. "Yogi" suppress Muton. CP 1 HP T2 snek dead.

Muton shoot "Thumper" at 9%, miss. T2 Trooper shoot her at 11%, miss.

Turn 6, instant holo and 86% snipe on T2 Trooper, miss. Focus Fire on Muton: "Dakka" miss. "Shady"... activates a Faceless and another 3 Mutons. Le sigh. TA "Thumper" and shoot Faceless at 78%, hit for 7. "Thumper" kills holo'd T2 Trooper, Implac moves into Muton's flank then reloads for the TA RR OW. "Wrath" loots, kills Faceless, Implac moves out of sight. "Shady" move out of sight. Suppress that same Muton again - this time it has to run. "Fireball" ready to EXO ambush and send more smoke.

Suppressed Muton oneshot by "Thumper" before the suppression shot. Another Muton shot for 6 and shred 2. FUCK, didn't check how far "Wrath" could be seen from - Muton takes a safe flank shot on her - crit down to 3/11 HP. Yeah, another Muton did the same - she died. FUCK ME.

Turn 7, RNF go red. 69% snipe on 6 HP Muton, dead. "Fireball" instant flash 2 Mutons then EXO punch them. "Shady" drop down to flank them and Iron Curtain - miss x2. Oh the disappointment. Dash "Yogi" and Command her to Area Suppress. EV dash "Thumper" to flank Mutons.

RNF is 3-man and has T2 Mec. T2 Trooper dies. Muton runs suppression, dies. Other Muton doesn't find any good cover to run to, doens't do anything.

Turn 8, RNF go yellow. 68% hack for Watch List succeeds. CP Archer dead. Snipe to cancel T2 Mec's OW. "Thumper" Point Blank on 5 HP Muton, dead. "Yogi" 80% Rapid Fire lands both shots on T2 Mec, dead. Pick up "Wrath" corpse.

Turn 9, RNF go red. 100% lamp hack for small supply.

KIA: "Wrath", TSgt crit ranger. Well, I deserve it for trying to do a needlessly greedy play.

- 2x +5 Dodge PCS
- Suppressor
- +22 Will PCS
- 3 Core
- Adv Scope
- $35

- "Gangster" -> Sgt
- "Dakka" -> GSgt. Rapid Fire.

Start PoI for Engineer.

Supply Raid, 5d 2h, New Indonesia, Str 7. Let's do this.

- Jul 31 -

Initiate learns Shredder. Send "Shady" to learn Deadshot -> Sprinter -> Lethal.

Send "Dakka" to learn Infiltrator (5d)

Supply Raid, 3d 8h, West Asia, Str 2. Fine, I'll let them move that.

+1 recruit from New India: 6, 14, 1, 63, -3. 21 Psi. If I ever need replacements for the Psi Lab. 6 is about enough for now.

- Aug 1 -

PoI gives Engineer.

East Africa now Str 5.

Let me think... there are 54 Advent legions in the world. I can see 21 of them and 6 regions. Pretty sure GP sites and facilities are hogging about half the unseen legions. That's some 10 regions to share about 15 legions.

Where do I expand next? New Arctic would cost 160 intel (of 176) but is fairly certain to be low Str. East US is GP site and has Facility. I need to farm more intel, I don't want to open that up yet. New Indonesia is about to do Network tower meaning I could expand cheaply to Australia (for whatever the Oceania continent bonus is) or to East Asia. The hope is for New Indonesia to have gravitated all the Str but... no it's risky. I should just contact New Arctic and hope for a good haven.

- Aug 2 -

Adept "Midnight" comes out of Psi Tube with Soul Steal. Send Initiate to learn Stasis (10d).

Lib 2 (Sgt Ranger from City), 5d 9h, West Asia, Str 2, V.Light. I want a better reward.

Berserker Autopsy complete. Render Officer corpse - I need 10 alloy from somewhere to begin Adv Coilgun. Can't delay it indefinitely. I think I'll finish a datapad before grinding as many corpses as needed, that'll give time for this S&G to be done.

Adept "Misery" comes out of Psi Tube with Stasis.

Officer turned into 3 alloy. Resume Datapad (23h).

- Aug 3 -

+1 rebel in New India.

S&G, 8d 9h, West Asia, Str 2, E.Light. Will be Str 3 when I get to it. Sure, once the Network Tower is done later this day.

Skullmining complete. Start Scopes - I don't want to use alloy right now.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:33 pm

- Aug 3 -

Network Tower, New Indonesia, Str 7, 5-man vs Moderate

- "Trenches" MSgt assault, EXO, Hazmat, Mindshield
- "Bulwark" MSgt tech, Warden, Tac Vest
- "Teardrop" GSgt spec, EXO
- "Shadow" GSgt shinobi, Hazmat, EXO, pistol, Formidable, Tac.Sense, Gunslinger
- "Thunder" SSgt sniper officer

Turn 1, 4-man pod spotted.

Another pod coming in too. Skeptical I can full stealth this.

Turn 2, move about.

Pods get tight.

Turn 3, out of patience, this is a combat squad I brought anyway. TA "Shadow" and EXO punch with "Teardrop": T2 Rocketeer dies, Lancer dies, Scout down to 1, Mec dies. "Shadow" flanked, misses her TA shot. "Thunder" instant holo and 100% snipe Shieldbearer in back, dead. "Trenches" shotgun Sergeant at 75%, down to 1. Fleche Guardian dead, activate another 4-man pod. Flame 1 HP Sergeant dead (slight waste). CE move "Trenches" to CCS range of Grenadier. Whirlwind "Shadow" back towards squad.

Grenadier dies to CCS. "Shadow" misses Return Fire and gets Suppressed by Muton. Snek misses 16% shot on her (low cover).

Turn 4, 82% snipe on Muton, down to 4 and 2 armour. CP it dead. That EXO destroyed all the cover the squad would have wanted, time to head sideways (also gets closer to "Thunder"). "Bulwark" shoot Snek in flank at 83%, graze for 4 (1 below shields).

Snek shoot back at "Bulwark" at 25% (low cover), miss. Snek tongue "Trenches", DIES TO CCS. Shieldbearer shoots now-exposed "Trenches" for 5 (no crit, all ablative).

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Free reload and Run & Gun Shieldbearer: crit oneshot through shields and armour. Completely ignore the really easy 2 flank shots on Snek, squad needs to move so ditch it.

New pod finds squad, Guardian dies.

Turn 6, "Shadow" finds T2 Turret. "Teardrop" self TA then CP it down to 1. Clutch Shot to finish it. Fortify "Bulwark" and move to low cover to shoot Mec down to 5. "Trenches" hunker.

Mec dies to TA shot. 2 OW.

Turn 7, RNF go red. "Shadow" move forward, activate pod with Archon! Hunker. Rocket Snek and T2 Trooper, both exposed. "Teardrop" miss 79% shot on Snek. Command "Trenches" to double blue-move and shotgun Snek dead, then CE shotgun Trooper dead.

RNF is 3-man with Archer. They land behind "Shadow". Archon shoot "Shadow" at 1%, miss - Return Fire for 2 (graze) for Frenzy. Snek spit on her. Naja shoot "Teardrop" at 68%, miss. Naja shoot "Trenches" at 66%, graze for 3.

Turn 8, flamethrower: Grenadier hit for 4 and burning, Engineer dies. Instant holo and snipe Archon for 10. "Trenches" LR ignore OW, oneshot Archer, CE Fortify, EXO punch Archon down to 4. "Shadow" go Reaper and Fleche Snek down to 2 (graze)... even Whirlwind didn't trigger. But the Snek is stunned. Not so good that the Archon is still around. TA "Trenches" and hunker with "Teardrop".

Grenadier burns for 3, dead. Archon avoids 13% TA shot but dies to Bladestorm. Naja spits THROUGH THE CEILING IT STANDS ON at "Shadow".

Turn 9, "Shadow" hack terminal, 43% small intel fail. Heal "Trenches". Independent Track holo Naja and steady.

Turn 10, 69% snipe on Naja, oneshot. Fleche Naja dead, loot, Whirlwind move, loot. Run & Gun 2 HP Snek dead.

Wounded (AWC on):
- "Trenches", 4d (Smart Macrophages)

- 5 Core
- Body Shield PCS

Promotion: "Shadow" -> MSgt. Coup de Grace.

Send 5-man to S&G in West Asia.

Datapad gives 35 intel. Render Mec for 5 alloy (12h).
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:31 pm

- Aug 3 -

S&G, New Indonesia, Str 7, 6-man vs Light-Moderate (18), 100% infil

- "Dirk" TSgt gunner, Hazmat, Mindshield, Bladestorm, Combatitives, Resilience
- "Pale Rider" TSgt sniper officer
- "Diesel" SSgt tech, EXO, Hazmat
- "Rogue" SSgt OW spec (shaken), Hazmat, Mindshield, EXO
- "Mega" SSgt spec, Hazmat, Suppression, Low Profile
- Initiate, Mindshield

5-crate, evac close to start

Turn 1, "Pale Rider" spot pod behind house. "Rogue" walk to window to OW, civilian starts yelling, now that pod is on Yellow Alert. Sigh. Smoke for "Dirk" and "Rogue". Holo Shieldbearer.

Sectoid takes 4. Pod 1 [Muton, Shieldbearer, Sectoid x2] activates. Muton suppress "Dirk". Shields go up.

Turn 2, Shieldbearer is behind buggy high cover - counts for nothing. 84% Insanity on Muton, daze. Focus Fire holo'd (from last turn) Shieldbearer. "Mega" oneshot crit on Shieldbearer - dammit that was meant to be "Rogue"'s kill. Soulfire Muton for 6. Suppress dazed Muton. "Diesel" 50% shoot Sectoid, miss.

Sectoid mindspin "Rogue", mindshield. Muton run Suppression, shot at 71%, dead. Zombie rez.

Turn 3, "Dirk" shoot 5 HP Sectoid from flank, dead. "Rogue" shoot Sectoid in flank with Coilgun, dead. "Mega" Scan: nothing behind fences.

Turn 4, move up.

Turn 5, "Pale Rider" sees pod on roof. This is kinda scary, squad is already at the loot building and there's up to 13 enemies left. "Mega" Scan: 8 enemies located. Dash "Diesel" for potential rocket opener.

Pod on roof moves out of rocket range.

Turn 6, run "Pale Rider" away. "Rogue" EXO punch through the wall and ceiling - nothing dies. "Mega" flank holo'd 8 HP Muton, shoot at 90% for 7. 86% Insanity on other Muton, panic. Mind Merge on "Dirk" who moves to low cover to finish 1 HP Muton at 95%. "Diesel" 54% shot on damaged T2 Drone, dead.

3 HP T2 Sidewinder gets out of flank and OW.

Turn 7, holo that Sidewinder, "Mega" shoot at 88%, graze for 5, dead. Soulfire 7 HP Muton dead. Rogue Scan, 4 new bodies and the previous 4-man pod located. Dash "Diesel" and "Dirk" to deal with the pod outside first. Aid Prot "Diesel" just in case.

Pod spots "Diesel". 1 OW.

Turn 8, CP T2 Drone down to 1. Rogue shoot it at 61%, dead. Fortify "Diesel" and Roust: Guardian hit for 3 (burn), Grenadier for 4. They both 'retreat' forward. Suppress the other Guardian. Initiate advance out of sight. "Pale Rider" approaches and steadies.

Burning Guardian down to 3. Grenadier OW. Suppressed Guardian hunker.

Turn 9, "Diesel" walk to behind Grenadier without being seen, dead. Soulfire 8 (full) HP Guardian dead. "Rogue" Scan: oh shit, that last pod is trying to flank. It's come out of the building now. Ignore burning Guardian, get ready to meet that last pod (with T2 Mec).

Guardian dies from burns. Last pod tries to find squad, fails to move far enough.

Turn 10, "Mega" Aid Prot self then EXO punch through walls to hit all of last pod: T2 Trooper down to 2, T2 Mec hit for 4 and shred 2, T2 Lancer down to 4, T2 Officer down to 4. "Dirk" jump down and Area Suppress 3 targets (including flanked Lancer). 77% Insanity on Officer, panic. "Rogue" run away to crate. "Pale Rider" holo and dash out of sight (while being spotted).

Lancer runs suppression, dies. T2 Trooper hunker. T2 Mec freezes up.

Turn 11, 91% Insanity on T2 Trooper fail, Soulfire Officer dead. "Dirk" graze T2 Mec at 70%, "Diesel" miss at 64%, time for drastic measures: "Mega" move in, loot, gun-to-face Mec, then Command to CP it, loot. EV Dash "Rogue" to cover "Mega" from the trivial flank.

2 HP T2 Trooper OW.

Turn 12, "Mega" Suppress Trooper, instant holo it, "Rogue" gun-to-face it. Intervene.

Turn 15, RNF go red. Squad out. Flawless.

- $126
- 20 alloy (omg yes)
- Magazine
- Elite Stock
- 1 Core
- +8 Dodge PCS
- +1 HP PCS
- Smart Macrophages

"Rogue" no longer shaken.

- "Dirk" -> GSgt. Rapid Fire.
- "Pale Rider" -> GSgt. Multitargeting.
- Initiate -> Stasis.

- Aug 4 -

Jailbreak (3 rebel, 1 rookie), 4d 17h, West Europe, Str 7, Light-Moderate. Nah

GTS Graduate: Spec. 5, 14, -1, 68, 3. Access to Smoker, Suppression, Shadowstep // HEAT, Sprinter, Light 'Em Up. Could be useful.

Mec rendered for 5 alloy. Begin Adv Coilgun (15d).

"Engineer from jail", 4d 13h, West Europe, Str 7, Light-Moderate. Nah

Switch West Europe to recruit. I'm going to give up trying to catch every Strategic DE.

Intel mini-retal, East Africa, Str 5. Oh, not West Asia this time. Advisor happens to be "Bulwark" in Warden (MSgt Firestorm tech).

Lib 1, 3d 13h, East Africa, Str 5, Light. Could do actually.

"Shady" the TSgt gunner learns Deadshot. I'll put someone in the tube after the mini-retal, which will be after the Supply Raid in New Indonesia.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:33 pm

- Aug 4 -

Supply Raid, New Indonesia, Str 7, 8-man vs Swarming, 47% infil

- "Wizard" MSgt smoke grenadier with Smoker
- "Doc" MSgt revival spec officer with Salvo in EXO
- "Pinto" MSgt ranger with Shredder in Hazmat
- "Beam" MSgt rifle assault with EV and RR in Warden, Hazmat, Mindshield
- "T-44" TSgt shinobi with Resilience in Warden, Hazmat, Mindshield
- "Venom" GSgt OW spec in EXO
- "Apex" MSgt sniper
- "Zarfer" GSgt gunner with Killzone, in Hazmat, Bluescreen Rounds

Start on cliff.

Turn 1, why yes, there IS a pod right behind squad. No room at all to get into OW in a good position so... TA "Beam" and dash him far away. Pod activates, "Beam" lands all 3 RR TA shots but nothing dies (lots of grazes). "Apex" move to cover and instant holo Archer for "Pinto" to oneshot it. "Zarfer" Demolish Engineer and wounded T2 Snek's car cover: both die. "Venom" 91% stun hack on T2 Drone, success. "Wizard" instant smoke, move to high cover, Incendiary Guardian down to 2 and burning. "Pinto" Implac move up to high cover (that car) and smoke then OW while ignoring Guardian because it can't shoot his flank. "Apex" smoke. "Doc" drop out of sight.

Guardian dies of fire. Pod comes in from the opposite direction - yeah they're flanking the squad. Orange-shot on "Zarfer" from behind for 2 below ablative. Pod 1: Muton OW, wounded T2 Snek dies to "Pinto" CF OW who then misses the T2 Officer shooting (and missing). "Doc" orange-marked by pod 2. Shields go up for pod 2. 1 orange-OW.

Turn 2, "Beam" LR cancel Muton OW, shoot Muton at 85% (kill), Hit & Run waypoint move to LR cancel pod 2's OW. "Pinto" walk up to Sergeant's flank and oneshot it. "Wizard" move up and point blank Chain Shot T2 Drone at 92%, dead (despite a graze). "Zarfer" move out of flank, free reload, get Commanded to Killzone on 8-man pod (with 8 ammo in magazine) with some flanked. TA "Beam" (2 ammo in magazine). "Apex" move out of flank and steady. "Venom" OW.

Pod 3 seen by "T-44" and nobody else. T2 Lancer takes 3 below ablative from "Beam" then dies to "Zarfer". T2 Rocketeer oneshot by "Beam" through shields. EVERYTHING except Shieldbearer and something in fog of war dies to "Zarfer" and "Venom".

Turn 3, activate pod 3 by oneshotting Archer with "Apex". "Beam" moves, shoots Rocketeer's flank at 77%, oneshot, Hit & Run Stungun T2 Drone at 87%, hit down to 1. TA "Beam" and control T2 Drone at 73%, success. "Pinto" EV dash. "Wizard" smoke "Beam" and "Pinto". Suppress Shieldbearer as it's now flanked by T2 Drone (might not get its turn first).

FUCK, BOSS POD FROM FLANK. Good thing "Pinto" and "Beam" are smoked. Centurion down to 4, T2 Mec down to 5. "T-44" flanked. Pod 3 Scout misses 61% shot on T2 Drone. Grenadier grazes for 1, T2 Drone dead. T1 Drone dies to OW. "T-44" shot twice in flank (no smoke) to 5 below ablative and no armour. Shieldbearer runs suppression, gets hit by that down to 3, avoids "Venom" OW, shoots "T-44" at 5%, miss.

Turn 4, "Pinto" kill 5 HP T2 Mec. Heal "T-44" back to full so she can Fleche Sergeant - taking 2 from its OW - for 3 below shields. "Zarfer" move away from flank risk and Suppress Sergeant. Yell Incoming. "Beam" move out of flank (still in smoke), kill 4 HP Centurion at 74%, Hit & Run into OW. "Apex" AMF T2 Mec down to 2. "Pinto" finish it at 95% then Implac move out of flank and get TA. "Wizard" graze Berserker at 95% for 3.

"Beam" misses OW, RR off. Shieldbearer dies to "Pinto" OW. Berserker shot down to 3. Longbow shot down to 2. Sergeant dies to "Venom" because forced to run OW and Suppression. Snek comes in and tongue at 32%, miss. Centurion War Cry and Suppress "Beam". Longbow missile "Beam" for 1. Berserker punch "Beam" for 8: 4 below ablative.

Turn 5, "Pinto" kill 2 HP Longbow at 89%. "Doc" move and Oscar Mike. "Beam" move up and double shoot (Hit & Run) Centurion from point blank, dead. "Pinto" Implac move up and shoot Snek down to 1 (fucking +1 HP DE). "Wizard" smoke them both. "Venom" kill 3 HP Berserker at 73%. "Zarfer" and "T-44" get back (with waypoint fuckery to avoid OW) to squad. "Apex" finally has a decent sniper position.

3 HP Shieldbearer shoot "T-44" at 3%, miss. "Beam" grazed for 1 (nobody could spare action to heal him first). 1 HP Snek failed to resist instincts: tongue and bind on "Pinto". Useless decision.

Turn 6, "Wizard" shoot binding Snek at 83%, dead. "Pinto" loot. "Beam" shoot Scout in flank at 79%, oneshot, then OW. Restoration. "T-44" SMG shoot Shieldbearer at 89%, dead.

Grenadier (sole survivor) runs away, avoids "Beam" OW.

Turn 7, "Beam" spot for "Apex" to 99% snipe Grenadier through low cover, dead. Killed: 30, Active: 0. Regroup. Ghost Grenade "T-44".

Turn 8, "T-44" hears the last pod.

Turn 11, "Beam" finds last pod. Mec dies to OW. "Beam" stungun Archer, oneshot. "Apex" oneshot Archer that jumped on watchtower roof. Smoke "Zarfer" and "Pinto". TA "Beam" and "Pinto" (only things Naja can see). 77% stun hack on Mec succeeds.

Naja shoot "Beam" at -6%, lol.

Turn 12, Fleche Mec, graze for 4. "Beam" finishes it. Demolish Naja's cover. 100% sniped dead.

Wounded (AWC on):
- "T-44", 5d
- "Beam", 7d
- "Zarfer", 9d

- Suppressor
- +24 Will PCS
- Adv Hair Trigger
- 3 Core
- Adv Scope (3rd one, now I can PG it)
- Impact Fields PCS
- 19 alloy
- 16 elerium
- $100

- 9 Mec
- 10 Trooper
- 3 Snek
- 3 Muton
- 2 Drone
- 1 Lancer
- 1 Officer
- 2 Shieldbearer
- 1 Berserker

Promotion: "T-44" -> GSgt
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:27 pm

- Aug 4 -

Intel mini-retal, East Africa, Str 5, 9-man vs Light-Moderate

- "Doc" MSgt revival spec officer with Salvo in EXO
- "Pinto" MSgt ranger with Shredder in Warden, Hazmat
- "Venom" GSgt OW spec in EXO
- "Gangster" Sgt sniper
- "Shadow" MSgt shinobi
- "Diesel" SSgt tech
- "Midnight" Adept
- "Fireball" smoke grenadier
- "Bulwark" MSgt tech advisor

Turn 1, "Shadow" spots pod ahead. Command so "Gangster" can double battle-scan: nothing behind squad. OW camp and smoke. Rebel activates pod 2 [Chryssalid x3, Engineer]. Fortify and flame 2 Chryssalids, both hit for 6 and burn. Flash the 3rd one.

Pod 1 activates, 2 die. Orange-shot on "Pinto", miss. Pod 2 Engineer flash the rebels and "Bulwark".

Turn 2, "Pinto" double shoot to kill T2 Trooper in low cover. Soulfire and T2 Roust to kill T2 Gunner. "Bulwark" and rebels kill dazed Chryssalid, the rest are on fire. Smoke, steady and TA "Gangster". Command "Pinto" to Implac move back, free reload and OW.

Huh, Chryssalids stopped burning... one connects with a 3 HP rebel: graze for 2, poisoned.

Turn 3, heal that rebel. 100% snipe pod 3 Grenadier: nothing scampers towards "Pinto" OW... Rebel moves and activates pod 4... which has a Mec and Guardian scampers with OW. Great. Frag a 1 HP Chryssalid, melee-shotgun a 2 HP Chyrssalid, hunker a rebel, dash and TA "Bulwark" to remove the flank threat (an Engineer).

Scout dashes out into open to spot for pod 3. Mec flanks hunkering rebel and kills her. Rebel panics. Engineer dies to TA shot. Zombie rez. Drone stun rebel, T2 Trooper kill rebel.

Turn 4, I think it's time to give up on this haven for intel. It's down to 3, I'll need to recruit here for a month to get anything near normalcy. "Gangster" oneshot T2 Trooper that flanked itself at squadsight. "Diesel" miss 58% shot on Scout, "Pinto" shows how it's done at 100%, then Implac moves up to shoot Sectoid in flank, dead. TA "Bulwark" and... huh I can't revival protocol the panicked rebel? Man... 58% control hack on T2 Drone, fail (Failsafe). "Bulwark" dash, gets shot by Guardian OW (for all her ablative) which removes the TA OW. Nice to know.

Drone stun "Bulwark" (why did I remove her mindshield just because she's an advisor?), Mec gets close and Suppress rebel, Relay down to 11.

Turn 5, RNF go red. Instant holo and 79% snipe T2 Drone for 2. Revive "Bulwark". Decide to save the rebel: shoot Mec with Mag rifle to cancel suppression. Get in close and Mag shotgun at 85% to kill Mec. TA the rebel as T2 Drone is very close to her. "Shadow" Fleche T2 Trooper dead then Whirlwind out of sight.

RNF lands, only the Grenadier survives. The other 3 die to "Pinto" EV RR OW. Rebel oneshots T2 Drone with TA OW.

Turn 6, Fleche Guardian dead. Soulfire wounded Grenadier dead. Would be flawless if it weren't for rebel deaths.

- Combat Awareness PCS

- "Diesel" -> TSgt
- "Midnight". Kick Initiate out of tube (oh, it saves training progress). Learn Fortress (2d). Don't need fancy damage AoE like Null Lance, tanking takes priority.

Send "Shadow" to learn Faceoff (5d).

Switch East Africa to full recruit. Send 8-man to the Lib 1 there (3d 9h).

- Aug 5 -

+1 rebel in New India
+1 rebel in New Indonesia

New Arctic contacted: 6 rebel, Str 3.

"Dakka" learns Infiltrator. Send "Pale Rider" to learn Air Controller.

- Aug 6 -

"Midnight" learns Fortress. Resume Initiate's Stasis training (9d).

+1 rebel in West Europe

West Europe now Str 6.

+1 recruit from New India: 4, 14, -3, 71, 8. 18 Psi. I like these stats but what can a late rookie do?

"Red" the Sgt tech learns Rapid Reaction. "Dakka" to learn Phantom (3d).

Lib 1, 4h, West Europe, Str 6. Nope.

"Hack to stop Strategic DE: hidden". Oh ok, leftover intel scored that. That's reason enough to interrupt "Dakka" AWC time. "Rogue" to learn C&P instead (4d). Send 8-man.

"Hack for PoI", 9d 23h, New Arctic, Str 3. Ok here's the plan: "Trenches", "Bulwark" and 4 supporters. "Trenches" will kill everything provided he's supported. Maybe "Bulwark" will get a nice Firestorm in but without Quickburn I can't find a good opportunity for this thing. Oh right, I can make Overdrive Serums now. Oh, I should wait for an officer (5h) to come out of a tube first.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Dong101 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:56 am

Hi Psieye, you had abamdon this campaign now?

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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:48 am

Dong101 wrote:Hi Psieye, you had abamdon this campaign now?

In short, yes.

The conclusions were collected in and The strategic situation made the campaign near unplayable because Advent had boxed me in. This campaign was different from my prior ones as I streamlined the approach (including 2 liberations) to Blacksite - that proved to be a critical mistake.
Previous 1.5 Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby SonnyWiFiHr » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:01 pm

I will miss - Diesel.
What is your plan for next campaign ?
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:02 pm

For Tactical layer 'house rules', I'm thinking of "half the Gunners must take Flush", "Gas Grenades must be developed before Incendiaries" and "get a Spark, before Skulljack if you didn't rush that".

The Strategy layer and how I document that campaign is what I'm undecided on. I might just grab that mod which displays Vigiliance, just to cut down on the manual bookkeeping I'd have to do otherwise to keep track. Somewhat ruins the 'surprise' of discovering the newly contacted region started at 6+ Vig, but the sheer amount of time spent writing things up cuts into play time. On that note, I probably shouldn't do turn-by-turn accounts of absolutely everything - just highlights.
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby SonnyWiFiHr » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:32 pm

I agree.
It is just tedious (counting missions). Use the mod.
Little help. ... =925598042
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Re: Mag Rush Campaign - Commander 1.5

Postby Psieye » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:57 am

Thanks for the link. Depending on how busy my RL is, I might get something started on or before this weekend.
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